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Sovereign Court

I would like to attempt to play a Paladin/Hellknight character in PFS. Does anyone have such a character that has been played on PbP who I could look through? I'm mostly interested in how you approached conflicts, RP'd, and to start thinking about the type of issues such a character would need to contend with.

Secondary interest, LG Hellknights in general are interesting to me as well!

If you have advice for me, shoot me a PM! I don't want to devolve this thread into a paladin alignment thread :)

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You might want to search the boards, there's bound to be a thread or two about it.

A PM is but one voice, in a discussion you'd probably find more angles to work with.

Sovereign Court

I agree, but from what I've been able to scrounge up on the topic, such threads quickly devolve into unproductive debates about alignment. While those have value as they are at least somewhat representative of the discrepancies I may experience at any table, I think anecdotes are more useful at this point in my character development and player preparation. As far as I see it, I need to form and refine my own views before diving into a public, "anyone can enter" discussion on the topic.

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You're free to skim this character. He's not a paladin, but he's a LN Hellknight that worships Iomedae. I've only played him on the boards once, though.

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You could think of what your paladin strives for, to better general society. Find a Hellknight order that matches his/her goals, and maybe go from there.

For example, has he/she had a bad experience with (let's go cliché) cultists, summoning things that destroyed the pally's family or town?
He/she could have the conviction that such individuals should be brought to justice, and if found irredeemable, kill them for the safety of the people.

(Order of the Pyre: Against fanatical [witches, warlocks, cultists, shamans, mystics and madmen])

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The hellknight orders that would work best from an alignment perspective for a paladin are Pike, Torrent, Pyre, Scourge, Godclaw, Scar and maaaaaaybe Nail.

Pike is all about fighting monsters.

Torrent is about rescuing kidnap victims. It's almost excusively confined to Kintargo, and so while it might be useful for a character you're applying chronicles from Hell's Rebels to, you might have difficulty explaining what a Torrent HK was doing away from Kintargo.

Pyre, as noted above, is about fighting against fanatical and blasphemous cults. (I think about one PFS scenario in three involves defeating a cult of one sort or another.)

Scourge is about rooting out corruption and organized crime.

Godclaw is about fighting demons and chaos in the Worldwound.

Scar is a very small order but does still exist and is dedicated to hunting down assassins and stopping them before they can strike.

Nail is iffy. There are LG members in it, canonically, but the mission is about quelling "savages" and spreading the benefits of what they consider to be civilization. Has some unpleasant aspects to it.

Sovereign Court

My working character right now is shooting for the order of the torrent. From what I've read, traveling work is basically what they do! :D just meshing the whole Hellknight + paladin + pathfinder agent is something I'd like to see in action.

Pyre, as noted above, is about fighting against fanatical and blasphemous cults.

Chaos cults! There is no difference for them between demon lord's cult and chaotic-good empyreal lord's cult. Also, foreign cults (of any orientation) is the same heresy for them. Even if they are lawful.

Just saying, I generally agree with everything. I love the hellknights theme. Cool concept, unique.

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noral wrote:

Hello, sorry if this question on the Unchained Barbarian has already been answered in a FAQ but I could not find anything.

I cannot see the reference on Ex-Barbarians for 'normal' Barbarians which stated a barbarian who becomes lawful loses the ability to rage and cannot gain more levels as a barbarian but retains all other benefits of the class.

Question: What happens to a character with levels in Unchained Barbarian that becomes lawful in PFS?

GM Aerondor wrote:

@Noral, I think this should be asked over at the Flaxseed lodge .

However as written it appears that there would be no penalty for being lawful. One could argue that they cannot gain levels, as they don't meet the requirements for the class anymore, but there is nothing in the unchained writeup that says they can no longer rage if they become lawful.
And in PFS2, lawful barbarians are permitted. And both Skalds and Bloodragers can be lawful.

Uuups, sorry for posting a PF question in the Starfinder thread! ;-)

Your answer completely makes sense!

I had no time (and some emotional barriers) to check out PF2. But good to know that there probably won't be an errata of the Unchained Barbarian given the new rules in PF2.

Thanks for the quick response!

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