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For those who don’t know me, I’m a soon-to-be-published author who has been playing DnD and Pathfinder for over 20 years now, and writing for even longer.

I recently had an idea for a VERY long series of early young adult fantasy novellas within the frame of Pathfinder and DnD. In the books, there will be hundreds of opportunities to introduce unique characters and locales. As a way to thank this amazing community that has given me so much, I want those characters and locations to be your creations.

If you’d like your character to be featured in my series, please tell me a little bit about them (race, class, age, etc), with an emphasis on their personality (how you roleplay them is a good start).

Any race/class/alignment is fair game, even third party or DnD content.

If you’d like a place you’ve created to make the cut, please tell me all about it and what makes it special.

I look forward to meeting your characters!

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Since you have a totally blank profile, with no links to your work or your website, could you please post a link here to the Intellectual Property contract you expect to sign with us for use of characters and settings we've devised?

Certainly you'd want to protect yourself from future copyright claims, so it would be useful to see what the legal document looks like.

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Dancing Wind wrote:

Since you have a totally blank profile, with no links to your work or your website, could you please post a link here to the Intellectual Property contract you expect to sign with us for use of characters and settings we've devised?

Certainly you'd want to protect yourself from future copyright claims, so it would be useful to see what the legal document looks like.

So I honestly hadn’t thought of that before. Man, that’s a buzzkill. You’re absolutely right that I would want to protect myself from that, though I wish I didn’t have to.

This post was supposed to just be a way to say thank you to the amazing players and GMs I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past few years. Hopefully it will still be a good thread.

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I have a couple I might submit. Since I haven't played either of these characters in 30 years I'm going to have to try and dredge up some details.

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Do you only want characters I have actually played in-game? Or will you accept any of the many characters I have theorycrafted?

Do you have anything particular you are in need of... like archers or necromancers or specific classes/weapons/roles?

I have well over 200 characters in various stages of completion... you can use any/all of them without worry. I wouldn't even know who to contact to sue someone or whatever trademark nonsense could possibly come up from you publishing any/all of my characters. I freely post entire characters on these boards for people to steal/use all the time... I do not run enough games or play in enough games to possibly ever use all my characters, so hopefully, at least someone can get some use out of them somewhere.

Anyways, do you have a particular format you want the characters delivered, or should I just start copy'n'pasting characters out of my notes and posting each character as its own reply to this thread?

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Alice Pleasance Littletea is a Halfling with curly blonde hair, usually seen wearing a blue dress... she stands about 3'2" tall, and weighs about 32 pounds. She is loving and gentle, courteous to all, and wildly curious. Think of Alice, from Alice in Wonderland... her name is literally a play off of Alice Pleasance Liddell, whom Alice is supposedly based on.

Anyways, she is a relatively high level Bard that is variant multiclassed with Monk. Her main trick requires at least 13 levels to pull off, and 17 levels would allow her to finish off the Shikigami feat chain... just depends what level you need her to be within your story, I suppose. Her aforementioned main trick is combining the Tea of Transference alchemical item with the Ki Channel feat to essentially have infinite bardic performance, channel energy, or spell slots of at least 2 levels lower than the highest-level spell she can cast... which she uses to scribe scrolls.

As an Arcane Healer-Geisha-Sound Striker Bard VMC Monk, she has Channel Energy and a Ki Pool, which allows her to take the Ki Channel feat. Geishas share the same armor restrictions as Monks, so she doesn't miss out on anything by combining Geisha with VMC Monk. Geishas are also all about their Tea Ceremony, which I find most fitting with Alice frequently using the Tea of Transference. Sound Striker is there simply because it stacks with the other archetypes and adds a little offensive capability to back up her improvised weapons/unarmed strikes.

Alice worships Irori, and wears the complete set of Bodywraps of Mighty Strikes, Monk's Robes, and the Necklace of Ki Serenity... the robe is worn open over her blue dress, and the body wraps are beneath the dress, only visible on her arms and legs. Halflings have an alternative racial feature, called Resourceful, that makes for easy entry into Shikigami Style, which I feel goes well with the Monk stuffs.

But she IS a Bard, and does mostly do Bard stuff. Even though she has all the Tea Ceremony stuff, she can still use her performances normally. If you want a level-by-level breakdown, just let me know... as I'm not sure how detailed you need these to be.

