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The Great (Pathfinder) Magnimar! (Inactive)

Game Master Eric Swanson

Shattered Star AP...undertaken by a roving band of misfits...errr scholars...errr...heroes, he he.

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Awesome but I thought it was 25gp for a first level spell and 12.5gp for a 0 level spell. I may be mistaken though I will have to check.

Grand Lodge

wolfman1911 wrote:
Rakshasa spawn are covered in Blood of Fiends. Interestingly enough, the OGC mentions needing to take the fiendish heritage feat as a requirement to be a specific kind of Tiefling, but that feat isn't even mentioned in Blood of Fiends. Anyway, the relevant information can be found under Tieflings, right here.

OK, thanks. I do have the book so I can read up on it later tonight. BTW, I believe the Fiendish Heritage feat requirement was removed per JJ; now you can just pick the type of Tiefling you can be.

Everything but equipment is ready. Equipment wasn't done because I'm feeling lazy and because I have no idea what would be good to have before hand.

Lantern Lodge

You are correct in Ianthé's class being a Bladebound Magus.

Background Shading:
Ianthé was running. Her family had pent several generations in Taldor, after her great grandparents escaped the constant dissent in Galt. One of the stories that she heard was that as a child, on a dare, her great grandfather managed to touch one of the Final Blades.. She also overheard that he had regular nightmares until he died. Mostly, she thought little about the stories... Until she started dreaming.

Now, she runs from the dreams, and travelling helps, but it's only helping so much. Something is stalking her, and she's just running to buy time to find out what it is, and what she can do about it.

Equipment done now, I think that should be my character virtually finished now and ready to play.

Just to make sure I didn't get confused max gold for a wizard is 120 gp?

Grand Lodge

Ratcliff wrote:

Equipment done now, I think that should be my character virtually finished now and ready to play.

Just to make sure I didn't get confused max gold for a wizard is 120 gp?

Roger that...and correct max gold is 120 gp.

Fallen_Mage here, finally came up with a character. Background on character page.

Lantern Lodge

I'm slightly confused.. Did you want character concepts and a sheet done by recruitment closure?

Grand Lodge

Me'mori wrote:
I'm slightly confused.. Did you want character concepts and a sheet done by recruitment closure?

No, I just need a character concept for now. Once recruitment closes and IF you are accepted, then you can work on the crunch for your character.

Lantern Lodge

Ah, much appreciation for that.. I was wondering why I was seeing a lot of sheets being thrown up here.

Shadow Lodge


I'd very much like to try- afraid i've never done play-by-post campaigns and have only 6 months of pathfinder under my belt.

Proferred character:

Nathaniel: half-elf summoner (synthesist). I've drafted a background, can give it in a PM or wherever if you'd like. Character is True Neutral, not because the character is slightly evil but because Nathaniel believes in doing the most good possible, no matter what.

Grand Lodge

Arkwright, go ahead and post your background here in this thread or via PM if you want to keep your BG secret.

Just thought I would mention that I am still interested and to give this thread a naughty bump ;)

Grand Lodge I have not forgotten about this thread. I will say I am heading out of town early tomorrow morning and will return on Sunday. I will have my phone with me so I can check the boards but I won't be posting much (if at all).

A reminder: Recruitment closes on July 4th at 9:00 pm PST so if you want to submit a character, you still have time!

Lantern Lodge

I withdraw my application.

I know the feeling Me'mori. I had to do that on a different thread not too long ago.

Grand Lodge

Just a friendly reminder: Recruitment closes in 48 hours! You still have time to get a concept in for this game.

I'm actually going to bow out of this one. Have a good time.

Grand Lodge

OK...Recruitment is officially closed!

I will review the submissions and will let you all know who the (un)lucky four players are within the next couple of days. At that point, I will open up the discussion thread for players to finish up their characters (if needed).

Thanks to all of you who have shown interest in this game!

Grand Lodge

OK I have made my decision as to who the lucky (?) players are .


  • TheHairyAvenger: "Ratcliff"
  • Signore di Fortuna: "Horven Graveltoes"
  • Dragonserpent: "Gared Naught"
  • wolfman1911: "Ganer Jitesh"

please report to THIS thread.

If I selected your character: Congrats! I am looking forward to this!

If I DID NOT pick you: I am sorry about that, but fear not! Should this game go well and all of the players survive...errr...wish to continue this game, I will reopen this game to add two additional players (or more) so feel free to lurk and when I reopen recruiting for this, you will get first dibs.

BTW, all of you made interesting character concepts and it was hard for me to decide who to select here. Thanks again for applying to this game and I hope to see all of you on the boards.

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