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Java Man wrote:
5e? What's that?

That should be 1e

I must of miss typed it

What do I need to take for my character to be able to get Dex to His CMB in place of Strength.

The weaponn in question is Shang gou or Hook Swords
The Maneuver is the Disarming combat maneuver

Would taking weapon Finesse be enough for it or Dose it require something else?

I found that Hook Swords are a thing in 5e, named Shang Gou .

Id like to build a martial who uses them effectively to Disarm his foes and Either get in Sneak Attack or AoOs .

I am thinking either

A Brawler if I can Brawler Flurry with them and use unarmed strikes via kicks
B Fighter just do to the number of feats
C Slayer due being able to get Two weapon Fighting feats easily and sneak attack
D Unchained monk

Claxon wrote:

So I firstly want to say that Pathfinder doesn't do much in the way of representing "techniques" of any fighting style.

At best you might have a specific archetype that gives you some specific abilities that might hit that flavor. But largely being a master of melee combat is just about doing the most damage, doing it before your enemy, and being able to do it basically all the time.

I don't see sneak attack as that kind of thing, mostly because of how conditional it can be.

Also, OP I'm curious about your wording about "being a threat to all but the most seasoned males"...that's some very odd wording. Why wouldn't you simply say you envision your character as being a threat to any but the most seasoned warriors? Because it Pathfinder fantasy land, there are plenty of badass women warriors.

And to further address your post, again Pathfinder doesn't really have "grace and style with technique" over strength and power. Unless you just mean you want to be a dex based fighter over a strength based fighter. But there's very little in the rules that cover "style" or "technique". It's very abstract. Swashbuckler probably comes the closest though.

Oh I didn't realize I put Male I think I meant melee ( Think I spelled it wrong in my opening post at the time ) but my tablet tried to help

and put Male xD .

But I'll have to mull over the replies I got x,x

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@ Temperans

I guess I mean in actual flexibility and technique with His sword
Like I know if it came down to it I could go POW but would lie to avoid that as my group uses that a lot

I mean I'd woukd like to keep away from being a caster, I like to be able to use Manuvers , truth be told if I could I'd use Hook Swords and go Disarming build

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So what would be a good build for a leaf and Thorn Blade Elf ?
Or more so a class for it. I know a fighter be easy cause of the feats
But I'm just not feeling Fighter for a class for this

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Looking play a Elfish character who is a young war veteran and aims to improve his Skills to Near Divine Status. He Barely survived the war and dose not want to feel weak or be in a position where his lack of skill or battle ability put others at risk.

He wants to be able to face any Non_Magical foe with no fear and even be a threat to all but the most seasoned males.

I'm looking to Build a Dex Based Swords man .
I am however unsure of a few things

Should I focus on Two handing with a Elven curve blade or would using a elven thorn and leaf blade be doable.

Should I try for a powder attack or sneak attack build .

I like some actual SwordsmanShip and not just wak the enemies with my sword.

I would prefer grace & style with technique over brute strength and power

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@ DungeonmasterCal
Ya He is going to be good. Just not sure if lawful or chaotic

@Trokarr vigilante could be a chance to test my role-play Skills

@ Dragonchess Player: ya I could see that. I'll type it out and see how it looks

@ Matthew Morris: I want to Tso weapon fight with Shield and Axe but also want to trigger stuff like Shatter Defense. I'd go Ranger combat style at level 2 and so on what one would be a better choice ?

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Ok Porbally going with The slayer Build Ryze suggested

I know no Build is perfect and I really have my heart set on Thunder and Fang and playing a Intimdation Build sounds cool

Is there any Statgies or tips I can get for combat ?
I'm sure it's pretty obvious but u want to make sure I'm not Over looking any thing

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@ Ryze Kuja

I see your point about being a one Trick pony

Could I get Advice on A Half Elf Switch Hitter slayer?

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Ok still looking at going Slayer.
Any recommend races for this. Like something that can benefit the build but may not be most people's first choice.

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Been really wanting to play a Weapon and Shield user and I know I recently made a post about doing A Viking (Fighter) but I've realized two of my past 3 characters have been fighters and then I though slayer might work.

