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If ur looking for the ultimate jack of all trades I think that Feral Hunter is the best bet. Animal focus lets u be good at everything physical. U want to be stealthy, run faster, jump farther, swim better got that covered. Need evasion got that too. Want to buff perception, have darkvision or scent boom there u go. Want to buff ur physical stats, easy peasy. The planar focus feat adds even more goodies. Swim speed with water breathing, burrow and nat armor buff, constant feather fall/levitate. Fire damage to all melee attacks, cold damage to all attackers. Then u get Druid/ranger spellcasting. Resist energy and the ability to use wands of cure lite wounds at lvl 1 awesome. Wild shape at lvl 4 gives u stat buffs and nat attacks. Natural spell feat let’s u cast while polymorphed. Planar wild shape gives u celestial or fiendish template awesome. Weapon shift feat can double your reach with nat attacks(at lvl 8 u can turn into a giant octopus with a bite and 8 tentacle attacks that with weapon shift would have 40 foot reach. At lvl 6 u get minutes per lvl summon natures ally and can summon additional creatures. Hunters also get 6+INT skills per level and have a decent selection of class skills. If u take human as a race and take the alternate racial trait that swaps bonus skill ranks for all knowledge skills as class skills then ur pretty well covered skill wise. Feral Hunter was my go-to utility level dip for PFS. At least a third of my characters had a lvl dip in feral hunter.

Using a cestus or spiked gauntlet allows you to TWF while also keeping the hand free for spell casting.

There is a FAQ that states that tumor familiars cannot be improved familiars. That said there is nothing that prevents you from taking an archetype on a tumor familiar (other than the protector archetype as there is a specific rule that tumor familiars cant be protectors). If you happen to be a worshipper of Calistria and have a decent Con I would suggest taking Wasp familiar feat and keeping the tumor familiar discovery so that your class counts as a familiar granting class. Take the mauler archetype for ur wasp familiar. Since ur already 7th level your now medium sized wasp would have all the stats of an Imp familiar(including fast healing 2 and DR5 silver/good) and have pretty good strength. If you happen to also have a Cha of 13 or more u could take evolved familiar feats to gain it some extra attacks.

Since you will only be using prolly first or second level slots for your infusion you still have plenty of spell slots to cast party buffs and stuff. Not entirely a one trick pony. Only takes up 6 of your feats if u want to take precise shot so gives you a little bit to play with in the later levels.

Fire element does have some of the nicer infusions but it’s also the element that has the most common immunity. Personally I’ve always been a fan of the Void element negative blast. Sure it won’t work on undead but it will work on just about everything else. Most of the infusions are lame tho, but that’s really not of much consequence for the Havocker. If I was to actually play this build I’d probably go with the paddle-foot pistol. Less single target damage but if ur targeting 3 or more enemies your damage actually goes past what the double barrel pistol can do. Gives more versatility too since you can still do single target shots.

As a comparison a intensified maximized empowered shocking grasp will do an average damage of 78 rounded up (which is approximately the average roll of 22d6) and require a 7th lvl spell slot. An intensified maximized empowered burning hands will do on average 53 damage rounded up (an appropriate 22d4 damage) and will also require a 7th lvl spell slot. Combined would give u an average damage of about 130. The build I just described does substantially more and includes a substantial amount of force damage and only requires a first level spell slot. As well only the damage from the conductive weapon property (at most 10d6 electric) is subject to Spell Resistance.