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Here's a character that I've been playing an a ATLA style campaign.

Ignus Sparkblade is an Ifrit Immolator Inquisitor, a blessed human descended from the goddess, Summer. He has deeply tanned skin, hair that shifts from bright yellow to deep orange seemingly at random, and sun gold eyes. When spending time in town, he prefers to wear short pants, sandals, and sleeveless shirts, sometimes forgoing the shirt entirely. However, when in the field of duty, he is never without his trusty leathers or well used scimitar.

As a youth, Ignus was well known for being opinionated and having a temper. He would frequently get into heated arguments with his peers and ignore authority when he felt that he was in the right. As he got older, he naturally toward service in the Church of Summer, one of the four gods that governed the natural seasons.

For several years, Ignus served the temple in his hometown of Oakwood and learned how to channel his fiery temperament into a burning weapon of justice. When bandits came to pillage the town, Ignus joined the guardsman and repelled the criminals with his flaming blade. He was quickly becoming a pillar of the community, but he could not stay there forever.

When the snow began to fall in the brutal heat of July, Ignus and the other church members consulted Summer's Shrine. A communal vision took them and showed the goddess Winter attempting to usurp control of the natural order from the others. Taking up the mantle of church champion, Ignus ventured from his familiar sanctuary to seek help and defeat the rogue deity.

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Beerfiend is an extremely cocky CN Half Orc mercenary echo knight, who is actually a Dhampir.
He is noted for his immense degrees of booze consumption, while being quite unaffected by it, and claims that he received his echo on account on having consumed so much booze that reality now sees him double.
His echo is somewhat androgynous, acts more like a mischevious Eidolon in terms of constantly trying to prank or one up him, and is a fair bit more attractive to the Ladies, which is an endless source of intra party amusement.

Beerfiend is in the running for "highest number of drained levels per year" across the multiverse because he seriously has a thing for Succubi, in part because they actually ignore his un-level-drainable echo. For some reason, Succubi seem to be uninterested in actually killing him, perhaps his insane antics and shenanigans find their approval?

He died once, and got ressurrected by getting kicked through the walls of Valhalla on account of rolling a 1 on his Diplomacy check for flirting with a Valkyrie.

He has several armors, one of which is pitch black and adorned in Crimson Abyssal runes, but said runes are actually just a commercial for the "Inn and Out" Alyushinnyrran Brothel/Inn/Parking lot/Shopping Mall/Weapon smuggling chain.

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Do you also want "bad guys"? I have some characters that are specifically meant to be antagonists...

Like Jadis:
She'd like us to believe it, and it's on that that she bases her claim to be Queen. But she's no Daughter of Eve. She comes of your father Adam's ... first wife, her they called Lilith. And she was one of the Jinn. That's what she comes from on one side. And on the other she comes of the giants. No, no, there isn't a drop of real Human blood in the Witch. (from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe... I believe it is Mr. Beaver that says it).

Anyways, she is an extraordinarily beautiful, tall and imposing woman, Jadis is seven feet tall and her skin is as white as paper. A natural-born Witch and a cunning strategist, Jadis is arrogant and cruel, considering herself above all rules and viewing others as tools to be used or obstacles to be demolished. (that is another quote from somewhere, describing the Winter Witch in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe).

MY take on Jadis is a Winter Hag with class levels... ten levels in the Winter Witch archetype of the Witch class, and ten levels in the Winter Witch prestige class... she is a Winter Hag that is a Winter Witch/Winter Witch... the ultimate White Witch. She is a monster. Literally.

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Poskakushka, the hopping, fire-girl.

She has flowing, fiery red hair that sparkles with burning embers and her pale green skin is scarred by twisted streaks of charred wood. Her eyes are completely gloss black, and always relfect dancing flames regardless of what Poskakushka may be looking at. She has a set of large, yet delicate, butterfly wings sprouting from her back, the edges appear as burning paper with tiny burning pieces floating away, but the wings never diminish in size. She is always in motion, dancing like a living forest fire. Poskakushka is a little under four feet tall, and weighs about 35lbs.

