How do i advance my crafted Homunculus?

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Hello everyone Korskov here again to ask for your help,

In my previous question i talked asked about rules for a constructed ship, now my party and i need a crew to man it and we also need some extra hands to help maintain our Keep and equipment (we're currently lvls 7-9).
My alchemist got the Promethean disciple feat, and we've been talking about making about 4-5 homunculi, each specialized for a specific kind of job inside the Ship and/or Keep, think of a Look-out, First-mate, Deck-hand, Gunner...

Checking the rules section "improved Homunculi" in either Homunculus or on Craft construct i can tell that the base price for a Homunculus is 2050Gp (or a cost of 1050Gp for a crafted one), that same section states that you can make homunculi with more than 2HD for an increased price, 2000Gp for each additional HD. As we're starting Mid-lvl, and having our party's treasury in mind, i've decided that we could give each of these homunculi atleast 10HD total (so an extra 16000Gp).
Now comes the (not so) Fun part.
How do i go and advance these soon to be poor creatures?
I've been trying to wrap my head around the Monster advancement rules but, when following it's text, it changes from HD to CR. I'm sorry if i'm just dumb and not getting how that table works, but i don't see how to work the columns in higher CR, Lower CR and hitpoint change.

Also, there's a modification under the homunculus rules that lets you use 10 potions of the same spell, to give your Homunculus the ability to cast that spell as as spell-like 1/day, and there's also a rule under craft construct called "Spell-Like Ability Modification" that lets you give your construct a spell-like ability that you can cast (depending on HD too). Now, is there a way to use my extracts for any of these two modifications?
I think that by RAW (and possibly RAI too) the first mod (the homunculus one) only works with potions, because that would force you to pay for them (even if i end up crafting them), but the Mod under craft construct seems weird, because by RAW you can only impart onto your construct "Spell-like abilities" that you can cast, not spells/extracts/etc, but those abilities aren't as common for PC's to have.

Thank you all.

I'm going to start off with the easy question:

Now, is there a way to use my extracts for any of these two modifications?

No. Extracts are not potions, and they are not cast. The Spell-Like ability construct modification only requires you to be able to cast that spell, which means a wizard who has fireball in their spellbook (and can cast 3rd level spells) would be able to give the construct the ability to cast fireball as an SLA.

How do i go and advance these soon to be poor creatures?

It's simple really. If we look at the rules for monster advancement through hit dice, you can skip step 1 because we're adding a defined amount of hit dice to the homunculus.

Step 2, we can ignore the tables because we're not arbitrarily upgrading the creature. Instead, as a d10 HD creature, the homunculus receives 5.5 hp per HD added (44 hp for +8 HD).

Step 3, for every 4 HD added to the base creature, we increase an ability score by 1 (2 for +8 HD). We don't change size ever (unless GM says to), so we can ignore any ability score adjustments from size.

Step 4, if we look at the construct creature type, we get 2 skill points per HD (16 for +8 HD). Then if intelligence was increased enough to change it's modifier, the homunculus gains skill points for each HD it has. It then gains feats for every odd hit dice it gained (at 3, 5, 7, 9 for a total of 4 extra feats for +8 HD).

Step 5, look at the construct creature type, this tells us that we have BAB = HD and Saves = HD/3 (+3 for 10 HD total). Calculate everything accordingly, don't forget to factor in feats and ability scores for the new saving throws.

Ignore step 6, because we're not arbitrarily upgrading the creature.

so make your plan with your write-ups and get approval/changes from your Home GM. Make sure you have the needed reagents and skill boosters if you need help on a Heal check or other Skill checks. Craft Construct has a lot of options.

I'd agree that extracts will be of no use in the crafting process as "binds the effects to the creator." but you can use them to access spells.

Start the process and each will take 32days (at $16000 upgrade as Price is usually 2* Cost). 4-5 will take 5-6 months... it might be more practical and expedient to just hire a crew & captain. They can do everything at a fraction of the cost.

that would seem to cover the standard RAW process but check with your Home GM.

Another option would be to craft poppets. While they are mindless they can perform menial labor tasks like swabbing the decks and such. With GM approval you may be able to craft intelligent poppets. Poppets are cheap to construct and can be made small size as well as tiny. Also there is an entire list of poppet specific modifications that can be done to them, most of them quite cheap too.

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