Before you abandon the idea of a Havocker witch I want to point out that one thing the Havocker actually does pretty well is niche firearms builds. For instance even if u are really set on aasimar as a race (human would get u some of the main feats you need 2 lvls earlier) you can do some pretty good damage with any kind of double barrel firearm (my personal favourite is the breech-loader pistol as it only misfires on a 1 and can reload both barrels with the same action. For this example I will use electric blast. By level 5 you can have exotic weapon proficiency firearms, arcane strike, spell cartridges, and the energize weapon infusion. If you take the rich parents trait and pinch your pennies you should be able to afford a +1 conductive breech-loader at this level as well. By spending a first lvl spell you can deal a potential 5d6 electric plus 2d4 + 6 force damage if you fire both barrels. At level 7 u can take point blank blank shot and add the shocking property to ur gun. Your damage will increase to 10d6 electric plus 2d4 + 8 force. At lvl 8 you can take rapid shot and fire 4 shots per round. Your damaged will increase to 17d6 electric plus 4d4 + 16 force. At 13 you can have boots of speed (you could get them earlier than this but after dropping 20ish k on ur gun I figured u might want to diversify your equipment portfolio) and will have an iterative attack and fire 8 shots per round increasing your damage to 39d6 electric plus 16d4 + 40 force. At lvl 19 you can have a +5 conductive shocking gun. Your damage at this level will increase to 50d6 electric plus 24d4 + 80 force. At lvl 20 this increases to a maximum potential damage of 50d6 electric plus 32d4 + 88 force (I considered adding deadly aim but since this would only add at most 6 damage per shot I decided it wasn’t worth the attack roll penalty). Alternatively (or additionally if u want to invest in a second gun) you could use a paddle-foot pistol. You would get half as many shots but you could hit every target in a 20 foot cone. I would like to point out that regardless of the damage output of the build it still only costs 1 first level spell per round and lvl 1 pearls of power are pretty cheap. I don’t think you are likely to find a “Blastier” witch build than this but I could be wrong.

No there is no GENERAL rule that states you may only have one familiar, just as there is no general rule that states you may only have on animal companion. That said the vast majority of class features that grant either will result in features that stack.

To my knowledge there is no general rule that states you may not have more than one familiar however in general most class abilities that grant familiars will stack so you will normally only have one familiar. There are several exceptions to this though. For instance if you have a wizard familiar with the Figment archetype and then take levels in witch your wizard familiar will not stack with your witch levels as the rules for the Figment archetype state that it cannot act as a witches familiar so this will result in 2 non stacking familiars. Another way to get multiple familiars is if you can gain both familiars from the same class as the stacking rules state that levels in DIFFERENT classes stack for the purposes of familiars abilities. If multiple familiars are granted by the same class then you do not possess levels in “different classes” and therefore gain multiple familiars. The easiest example of this is with the Crossblooded Sorcerer archetype. Both the Arcane and Serpent bloodlines grant familiars so you would gain 1 from each bloodline (assuming you select those bloodline powers). These are not the only ways to get multiple familiars. Anytime you have class features granting familiars that are incompatible with each other then the result is multiple non stacking familiars.

Don’t see why u couldn’t do the torturous transformation on yourself. Many people have been forced to do surgery on themselves in emergencies. If u had a monkey tumor familiar it could assist. Might require some fort saves during the procedure. Seems like it’s mostly just injections anyway.

Once u hit level 6 in metamorph ur polymorph ability lasts up to 18 hours a day so basically u can use in in the morning and keep ur form all day until u crash for the night. Parasitic Twin discovery will give you a second head and part of a torso. Tentacle will give u another prehensile “tail”. Then take the wings discovery. Now ur an abomination lol.

They would stack if the Hunter companion taken was on the approved list. Pretty sure there is an FAQ that covers this (although the examples given in the FAQ are Druid companion and Cavalier Mount).

“ The second type of bond allows a paladin to gain the service of an unusually intelligent, strong, and loyal steed to serve her in her crusade against evil. This mount may come from the following list:

Medium Paladins: Camel, Elk, Giraffe, Horse, Seahorse, Giant, Yak, Zebra
Small Paladins: Antelope, Boar, Capybara, Dog, Eohippus, Pony, Ram, Reindeer, Stag, Weasel, Giant, Wolfdog”. Velociraptor is not on the approved list of mounts for paladins. Without GM approval they would not stack and u would gain a second companion that is on the approved list. That is my understanding of the stacking rules but others may not agree.

A 2 level dip in alchemist would let you take the vestigial arm discovery and gain an arm that way. The extra discovery feat would get you the pair without further dipping. Vivisectionist alchemist would trade out the bombs for sneak attack. Maybe a way to go?

Dire animals are also available. Are you sure you wouldn’t like a cute and cuddly Dire Rat?

Mammoth Spirit Shaman True Spirit Megafauna Companion combines your spirit familiar with an animal companion (at level 16 unfortunately).