My feat list is based on if I'm Human But I'd like to see if playing a non-Human woukd be doable

LV1: WF Earth Breaker
LV1: WF Klarc
LV2: TWF / Slayer Talent
LV3: Thunder and Fang
Lv4: Slayer Talent / Combat Trick =???
LV5 ???
LV6 Shield Master
LV7 ???

Need to fill in the gap in my feat list
I'd also like to try and Play non Human Race but not sure what one

DeathlessOne wrote:

Oh, the fun I have had with this particular archetype. I mostly built my Viking out of a Halfling with Cautious Fighter and used an Earthbreaker and Klar but there have been some tasty releases since I dusted off that character build.

If you are already going to take Shield Focus as a feat, consider Upsetting Shield Style and Unhindering Shield. If you were inclined to do so, you could dip a level or two of monk (as Viking does not preclude a lawful alignment), and still use that buckler for its Shield AC, all the while bashing people with it.

Could I ask for a sample feat list ?

Ok so I just found the Viking Archetype for Fighter and I like it

Problem is I can see my character being Either a Half Orc or Dwarf
And going either toward and intimidation style build mostly cause of the (Fearsome) feature or a sword and Board style with a strong good 1 handed Axe war-Axe or battle Axe and a shield (Doing Shield Bashes and stuff

So what would work better for a feat set up

1: WF - Battle-axe / War-Axe
1: Shield focus
2: Dazzling display
3: intimating Prowess
4: Weapon spec
5: Hurtful
6 Shatter Defense
7 ??? Not sure

Or sword (Axe) and Board
1 WF Battle-axe / War-Axe
1 Shield focus
2 Improved Shield Bash
3 power Attack
4 Stumbling Bash
6 Shield Slam
7 Weapon Spec

@ Mysterious Stranger


What other slayers talents should I consider?

I've been itching to play a Strong and Agile Warrior who efficiently and effectively wields a pair of Axes. I had originally wanted to wield a pair of Battle Axes but soon realized it be like wielding a pair of longswords and that it be easier to wield a pair of hand Axes as they are basically what short- Swords or to long Swords but for Axes and still invoke the image I want for my character.

I am Stuck between Choosing Slayer or Brawler

I want some out of combat utility but I also want incombat utility such as Disarm and sunder and maybe even the ability to Trip. Damage is important but not to point of giving up all utility

Race can be any though I'd like to avoid that if doable , just Been getting a little bland playing human after human ?

I see my charactercas strong and fit but very Agile as well
For mental stats I see if as being mostly average with a bit of wisdom from being seasoned Warrior. I view him as being middle age he's not a newcomer to the ways of combat

I understand Dragons are very powerful and have well earn there reputation

I'd like to see what my classes options are.

I've recently retired a human fighter (used Archery) but for about 3 missions felt uses cause I could not hit the targets there Ac was stupid high (48+) and one was cause the dragon created a blizzard

I`D like to pay a Anti-Dragon swordsmen / Knight

I think there is a paladin for this.
If there is. What feats would be recommend?

Well I suppose I should say the main enemies are a Group of Dragons and 5herr are various Dragon like enemy as well as Demon's
But those are the main baddies

Last time I was there we encountered a green Dragon and I could not Hit with a total roll of 49 .....
Was playing a Human Fighter that specialized in Archery

Truth be told I am not sure if the Dragon Ac was stupid High or we where just not suppose to fight him so GM plot armor for the Dragon but still I like to state the main enemies my group will face

Truth be told my main Trick Will to try to confused said powerful enemies to act like a stun on them so are main melee has a turn or 2 to hopefully wail on them

I have wealth of a 10th level character and am planning to buy a Heavy Cross bow with uo to +3 Bonus

I know just going the +3 can be good but was wondering if there is any note worthy + 1 or 2 Enchantment I could pick.

Are main enemies are Dragons and Demon's
I know I could go holy but am not really feeling it

Ok what are some must have feats and Discoveries for a mad bomber
I like to know what are needed to make it work and what levels to take them.

Say up to level 12 ?

Any suggestions on what extracts I should start the game knowing?

I'll take infusion by level 7 want to get at least 1 or 2 more types of Bomb .

