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DM Magister Ludi's Legacy of Fire

Game Master Gordon the Whale

In the barren wastes of the Brazen Peaks, secrets await those brave enough to find them.

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Scarab Sages

@Magister: Sigh I really should break down and buy hero lab. Thanks for the correction.

I don't have it either. It sounds useful, and I could see buying the core program, but all the data packs for additional sources seem like they would add up fast. It essentially doubles the cost of each book you buy. I don't mind proofreading; I'm a sometimes-contributor at d20pfsrd, so I'm used to it.

Scarab Sages

@Magister: That was my concern as well. It seems good, but all of the "optional packs quickly add up.

@Kybryn: Since you have a ton of channels per day, have you considered Variant Channeling? Earth and Protection are both very strong domains regardless of a positive or negative channel.

Extra Stuff:
Age 1d6 + 15 ⇒ (6) + 15 = 21 21 years old
Height 2d10 + 58 ⇒ (5, 7) + 58 = 70 5'10 Tall
Weight 2d10 + 120 ⇒ (9, 5) + 120 = 134 134 lbs Seems too light

I have done what was asked to be added. Let me know if need any more story to go with. I have thought about some things but trying to make the character flow.

At the moment, I added up the Hero Lab cost. It added up to $170 or $180 with all the current content for Pathfinder. That included a pack that had TBA books. It might not be the best but makes it easy for me to keep up with the character. My main issue is that I have to watch the money on buying things.

@Magister Ludi - Would you consider Run a flavor feat...

Secret sauce, don't look!: that it is situational and does not add to combat offensiveness (excuse the pun). You do retain Dex to AC while running, not sure if that is an issue.

Working it into the background (flavor), in her youth - it made her useful to her captors (slavers) as a messenger/courier. So, she wasn't killed or sold off, but earned some favored "pet" aspect.

Surely, it would have helped her escape in the end... But, as collateral, they kept her mother as a servant with the threat of death if Vonna did not return, and return in time.

@Zahir: Yeah, those height/weight numbers seem pretty small for your character. Feel free to just choose numbers within the range, instead of rolling randomly.

@Black Thom: It's kind of boring, but with that backstory as justification, I'll allow it.

I will do that. Does stats and story look like everything is taken care of?

Magister Ludi wrote:
@Black Thom: It's kind of boring, but with that backstory as justification, I'll allow it.

Yeah, I sort of agree, but trying to stay away from straight up Skill Bonuses... And, w/Beast Master, Profession is no longer a Class Skill.

How about... Desert Dweller, Fast Crawl, Friendly Switch, Godless Healing, Nimble Moves, Sure Grasp? They are all on the General list, and not the Combat list.

For the other trait, I've taken Masterful Demeanor (Human Race Trait): "You gain a +3 trait bonus on Intimidate checks against members of non-human humanoid races."

Desert Dweller and Godless Healing are good ones, because they tell me something about your character's history and personality. Sure Grasp is okay; it's mostly a better/different version of Skill Focus (climb). Fast Crawl, Nimble Moves, and Friendly Switch are all useful combat feats, even if they aren't "Combat" feats. They are somewhat situational; certainly I'm not going to claim that any of them are on par with Power Attack, etc. I would allow them to be taken at the price of two flavor feats each.

@Zahir and Ali: You're good to go. Whoever is selected, I will probably go over their character some more at that point, give them some more background info, etc.

Being Human, I'll take the first two.

I particularly like that Godless Healing works well (thematically) with the Skirmisher archetype, which gives up Divine spellcasting.

Go help assure ranged supremacy, feats look like this...

Feats : Desert Dweller (1st flavor), Point-Blank Shot (human), Precise Shot (1st), Rapid Shot (2nd archery), Godless Healing (2nd flavor)

Will add Opening Volley (level 3) to help with the follow up melee situation somewhat. Had to rework it a bit. Vonna will/can use a two-handed weapon as needed... make it an Elven Curved Blade and she can work in Exotic Weapon Porficiency & Weapon Finesse.

Scarab Sages

@Magister: Fantastic! crosses fingers

Black Thom here... Introducing Vonna, pronounced 'vaughn-uh'.

