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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
LOL... I'm basing it on the title of an early Pink Floyd album, "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn".

Originally a, rather hallucinatory, chapter in English children's book "The Wind in the Willows". Recommended reading. If it's good enough for Syd...

Arachnofiend wrote:
Binary save or dies are awful and if you are going to defend them then I am going to judge you for it.

I like them. I can't be bothered to defend them, though. Do I still get judged?

Okay, nice story, cool art. Love a blue giant. But...

"showcasing the myriad stories you can tell with Pathfinder Second Edition"

I'm pretty sure I could tell this story with my current books?

Cool. Thanks a lot for the recommendations. They look like well reviewed modules, will definitely look into them further.

Might have to go on an ebay search for the softcovers though. A PDF just does not satisfy :)

Does anybody have any suggestions for a module to use following on from the completion of The Dragon's Demand?

I am not really familiar with the module line of products, but have been enjoying running The Dragon's Demand and would like to continue on with the same characters.

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Re: SR, by the time this becomes an issue you really shouldn't be casting either of these spells in combat.

Acid Splash probably is better, but Ray of Frost sounds cooler.

Coriat wrote:
I couldn't believe that they skipped nightmare for example,

Yeah, that was weird. Even stranger when they went on to give the witch Vision of Doom, Nightmare's nastier 7th level big brother. Love that spell.

Daw wrote:


By your chosen name, your interest is Asian. Brooms and riding inside cauldron are more of a European and Slavic Mythos.

I like the broom/cauldron mythology just fine. I just don't want to be limited to it. Ditto Cackle. I asked my GM if I could swap it out for Chant flavourwise. I don't like being shoehorned into a Brothers Grimm story.

I regret my choice of username here. I didn't realise Tsukiyo was a thing in Pathfinder when I joined. I live in Japan and just liked the meaning. Is there anyway I can change it?

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pad300 wrote:
Why a fly spell, as opposed to something that will temporarily enchant a broom or a cauldron…)

Ugh. So glad my witch isn't obliged to fly around on a broom.

Ssalarn wrote:
the uncertainty of a new edition drives fans of the old edition to shore up their collections

Ha ha, yes, this. I've picked up multiple hardcovers, pawn boxes, map packs etc. since the play test came out for just this reason. Perhaps Paizo released such a contentious play test document for just this purpose? Crafty.

I haven't been following the play test, it really wasn't for me. However, I will certainly check out the final product when it drops.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
I mean, of all the 9th level casters the Witch has the most limited spell list, it's true.

I'd say the Witch list is much better than the Shaman* and Druid and much more enjoyable to play with than Cleric/Oracle if not more powerful.

*= I know the Shaman can pilfer spells off other casters' lists and, to be honest, this feature has really soured me on the class.

DropBearHunter wrote:

I hope they thought this through:

the boxes of the starter sets have space for (only) two expansion sets.

Incentive to buy more starter sets to house your expansions?

Anyway, this looks cool. Will certainly pick up.

If I remember correctly, the Bar-Igura demons in the Savage Tide (3.5) adventure path used their teleports to abduct the NPC gnome. Is this a violation of the rules? It was a pretty cool scene. I never gave it a second thought when I ran it.

Apologies for the digression.

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Honestly, I'm pretty satisfied with Pathfinder as it stands.

I'd bump the characters with 2+int skills up to 4+int, with the exception of Wizard and Witch.

Give sorcerers new spell levels at the same rate as wizards.

That's about it, really. Great system.

I know my comment will be of no real help, but I'd certainly allow it. WHW needs all the love she can get.

Belafon wrote:

It’s a variation on a meme implying that all gamers are overweight, unattractive, socially awkward men. All three items (wearing a fedora, using archaic language, and having the highly unfashionable “neckbeard”

It may be a highly America-centered meme, but I definitely see a lot of gamers with neckbeards.

Okay, got it, thanks. That was pretty interesting. That combination of words had me totally lost.

Rysky wrote:

Phonetically "actually".

In this context it's usually used by jerks to talk down to people, most often women.

Person: *explains a thing*

Jerk: "Well, actually..."

Yeah, I got the "ackchyually/actually" part, but what about "fedora m'lady neckbeard"?

Barathos wrote:
I only know two other Pathfinder players that aren't the fedora m'lady neckbeard "um ackchyually" crowd.


I'm not familiar with that crowd. What does that "ackchyually" mean?

Would that make more sense if I were "ackchyually" North American?

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Gorbacz wrote:

the ability to build that ghoran Urban Druid with platypus animal companion, which I sadly still can't do in the current iteration of D&D.