Just have Regular Bombs (yes gave up and went to generic Alchemsit )

Took Precise Bombs at level 2

My feats are 1 PBS 3 Precise Shot

I am a Teifling if I did not mention that

STATS are what they are I can not switch them

15 INT / Race +2 = 17
14 Con
13 Dex / Race +2 = 15
12 WIS
10 STR
8 CHA / Race -2 Lmao = 6

Need Advice on my first 3 Feats and first two Discoveries

I known Feral Mutagen is a good one so likely my First choice for For my Discoveries but I am unsure of my 4Th level Discovery when I get there n

And not sure what feats I should use / Take

3 Current level

I am going to build a Invunerable Rager and flavor it around The Nemean lion

I of course want to be a race that is either A lion person or re-flavor to be lion like

I could also use advice on My nartual attack
As I would like to Eventually Rend with my Claws

I know Beast Totem (Greater Beast Totem) will be patircuarlly good cause of Pounce

I am starting a level 3 but could I get advice on my first 10 levels?

I have a level 3 Barbarian I'll be playing and I am unsure of what feats and rage powers I should take for the first 5 levels (planning too levels Ahead)

I am only starting with 12 STR so i sadly Don't quallfy for power Attack, My normal go to for Barbarians

Any Advice on my first 3 feats

Also Iam torn between Reckless Abandon and Superstitious what would be better

I have 19 Ac and 1 DR with resistance 5 Fire cold and electric

But not sure if I'll need more to hit, I can boost my STR to 18.

Planning on a Great Axe for a weapon .

Planning on playing a 3rd party class that comes with the feature Jotungrip and I'd like some input on what weapon I should wield and how I plan this Character out.

The class is Oni. From Of Stranger Bonds

I get a lot Barbarian Features

I know a club /spiked club is classic oni but I want too get some fun ideas

Sadly my strength is a Fearsome 12 so I don't even get to take power Attack yet

But any interesting idea for a weapon I can use with Jotungrip? Pazio and 3pp allowed

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In this game we are playing Are selfs. Or as close to as possible as if we been transported to a fantasy world.

Well we are meeting this Saturday to discuss are stats.

I do know we are using this spread


Being now or us are very strong we mostly don't think any of us would be a full martial
except maybe me and only cause I have a temper that might make a very sad excuse for a Barbarian

But with those stats would would be possible
I know it's vague but I want to get and idea for what I could possibly pull off with "my" stats

Can some one explain to me what I'd get out off Look out on a inqusitor I'm building
I want to know if it be worth taking

Archery build BTW

I'd like Advice on my rage powers and my Feate

I know power Attack Should be one I Grab ASAP but I'm not sure my other feats or my rage powers

I tend to be a walking Juggernaut style character who swings around an earth breaker

Has to be human cause where suppose to be playing are selfs

I'm locked in To playing a Barbarian and want to play a person who breaks down doors , sunder stuff, be very Destructive.

I was wondering what my options where

For feats , archetype and rage powers

Planning on using an earth breaker as my weapon

I'm locked in To playing a Barbarian and want to play a person who breaks down does, sunder stuff, be very Destructive.

I was wondering what my options where

For feats , archetype and rage powers

Planning on using an earth breaker as my weapon

@ Ryze Kuja

Actually you offered to show me a dex version of the brawler . Mind doing so please?

@ MrCharisma oh ok. I get ya . Ya I am a fan of polearms

@ VoodistMonk ah I see what you did there .I never heard off Incredible Heft is it a feat ? I guess I can look it up

@ Kurald Galain OK I can see that being cool.

@ Ryze Kuja sorry just asking questions so I
Your Brawler Dirty Trickster looks good . But what do i do for those immune to Trip
Do I just debuff with Dirty Trick ?

@ MrCharisma

Looks good

I would probably start at level 5 like I do in most games
But seems cool

But how do I charge in full plate and strike 75 feet

I assume 30 feet move Charge is is 60 so reach weapon is and extra 5 feet so lunge 70 sorry I'm bad at math v,v

Actually could you give me an example of a Unchained Monk using a Fauchard

I like the idea of using Aoo and cleave and being able to use Stunning Fist via Asetic style

@ DeathlessOne, ya it loos cool seems Defensive but really strong
The VMC cavalier on That type Brawler seem really cool.
I want to play more of a support roll next time I play instead of being the main DPS , but don't want to be a face cause I suck at those.