Poskakushka is a Treeborn Gathlain Flame Dancer-Flamesinger Bard. I have her variant multiclassed with Sorcerer for the Groveborn/Verdant Bloodline, because I wanted Lush Summoning on her... but it's not necessary. She flies around with an Eversmoking Bottle, singing the Song of Fiery Gaze, and pollutes the battlefield with summons. Her summons are bolstered by Fire Music, Lush Summoning, and Augmented Summons for:
Fire Resist 5, +1 fire damage,
Natural Armor +2, +4 saves vs
Paralysis, Poison, Polymorph, Sleep, and
+4 Strength, +4 Constitution

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Meet Bimble the halfling chaotic creationist sorcerer.

If one were to look up the definition of chaotic, a listed synonym would surely be Bimble. Chaos courses through his very veins thanks to his Protean bloodline. He does not fully understand his powers at his young age of 22, but he does know that creating things from nothing has always come easy to him. Whether opening pits into extraplanar spaces, or just summoning a glob of sticky goo to throw at an enemy, Bimble's creations have a nasty habit of being extra difficult to dismiss or dispel.

Bimble stands 3'2" tall, on the tall side for a halfling and tips the scales at 38 pounds. Hair red like fire, a face full of freckles, golden eyes, and skin that looks like it has never been in the sun.

The young halfling has trouble concentrating on tasks at hand, and often time leaves a wake of unfinished projects in his wake, but he has an insatiable appetite for adventure. Just as long as nothing shiny shows up to take his attention.

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It seems to be all halflings...

Tripp Hazzard, halfling private eye from Bellis, Andoran. He specialises in finding things for people, not asking too many questions about whether said people actually own those things. As a youth, was a message runner with an eye for working out who else might be interested in said messages. Various dubious underworld contacts and enemies.

Neutral, lowish-level unrogue. Minor & Major Magic talents, Bookish Rogue. TWF daggers, crossbow, studded leather. Only unusual magic item is a rune-encrusted iron ball that gives major protection (+4 AC, +4 saves, half damage) from fey and demons and hurts them by touch. It also closes locks (as Arcane Lock CL20).

Strength and Con are his worst stats, Dex his best.

Jinxed on Toildays. Everything really bad that has ever happened to him has happened on a Toilday. Tripp hates Toildays.

Black clothes. Tends to wear boots as it was a fashion thing when he was younger, though they slow him down (mostly because he stole them so they don't fit properly).

When at home, lives with his younger brother Joey, a lecherous and mouthy rope-maker / chandler. Parents are beekeepers from a hamlet just outside town; father disapproves of Tripp's dubious lifestyle and tells him so at great length whenever they meet, which is seldom. Mother is loving and protective.

Has a crush on Kari, a blonde priestess of Shelyn. Best friends are Harek, half-orc bouncer/bodyguard (fighter) and Culver Hale, human hunter / militia archer with a gambling habit (ranger).

Has had only bad experiences in the wilds beyond civilisation so doesn't like leaving Bellis, despite it becoming increasingly hot for him. Methodical, down to earth, not religious (though he goes to the church of Shelyn quite a lot). Only as brave as required. Likes a long bath; appreciates good food. Hates to get up early.

Primary enemies in town are Harris Welter, a big player in the Lumber Corporation, and the extensive Birch family (human and mostly red-headed dockers, labourers and goons).

Is that enough? :)

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Izzek is a Tengu cRogue [Scout] that is as ugly as he is strong. You wouldn't first guess that Izzek is a Rogue, as he always wears Mithral Breastplate, even sleeps in it, and wields a Greatsword... Longspear on the back, Morningstar on the hip... not your typical Rogue.

Izzek was fearless, bold, and eager. He was once a graverobber, now on a path to redemption, he is the ultimate battle buddy. Izzek was always willing to move to set up flanking with allies, he would charge into battle to position himself where others could easily flank with him, he was loyal to a fault, and willing to sacrifice himself for his allies without hesitation.

Izzek would do all he could to help his party... more than just a scout, he would even hunt to provide for his allies. He made an excellent guide, as he had an incredible sense of direction, always knowing which way was north, even underground. And he could both purify food/water, and create water from nothing several times a day. For a Rogue, his survival skills were probably hard to beat. Izzek could even smell when people were below half health, and would tell his allies to seek medical attention when he could smell them, or tell his allies which enemy to focus on to knock out of the fight the quickest.

