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As a GM, you have a lot to keep track of. You've got to manage the PCs, NPCs, Monsters, Treasure, EXP, and keep up with literally hundreds of pages of rules. After far too long, I'm finally ready to release the follow-up to my Playtest GM Sheet, complete with cheesy thread title and everything. In order to make sure incorrect rules weren't accidentally carried over from the playtest, this sheet has been gutted and completely redone while cramming in even more features and support for several sets of variant rules and subsytems.

On this sheet you will find abundant notes and rules references taken from the Core Rulebook, Bestiary, and Gamemastery Guide along with space meant for tracking various aspects of your players and campaign. p90JkcW8/edit?usp=sharing

Sheet Features:

Consolidated Rules: When rules notes would tell you to refer to another part of the book, I've included those rules into the note as well to save time in referencing.

Party Tracking: For those using my Character Sheet, simply posting the share link(s) provided by your player(s) can automatically pull a wide variety of information for easy reference. This includes information for all saves, skills, proficiencies, conditions, languages spoken, and spells known. If you are not using my Character Sheet, you can simply enter any of these values manually to keep any information needed for reference or secret checks in an easy to view table.

NPCs: A tab is dedicated to recording notes and relevant info for any NPCs in your campaign, along with templates to modify rows to enter useful information for running the Influence subsystem for any social encounters with those NPCs.

Skills: All skill actions are listed with notes on the relevant rules text, along with feats from the CRB that modify skill actions or establish new skill actions. Reference tables for DCs, Skill Income, etc. are also included near their appropriate skills for convenience when referencing and running a particular skill action.

Conditions: Includes rule notes for player and non-player conditions, useful traits, counteracting, and monster abilities. Also includes room to enter afflictions expected to reference during play (such as an encounter's venom), along with all of the diseases and drugs from the GMG already entered for convenient reference. (Just don't tell your players I'm to blame for making it easier to run rules for their character's alcohol addition or having them contract tetanus!)

Environment: Includes references for all the environmental rules, terrain conditions, natural disasters, and special battles.

Modes of Play: Separates actions and activities by which mode of play they are used for reference. Includes all basic actions, travel speed, and other notes to help with running different modes of play.

Time Tracker: Includes a wide variety of tracking features to help make the passage of time feel more realistic in your campaign without adding too much burden to the GM during play. After entering a start date for your campaign, simply keep track of how many days have passed and the sheet will automatically calculate the current date, weekday, season, sunrise/sunset, moon phase, and number of days until the next full moon. It also includes a randomized climate to help determine temperature and weather conditions based on the current season.

Best off all, while the defaults are set to Golarion (Elidir in particular), they can be freely edited to create your own calendar (up to 15 months), weeks (up to 10 weekdays), set your own leap year cycle, track up to 3 moons with different cycles, set dates for the Equinoxes/Solstices and their sunrise/sunset times (used to determine seasons / change in day lengths), and edit temperature variation & weather probability by season.

This is all in addition to helping track time during the adventuring day and being able to set start dates and durations for tracking downtime activities, room & board, and other events expected to occur at some future date.

Treasure: Includes all the treasure tables and charts for various magical items to determine prices and/or DCs. Room is provided list items discovered during the campaign along with their details and a general track of how many items and currency you have given the party. Also includes complete tables for gems and art objects from the Gamemastery guide to help spice up your treasure hoards.

Experience: Includes a room to track experience points gained by the party during encounters along with references to experience rewards and a variety of rules to assist with building an encounter. You can also set your campaign's exp speed and easily keep track of how much more experience is needed until your party's next level.

Roll 20: For any GMs using both my character sheets and playing via Roll 20, this tab includes a few generic macros & templates I have found helpful when GMing, along with an automatic output of secret roll macros for party wide saves and skill checks built from the information in the Party Tracker.

Resources: Finally, a tab is provided for links to all sheets I have made, online resources I have found useful, and includes space to link any additional resources that you may want to reference while GMing or creating your campaign.

All this and more is included in the GM Sheet, along with any additions that I have added in since creating this thread. I maintain a changelog with version# to make it easier to know whenever I update, and always love to hear feedback and suggestions for improvement. So don't be shy about leaving a comment if you enjoyed a particular part of the sheet or have anything you'd like to see included in the future!

