Interest Check: A Jade Regent Campaign with a Final Fantasy Twist


Hello everyone!

I recently offered up a character for a prospective Final Fantasy d20 campaign on the boards here, and unfortunately real life happened--our would-be GM disappeared. A shame, because I was looking forward to playing.

That being said, it did get me thinking: "Well, if I can't play in a Final Fantasy game, I might as well run my own."

I'm thinking of trying my hand at running Jade Regent again, but this time using Final Fantasy D20 rules. I'm wondering if there's anyone else here who'd be interested in such a campaign.

Sure, sounds like fun.

Would gladly give a try at FF Jade Regent Style.

1 person marked this as a favorite. long before our caravan gets to nab an airship?

JonGarrett wrote: long before our caravan gets to nab an airship?

I'm thinking of ballparking it somewhere around Book 4.

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Woot! I am so there!


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Cool concept. Tbh i wasn't even aware there were final fantasy themed pathfinder classes. But they look amazing!

I could be interested. It kind of depends on the build rules.

Always wanted to try out Jade Regent, ffd20 just makes it all the better.

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This looks very cool! I'm interested! I've had 4 tries at Jade Regent without getting any farther than maybe halfway through the 1st book. I'd love to get another try.

Alrighty--I'll see about putting together a proper recruitment thread tomorrow!

Sounds good. I've always wanted to run a Blue Mage in a PF campaign.

The recruitment thread is officially open!

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@Dragoncat: Do you plan to use the Caravan and/or Romance subsystems?

Good heavens, no. To either one.

I feel that the Caravan subsystem was horribly implemented and the Romance subsystem can be just as readily accomplished through roleplay instead of bookkeeping.

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Agreed about both on them!

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