Advice building a Medium / Fortune teller for Agents of Edgewatch


So, for a future game on the Agents of Edgewatch I want to build a Medium and/or Fortune Teller. I picture him like the typical guy who "helps" the police on movies / series, but in these case it has real powers (so really helps).

It can be either a guy who talks with the spirits (the dead ones but could be the spirits of the objects, reading auras and all that thing) or a guy who reads the future, does predictions about were can be a clue, etc. Maybe a mix of both ways.

So, with this concept in mind, I went to the Oracle (who is better for predicting the future?). I readed the mysteries and the feats and it didn´t felt right for the concept.

So I opened the scope and took a look at the other spellcasters.

The Wizard has the divination school, but feels too academic.

Sorceror and Witch can pick the Occultism spell list, the best one for this kind of spells. But neither of those have anything on the build to improve this concept.

Cleric could be a choice maybe? Maybe with the right domains, but all the free healing and having to follow a deity doesn´t feel right.

Druid and Bard didn´t consider.

So. What would you do? What would you pick?

A bone oracle might make good use of rune shaped bones, in terms of flavor, but also an Ancestors oracle might be really cool ( you might also play different behaviors depends the spirit who is currently dealing with you.

I also find interesting the "astrology" feat which, depends the given buff, might be interpreted in different ways.

In order to take the "consult the spirits" skill feat, depends your master skill you might be able to contact different spirits


Nature allows you to contact the spirits of nature that form leshies, who are born of pure life essence rather than spiritual energy and can answer questions about natural features like the location of nearby water or plant life.

Religion reveals the presence of angelic, demonic, or other spirits in service to divine beings, who provide information about sources of powerful positive or negative energy, sacred or profane influences, or the presence of undead.

Occultism allows you to contact lingering spirits, psychic echoes of the departed dead, and spirits from beyond reality, who tell you about things like strange auras, effects, or the presence of unnatural occult beings.

Not being tied ( or too tied, like a cleric )to a deity may be probably a nice Idea, and I share your conclusion on the wizard ).

I'd go with an oracle.

I don't know about Aswaarg, but I do like the idea of the Ancestors mystery, perhaps reflavoring it as not just your own ancestors, but simply deceased people from the place you are from overall.

There's also the Lore mystery which would be easy to present as just a medium reading minds (with the first focus power) or receiving information from spirits (with the other two).

I do think oracle is the best class fit for this concept.

Some other options to add to it :
- You could pick up the Vigil domain spells. They don't have investigative purposes, but they do fit the theme quite well.
- If your GM allows it, the Talking Corpse spell seems like an obvious choice.
- And again, if your GM allows it and if you don't mind minor spoilers (as in knowing the themes and new player-content of another AP), there is an uncommon archetype from a different AP that might be of interest. I'll put it under a spoiler tag just in case.

AP archetype spoiler:
The Ghost Hunter archetype from Ruins of Gauntlight is mostly about resisting undead and fighting them, but the right feats could give you access to extra occult spells (for the few things the divine list might not give you), bonuses when talking to incorporeal creatures and better chances of recognizing (and disabling) haunts as well as incorporeals.

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Don't forget the PF1 material that might help you

The Harrow Handbook, a Player Companion.

The Harrowing, module.

Occult Origins a Player Companion with the the Harrowed Society student archtype

The Fate Domain would fulfill the role on its own.
Clerics & Champions could get it at 1st (perhaps taking MCD Oracle), and others at 4th via MCD (Cleric or Champion).
Depends if you want your non-fortune telling contributions, especially combat, to be martial or magical.
Mostly I'm saying any imagery you have for your fortune-telling PC can be realized from god-touched savage to gypsy matriarch to swindler who had latent powers all along.

I'd stick with Oracle personally, because the 6th-level Oracle feat Spiritual Sense looks like a perfect fit for the character concept you described.

After reading your advice I have tried again to build an Oracle (Tried booth, Bones route and Ancestors route).

The thing with Oracle is that, until at lvl 3 (when you get spells lvl 2), you don´t have have anything That feels that you can read the future with some chicken bones or take a knife and feel the pain of the victim or things like that.

With 2nd lvl spells, you can dome some things (like Augury or Spirit Sense). And being the Oracle a spontaneous spellcaster, you have to only chose 1 of those spells (if you want to have some resources for battles).

This feels to me too late and too little. It is true that at lvl 6 Spiritual Sense feels amazing for this kind of character, but having to wait until that feels to long...

Don´t get me wrong, I know I can re-skin some features form the oravle to make it look more like a Medium / Fortune teller starting from level 1, but I would prefer if there was something to help the investigations from the begining.

@ JackieLane

The Vigil domain could be good option. For the archetype from the other AP, we try to not use them at least util we have played the AP, so we can keep it fresh.

@ Castilliano

The domain Fate feels right, Read fate is the kind of spell that this character would use.

Anyway, it feels to me that most spells right now are focused on the combat part. For sure when the Secrets of Magic comes out this will improve and maybe will be more options for this kind of character.

I will toy with a Cloistered Cleric (probably Fate domain) and the posible MCD (maybe Sorcerer/Witch fo acces to more divination spells).

Anyway, thank you all for the advice!

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