Once again, if you like this sheet, be sure to check out my PF2 Character Sheet.

Finally, I want to give a special shout-out to Dave Palay for providing scripting to automatically clear/reset the Day Tracker with only a single checkbox, kpulv for comments on the original playtest thread encouraging better integration/importing with the character sheet, Captain Morgan for feedback in the original playtest thread which encouraged many of the additons for this sheet's time tracker, and Doodpants for a post on unicode symbols that could be used to represent the 2E action, reaction, and free action symbols.

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Many thanks for your continued contributions to this and the character sheet!

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This rules. Thanks a ton!

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This is AWeSOME! Thank you for sharing!

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Update v2.0.1
While awkward to make an update this soon after release, while using the GM sheet to prepare for an upcoming campaign I found the NPC tab to be a bit cumbersome in use and decided to improve it.

Main improvements are areas to record each NPC's gender & ancestry and having Will DC auto-calculate a starting value based on the NPC's level and Disposition, using the CRB suggestions for social skills (which are also added into notes and the DC Adjustment table). The skills section was also combined into the notes section due to realizing that the majority of NPCs aren't likely to require a detailed recording of skills, leaving a lot of awkward blank space while using the tab.


As I continue actually using the new version of this sheet in my own games, I will likely continue to make improvements based on my experiences. Again, I encourage anyone to provide feedback on how they find this sheet in use during their own games to help inspire ways to make it better for everyone.

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I used your playtest GM sheet, loved it, and have been waiting with bated breath for this moment! Thanks so much Charon - you are the best!

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Sheet looks great! Well done at putting all that information together.

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Update v2.0.3
Another set of improvements based on starting to run Fall of Plaguestone with my group. Mostly adding rules notes (Basic Saves, Massive Damage, Resting, etc.) and a few details from Bestiary 2 while fixing a number of small errors. Biggest updates are new and much better Roll 20 macros & improvements to the treasure loot table, allowing you to add item levels to loot and get an automatically calculated base DC for identification.

Also, for additional GM assistance and as promised in my character sheet thread, I am currently working on a Creature Builder Sheet incorporating rules from the GMG, Bestiary 1, and Bestiary 2. Hoping to have it released sometimes this month - so look forward to it if you like making monsters!

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Awesome! Thank you!

Update v2.1.0
Adding some improvements I built into my campaign sheet while running Fall of Plaguestone.
Full details are in the Changelog as always, but major standouts include:

New Tab: NameGen
Made a customizable random name generator to help GMs when they need to quickly name an NPC in the middle of a session. Generator includes columns for names used by different ancestries and columns for names from different regions. All the names included can be edited as desired and there is room to add more columns as necessary.

Default Ancestry Names were taken from Paizo sources, while default Regional names were mostly added using what I could find for "popular names in [region]." The Martial Names & Dao Names columns at the end of the sheet can be ignored/deleted if you want, as they were mostly something I just made for testing purposes and to make similar naming styles to what I see in the xianxia novels I've been binging recently.

Crafting Tracking (Time Tracker tab)
While running characters who wanted to try crafting, I decided to make a section to help me better keep track of the event and perform all the calculations required to figure out how much gp it would cost to finish an item/batch after various numbers of days had passed.

If anyone enjoys this section and/or has ideas for improvement, I'd love to hear other's thoughts as I may try to modify this section for use in the Character Sheet so Players can benefit from it in the future.

Also, apologies for the lack of updates on the Creature Builder sheet. I lost contact with the person who was helping me do some scripting on the sheet and lost track of time for working on it. I don't have an ETA at the moment, but I have not forgotten about it.

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Update v3.0.0
Been a while since my last substantial update, but here is one for the Secrets of Magic release! This is meant to be used with Character Sheet v3.0.0 or higher - as the Party Spell Repertoire is now capable of tracking Eidolon spells if the Eidolon is included in the Party Tracker.

If a Companion Creature from v2 of the character sheet is included, this will unfortunately create a (very) small error as the previous version of the Character sheet did not have a spell section for Companion Creatures.

Other updates since v2.1.0 are condensing sections to be more easily viewable, adjusting the Time Tracker page, and adding more traits/notes to the GM Sheet (including new SoM traits).

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