His tactics in combat focused on Dirty Tricks and flanking... and charging, lots of charging. A mobile combatant, always repositioning himself around the battlefield to best provide flanking, or to protect allies. Izzek was constantly drawing enemy AoO, and not being the most acrobatic of tumblers, was often being hit by enemy AoO. But a coward he was not. Lol.

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Variel is an Elf, originally from Minata, and spent his childhood dreaming of being a Magus. Life happens fast, and before he knew it, Variel had gotten in with the wrong crowd... he had hoped to improve his swordplay beyond his family's formal training, and ended up a pirate in Zo Piaobo.

This is something his family would absolutely not abide, and they put a bounty on his head to have him returned, alive. Variel was arrested, and his family arranged for him to be accepted into a monastery in Kyonin, and his travel there. Here Variel studied and trained... he developed techniques to use his Panache with unarmed strikes, as well as his Rapier, to interchange his Panache and his Ki, and to combine fighting styles.

Variel left the monastary after several years. He left to join the Kyonin rangers for several reasons... first, he wanted a way out of the Monastery... and he did have a genuine interest in protecting Kyonin, particularly from the toxic spread of Treerazer's Tanglebrair. His time in the rangers taught him to use his Panache with a bow, as well as his unarmed strikes and Rapier.

And, as an extension of Kyonin's official military, the rangers afforded Variel the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream... he finally got to train as true Magus. He excelled in his role, combining everything he had learned along the way. Variel even learned to interchange his Panache, Ki, and Arcane Pools. He could also combine both Crane and Panther Styles, because nothing goes with Opportune Parry & Riposte more than Panther Parry & Crane Riposte. Lol.

Even as a Magus, Variel kept his position within the rangers, and was stationed in the forest around the West Sellen River when he encounted an ambassador from the River Kingdoms. He escorted the ambassador to the capital, Iadara, and was tasked with escorting the ambassador all the way back to where he came. The business the amabassador had brought was pressing enough that its response was sent with Variel as a guarantee.

Variel even ended up being instrumental in the foundation of a new kingdom within the Greenbelt. During his time adventuring in the Stolen Lands, Variel demonstrated he was a paragon of defensive fighting, and went a significant amount of time (several in-game levels) without taking a single point of damage... unarmored, yet unscathed. He stepped down from his adventuring duties to accept a role as an official ambassador for this new kingdom.

Variel is a mess of multiclassing:
Inspired Blade Swashbuckler 1/
Kata Master-MoMS cMonk 4/
Hooded Champion Ranger 1/
Kensai Magus 7...

He would have continued in Kensai Magus, had he not retired. Variel didn't speak unless spoken to, but would always step forward to volunteer when needed. Variel always fought defensively, but that didn't stop him from being mobile. He was methodical, always moving without a single wasted motion. Variel picked up a lot of skills along the way, and put ranks into just about all of them. Not particularly an expert in anything, but a freaking master of Panache.

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Hbob was a Kobold with black and red tiger striped scales. He had mohawk of spines on his head, and a crest/ridge of spines running the length of his spine. Hbob's eyes were gloss black, and always reflected dancing flames [I used that for Hbob before I gave the same to Poskakushka]. His jagged smile dripped with acid, but he was always smiling. Hbob also had a golden tattoo of a sun and spear... on his smiling face.

Hbob was gifted/given as payment to a wealthy(ish) Halfling family in Pitax. A place where Halflings are seldom anything more than slaves/servants, Hbob's family owned a brothel. The exact circumstances of how they got Hbob was never actually told to Hbob, though. Something Hbob did learn, was to be exceptionally helpful... ask how you cam help before they tell you what to do.

He was a LN Cleric/UnMonk gestalt, worshipped Ra, and acted like a dragon [not a lizard the size of a turkey]... he could have been an absolute monster with dazing channel [rulership variant], had a skyhigh Charisma being a Scaled Fist UnMonk, and all... but what he did the most was Aid Another. So much Aid Another. I don't know how you would ever put that in a book, but holy cr@p did Hbob use some Aid Another. He would pal around using Combat Relfexes/Bodyguard, and probably only used dazing channel a handful of times in an 8-level career... mainly as a get out of jail free card, very seldomly did Hbob ever use dazing channel offensively.