Think I'm missing gear, then good to go. I only listed Class Features she's already earned (up 'til level two). I typically, add them as they're gained.

michaelane here. Got grabbed by a concept for the Lawyer, so take a look when you get a chance and see if there is anything you'd like to see handled differently in story or stats. If I have time before tomorrow night, I'll give you a concept for the Hunter too.

@Master Ludi

That additional info was awesome, and gave me some good perspective. I've made some final changes to Theodric's crunch, and updated his back-story to incorporate the Pathfinders. I'll be sticking with the true "Lawyer" story, as it has definitely grown on me. I think that the church of Abadar is a brilliant concept, because it brings a new perspective of Deity, and how the powers and priorities of a deity are made manifest (eg bank of abadar as opposed to temple). I added ranks in knowledge local, and will likely be taking the feat Dilletant as a flavor feat to really build on his scholarly ability. I'll also be taking Skill Focus: Diplomacy as well.

Theodric to the Pathfinders would be a natural choice for:

1. Handling any and all social situations. His superior diplomatic skills will give the party a good chance of coming out of any social situation with the upper hand.
2. Understanding customs and laws. This will be especially important for protecting the party from themselves.
3. Objectivity and rational. Theodric has the gift of wisdom, and will not let the party down when it comes to planning and enacting stratagem. I like to think of Theodric like Soren from Fire Emblem if you know it.
4. Although still unknown to the Pathfinders and Theodric for that matter, his mastery of Abadar's magic will prove him to be a fierce preserver of life, and distributor of devastating attacks. This will be made manifest by the first or second combat.

Scarab Sages

@Magister: After going back and forth, I have decided to archetype Ali as a Infiltrator. I really like favored terrain as an ability, however I felt Infiltrator would be better for character development. As Ali starts to grow and learn about his past/come into his power, I expect him to take favored enemy: Lawful Outsider. In turn via Infiltrator, this will allow him to grow more in-tune with his eldritch heritage and become more like a Efreet, thoughts?

Alright, I've made some big, last minute updates to Theodric. I've added an appearance and personality section to give an idea of his presence.

edit: and updated his gear.

Congratulations, that is the first submission so far that has really surprised me! The backstory and general build seem to all be in order. I've found a few mechanics things missing:
  • You seem to be missing your level 1 revelation.
  • Which curse are you planning on progressing?
  • It doesn't say anywhere what mystery you chose or what deity you follow. I'm guessing Flames, based on your feat choice? That's a thematic choice, both for the campaign and for your race, but I have to warn you: this campaign is called Legacy of Fire... There's a lot of fire involved. Fire resistance abilities are very handy, because there will be a lot of fire damage coming your way. On the other hand, fire spells and spell-like abilities will eventually become useless, because everything you will be fighting is immune to fire damage. Just a warning. You'd still have plenty of fun up front, torching gnolls.

You are good to go. (You do still have channel negative energy on your sheet, but I know that's just an oversight.) The horse, I'm afraid, is unlikely to survive the events in your intro, but you can get a camel to replace it, or another horse a little later.

Infiltrator is fine. Lawful Outsider isn't actually the favored enemy to take though. Although Efreet are typically lawful evil, they are actually just outsider (extraplanar, fire), so the only way to get them as favored enemies is typically with outsider (fire). However, for this campaign, and because it generally makes sense, I am also making a genie subtype, which will encompass all the full genies as well as the genie-blooded. So that gives another option.

Looks like going to be hard:
I keep watching this and feeling that I am needing to figure out something more to do. I do like who I made. I feel like I could sit back for a while and spend some time every couple of days to expand his story but everyone else is working well with their characters too. I also don't want to overdevelop. This is what I don't get with my group. Like having more story over more dice. Thanks for the opportunity Magister Ludi.

I had a thought on the way in to the office today. Don't worry about going Flames, if that's what you want to do. There's a neat way to fix the issue that fits nicely into the existing story of the AP.

Your backstory does an excellent job of justifying and explaining your build, working it into the setting, and putting you where you need to be for the beginning of the current storyline. However, most of it is about things that happened to Cybele. I don't get a good feeling for who she is, since so little of it involves her making choices. I get that she's only just attained freedom and opportunity, so maybe she doesn't really know who she is, either, but I'd like to see a description of her current personality and appearance, especially given that she is quite odd-looking.

