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Lord Fyre wrote:

You know, at this point, why not create you own Pre-Gens for them at the desired levels? [/b]

Well, creating the characters myself kind of defeats the time saving benefits of a pre-gen.

Anyway, I appreciate the reply. I was hoping a level bump may compensate for the lower stats and wealth. I guess I'll just have to stick to modules within the PFS level ranges.

I was wondering how effective the NPC codex would be for generating pre-gen PC character sheets?

Our game group now only plays sporadically and I have been just running the old 32 page Paizo modules (excellent series!) w/ PFS pre-gens for the past year. Of course, PFS pre-gens only come at certain levels, limiting my selection of modules.

How many levels added would be recommended for using an NPC Codex NPC to be competitive w/ a PFS pre-gen? Would a +1 be enough? Generally, I like the PFS society characters power level. It makes GMing easier, I find.

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Currently enamoured with the old 32 page modules. Allow for genre hopping to keep things interesting. Also, a lot of those old modules are really good. Current trends in D&D/PF adventure writing leave me cold.

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I'm continuing to play PF1. However, I actually enjoy the fact there are no new releases coming out. I can play the stuff I already have and the consumerist impulses to buy more unnecessary stuff is gone.

Roleplaying is currently a free hobby for me, minus some incidental printing costs and I love that.

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My Rise of the Runelords game has sadly ended midway through the Hook Mountain Massacre, largely a victim of omicron based delays.

Still playing Ruins of Azlant. Really enjoying that path so far. Under rated, I dare say.

Thanks for the replies. So far, Onthooth has not been revealed in my game also.

I'm also thinking ahead about buffing up Helekhterie somewhat. We have a party of 6 with two pets, so always need to buff the encounters. Has anyone got a buffed sea hag stat block laying around? Just add a few more levels of Oracle? Also considering witch levels instead, as I feel witches make for some of the most vexatious foes in the game.

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I don't have a problem with them. Sometimes your actions fail. Sometimes the fighter misses with his sword. Would you suggest (s)he does some fraction of damage on a miss too?

Snippels wrote:

my players met the Locathas,

Not sure if this area of the forum gets much traffic these days, but thought I'd ask anyway.

My players have just encountered Koloshkora and the module states she knows Onthooth is lurking on the isle to the West. Did other GMs choose to reveal this? I wonder if it would be better to not reveal this yet? Or to allude to it in a more oblique manner.

Any and all advice welcome.

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The spell list for the witch is not perfect. I really think they should have received more illusion spells, for example.

However, combined with hexes, which are pretty much the most powerful full caster class feature in the game, they do just fine. More specialised than a theory-wizard, perhaps, but given they can leave a lot of their offence to hexes, I find they actually have more freedom to prepare utility spells than wizards, who need to rely on their spells for pretty much everything they do.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Tell us how it goes.

I ambushed my 5 level 6 players on a river crossing (ambush sites map) with 3 CR4 Poisoners, a CR5 Special Operative archer and a CR7 Tidewater Witch, who I had repeatedly popping above the water to cast before sinking back below the water (slight rule cheat, but made the encounter more interesting.) It was a really fun, and pretty tough, encounter.

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Planning to ambush my players with an orc witch and a bunch of orc slayers on their way to Turtleback Ferry using reskinned NPCs from this series on Sunday. Should be fun.

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We're just about to start The Hook Mountain Massacre. Two of my players are 5e GMs who are both finding the much more challenging combats of PF1 very satisfying. I included the Dawn of the Scarlet Sun module once they reached Magnimar. Avalexi left them all stunned by how outclassed they were by a foe.

I'm running five new to PF players through RotR atm. I've been keeping them a level below the suggested level throughout and it's been working quite well. Until I added in Dawn of the Scarlet Sun halfway through the second book. That was a tough module.

I've played two kineticists in the past, both were really fun. Other than that, I just killed my first PC in our Ruins of Azlant game with

the psychic at the end of The Lost Outpost.

I am pretty keen to explore the others, but time, as always, restricts what one can do.

Name: Alizia
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Witch 3
Adventure: The Lost Outpost
Location: Spindlelock Research Facility
Catalyst: Mind Thrust
The Gory Details: Alizia had just slumbered Rayland Arkley, in response Eliza used her mind thrust on the witch. Rolling very high damage, Alizia failed her save, dropping her from full to below negative con with one attack. Eliza herself was killed the following round. First PC death of the game so far.

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Very happy these are being kept in print. Pretty cool move by Paizo. Need to pick up the Ultimate Equipment pocket edition soon, as they are so good for use at the table.

