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Elton's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Elton

In Alalea, the Republic is doomed as the Curse of the Crimson Throne threatens the Peace. In the shadows of the city, comes a new ruler. A new ruler with connections to the first dynasty of Alalea -- a dynasty that dated to the Bronze Age.

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We have a few hours left, so make the best of it. :)

I think I know which ones will be on the team.

Everything but equipment is finally off of the post-its and into the profile. Still working on equipment.

Here is some movies to watch while your in the mood:


The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (watch)

Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer (watch)
-- if you can stand the Prequels.

Star Wars: The Old Republic -- first 20 minutes of the Jedi Consular storyline ()watch)

The Ramayana (watch) -- if you can stand Indian Bollywood movies.

Hercules Unchained (watch) -- This movie is in the "it's so bad it's good" category (makes the Star Wars prequels look good).

Background is in. If selected will flesh out more once I have a better feel for the city.


Scion of an exceptionally strong Azlanti bloodline, Thren’ody’s life was plunged into darkness and isolation in a single moment when her parents were violently attacked in an alley and murdered before her eyes.

In that moment, as their bodies fell to the ground, the loss, confusion, terror and pain unlocked something deep within her.

Her birthright, unleashed in a primal scream of unimaginable power that shattered every window in the immediate district, deafening five innocents in the area and killing three of the attackers, their bodies found with seized hearts and bleeding ears, called upon the Maenad blood of the ancient Azlanti, calling forth the psychic power embedded in every cell of her body.

She was found unconscious in the alley and taken to the city’s healers, cared for until she had recovered, her body completely unharmed yet suffering from exhaustion.

It was soon discoverd that with her parents gone the girl had no one. Determining the dangerous nature of her abilities and the lack of any sort of family, the officials deemed her a ward of the city, enrolling her in an intensive training program designed to instill the extreme control needed to hold back the Maenad propensity for intense emotional eruptions, and serve to counsel her through her trauma.

As she developed, she understood the control that was required and expected of her, yet sought an outlet for those powerful emotions just below the surface. It is through combat training that she found her much needed release, a means of channeling her loss, rage and the tumultuous chaos inside her into action, often to devastating effect.

She has come to the attention of her teachers and trainers, a sort of fondness laced with a bit of fear of what it would mean should quiet Threnody ever lose control.

Thren'ody wrote:

Background is in. If selected will flesh out more once I have a better feel for the city.

** spoiler omitted **

Besides the movies: Pictures say it in a thousand words. And I'm too tired right now to write 300 pages. :)

British Orientalist painting of the look of the city I'm getting at.

Work safe Harem painting

Painting of an oriental marketplace.

Girls at a well (Not Safe for Work).

Okay, all done, as far as I can tell.

Perfect, thanks!

Hmm, anyone know where I can find a pic of an 8 foot tall half-giant? :P

I think Michael Clark Duncan would be closest to what I envisage. Voice of Morgan Freeman though.

Nostrus wrote:

Hmm, anyone know where I can find a pic of an 8 foot tall half-giant? :P

I think Michael Clark Duncan would be closest to what I envisage. Voice of Morgan Freeman though.

A face shot is all that is needed.

Okay, time to choose. Unlike GM Squawk, I think it's easier for me to choose.

The players will be:

  • Ioseph Dalen -- Elan Shaper
  • Cynnara Saeed -- Xeph Telepath
  • Thren'ody -- Maenad Psychic Weapon Master
  • Maeneta the Axe-Caller -- Half Giant Psychic Warrior

I'll leave space open for one more in case someone wants to join mid-way through our "movie" cycle.

All discussion of this topic should move to Elton's Curse of the Crimson Throne thread in the Discussion boards. Lets some fun!

Dark Archive

Elton, I will have to bow out of this one. Sorry.

That's okay. If you have to bow out, you have to bow out. Thanks for your interest.

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