Yes, the competition is looking stiff all around. I, of course, am quite happy with that. I don't think you need to add more backstory at this point; there's plenty there. If you want to make changes, I'd suggest reading back over what you've written, making it flow better, connecting it all together.

There is one element of the backstory which has changed from what the flavor text for Gnoll Killer says; the Pathfinders you join with are not actually on a mission to retake Kelmarane from the gnolls. They, and you, in fact think that the village is deserted, and that this is going to be a relatively straightforward archaeological expedition. They are hiring you for general protection along the road, since it is well known that gnolls inhabit the hills. You are all in for a big surprise, of course, but that will all happen before gameplay really begins.

You don't have to make that change now; that can be changed after you get chosen, if you get chosen.

Scarab Sages

Well, its coming down the the 11th hour as it were, and there are some great applications. Good luck to everyone here!

@Magister: I hate to say it, but after doing a final critical review of my background for the application, I found it to be a bit vague. Could have been dropped on any one really. I did a update and made it a bit more specific with better campaign hooks.

Backstory, Personality and Appearance:

Ali was born in the along the northern mountains Katapesh in an area known as the Brazen Peaks. As a member of the بأمين اللهب or keepers of the flame he was raised on the great dune’s constantly traveling as his tribe wandered from one oasis to the next. From an early age Ali learned the intricacies of smelting, forging and crafting of blades taught to him by his father, as his father was taught before by his and so on. Craft (Weapon) By the time Ali was ten he had constructed his first blade. To his surprise, Ali found that the heat for the forge did not seem to affect him the way it did outsiders. When Ali asked his father, why his tribe was known as the keepers of the flame, the grey haired main only smiled. Genie Blood: Fire

The defining moment in young Ali’s life came just weeks after his twelfth birthday. While scouting out the dunes ahead of his tribe’s caravan a terrible dust storm blew up, unforeseen by the tribe’s seer. Ali was caught in the fringes of the monstrous storm, disoriented and without shelter. For three days Ali waited for the storm to subside while his water slowly ran out. Finally on the fourth day, tired, battered and near death from dehydration, the storm broke and Ali could just make out in the distance a large pall of smoke rising from the horizon. Gritting his teeth and summoning his last reserves of strength he stumbled towards the smoke.

When Ali arrived at the smokes origin, he was devastated. All around him, he found the bodies of his tribes men, weapons strewn about, and intermixed with the bodies of anthropomorphic dog like creatures. Frantic he called out his father’s name, hoping against hope that his father would be alive. His father never responded to the cries of help. But something else did. From the wreckage of a half burned tent emerged a huge doglike creature standing on two legs, holding a wicked axe and cackling like a hyena at the boy. Frightened and exhausted Ali knew that he was going to die, but he refused to go without a fight. Grabbing a falchion from the wreckage near his feet, Ali felt a great and furious anger well up inside him. Screaming out his father’s name he charged the beast Favored Enemy (Gnoll) / Gnoll Killer

The fight was a blur, lost in a haze of rage and hatred at the creatures that had murdered everyone Ali knew. When it was over Ali was covered in blood and caked in ash and something had died inside of him. Ali spend the next two days gathering up the bodies of his kinsmen and then built a great pyre to send their souls onward to the great city of brass that awaited the dead in their next lives. The gnolls he left to the sun and the bloat flies. Whispering a final prayer to Sarenrae for his tribe, Ali wandered alone, off into the great desert. Ranger 1

In the years since them, Ali has found himself wandering from place to place, rarely staying in one spot for more than a weeks’ time. The sun and his hatred toward gnolls have made him strong. Where some might wither under the harsh sun’s embrace Ali seemed to become harder and stronger because of it Strength 18 / Constitution 16.

Ali still carry’s the same falchion he used as a boy to kill his first gnoll. Like him it has become weather-beaten and rough, but it still has a core of strength, forged by the same tribe that forged Ali. Perhaps in desperation to learn more of the history of his lost tribe, Ali uses his wandering to seek out clues about his heritage. Often making long treks to the cities of Katapesh and Sothis, while serving as a guide and caravan guard, Ali spends his free hours researching anything having to do with the Keepers of the Flame Scholar of the Great Beyond: (Knowledge: planes). It is during one of these trips that Ali was recently contacted while in Ipeq to guide a group to into Katapesh. With his gold running out, and having exhausted all possible leads, Ali accepted the job offer.