I've always wanted to run an encounter with Marsh Giants, but very seldom seem to be in a marsh. I really like the flavour of these big boys. Have fun.

When I ran it, I let the players travel to Cassomir between clearing Hunclay's Manor and the auction and buy anything they could afford.

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SheepishEidolon wrote:

Would the players accept trading them for something else?

Yeah, they probably would. However, I think I'll stick with it for the time being. It was my mistake not thinking of it beforehand. If it becomes unbearable, I'll ask them to switch them out. Lesson learnt for the next game I run, though.

Haven't really had many players keen on pet classes before this game so never gave it much thought.

Scavion wrote:

Rule of thumb for the future, for big parties, don't let people play animal companion classes/summoners or have them take the options that get rid of it.

Yeah, I wish I'd thought of this before starting my Ruins of Azlant game. Same situation, 6 players with two animals. I find the animals a real hassle. They're great for low player count games, but they're really annoying in this situation.

Artofregicide wrote:
Worth mention, the lore changes to Golarion in PF2e are so dramatic that you might want to consider it a different setting.

Could you be more specific re: changes to setting? I have never read a Lost Omens product, but had a general impression the setting was perhaps a bit less dark?Although, I can't exactly recall how I came to this conclusion or if it is accurate.

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The future of PF1 is looking super bright for me. About to start "The Skinsaw Murders". Can't wait!

Not sure about its future for anyone else, but as long as I have people to play with, I'm happy.

If you're going to complain about the mental stats of animals, ravens with an intelligence of 2 seems a much more egregious short changing of our animal friends.

Thanks. I have played with Auckland PFS a few times, but I'm pretty sure they don't want me advertising my, definitely non-PFS, game on their group.

No problem. We played our first session yesterday with 3 players and a floating NPC rogue. It was fine. However, if anyone wants to step up and claim a spot, they'd still be welcome.


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Just ran our first session of Rise of the Runelords with a group of new to Pathfinder 5e fans.

Pretty long session, that went quite well. They managed to clear the Glassworks and capture Tsuto without too much trouble. Foxglove is definitely my favourite NPC to play around with. Was fairly laid back with regards to rules. Will get more exacting as they become more familiar with the system.

Next session in two weeks - they'll be levelling up and descending into the Catacombs of Wrath!

I bought the Syrinscape set for Burnt Offerings - it's pretty cool, but it's old. I feel it isn't as polished as the more recent sets.

I am trying to organise a play through of RotR (PF1) here in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our first session is tentatively set for Sunday, December 6th in the North Shore, 0626.

I know this is a long shot, but is anyone keen? Auckland seems to be hyper-dominated by 5e.

John Woodford wrote:
You may get better results in the Gamer Connection forum, HERE. Best of luck! If I weren't half the world away I'd definitely be interested.

Ha ha, yeah, right. I suspected this wasn't the correct place. Thanks.

This is a long shot, but I'm looking for players in Auckland (North Shore, specifically) who might be interested in playing through this AP.

Our first session is tentatively set for Sunday December 6th.

Anyone keen? Auckland seems to be hyper-dominated by 5e.

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Ran Risen from the Sands at a public gaming event last night.

A lot of comments on Paizo.com that this scenario is really tough. Was playing with players new to PF, so upped level of pre-gens to 4th and used Core Classes for simplicity.

With these changes, the game was fairly easy. However, Merisiel was knocked to -2 in the final battle by the zombie sphinx and Ezren contracted mummy rot and died on the way back to civilisation.

A pretty ideal outcome for new players, really.


Running Risen from the Sands at a gaming convention next weekend. Luckily, we're in New Zealand where face to face gaming is currently available.

Really loving all the advice so far.

Thanks so much, it's totally appreciated. Some good points raised already I would've totally overlooked. Any further advice gladly accepted too.

I've never run a session zero before, as I've always played with the same core group of people. However, since moving country in February, that's no longer an option. Really good insight for me here.

Hey, guys.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on specific topics that should be broached in a session zero with 4 players new to PF1.

I'm meeting with 4 players this Sunday, hoping we can start running through Burnt Offerings as a nice intro to the game. 3 players have played 5e before, and one guy is familiar with Second Edition AD&D.

Apart from giving them a brief intro to the campaign and helping them build their characters is there anything else you'd recommend we cover?

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I'd like more 64 page modules.

I have more Adventure Paths than I'll ever get to run, but a greater variety of shorter adventures would be most welcome.

Having said that, I'm enjoying not being tied to buying any new fantasy RPG product. My current first edition Pathfinder collection has got me covered in that regard. This leaves me more disposable income to invest in other, non d20, systems. Loving the Alien RPG currently.