I have seen multiple posts stating that the Havocker is a trash archetype. I can’t say that is a good archetype but I took a little time to see if I couldn’t come up with a build that was at least viable. Here’s what I came up with (all witch levels no dips cuz I was interested in a pure build)(Codename Sparky. Pure blaster). Just a rough build but here goes. Race: Samsaran with the Mystic Past Life Alt Racial trait (choosing Shocking Grasp, and Fireball as spells necessary to the build, any others optional) Stats at lvl 1 INT 18 with secondary focus on DEX and CON dumping WIS and CHA). Traits Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp), Wayang Spellhunter(Shocking Grasp), take optional drawback to get extra trait(chose any), Rich Parents (starting wealth 900 gp at lvl 1). Starting equipment masterwork Air Repeater (I chose this for several reasons: cheap, reliable, quiet, works underwater, and it WONT BLOW UP - successive misfires only destroy any loaded ammunition). Feats(in this order) Firearms proficiency, Arcane strike, spell cartridges, infused spell cartridges, intensified metamagic, empowered metamagic, maximized metamagic, point blank shot, precise shot, Deadly Aim (feats 1-4 are necessary for the build to function, the metamagic feats are necessary to keep damage competitive, the last 3 are preference-spell penetration feats and/or elemental spell metamagic could work well too). Elemental focus Air with electric blast I felt is the best choice. Infusions Energize Weapon at 4th is the only one necessary the rest are probably a waste of spells to use. Familiar: monkey familiar with the Emissary archetype so it can use wands to buff and cast Guidance on you at will. Necessary Spells: shocking grasp, fireball, and mending(to clear misfires). Recommended Alternate Capstone (not sure if this is legit though): Unbridled Power. Necessary weapon enchantment: Conductive at 5th level. Recommended equipment Kineticist’s Diadem Normal-Greater (not sure if this is legit either), a bag full of Pearls of Power (mostly lvl 1 to fuel infusion and infused spell cartridges as well as a few 2nd and 3rd. I think that’s most of the particulars. I’ve done some rough calculations but I think this build, by combining weapon damage, energize weapon, infused spell cartridges, and conductive applied kinetic blasts, can deal nearly competitive damage to a standard energy-only kineticist on single targets thru most levels (assuming the kineticist isn’t going full nova and using burn like candy to boost damage). While metamagic boosted fireballs aren’t as powerful as some of the AoE infusion blasts I think they are still a reasonably adequate stand-in. For this build I would fill spell levels 1-3 with metamagic boosted Shocking Grasp and levels 4+ with boosted fireballs. I welcome any suggestions on how to improve this build and apologize for the length of this post.

Another potential way to get what u want on a wizard is to take the Exotic Heritage feat which lets u take the Sylvan Bloodline with Eldritch Heritage feat. You would still need Boon Companion to get to u up to Lvl -1 progression (which is the best you will get without something like the Horsemaster feat). Some people don’t think this is legit because the archetype also trades out ur Bloodline Arcana for ur pet but it is still ur 1st level bloodline power which is all eldritch heritage grants so check with ur GM on that one. If your GM is cool maybe ask him if u could take the Sylvan Bloodline with VMC sorcerer that’s another potential way to get a pet maybe.

No matter which way u go to get a pet I would recommend getting the Totem Beast feat to get one of the Hunter animal aspects permanently on ur pet.

VMC oracle can grant a small number of spells to your list thru the Curse feature depending on the curse selected. Gonna eat up a huge amount of feats for a few spells. Choosing Nature mystery Bonded mount can also get u a companion tho so that balances out but you would need to be small size to get anything useful like a wolf. However since ur mystery thru VMC is always lvl -6(min 1) even with boon companion u won’t progress ur mount past lvl -2 which sucks. But the mount has INT 6 so ur mount will have lots of tricks known. If ur GM is cool they may let u take Lunar mystery which isn’t normally available thru VMC. Lunar has a companion mystery with a better selection of pets including Large Cat which is generally considered to be the best.

