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Interested in the question, especially the character of the player playing for the undead. The bonus to HP is now based on constitution, and not like in PF1e from charisma?

In PF1 Undead Monster types had their Con set to "-"{No Constitution score} with changes you can read in the base type. Indeed Cha was used for Con where needed as immunities covered the rest.

It would be a rare exception when a player in a Home Game was allowed to have an Undead PC. The closest they would come would be a Dhampir.

In DnD3.0 it was more accessible via Equivalent Level Adjustments and 3 levels in Emancipated Spawn so you could get Free Will and your Undead powers. I ran a NN Ghoul Wizard name Mordiggian, see the reference.

I don't know if Mr. Seifert designed the PF2 undead type but his thread might be a good place to post further questions of a designer's opinion.

As far as I remember, they publicly considered the special treatment of undead (and constructs) overly complicated, so they turned everything into Con based. Should be true for PCs also, but you can ask at the PF2 rules section to be sure.

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