PFRPGrognard wrote:
Spellcasters can be a lot of fun to play. If you play from level one, you'll most likely NEVER reach ninth level spells, so the talk of how powerful they are is really moot.

I managed to take my primary Witch from level 1 to level 15 over a six year campaign, so got 8th level spells.

In her final session she managed to Death Clutch out a wizard's heart and use the removed organ to curse the terrain of his hometown. Was a very cool end to her career for me. That's why I love 9th level arcane - just some totally crazy stuff they can do from about level 5 up, getting increasingly more nuts as they progress.

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Merellin wrote:

I myself have been thinking that I should try them sometime but every time I look at them I worry about running out of spells and being useless for the rest of the day.

The simple solution to that concern is just play a witch. Hexes are great at low level.

Theaitetos wrote:
You could give the BBEG or someone around him the oracle's Scourge curse. That should be safe from dispelling since these curses cannot be removed without the direct aid of a deity.

Yes, indeed. That curse looks ideal if the range weren't so limited. Certainly an interesting option, thanks.

I wonder how many PCs have selected that curse?

Cool, thanks for the ideas. Stylized Spell was a metamagic I was not previously aware of that seems ideal.

Re: layers, this would undoubtedly be good advice, but gets expensive re: permanency. I guess none of my players are going to audit my BBEG, though.

I like the idea of laying one of these spells over an area to be explored by PCs, but can anyone think of any cunning methods to further ward it against Dispel Magic, beyond just jacking up the CL?

The spell would be permanent. How does the evil caster protect their investment in cursed terrain?

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Was due to start running a few 5e players through Burnt Offerings... but we went back into lockdown.

Dragon78 wrote:
So what pocket versions do you guys own?

I only own the Core Rulebook as a table reference, as I have the hardcovers. However, I'm thinking of adding Ultimate Equipment as well.

I also might get the Runelords pocket edition to write all over for prep. I figure it'd probably be cheaper than printing out the PDF.

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Just started playing The House on Hook St. online. Online is really not my preference, but it's currently the only option. Waiting for the situation to normalise before starting a full AP, though.

Melkiador wrote:
It's lucky your GM was so nice.

Personally, I don't go for my players' familiars unless they're (i.e. the familiar,) being annoying. A cat running around its master's feet, I won't touch. An ill omen wand wielding imp, I'd crush with glee.

I'm looking to start a new Rise of the Runelords campaign once the current social situation allows. I'm likely going to have at least a couple of new players on board. As such, I was wondering if it would be best to teach them the unchained system from the get go, seeing a similar system seems to be one of the most popular innovations of the the second edition.

I've read through the rules in Pathfinder Unchained, and it seems quite intuitive. But, how does it play? I'm curious for people's experience with this system and whether they prefer the default system or unchained?

The default system is very familiar, and as such would be easiest for me to use. However, if the Unchained system is a marked improvement, then it would seem sensible to institute it ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

Certainly not my favourite, but I derived great enjoyment from loosing an Advanced Gibbering Mouther on my level 4 party a couple of months ago. Some unfortunate confusion results and it ended up a real knife's edge combat. And they're just weird as hell too.

Minigiant wrote:
I play a Celestial Agenda Witch and my Chant (DM allowed me to use the Shaman one instead) is Throat Singing

I use chant as well, generally. Cackle is a bit Brothers Grimm.

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Still planning to run RotR, but currently on hold for obvious reasons. Playing through the Emerald Spire online to tide me over.

Regarding the recent spate of posts: Is there a mute function on these forums? Some posters strike me as consistently unhelpful and antagonistic and it'd be great to filter them out. Failing that, perhaps they could comport themselves with more dignity and stick to forums for games they actually enjoy?

Definitely Witch.

Also like Bards and Sorcerers.

Much prefer Arcane to Divine, particularly for the 9th level casters.

Kimera757 wrote:

Paladin-like classes, but not the paladin itself, as I hate the code of conduct; I don't want to fall because I told the queen that dress doesn't make her butt look big. Obviously this is an exaggeration but then the rules aren't at all clear on how much you can stray from the "you are better off bashing someone's face in than lying to them" before the GM can inflict mechanical penalties for RP choices. Also, the whole inability to tolerate other PCs acting dishonorably makes the paladin practically unplayable.

I'm honestly not sure what the RAW is regarding this, but feel if the group is made up of reasonable people this should not really be an issue.

Paladin is pretty much the only divine class I play. They're super fun.

I do like druids, but if I'm going to play a 9th level caster, I'd prefer to just go witch or sorcerer. I think I'll try and make a wildshape focussed druid for my next game.

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