Yeah taking animal ally is definitely not optimal for a wizard. You’d be better off going with a mauler familiar probably. That said if u are set in Animal Ally I would suggest taking the Curious Companion feat (retrain ur 1st lvl feat to get it at 7th lvl). It gives u access to plant and vermin companions in addition to the small list available to Animal Ally (ur GM should probably approve this tho). The Sapling Treant and Crawling Vine plant companions are pretty good (the stats for both are found under the Treesinger Druid archetype but I don’t think they are prohibited for other characters capable of taking plant companions). The Giant Mantis and Giant Solifugid(which gets pounce and rend at lvl 4) are good vermin options. You would probably want to take the unexpected intellectual archetype for the vermin options so they gain an INT score so the can take feats and skills.

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Just going to point out here that nowhere within the text of the tumor familiar discovery does it ever state what the tumor familiar is actually composed of only that the Alchemist creates the tumor on their body. It could be composed of anything that the body can produce. Bone, teeth, hair, kidney stone, calcium deposit, are all technically possible. It’s not impossible that the body could produce a tumor with a rocky appearance at all. That said the discovery only mentions the animal type in its text so I think for PFS anything other than animal is a no-go but I think it’s pretty reasonable for a home game. It’s kinda moot anyway since an alchemist with tumor familiar could take a 1 level dip in Clocksmith Wizard and make any tumor familiar into a construct anyway.

You may also want to consider the adopted trait and taking the Half-orc trait Tusked. Gives you a bite attack for the cost of a trait and allows you to threaten adjacent squares while wielding a reach weapon. Also works with armor spikes to give u an extra attack at -5 on a full attack. If u can spare a feat Lunge is also good to increase your reach by 5 feet. If u can’t spare a feat then consider taking a weapon (or amulet of mighty fists if u have improved unarmed strike or a natural attack) with the Training enchantment to take Lunge or any other combat feat u may be lacking. Helm of the Mammoth Lord is another fairly easy way to gain a natural gore attack if u aren’t interested in giving up a trait for Tusked. It also works with Tusked if u are interested in having 2 natural attacks as well.

“Casting” the spell is irrelevant in this case as Greater Bloodrage clearly states that you apply the EFFECTS of the spell regardless of whether or not the spell is actually cast. The fact the spell isn’t actually cast only matters for effects or abilities that trigger when a spell is “cast” such as a Magus’ Spellstrike ability. So unless Derklord is suggesting that Bladed Dash doesn’t produce any useable “effects” that can be applied then it should still work as written with Greater Bloodrage.

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From Greater Bloodrage “In addition, upon entering a bloodrage, the bloodrager can APPLY THE EFFECTS of a bloodrager spell he knows of 2nd level or lower to himself.” From Bladed Dash “When you cast this spell, you immediately move up to 30 feet in a straight line any direction, momentarily leaving a multi-hued cascade of images behind you.” Derklord are you suggesting that immediately moving 30’ in a straight line (or any other effects of the spell) is not an effect of the Bladed Dash spell? I know Paizo hasn’t got an exact definition of an effect but I think most GMs would read the text of the spell as an effect here.

The Gray Paladin archetype also loosens alignment restrictions somewhat and doesn’t count as an Ex-Paladin archetype. The fact that the Gray Paladin is kinda lame is beside the point. If the GM is willing to let the character to choose a deity within one step of the character’s alignment then a Gray Paladin could be Paladin of Desna.

I think what u may want is the Racial Heritage Feat and choosing Dhampir as the race u count as. Then you could take any race that counts as human (human, half-elf, half-orc, aasimar with the alternate racial trait that lets them count as human, etc). That will get u better stat block for a martial character than u would with Dhampir. As a half-orc there are 3 ways that get a bite attack: feat, alternate racial trait, and race trait, so that may be one way to go. With Racial Heritage you would count as Dhampir for all the blood drinking feats. This is the way I would go if I wanted to make a more vampire themed character without talking Dhampir as a race.

While not necessarily the most powerful or optimized I think combining the Soulbound and Twinned archetypes is thematically interesting. The combination allows for the eidolon to do some limited spellcasting and if you build toward the Psychic Magic evolutions available only to aberrant subtype you can make an interesting pseudo caster eidolon.

