NPC Codex for PC pre-gens?


I was wondering how effective the NPC codex would be for generating pre-gen PC character sheets?

Our game group now only plays sporadically and I have been just running the old 32 page Paizo modules (excellent series!) w/ PFS pre-gens for the past year. Of course, PFS pre-gens only come at certain levels, limiting my selection of modules.

How many levels added would be recommended for using an NPC Codex NPC to be competitive w/ a PFS pre-gen? Would a +1 be enough? Generally, I like the PFS society characters power level. It makes GMing easier, I find.

so the Pregens come as 1, 4, 7. I think there are some in the NPC Codex. The Codex has better built Characters. The gear following WBL is the issue.
Essentially doing smaller level jumps and 11th level was chatted about and dumped as it did not merit the extra business expense.
Within PFS you must use the official iconics or the player needs a legal PC. There may be exceptions for NPC Codex versions in high level APs. There's also 'Campaign Mode' for APs.
A Home Game is free of the 'as written' mandate. I'd work up 8 15th level PC as once done scaling down IS easier than up.
Of course there's the infamous 'all Harsk' Bonekeep run at a past PaizoCon...
There's also the Kobold 4th lvl adventurers in 'True Dragons of Absalom'.
I'd use Mystic Theurge to replace Wizard for a bit of targeted nerfing. My Mage-killer Build multis into monk 2 so scales it back a tad but now you have a combat capable wizard! Both teach good strategy & tactics as well as system mastery.

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The Characters from the NPC Codex use the "Standard" array (a 15 point build from page 16 of the PF 1E Core Rulebook) and the NPC wealth level from page 454. At this point, the work to bring the characters up to the PFS levels for a PC is almost as much work as creating a pre-gen PC.

You know, at this point, why not create you own Pre-Gens for them at the desired levels? For bonus, retain the same characters through multiple modules, adjusting levels, gear, and spell selection as needed. :)

Lord Fyre wrote:

You know, at this point, why not create you own Pre-Gens for them at the desired levels? [/b]

Well, creating the characters myself kind of defeats the time saving benefits of a pre-gen.

Anyway, I appreciate the reply. I was hoping a level bump may compensate for the lower stats and wealth. I guess I'll just have to stick to modules within the PFS level ranges.

you can certainly bump the existing iconics up to 11th level.
The prepared spellcasters need help and a better spell selection.

FYI NPC Creation breakdowns
and GM info including PC Wealth by level
there are some online NPC generators...

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Like seriously. Could also make a post saying "Link me 4 level X pathbuilder 1e builds please" and you'd get 100 replies. r-Emporium
1 or 2 level bump on an NPC codex though is indeed comparable to a society pregen.

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