(CG) At first glance Ali Al’Zahrid seems to be carefree and happy, with few concerns about his life or where he is going. The longer you come to know him however, you can begin see a deep sadness that surrounds him. Ali is a Human without a home, a vagabond traveler who wanders the sands and sells his sword, one meal at a time. He can often be quiet, but in the middle of combat with Gnolls, a great and terrible anger will surface, long buried. Ali is slow to trust, but once you have earned his friendship, it will be a lifelong commitment.

Hard angles and lines, like granite scoured by sand. Sharp gray eyes, black hair hair and a beard wrapped in a turban. A long scar on the rightside of his face from hairline to jaw made by a handaxe while still a child. Usually wears browns and tans that have been patched and repatched over years of hard use.

Of Gnolls and Men:

The wind gusted though the desert as a man cloaked in shadow sat before the flames.

"I can hear you out there, so you may as well come out.” Rasped the man. “Come closer boy, I won't hurt you. You can warm yourself by the fire and nights in the desert get cold.” Leaning forward the man took out a long knife and cut a piece of sizzling meat from the rabbit haunch and offered it forward to the child. “Eat some, it looks like you haven't had a good meal in a week and there's plenty here to share, just make sure you thank Sarenrae for her bounty before you do.”

Shivering from boy tentatively reached forward and took the food from the careworn man. “What are you doing out here?"

What am I doing out here? That’s one hell of a story. "I suppose I could ask you the same thing child. I assumed you’re from Fal’shiran? Well that makes sense since its few miles over that dune. Then you know about the problem your village has with Gnoll raider lately.

Spitting, the man leans in closer to the fire. And for the first time the child can see a vicious deep scar almost like a dry riverbed running from the right side of the man’s chin up to the wraps of his turban. “I can't stand the vicious mongrels myself. Ugly, stupid and cruel, and that’s if your being generous. This scar here, that’s a personal lesson not to treat them lightly."

With a sigh the man leans back and cuts himself a slice from the rabbit. “I was a boy, about your age when I learned that lesson. Anyhow, answering your question, the caliph has a bounty for each gnoll killed. I grew up along the dunes and can't stand the ugly mongrels, so it’s hard to beat the offer."

“But why do you hate them so much?” asked the boy, fidgeting.

The man shrugs. “That should be obvious, just look what the beasts are doing to your village, they kill without provocation, whenever they have the opportunity. Oh don’t mistake me, alone they aren’t so dangerous, cowards mostly, but when they group up , well... when I was about your age I lost my tribe to their attacks. We were known as بأمين اللهب or Keepers of the Flame and now I am the only one left. Almost makes you wonder about the gods... almost.

Turning away the man rises and looks over the endless dunes. "Lets get you back to the village. You shouldn't be wandering out here alone. besides..." The Ali pauses as if collect his thoughts. "I would prefer if we didn't speak any more about it."

Dark Archive

Ludi: Here's my (Ricky Bobby)submission for the Lawyer, hope you like it, and please feel free to give me any thoughts/feedback. Stat block and such is linked to this alias.

Getting here...:
The present

Westcrown, Dekur musingly remarks to himself. On the inside, the nobleman is as excited and amazed as a three-year old common child getting their first set of play-swords; on the outside he is as cool and unconcerned as a Master Merchant - which, of course, he nearly is. This may be his first visit here, but Abadar forbid if anyone were to believe that.

In a metropolis such as Westcrown - especially in Rego Sacero - a knowledgable, honest and fair but demanding and networked nobleman as himself can make a killing and a name for himself, not only in Westcrown, but all of Cheliax - and beyond.

But, as much as Dekur likes - nay, loves - making money and entering into the social graces of the well-to-do, he can freely admit it is only one of the reasons he has volunteered to come to this cursed, yet startling, city...