Hbob was adventuring in the Stolen Lands, forging a new kingdom, killing bandits, doing hero $#!+ when a golden opportunity struck. Here he was, wandering around with these clowns calling themselves kings and $#!+, when all the sudden, they were! Kings, that is. Well, one of them was, anyways. Hbob found himself adventuring with the king, and all the king's men (and a beautifully terrifying Aasimar woman Zen Archer/Inquisitor)... Hbob found himself some friends. He would jump up on the shoulders of the Dwarf in heavy armor. He would jump up in the saddle and ride in the lap of the king. Hbob was like the party mascot.

And one day, the party encountered a tribe of Kobolds involved in a three-way war with Mites and Goblins. The tirbe's leader, Queen Sootscale, requested the party's help... which the party gladly did. Queen Sootscale and Hbob were later married, aligning an underground Kobold nation with the new kingdom forming in the Greenbelt. King Hbob and Queen Sootscale (but not king and queen of the kingdom) moved the Queen's displaced, war-torn tribe into the kingdom's gold mine... free housing in exchange for free labor... it was actually a really good arrangement for everyone involved.

Hbob's hometown knowledge of Pitax was needed when the kingdom absorbed Pitax... but he did not leave his wife to go play with the boys (and Aasimar woman) when they staged the slave uprising. He left that up to his old friends, and whoever that new Elf is. Lol.

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Vash is an insolant, brash Drow Noble Arcane Duelist Bard. He flies the tattered banner of some old king from his spear, and often levitates while he performs. Vash is the kind of guy to laugh in the face of danger, and spit in the face of authority. He dares to crack jokes in the courts of kings, and lock eyes with tyrants. In a world that hates and fears Drow on sight, he throws down his hood and flips his long white hair with pride. Never fearing confrontation or consequence.

Danger may be real, but fear is a choice.

Regardless of his abrasive nature, Vash is actually a pretty decent guy. He is loyal, and brave, and selfless. Quite used to travelling alone and constantly being run out of town, he welcomes the company of people that accept him [and his ego]. He is a good companion, always well-prepared, and full of useful magics.

He rarely talks about his past... never voluntarily, and only when pried by people he respects enough to tell the truth to... and on the seldom chance he talks of Chymdhor, it is with open disdain. Once flowing, though, the contempt and hatred for his family/hometown flows freely.

Oh yeah, all that stuff about Vash being a pretty good guy is complete garbage. Lol. If given the opportunity, he would return to Chymdhor and biblically destroy it, along with everyone in it. Without hesitstion or remorse, if Vash ever got his hands on anything destructive enough... homeward, Vash would go.

He meditates/trances with a sick smile on his face... dreaming... no, planning... yes, ignite the veins of coal, fill the caverns with smoke and burning sulfur... boil the flourine-poisoned watered... collapse the entire god-forsaken cave... these thoughts bring Vash peace and happiness.

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Ack the Fantasikal (spelled that way) A goblin sorcerer (aberrant bloodline) firmly convinced pretty much everyone either IS his friend or should want be his friend. When "the party" first got together, Ack presumptively started introducing his new friends to all they met as, "The Friends of Ack."

The party accepted this innocently enough, not realizing in Ack's mind.. he must now be their leader, because the party is named after... him.

Cue Ack the Fantasikal arbitrarily declaring either overly simple, overly complex, or almost impossible to execute plans for various party actions, encounters and decisionmaking with his lower than average intelligence and lack of related wisdom.

Yep... Ack is prone to making ill-timed, bad or rash deductions, assumptions & decisions. To balance this out in gameplay so the party does not get prematurely wiped out, I play him also pretty easily manipulated into alternate courses of actions by his group of trusted friends. He sees it as weighing their input and then seeing their plan as best. About the worst thing Ack could imagine is a friend deciding NOT to be a friend anymore.

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HAL9000 is an Android Lich Sorcerer supreme [20th level Sorcerer, has acheived Bloodline capstone]. He is a Crossblooded Sorcerer, with both the Impossible and Nanite Bloodlines... having the Living Paradox capstone of the Impossible Bloodline has turned his insides into "clockwork gears, miniature galaxies, or something equally uncanny." And, being a Lich, he placed his own phylacyery inside himself... into this vault of infinite impossibilities.