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If you don’t mind a -2 penalty to Int/Wis checks and concentration checks VMC Oracle with the Shattered Psyche curse will give you +4 to all mind affecting at lvl 1 plus immunity to charm/compulsion at lvl 11 and immunity to all mind affecting at 20. If you choose half-orc as a race then Sacred Tattoo alternate racial trait plus Fate’s Favored trait will give you a +2 luck bonus to all saves. Indomitable Will as a second trait will get you another +1 to will.

The text of the Traveller’s Any-tool clearly states that it can “duplicate” any tool. A duplicate is an exact copy of something else. Therefore when it has been made to form a sledge it should have identical statistics. As for the Any-tool only weighing 2lbs in its unformed state and not the 10lbs that a sledge weighs this is immaterial. The any-tool is a magical item and therefore breaks the normal laws of physics. A Campfire Bead has negligible weight but turns into a 2ft tall pile of burning logs. It’s MAGIC! I don’t see any problem with the Traveller’s Any-tool turning into a sledge or doing the same improvised weapon damage of a sledge.

Unless I run it as an NPC……,.hmmmm.

Lolz I’m done now I think. If I ever decide to do a build like this it would definitely need GM approval anyway. Fun to think about tho.

Now what about the Concentrated Splash Feat. It forgoes splash damage for 1.5x damage. I would still rule that the attacker takes splash damage regardless. It’s practically going off in your hand as it is. Just too cheesy to let you avoid hurting yourself and do bonus damage at the same time.

Aasamar have multiple resistances I believe.Tiefling too. Has some potential.

I kinda thought this might be an interesting tactic to use with an Underground Chemist Rogue. If you were flanking you could do sneak damage as well. Would definitely need some elemental resistance to make it viable.

If you were an alchemist would you add INT to the damage? The Alchemist Throw Anything ability only states that you add your INT to damage with alchemical splash weapons. It does not specify THROWN alchemical splash weapons (of course INT would be added to the splash damage that you as the attacker would take - not a particularly good idea I admit). If you’ve got some elemental resistance to the attack it might be worth it tho.

Seems fairly reasonable. I’m assuming that the attack would not provoke as it is a melee attack. Also assuming you have catch off-guard or a similar ability would you be considered armed and therefore able to make AoOs with such a tactic? Also assuming you have the weapon in hand.

A little off topic but topic adjacent I’ve always been curious about what would happen if you used an alchemical splash weapon as an improvised melee weapon (the old beer bottle over the head kinda deal except the bottle is filled with acid). I’ve never actually seen that done in a game and just kinda curious of what RAW/RAI might be in play (probably not a lot it’s kind of an oddball thing to do). If it were to come up at my table I would have the attack (if successful) deal damage equivalent to a basic unnamed strike(1d3 for medium sized attacker) plus the full damage of the splash weapon added after. Resolve the attack on regular AC not touch since you’re actually trying to do damage with the flask itself not the contents, and the attacker takes splash damage from the attack. Just kinda curious what other people think feel free to just throw in an opinion.

Could u cast Masterwork Transformation on it to make it a masterwork flask? Assuming you are of the camp that consideres it a weapon.

I think an Aasamar Humunculist Alchemist with the Wasp Familiar feat and Celestial Companion feat on a Mauler familiar is pretty tough. Take a dip in Spirit-Binder Wizard for full BAB and a feat and a dip in Beast-Bonded Witch for Verdant Familiar hex to get plant traits and the ability to transfer feats is good with this. Take the Tumor familiar and Mutagen discoveries so it can benefit from mutagens and extracts for good buffs (make sure to take the greater and grand mutagen discoveries as well). Then dump as many feats and discoveries into Evolved Familiar as you can to upgrade your familiar. You can take 2 pairs of arms and the claws evolution 3 times for 6 claw attacks for example. Pretty tough I think.