Nearly one year ago
Dekur is perusing through an old Thassilonian manuscript he recently purchased from a Sczarni friend in Varisia during his last visit when the dwarf walks into his store of miscellany, "Dekur's Dabblings." Dwarves weren't exactly his cup of mint tea, nor were they among the 'typicals' his store saw, but running a successful tradehouse in a port city also meant you didn't really care who walked through the door as long as they meant to purchase something. Putting on his best 'I care, I really do, but not so much to make you think I'm faking' smile, Dekur welcomes the stout man, "Welcome sir Dwarf, my name is Dekur d'Traab, owner and propietor of this fine establishment. How may I help you today?

The dwarf simply stares at him for a moment, eyes pinched, crows' feet showing. With a speed that belies his frame, he suddenly turns, sliding a crude wooden club through the door handles, locking the two in together. Turning back in the same fluid motion, now with a stupid, ugly grin on his face, the dwarf unsheathes two steel hammers and advances towards Dekur. In less than two full steps however, the dwarf finds himself stuck in place as his hammers and arms fall to his side, a look of pure, angry frustration on his bulbous face.

Dekur, still smiling - perhaps moreso now - saunters around the counter, staring at the would-be thug. Silly, short man, he taunts, I don't know where you hail from, but obviously you did no prior research before coming in to my shop. Enjoying every moment of this, he sits down in a nearby chaise and lights an incense-tinder. Waving his arm over the goods in his shop he continues, Honestly, do you think I would have such valuables as I do...and not have means of security? I may not be the strongest spell-weaver - yet - but I know many people and have many friends...important people and important friends. Some of them care for my safety perhaps even more than I do!

The dwarf struggles harder, but gets nowhere. Oh you might as well stop, an elder priest of Abadar wove that spell into my floor there. One simple phrase was all I had to say and well, you stay like the dog you are. Oh, and the Corentyn guard is on its way as well - we can't have criminals around our fair city, can we? No, jail for you sir doggie. But, he pauses, smile gone, replaced with a look of mild interest, if you'd like to share some information with me...I might put in a good word or two for you.

The dwarf appears as if he wants to speak, but can't. Oh my, of course, the spell won't allow you to...silly me! Concentrating on the floor under the dwarf, he covers his mouth with his hand while quietly speaking a word in an ancient language. There you go, doggie, speak!

By the time the guard arrive, Dekur has heard enough to pique his interest - and perhaps even concern. He knows now that someone from the Katapesh region wishes him harm and his store destroyed, all due to his business with the Truther & Trathis Company in that area. Odd, I have only had legitimate transactions as far as I know with them, as usual...perhaps not though. How unfortunate that would be. A frown alights on his smooth face, Well, we cannot have that, not even a chance of that. My name would be tarnished if so, and I...think...not. But how to get there without causing too much bustle? Considering a few moments, a smile forms as he grabs a gold-rimmed envelope on the desk beside him. Opening it, he pulls out a heavy piece of parchment with only six words and a symbol on it: You have been invited. - The Decemvirate he quietly says to only the merchandise and antiquities around him. Grabbing the gold chain and charm hanging around his neck, he looks up, a broader smile forming. Aye. Corentyn, methinks it is time for me to take a holiday, an extended journey.....

The present
Ending his brief gawking of the City of Twilight, he twirls his cane-staff and heads toward Delvehaven to meet a famed Pathfinder named Felliped Leroung, a nobleman much like himself he is told. And it is here Dekur will begin a new chapter or, Chronicle, I guess is more accurate, in his life, as he heads to join the Society to make a name for himself, join a new world where he can dazzle the common and noble alike, find fortunes he has previously only read or dreamed of, and by a very planned-out turn of events...find out just what the problem in Katapesh is at the same time.

Dekur stands at a bit over six feet, and weighs a lanky 170 lbs. He is around 26, has hazel eyes and auburn-colored hair that is always perfectly coifed, along with a beard always trimmed appropriately.
Dekur always emits an air of certainty and calmness; this at times can come across as arrogance, he realizes, but does strive to not let that happen. He understands that he is a noble, and high merchant...and thus will act like one and expect to be treated as such - but he also recognizes that he did not get here on his own, and in fact a large portion of his clientele is of the commoners and lower nobility. He does not forget how to show them respect as well...and they do not forget him,

Though Dekur is primarily a man of knowledge, expertise and divinity, and not particularly muscular, he is still very fit and toned. Being from a noble family, he participated in martial studies as a young man as is typical; finding his calling along a different path however, he kept his sights on only learning how to use the more scholarly quarterstaff, and finding he was quite proficient with light crossbows, focused on that as well.