As a self-proclaimed Lich-god, HAL9000 is a Lich worshipped by liches. And he has absorbed the phylacteries of other liches into himself, both from the willing and unwilling, alike, each phylactery he places into the vault of infinite impossibilities adds to his power. HAL9000 is Nuetral Evil... his areas of concern are clockwork, lichdom, secret knowledge, and self-perfection. Much in the same way Razmir can grant Domains to his followers, HAL9000 can grant the following Domains to his; Artifice, Death, Knowledge, and Magic (with the following Subdomains: Alchemy, Construct, Undead).

He is an engineer, a crafter, and a seeker of knowledges old and new. His plans do not concern diabolical destruction, and he seldom draws the attention of mortals. To give him more skills, better saves, full BAB, and a little bit of survivability... I have him gestalt with Constructed Pugilist-Living Weapon Brawler. This combination adds some fun robot stuff to go with his sorcery, like an enhanced robotic arm.

He considers it a great reaponsibility to protect the phylacteries contained within the vault of infinite impossibilities [his own included]. Being an engineer interested in self-perfection, HAL9000 has constantly upgraded himself into the weapon he is today.

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I'm REALLY warning you, this is long:
First, there was Lazarus: Lazarus Al'Hazreeb was a human Magic User created for a desert-themed 1e game. The campaign was a prequel of sorts to a long-running game from our HS days, so technically Lazarus was my first character in the timeline. He grew very powerful and consumed an artifact which allowed him to "serial resurrect" so, if I ever go back to that setting Lazarus would still be around. The artifact has a curse; the person doesn't stop aging, they just always come back to life. Lazarus is a decrepit, ancient human of vast intellect and wisdom sought as an oracle and a cautionary tale.

Malifax Dunrunner was the first PC I played in AD&D. He was an Elf; a Gray Elf specifically, and a bit on the CN side. When we rotated DM's Malifax was kind of mischievous but then I took over full time in the double digit levels and Malifax became a DM PC; a scheming, conniving narcissist who would do anything to sow chaos and grow his own wealth and power.

Armand of the Red Cape was another Elf, a high elf with an enormous cape of billowing, brilliant crimson. He had a parrot familiar who had a thick French accent modeled after the pixies from the movie Willow. He styled himself a swashbuckler with a square-jawed style of speaking, but Armand was physically weak and a little clumsy by elven standards.

Dolane (Doe La Nay) Mishnada… what can be said of this fated, cursed soul? She began life as a Gray Elf princess, heir to the Kingdom of Grayhaven and a talented Fighter/Magic User, but she was rebellious, a free spirit who drank in taverns and courted men for her pleasure. As an embarrassment to her father she was cast out of royalty so she could learn some humility.

On the road of adventure Dolane came to know genuine hardship for the first time. Going out of her way to guide her party in saving several villages from raids, her reward was to be relentlessly hunted like a rabid dog by several different evil factions, all secretly controlled by a demon prince. Harried night and day made the elvent magus paranoid and in her madness she lashed out at a treeant by mistake.

The kindly forest creature immediately took its revenge, plucking out one of Dolane's eyes. A dryad found the woman and her party; with Dolane near death the fey maiden saved her and even used sap and magic to craft Dolane a new eye. Secretly however the dryad was yet another minion of the demon - from then on, all of Dolane's adventures were entertainment for the abyssal patron.

So the campaign sees Dolane go for over a year, collecting the pieces of an artifact sword, the only thing to slay the demon prince. She performed feats of heroism, saved countless thousands and even managed to return to her father's good graces. Before she could ascend to her throne however, Dolane had to take the battle to the prince's lair.

At the threshold to the demonic scion's citadel, one of her party members is killed while two others are turned to evil. How you might ask? Well, the fantastic eye that has not only allowed Dolane to see but provided some sensory powers as well has informed the demon prince of her friends' exact weaknesses, allowing the dark lord to PERFECTLY tailor temptations for both of them.

Dolane goes through the heartbreak of slaying her 2 best friends in the world, survives the guardians of the citadel, and battles into the fiend's throne room, there to battle the creature in mortal combat. Her artifact blade was doing phenomenally well and the demon prince was all but slain. At THAT moment, the DM unleashes his final F U to my character; I have to make a saving throw at the moment of the fatal blow to the demon prince.