@ VoodistMonK

Rangers are cool but I have fallen more for slayers since converting from 3.5 to pathfinder 1e

Barbarian are fun but I woukd like to contribute if only a little out of combat. Either scouting or something.

@ Mark Hoover 330
Oh I get ya, I understand the cons of powergaming . I just want a decent built character who can fill the roll I want .

@ Ryze Kuja

Those do look cool in my mind p. How would you do a Great Axe / half Great Hammer?

Also that dirty trick brawler looks seems cool
I just imagine some getting knocked prone and getting the bloody crap stomped out of them

Also Dirty tricks have always seem nifty. Being able to debuff as a martial seems cool and I am guessing as long asi can reason it with the Gm I can use it on a lot more than I can Trip. Such kicking dirt in eyes are striking a male creatures gooey bits lol

hey woukd there be away to make a dirty fightimg brawler with Alchemical uses like vmc Alxhemsit . I like the idea of using alchemical stuff / use stuff like caltrops in a Grease area o.o

DeathlessOne wrote:
Nosta1300 wrote:
What order did you choose?
Order of the Eastern Star. I specifically focused on being incredibly hard to hit, and hitting like a literal mack-truck so they couldn't ignore me. There is some information in this post about what I focused on, but it is mostly the breakdown of the possible limits of his armor class. I never took it that far.

May I ask what feats you went with ?

The build some instresting to me

DeathlessOne wrote:
Ryze Kuja's suggestion of a Brawler is spot on. It is how I built my 'mundane only' character that rocked the battle map. I went with Exemplar Brawler (for self/party 'buffing') and VMC Cavalier.

What order did you choose?

Not sure class but want a pure Martial no magic out side of his equipment

Two handed or crit fisher would ever yields more Damage over all

Good Initiative and a Bump to speed To close the distance between him and his foes

This can be a Multi class character.

I'd like his saves to be decent (Maybe Half Orc for the tattoo)

Weapon Thinking something I cab two hand or A good crit weapon

Anything Else to make him efficient killer

I want to play a character that uses a polearm effectively and Dose more than just wack his foes with a long sick. Be a proactive Defender type. I'm just not sure what class at mid levels would be best.

Basically I'm trying to figure out if there are any classes who Features from either the main class or an Archtype would complement a polearm user.

Also for class I'd like to stay purely martial

I guess be safe to say I want inundation built I to this build
Any way To get a small fear like Aura

Also the Axe I want to have a beard so I can Either Trip or Disarm a foe

@ VoodistMonk

Hmm maybe that won't work

My problem is I seecthis guy as having some skills so idk if Fighter would be good.

Perhaps the blood rager?

I do like the idea of going Half/Orc though

Lelomenia wrote:

From that sketch, I would have a Tiefling with the Oversized Hands and make him a Hellknight given the jet black full plate. They tend to be pretty intimidating.

Wielding a wooden shield while wearing metal full plate doesn’t match to me tho, like wearing socks and sandals.

Ya I guess a wooden shield with this 8s kinda silly

But I picture a round Shield with a Skull on it mouth shut but can open

Dode oversized hand allow me to wield bigger weapons?

Yep That's about normal starting for my group. Only once did I get to play a level 20 character...Twas Fun lol

For Magic whatever would give me a winter / Storm Theme

More the armor but I'd like 5o at least use some sort of Axe

Are there single Edge Great Axes ?

I'd say he is more of Defender getting Between the threat and the more squishy Parry members

Faceless Enforcer Vigilante looks fun

VoodistMonk wrote:

Celestial Obedience Damerrich will get you a +4 bonus to AC against crit confirmation, and these boons..

1: Dutiful (Sp) shield of faith 3/day, death knell 2/day, or keen edge 1/day
2: Severe Strike (Su) You ignore the first 5 points of creatures’ damage reduction when making melee weapon attacks, regardless of the type and composition of your weapon. For example, a creature with DR 10/silver would be treated as having DR 5/silver against your attacks.
3: Execute (Sp) You can cast power word kill once per day.