In addition to the aforementionied skills, this charismatic man is first and foremost a Diplomat, well versed in the art words for use in discourse and negotiation especially. Having participated in a number of political debates and forums around Corentyn while studying laws and legal proceedings of Cheliax, he first made a name for himself with this skill, speaking so well of present situations and how they related in a historical, religious or noble context that he was given the title of Nobleman before he turned 20. Coupled with the land, storefront and inheritance he had already obtained from his parents, he took this title and set off, hunting down antiquities from around some of the closer,yet relatively out-of-the-way areas of Cheliax. After a few years of on-and-off travels, he was ready to open his store. With the backing of some investors - both monetarily and in reputation, he was an overnight success, quickly becoming 'the place' to get any number of rare common and magic items.

Showing some talent in the divine arts as well, the temple elders took him on as a part-time student, where he has studied tomes of many religious sects - some who worship Abadar, and some who don't - as well as the practical art of spell-weaving, all in the name of Abadar. Being the only child of a wealthy lawyer and medic, this rise from student to nobleman to proprietor to cleric shocked no one, except for perhaps how quickly it occurred. But when Dekur sets his sights...he sets them in stone and gets that stone rolling quickly.

Misc. Tidbits:
  • REGULAR FEATS: Extra and Selective Channeling - in regards to his cleric duties, Dekur has no outright desire to harm - it is not the lawful, noble way to go about things; that said, he will use force if necessary, but prefers to be the diplomatic medic or traveling library; thus, his focus for his divine training lies in the healing arts, at least at this time in his studies.
  • FLUFF FEATS - Cosmopolitan (Bluff/Percep) - he is an honest man, but any good diplomat/legal expert needs to know both when someone is lying as well as when to stretch the truth just enough to make his point or obtain what he needs; Skill Focus(Diplo)
  • TRAIT - Rich Parents;
  • ARCHETYPE: Cloistered Cleric (UM) - Law Domain only;
  • SKILLS - knows seven different languages - each level, one skill point is reserved for Linguistics, as he is an avid and well-trained polyglot, catching on to at least the basics of any language very quickly; is a novice brewer and alchemist; will focus on diplomacy and knowledge primarily, but will keep other skills up as well

  • Oh, I don't know if I can put together a background fast enough... But, got a crazy idea for a Lawyer.

    Mustafa the Older

    LN Human Cleric (Exploration-Caves)/Monk (Sensei-Four Winds) 1/1

    Str 8, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 19, Cha 15

    HP: 15 AC: 16

    Flavor - Skill Focus (Prof - Barrister), Desert Dweller

    A 44 year old retired lawyer, turned clergyman. Making money for money's sake wasn't enough. Mustafa want to do "good" with it. Help others, being religion to the faithless, bring civilization to the lawless. But, all that takes a good business plan, and a lot of money

    Always adventurous, but held back by a desk job for most of his life... He's joined the Pathfinder Society and decided to strike out for fortune while upholding his core beliefs and for the most part, Abadar's tenets.

    Growth wise, he needs at least 1 more level of Monk if he's to be effective combat-wise (no pun)... he gains Wisdom Bonus to Attack when using Monk Weapons. But, if that's not his role... it can wait.

    He's also a closet artist, getting ideas from his travels and loving to craft things. High Diplomacy, Knowledge (Religion, Planes, Arcana) & Spellcraft. Crafting healing/protection items frees him from being a heal-bot.

    Exploration (Door Sight) is useful and satifies his natural curiosity. Caves (Tunnel Runner) helps him rush in much like a fool, where Angels fear to tread. of course, he's a Cleric... so Channeling Positive Energy is always good.

    Sensei is more Wisdom based and sedentary, Four Winds (Elemental Fist) gives him the genie-esque flavor.

    I think it comes together nicely. Opinions may vary.