So, you enjoy having niche esoteric options for yourself but complain that the system has too much content? Hmmm, okay then.

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Gorbacz wrote:
Oh yes it did.

Not for me. I bought/used the products which interested me and ignored those that didn't.

Why would you object to a company offering you more choice for a product you, presumably, enjoy?

Nox Aeterna wrote:

Have you seen Blood of the Coven?

This is the one i can think of.

Yes, I have that one, thanks.

I did wonder if that was the book being referenced. I am still a little disappointed that that book did not give us any new hexes. Opportunity lost.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
-- based on the witch splatbook and the rules introduced there,

Sorry, somewhat off topic, what is the witch splatbook? I think I need it. Can you give the title?


I wonder what the chances of Paizo anthologising their old Pathfinder Adventure Paths a la Runelords or Crimson Throne now the system is in its dying days. Probably not high, it'd make me happy, though.

Currently buying up all my desired hardcovers before they go OOP.

ShroudedInLight wrote:
I do dislike the universal "Undead are always Evil" trope that Pathfinder uses. If you can redeem a succubus, why not a Vampire?

People are always complaining about the undead=evil thing.

Does a redeemed vampire sound cool? Not to me, but If it appeals to you, use it. Paizo are not going to stop you.

I agree about succubi, though. A redeemed succubus also does not sound cool. I would ignore this in my game, if a succubus ever came up.

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I'd probably err on the side of no. Limited Wish seems a lot lower powered than a Grand Hex, lvl. 13 vs. 18, and the hex in question specifically calls out Wish to end the effect CF, for example, Geas which specifically calls out Limited Wish doing likewise.

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Cayden Cailean - too overrated. Everyone loves him because he's a boozehound? Lame.

Lathiira wrote:

The damage of finger of death isn't really all that. Here's a link to a post I did way back, just using Bestiary creatures;

Notice I specified characters, though. Obviously a fort save isn't going to be a good choice against a lot of bestiary denizens.

The only time I've seen Finger of Death used in game was by a lich against my witch. Would have certainly been an insta-kill on a fail. Fortune hex FTW.

Volkard Abendroth wrote:

The spell used to be save or die.

It still is for a large number of characters. 130 minimum damage on a failed save is pretty steep.

Slay Living is the truly inaccurately named spell.

I shudder to think what these two have been reduced to in the Play Test.

Xenocrat wrote:
How many of those ten 8th level spells were printed in the PF1 core rulebook?

Clone, Maze, Mind Blank, Moment of Prescience Prying Eyes (Greater) and Trap the Soul.

Anyway, I don't see that as relevant to my problem at hand, which is that none of the spells on the entire Arcane list excite me in their current iterations. This may well be due to being spoilt by original Pathfinder, but still, it doesn't inspire me to run out and buy a slew of new books. In fact, I cancelled my order for the play test hardcover after reading the free PDF.

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The spell casting issue is my main concern with the play test.

I have just made my Imperial Sorcerer for our first play test game, which will take place next week. I really enjoyed the new character creation system, using the various building blocks to make your character, although a number of the blocks themselves were pretty mediocre.

However, looking over the arcane spell list, there is nothing I am looking forward to. In our Pathfinder one campaign, I have a level 14 witch, and there are at least 10 level 8 spells I cannot wait to try out. With my sorcerer's current spell list, literally nothing excites me. It all seems just so lifeless, dull and limited.

I'm hoping game play will be great. But, if spell casting remains in its current form, I won't be buying into the new edition.

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Dajur wrote:
I'm thinking of that weird eco-terrorist chick who hangs around every cities downtown area park and would rather wipe out humanity so that the trees and plants can retake the planet.

Actually, you can make a pretty strong moral argument for eliminating humanity, given its pernicious effects on every other species on the planet.

I wouldn't necessarily say such a viewpoint is evil. It's just a utilitarian equation, really.

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mach1.9pants wrote:
spells are still cool

No, they're not. I love playing casters but the play test spells section left me cold. Rolled a barbarian instead. Do not think I could commit to a long campaign using the current ruleset.

Regenerative Sinew is the new hex I've been eyeing.

Can finally heal ability damage as a (non-healing patron) witch. Also regenerate. That's a real boon for a no cleric party.

Withering is thematically very cool but there are only so many (major) hex slots to go around.

Some more Grand Hexes would be welcome. Slim pickings indeed...

The Core Rulebook is the most handsome book in a long line of handsome Paizo hardcovers.

Hold the skittermanders, though. Reluctant to buy Alien Archive due to their presence :(

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Painful Bugger wrote:
I don't really know any table that's currently allowing the shifter as they feel it's incomplete.

