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Handed out my first 2e magical staff to my players recently and it brought up a series of questions I haven't found a solid answer for yet.

So (in this example) they got the staff late morning during some shopping before any fighting had broken out yet...

Core Rulebook p500 wrote:
"Just before setting out to explore, or after a night’s rest, the PCs spend time to prepare for the adventuring day. This typically happens over the span of 30 minutes to an hour in the morning, but only after 8 full hours of rest." fits the criteria but the spell prep had been done. Are they stuck waiting until tomorrow? Could they have held back some/all slots to prepare later?

So here is the series of questions:
1. If the staff wasn't previously prepared by anyone can they spend time to prepare it now?
2. If a staff can be prepared when found, presumably a prepared caster couldn't expend a previously prepared spell slot to add additional charges right?
3. If a prepared caster only prepared some of their Spell Slots in the morning could they have spell slots to expend in the staff?
4. If a prepared caster only prepares some of their Spell Slots in the morning can they prepare the others later (spending another 30-60min period as defined in the CRB)?

Perhaps it's putting too much on the use of "typically" and not enough on "Daily" but it sounds like it could be done after breakfast/shopping, or whenever they get to it as long as there has been 8 full hours of rest since the last time they prepared the staff/spell-slot.

But, I'm starting to repeat myself so I'll leave it up to you all? Did I miss important text somewhere? Breaking it up legal by RAW/RAI? "The First Rule"?

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The overarching answer to this is "it is up to your GM". PF2 is great about this being the resounding answer as it should be.

That said,
1. Why not?
2. I don't see why they couldn't. The expending of the spell slot(s) happens when the staff is prepared.
3. A spell slot is a spell slot whether a spell is prepared in it or not. In fact, Theoretically, a wizard can prepare a specific spell in a slot and then expend that slot to a stave. Though the wording on DBI says "...and already cast...", it doesn't seem unreasonable for the wizard to be able to use the DBI on the spell expended to a stave. Again, in summary because, why not?
4. Why not?

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Rest and Daily Preparation wrote:

You perform at your best when you take enough time to rest and prepare. Once every 24 hours, you can take a period of rest (typically 8 hours), after which you regain Hit Points equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1) times your level, and you might recover from or improve certain conditions (page 453). Sleeping in armor results in poor rest that leaves you fatigued. If you go more than 16 hours without resting, you become fatigued (you cannot recover from this until you rest at least 6 continuous hours).

After you rest, you make your daily preparations, which takes around 1 hour. You can prepare only if you’ve rested, and only once per day. Preparing includes the following:
Spellcasters regain spell slots, and prepared spellcasters choose spells to have available that day.
Focus Points, other abilities that refresh during your preparations, and abilities that can be used only a certain number of times per day, including magic item uses, are reset.
You don armor and equip weapons and other gear.
You invest up to 10 worn magic items to gain their benefits for the day.

RAW it can only be once per 24 hour period, is done after an 8 hour rest, takes an hour, and everything that would require prep, like spell selection, staff preparation, full Focus point regain, and magic item investiture happens during this period.

So, it's a 'no' by RAW on most of what you proposed

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Thanks for the rules quote.

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