    Looks good... But if you are chosen I will ask that you change your avatar picture. I don't want to have to look at that angry guy all the time. :-)

    Although Abadar does grant Travel and Earth domains, he doesn't give Exploration or Caves. You could get one of them if you went Separatist. Desert Dweller probably isn't appropriate for this character, because he's from Cheliax, at least most recently. I like the multi-class cleric/monk idea... I wish it was something that people did more often. Go ahead and build it if you've got the time. At 44, you are planning on taking age modifiers?

    Magister Ludi:

    Thanks for the compliment. She was a very interesting character to develop.

    Level 1 Revelation is Cinder Dance: +10 ft. speed

    Planning on progressing the blackened curse (added to stat block). Legalistic would stay without improvement.

    Mystery is Flames (added to stat block) and I figured that will create some challenges. Your thoughts will be interesting. My plan was to get Elemental Spell, but if you have other thoughts they'll be interesting to learn down the road.

    She is just learning who she is, but that's a bit of a cop-out so I've added a Personality and Appearance section to help matters.

    Could go Irori (if Abadar isn't mandatory), with Knowledge & Rune Domains.

    Age modifiers are fine, can swap a couple around. Str becomes 7, but he wears no armor and carries no shield. Monk weapons are lighter.

    Gotta look for a Flavor Feat. Can't find any... totally lost.

    I like the character and think he'd be great, but maybe I'll stick with just my Hunter submission.

    Magister Ludi, here's a Hunter submission from michaelane. Best of luck with your selections. You have some great entries so it will be a tough choice.

    Okay, time is up. For the Hunter I have:

    Zahir Arshad - RobbGobb
    Ali Al'Zahrid - Celeador
    Vonna the Huntress - Black Thom
    Ghostclaw - michaelane

    And for the Lawyer:
    Theodric Stavian - Kybryn
    Cybele Hellscape - michaelane
    Dekur d'Traab - Ricky Bobby

    I have been very pleased with the quality of the submissions, and I wish I could give you all the opportunity to play your characters.

    In fact... I am going to, at least for the Hunters, if only for a little bit. After I select the Lawyer, we will start a flex-time scene in Ipeq, where the two Pathfinders are searching for a guide to safeguard them through the Brazen Peaks and back again. All four of your characters will be in Ipeq, looking for work, and you will have the opportunity to interview for the job in character.

    Now, to choose between the lawyers...

    Hah, my post got eaten. I can see it in the recent posts list, but it sure ain't here.

    Anyway, the submission period is over. I'm reviewing and narrowing things down now. The quality of the submissions was excellent, and I wish I could give you all the opportunity to play your characters.

    In fact... I am going to give all four hunters the opportunity, at least for a little bit. Once I have chosen a lawyer, we will start up a "flex-time" scene as the two Pathfinders find themselves in Ipeq, last bastion of civilization before their trek across the Brazen Peaks to Kelmarane. They will need to hire a guide. All four characters are present in the marketplace that day, and you will have the opportunity to interview in character.

    And now, to choose a lawyer. You guys don't make things easy!

    I hope I make it! Good luck to Cybele, Thom, and Dekur... and anyone else who applied.

    Thank you. Likewise!

    Very cool about the hunters, too!

    Let me know what I need to do.

    Dark Archive

    Ditto to the rest of the Lawyers as well -- and that is a very cool idea for the hunters, nicely done!

    Scarab Sages

    Sounds great! I'll check back tomorrow for details. Good luck to the laywers!

    All three lawyers had very strong submissions, with good back stories, all three would have fit the campaign, and perhaps most importantly all three seem to be knowledgeable and fun players. It was a tough decision, but I have chosen Theodric Stavian as the lawyer. Congratulations, Kybryn.

    Michaelane, you still have another chance with Ghostclaw. For Ricky Bobby, and whichever three hunters don't get chosen, there will another opening for the campaign in a few months, and I would be happy to notify you when I'm ready to recruit, if you'd like.

    Hunters and Theodric, please move over to the Discussion Thread.

    Liberty's Edge

    That would be great Ludi - and congrats Kyb!

    Lantern Lodge

    Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Congratulations Kybryn! See you all in the discussion thread.

    Scarab Sages

    Congradulations Kybryn!

    Thanks guys! Good luck all the rangers, especially Vhalas :P

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