The DM doesn't say what the save is, just roll a d20. I do, get an 11, and the DM says "whoops, sorry; you needed a 10 or below." Dolane is flung a thousand years into an apocalyptic future: since she was erased from time, Dolane wasn't there to protect Grayhaven which was razed so utterly as to turn the forest lands into a vast desert. Nearly all Gray Elves are extinct and those who remain are pariahs. Her family was destroyed, she had to slay her best friends, the demon prince survived and is puppet-mastering the lands of this dark future... and she got a combat tail.

No joke, the DM rolled on a random table and said my right leg had been replaced with a combat tail... which I couldn't control. I limp to the nearest tribe of humanoids, tell them to amputate the tail or else, the DM FINALLY takes mercy on me and allows the limb to be regenerated by magic, and Dolane ended the campaign by putting an eyepatch over her magical eye and wandering into the wastelands to drink herself into oblivion.

Benarin "Rin" Stouthammer: Rin was a stoutblooded halfling homesteader, a 2e fighter kit that made him supremely crafty and resourceful. As a builder his weapon of choice was a 20# sledgehammer which he referred to as his "stouthammer," hence the surname. The campaign was the one to defeat Baba Yaga and the DM created custom artifacts for each PC; mine were the "Gloves of the Beast" which started off like normal work gloves that were immune to fire and over time gave me giant strength and other powers.

After this there were a lot of throw away characters, one off games and such. When I made the transition to 3x D&D I never actually PLAYED, I was always the DM and then I moved out of state and stopped gaming altogether. When I finally got back into the hobby, here were my PF1 characters:

Arlyss Broadshield: a Shielded Fighter archetype for PFS games. For a fighter he had high Charisma but otherwise was a rip-off of Captain America; a broad-shouldered human from Taldan who was all about wielding his shield, having a cleft chin and being really good! In another life he might've been a paladin, but Arlyss just wanted to protect the agents he was sent on missions with.

Argentica "Argie" Silvermane: my homage to all those Gray Elves I played decades ago, Argie was a silver-haired half elf wizard with an owl familiar she called Mr Nails. She never specialized in a school, instead being a Universalist/Arcane Builder. She was raised in a caravan of "travelers" and picked up an eclectic bunch of talents including a trait for Stealth as a Class skill and her free skill focus in Perception.

With her magic, familiar and skills Argie was the lookout for when her kinfolk would run their cons on townsfolk. When she parted ways with her adopted family she took in some of her "cousins." The GM was using the Downtime system so Argie made a bookshop where she would craft books, but also started a laundry service for her kinfolk to run as a cover. Argie was kind, but neutral towards law and chaos, and she was my one and only attempt at a Cockney accent. Think Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, but with spells and an owl with enormous talons at her side.

Kaleb Kimbertoes: Ahh, Kaleb. This guy was my absolute favorite! Kaleb is a halfling Warpriest (Divine Commander)/Hunter combo. The AP was Reign of Winter; since Baba Yaga's a thing here I picked a halfling to honor old Rin.

Kaleb was the eldest son of a mysterious halfling that supposedly came wandering down out of the northern reaches of Irrisen into northern Varisia. His mother was devout of Erastil and taught her son all about the Stag Lord. His father found work as a bounty hunter and eventually was named sheriff, a role Kaleb was meant to take on.

Kaleb, growing in his faith, combined this with his duties as a deputy. He was a militia captain, bonded with a great northern wolf he named Magnus, but Kaleb knew his father concealed a dark past he wouldn't share with his family. His father also worshipped Erastil "in his own way," claiming he'd learned his faith from a much older tradition than here in the southlands.

Shortly before the events of the campaign, Kaleb's father was mortally wounded in goblin raids. As he lay dying, he beseeched his son Kaleb to learn of "the old ways" of Erastil, far to the north, and to always do what's right for the people. So Kaleb swore and so it came to pass.

Throughout the first part of the AP the characters journey through Irrisen. Along the way they can meet several villagers and have a quest involving some. Kaleb really shone here. He was a real outdoorsman type and did a lot of hunting, trapping and skinning his prey. Profession: Tanner was his big out of combat skill so Kaleb was always working with leather and hides.