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If you’re looking for a strong martial class with a good will save you may want to consider Panoply Savant Occultist. The Trappings of the Warrior panoply is pretty good. It turns Occultist into a full BAB class as well as giving you an ability that is pretty much Martial Flexibility from the Brawler class and one of the powers available is essentially the Riposte portion of the Opportune Parry and Riposte Swashbuckler deed. The panoply requires the abjuration and transmutation implement schools which are both also pretty good. Abjuration gives you what amounts to a free Cloak of Resistance that scales with level and if u choose the Aegis power it is basically the Sacred Armor ability from warpriest. Transmutation gives u an enhancement bonus to the physical stat of your choice (since u will get bonuses to strength and con from your armor that just leaves dex but that will shore up the classes weak reflex save) and the Legacy Weapon power is essentially the enhancement portion of the Warpriest Sacred Weapon ability. Plenty of other good powers on both of those implements and on the other implements you can also take as well. Then there’s the spells you get that u can use to buff yourself or whatever. Seems like a pretty solid choice to me.

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I think one thing to note about the Lighting Gun is that, despite the name it isn’t actually a weapon. It is a slotless wondrous item which means that feats and abilities that apply specifically to weapons will not apply to it.

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If u do chose to go kineticist I would suggest the Energize Weapon infusion which would allow you to add additional energy damage to both barrels of a double barrel firearm. You can still use the Conductive weapon enchantment with this allowing you to essentially make 2 kinetic blasts with one attack.

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Somewhere down the road if u have a fair bit of cash to spare you might want to consider buying/crafting a small or tiny construct with the Construct Limb modification. Allows you to “wear” a construct on your arm and use its natural attacks and special abilities as your own. Pretty expensive as just the modification is 27k on top of the construct price. Acts as a heavy steel shield when worn as well. Another thing you might want to consider is replacing your limbs with Clockwork Prosthesis. Being a cyborg would fit in with your build perhaps. If this is to your liking you could consider taking levels in Constructed Pugilist Brawler archetype.

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On that note if you get enlarge person permanently cast on you as a large creature you could carry and wield a cannon as a 2 handed firearm I believe.

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Since a medium sized double hackbut can be fired by a large sized creature without the carriage without the -4 penalty or the risk of being knocked prone then perhaps the GM might allow you to use a small sized double hackbut in the same manner. Would still have the -2 penalty for inappropriately sized weapon but Irongrip Gauntlets can eliminate this penalty.

Tengu natural weapon fighter builds are fun and can deal decent damage at lower levels but can fall behind later on. If u go that route you’ll need to find a way to either add more natural attacks (like with the alchemist tentacle discovery) or hit harder. You can get more attacks by combining your natural attacks with unarmed strikes made with the legs. Going two weapon fighting with kicks and adding your nat attacks as secondary is a decent way to keep up. Ways to hit harder for example warpriest sacred weapon scales up with level and can apply to any natural attack u have weapon focus in. Elementalist Shifter adds a bunch of elemental damage to your melee attacks so that’s another way to hit harder. Power attack for sure boosts their punch too, or piranha strike feat if u go finesse build. There’s quite a few ways to stack some extra damage on natural attacks so it’s not too difficult to keep competitive with manufactured weapon builds.

Tengus can also make pretty effective Hunters. There are a lot of builds/archetypes for hunters so you can usually find something to your liking. If u don’t want a pet there are at least 2 that don’t. The Feral Hunter has a lot of utility with the animal focus on yourself. Also wild shape is cool and the ability to summon natures ally for minutes per level is nice. Tho they are a spell caster u can just not put much into wisdom and ignore it for the most part. Planar focus feat also adds a lot of cool stuff to your animal focus ability too like adding fire damage to all your melee attacks.

The same full attack that would allow you to throw 8 bombs in a round would also allow u to throw 8 hybridized splash weapons for a minimum of 16 times INT damage. Not too shabby.

One thing that’s good about mundane splash weapons is that there is no reflex save for half damage which means that if ur in the splash zone you take guaranteed damage. Evasion does nothing to prevent it. Also there are so many types of splash weapons if your target does have a resistance it’s fairly easy to find another that will work. A stingchuck for example does straight physical damage not energy. I’m not saying mundane splash weapons are better or anything just a backup option if ur really into a mad bomber kinda style. Another option if u don’t care about extracts is to go all underground chemist rogue with the bomber talent and go VMC alchemist to get more bombs. U can even take bomb discoveries as rogue talents. And u can do sneak attack damage with ur bombs if u can catch them flat footed. Not necessarily a better build just a different one.

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