Half-Orcs are proficient with the Greataxe, and have a racial +2 to Intimidation.

What level is this character supposed to be?


He'll be Level 5 to start

I kinda wanted a cold theme for an undertone for this character

VoodistMonk wrote:

Well, I only found three deities with the Greataxe as their favored weapon that we not Evil... we have two LG, and one true Nuetral.

A Dwarven god, Angradd, is all about fire, tradition, and war.

Damerrich, an Empyreal Lord, is all about executions, judiciousness, and responsibility.

Then there's a Psychopomp Usher, Narakass, that is all about atonement, difficult choices, and pain.

Do any of these particular areas of concern fit your character?

Damerrich seems like a good fit. I want him to have a task to Carry out that is passed down from Mentor to Student

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
My immediate thoughts would be that the character be Human (I'm very partial to Humans. It's probably a failing on my part) and use either the Fighter or Paladin class. I'd also suggest going through the lists of archetypes for each to further flesh out the character. There are a LOT of them, but I think it will be worth your time to dive into them.

Any way To Wield Either A war Axe / Great Axe in one hand or A large one in two?

I might for go thr shield but am not sure .

Also am cosmidering if Fighter if I should grab A VMC Since if I'm a human fighter I'll have plenty of feats....

A Tall Figure, Covered from Head To Toe in jet Black Full Plate , Topped with a Horned Helm
A flowing Dark Azure cape Billows in The wind. In his right hand a Massive single Edge Axe , it's handle Wrapped in a clothe simular to Cloak that Adorns the Figure. On His other Arm A round sturdy Dark Wood Shield

This Breif Description Desribes an Image I've had in mind for a while

Only problem is I don't know It's Race or class

I want him To be Intimating and not on purpose.
He is a good Guy but , He, comes off As Scary Indviual .

The Reason for Wearing the The armor that many find Frighting is cause its been passed down from Mentor to student .

I want him to be good in battle but award in social situation as he naturally comes off as intimidating . But he is sincerely good hearted, and fights for the people, , even if they run when he comes to town

I need Race and class suggestions, well as idea to give him more personality

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nd I love Arcs Character
And would very much like to play something Akin to him. I don't think I can get spot on but would like To Try To get close

For those who don't know but want a quick run Down

Arc is A lit Skeleton who is like a cross between a paladin and A arcane caster .

Well not sure if any Race can make me a boney hero . Something that tends to me more feared so I can Roleplay the don't judge a Book by its cover trope / Try to keep my identity a secret as much as possible.

I like to play A race thatill make me seem big (Abit big for a medium creature) further make me look threatening, though I tend to be a good fella

Class any that can give me stuff like break Curse and other simular spells but give me some Arcane spells mostly blasting spells

Also needs to be pretty proficient in Using a great sword

I would like to map out the first 8 levels to see what can done

Lastly needs to be good .....really would love to be Chatoic good

Boomerang Nebula wrote:

I think a dwarf barbarian combination is great from a mechanical perspective regardless whether you go core or unchained.

What is really interesting to me is the combination from a role playing perspective. To what degree does the age and wisdom of a dwarf temper the typical recklessness desire to smash things of a barbarian? Perhaps the dwarf is rather chill, until the tavern runs out of ale…

Well for flavor maybe I Could play one of Drinking Related Arxherype

I did have an idea of a Dwarf in search of a Legendary Ale

I have no up coming games but want some character ideas fleshed out for when I do.

I Have been eyeing the idea of playing Dwarf Barbarian

And I was wondering if I should go Unchained

And what if any Archtype would be worth it.

I am not to good at telling if an archetype is strong or not

I need help choosing what items my level 11 Arcanist would have

I'll have wealth as a level 11 character

I'm basically using my spells for Utility and exploits like ice missle for offense

I never really played a pure caster so idk what they need 9r what items or out there for me

I guess Stat Boosting Item
Like a +4 Head band of INT / Cha could be nice (40k)
Maybe a back up Magic missle Wand
Any other items?

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