The halfling gave freely of his time and resources. He was kind, gave away the bags, belts and other items he crafted, and shared all the food he could with the common folk of Irrisen. He felt a strong, preternatural connection with these lands and eventually began to recognize the pulse of an old, druidic magic suppressed by Baba Yaga but striving against her control; these were "the old ways" his father spoke of.

The oppression of the White Witches broke Kaleb. Witnessing the atrocities they commit on the people of the land hardened the halfling's naïve heart. Kaleb even started to notice a streak of cruelty beginning to rise in himself. He turned to his faith to temper the rage inside and in communing with the eldritch forces in the land, those spirits and powers once dedicated to Erastil's primal form, the lad embraced the beast within without losing himself to darkness.

Finally, Kaleb had a silly side. He made up songs and folksy aphorisms with the villagers throughout Irrisen. At one point the PCs defeated some kind of troll and among the creature's treasures was a gaudy ruby cod piece. Kaleb purchased this from the group, using his own leatherworking skills to retrofit the piece for himself. Eventually when the party's wizard took Craft Wondrous Items, Kaleb had the device turned into a Belt of Dexterity and continued wearing the cod piece proudly, making sure to point it out to friends and foes alike.

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Not unlike Dolane, Urk was a fated, cursed soul...

Urk was not my character, but he was played by a friend at the same table/time I was playing Izzek. Where Urk was, Izzek was also... to fight one was to fight both.

Urk was a Half-Orc Corsair Fighter with a Bardiche. He had an underbite, and a lisp. Urk also was literally cursed by some form of consumption that was slowly turning him into a Construct... we all knew, ultimately, Urk would lose his mind and turn on us, but we didn't treat him any different. We still allowed him to guard us while we slept, and we [for sure Izzek] would have died to protect Urk.

Urk was a great battle buddy and companion. He knew his fate, and gave Izzek the +2 belt of con/str because "little Izzek would need all the help he could get when the time comes"... being when Izzek would have to kill Urk, as nobody else in the party was even remotely capable. Urk would also brave impossible odds, maneuvering with reckless abandon to establish flanking with Izzek, because Izzek needed the accuracy bonus [plus Izzek got his Sneak Attack]... to Urk, Izzek's extra accuracy/damage was worth taking an AoO to get into position.

Too fated, and too cursed, Urk was... the campaign ended early because of the way the GM was running the curse. There was no choice for my friend to make with his own character, and it became more work than fun.

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Imagine, if you will, this 5-foot tall, 100 pound bird-person that looks like a raven on steroids, next to a gigantic Half-Orc that stands just shy of 7-feet tall, and weighs over 300 pounds.

The Kenku/Tengu is dressed in khaki underneath a mithral breastplate, and dark green hooded cloak. Pockets aplenty, bandoliers crossed over the chest, wrist sheaths, a Morningstar on the hip, a Longspear on the back, and a big, shiny Greatsword. Beady, red bird eyes, a feathered crest/mohawk, and pointy, bloody beak.

The Half-Orc is dressed in spiked and shadowed, agile half-plate with spiked gauntlets effortlessly wielding a beautiful Bardiche. The spiked helm has been modified to allow for the lower half of the face to be open, exposing a set of sharpened tusks. Often speechless and motionless, a dark statue always towering behind [and to the left] of the bird-man like a menacing shadow.

It's like Jay and Silent Bob... with swords.. and kinda scary.

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Toorg-mai is a Lashvine Leshy Brewkeeper. He looks like a bunch of twigs and vines twisted together into a roughly humanoid shape that is always carrying a fighting tankard. He can also stretch his limbs into prehensile whips, and sprout seed pods that he can throw like bombs.

Toorg-mai is incredibly wise, having lived many lives, although his petite, 3-foot tall twiggy stature may not suggest such. He uses Alchemy/Herbalism, Druid Herdalism, and Homebrews (both Helpful and Harmful).

Although he has 20HD, Toorg-mai "only" has 3rd-level spells and 5th-level extracts, but is a skilled brewer, a potion master, and aspiring Brewkeeper. Wisdom is his highest stat, with Charisma and Dexterity being equally next in line. He prays to Cayden Cailean, and by prays to Cayden Cailean, I of course mean he drinks... a lot.

Reincarnated Druid 5/
Herbalist Alchemist 10/
Brewkeeper 5

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