I've played a Shifter a few times and found it to be great fun.

We're not particularly zealous optimisers, but the updated Shifter worked fine for us.

Undead are certainly troublesome for witches.

In the past I've relied on summons and/or animate objects. Also buffing allies with fortune.

Have just recently picked up the retribution major hex which should also work on undead who fail their will save as it is not labelled as mind affecting. Have yet to put it to the test, though.

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Theconiel wrote:
It seems to me that drug addiction is a sort of slavery, and Cayden Cailean despises slavery.

Well, alcohol is certainly addictive.

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Really? This topic again?

How many times do we need to bicker over whether animating dead should be evil or not?

If you think it should be cool make it so in your game. Personally, I prefer creating undead to be evil as that suits my preferred image of an undead creature - they should be a horrific malevolent abomination not a morally ambiguous grey area.

You know Paizo's view. If yours differs, house rule it. Simple.

avr wrote:

Um, that misses the point. A melee touch attack is a chance of failing

Conditional curse doesn't require an attack roll. It is one spell level higher but that's the only downside.

Although I quoted (a single clause from) your post, I wasn't specifically commenting with regards to your suggestion of Conditional Curse. It was just a suggestion on how to more effectively land a touch attack with 1/2 BAB. The witch has a number of nasty touch spells on her list, so thought it may be of benefit to the OP.

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avr wrote:
- bestow curse requires a touch attack roll,

The Prehensile Hair hex is a great way to boost your touch attacks (+int to hit) and gives you a 10' reach. Recommended for a curse specialist.

Animate Objects is my go to for undead targets. It's a lot of fun building your objects with their build points and should end up stronger than SMVI.

Ice Tomb won't work as it targets Fortitude.

Ryan Freire wrote:

You cant be bent out of shape about a caster martial disparity

Just for the record, I'm not at all bothered about the oft-cited caster/martial disparity. It has never been an issue in any of my games.

I like playing casters, my friends like playing martials. We help each other and everyone is happy.

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Ryan Freire wrote:

Edit: and its FAR more damage than a ranged/multitarget divine spell should do.

Well, it's not just a divine spell. It is also on the Magus, Witch and Wizard/Sorcerer lists.

I do not have any problem with this spell. Although, I would certainly consider playing up the consequences of its use, given the Evil descriptor, if that suited the campaign or seemed out of step with the character. This, I feel, could limit divine use quite dramatically, if that is your concern.

The drug rules are some of my least favourite mechanics in Pathfinder.

It shouldn't be so hard to tell stories about flawed heroes with dependency issues. Alcohol is the only substance one can abuse without suffering terribly deleterious effects.

We have house ruled drugs to make them more usable as a narrative mechanism.

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Bluenose wrote:

Rolemaster is at the same sort of level in combat situations,

With the exception of the notoriously clunky initiative system/round breakdown, I have never found Rolemaster too arduous. It was my system of choice in high school.

I recently ran a one shot using RM, house ruling the initiative system.The main issue I had was with the lack of clearly defined effects in Spell Law. It was, contrary to popular belief, too rules light, with a sentence or two of fluff but little or no crunch to guide the GM.

Pathfinder is a great complexity level for me. Deep enough to keep one interested for the long term with rulings on most situations to allow one to adjudicate the game fairly. Love it :)

This line of spells seems pretty ideal.

PossibleCabbage wrote:

I feel like "having a limited set of spells to choose from mitigates a lot of the problem with 9-level casters in theory.

This could easily achieved with prepared casters as well. Just limit access to spells to learn. Every theoretical uber-wizard cluttering up the message boards seems automatically assumed to know every spell on the Wiz/Sorc list. In real games, however, this is easily mitigated by the GM limiting access to spells to learn. It seems entirely reasonable that some, or many, spells are rare and incredibly difficult to find. This can also make the spells a prepared caster does find seem more valuable and satisfying. A mini-game in itself.

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All these endless hypothetical discussions regarding invincible, ultimately prepared wizards who know every spell on their list, never lose initiative, know everything about every threat in the campaign and have unbeatable DCs has really soured me on the class.

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

So she’s going to maybe do some enchanting on a guard, is it nice? No, is it evil? Still no.

I'm just curious why a woman with such incredibly high intelligence - unfathomable intellect according to d20PFSRD - would amuse herself with such small and petty behaviour?

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Atalius wrote:

Wouldn't mind getting this for my Shaman but since I only get access to one witch hex your kind of forced into getting Slumber.

Access to one witch hex is already too generous. Tell the shaman to keep its grubby hands off other casters' stuff.

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