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I have a question: Is there an SFS legal way to make an android that resembles a human child? I was thinking that the size would be the hangup but I note that Xenometric Android is legal and allows for small sizes. I wonder if this could also be accomplished by just having their size remain medium, but for flavour purposes making them 3-4' tall. Thank you.

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I’ve thought about this some more, and dwarves are are about the size of an 11 year old and are medium, so I can’t see a problem. Unless I am missing something.


Halfings are small.

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Mechanically you could just choose a small race (like halfling). As your type doesn't change, in the case of halfling, I see no reason why you couldn't reflavor it as a human child.

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Xenometric wrote:
In addition to possessing physical features resembling those of the chosen species, the android’s size category changes to match the chosen race.

So if you do Halfling, you become Small, but if you choose Human, you become Medium.


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I'm not sure I'm comfortable with having stats for "children" be allowed in the game, even if it is for a "childlike robot." The kinds of situations that Starfinders get into are not situations I would want children to be involved with.

While I like the AP, Against the Aeon Throne almost lost me when my primary opponent in the first book was teenagers. Hitler Youth is still youth.

And there's always that player who is way too interested in children. Hey, I've seen that anime. Stop it.

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I've already seen my fair share of Android PCs who acted like children because they had just renewed. Even that gets a little too close for comfort for some people.


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Well our characters do have to be of the age that is listed as being mature for that race!

Okay for Androids it is 0 years, but i don't think that means the soul inside that body is the sould of child and you should play a child.

In Society to quote the guide:

Characters must be between the age of maturity and the maximum age.

This highly implements to me that playing a child is not okay!

And i agree that playing an Android like a newborn can lead to uncomfortable situations at a table.

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Huh, I never thought that people might be squicked by the idea. I guess I'm naive.

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