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Since i never really started playing 2nd Edition i can't say much about that.
I sure miss avatars for Starfinder especially all those alien races.

But all those new avatars are nice to have but without an accurate search mechanism it will be painful to pick an avatar and not that enjoyable.

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So i was searching for avatars on this board for Kasathas and Shirrens and then to find space elves and Ysoki although some Ratfolks can be found... Sadly something exotix as Quorlu is hard to find or non-exitent.

Normal users like me don't see the option for Kasatha under type althoug when i hover over a potential avatar when i have all avatars displayed for me to pick one i can see Kasatha mentioned as the type for specific avatars.

So my way to get an official implemented Avatar for a Kasatha or another Shirren then one of of the two (2!) Shirren you can see if you tick the box the the left to show all Shirren avatars is i don't tick any box and sort the avatars by date and select next again and again after i can see something i like.
I have to stare at tons of avatars and i made sure i wrote down the number of the page i found that avatar before i select it, because well it is time consuming and after a while you get logged out here...

Any chance the awesome avatars will be easier to handle in the future? Right now tons of users pile up using certain avatars because a lot of the avatars are not connected to the system to let's say show me Type: Elf.

I am using an avatar for my Alias Agrona Amabilis which does not show up when i select Type Elf but has the descripiton Type Elf when i hover over that avatar with my mouse when selecting an avatar.

Right now for some of the awesome avatars you need at least a few skillranks in using Paizo Forums to select one of the newer avatars.

Would love to see more users having an easier time to get a wide variety of avatars for Play by Post or just in general.

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Have a clarification or entry for all the races how many and which genders they have if they have genders at all.

I created a Quorlu for Starfinder Society and well i am not sure how many genders and which genders they have. I have no access to adventure paths and have not gamemastered or played every Society scenario with a Quorlu NPC.
That's just one example.

Would be nice to have that information in the statblocks for every race, be it available for PCs or for NPCs.
More important for PCs, because a player usally only manages one character and a gamemaster has so much to do that the gender usally has no meaning at all until the players make it meaningful.
A PC is usally worked out in detail, well at least after some sessions.

You are right we need to wait for a second printing of the Starfinder Armory.

My bad, that's what you get for reading PDFs and not holding the physical books in hands. I was looking at the grenade entries and there is no haptic element for tired brain for stronger memory of changing books.

Sounds plausible, but still like an overlook the last time the CRB was updated.

One round being staggered it will be, if i am the GM from now on.^^

Could be copy and paste error.
An official answer on the great FAQ and Errata area on Paizo's website here for Starfinder is still more then welcome.

A few more for the FAQ button and we make sure it will make it into the fourth fifth printing.

Edit: Somehow i thought the CRB was already in the fourth printing.

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So looking at one specific Starfinder Society scenario and in general how to balance this because conditons can be awful as they should be.

We do know how long the conditons last for the grenades from Core Rulebook and Starfinder Armory and i am too lazy to look up any other sources with more grenades and the same problem in need of an errata!

Grenades from Core Rulebook and Starfinder Armory:

  • Smoke Grenade
  • Stickybomb Grenade
  • Flash Grenade
  • Screamer Grenade
  • Cryo Grenade I - does 1d8 cold damage and 1 round of staggered as level 6 item!
  • Web Grenade
  • Pulse Grenade

Riot Grenade I (item level 2) only gives the staggered condition but for how long?
I saw and agreed to 1d4 rounds or it was 1d4+1 rounds of being staggered if you fail your save against one of those grenades, to move the game forward.

So was the time of effect simple forgotten?
I would love to know the official wording for the duration of all the Riot Grenades progression from Riot Grenade I until Riot Grenade VII. Because especially at higher levels non-lethal slashing damage in an area of effect and a mean condition to shut down certain abilities of enemies looks useful.

That one scenario does explecity use a Riot Grenade I i think on PCs and you can run a certain amount of encounters in any order you want to run as a GM and well having the specific grenade at the beginning and some PCs being staggered for the rest of the scenario sure will make people angry to see their characters being crippled!

So we need to know for how long that conditon will last like all those lovely other grenades.

I do hope a brooch of shielding still works against Magic Missile otherwise one of my Starfinder Society characters wants her credits back!

So i lean towards B because how should we know what was changed without reading all the errata back and forth to not miss a single instance of force damage.

Good to know a VO can solve that problem

Not high on my priority list of the problems on this site i wish to see resolved, but it's still a thing.

I just had a look at my Core PFS character i never played so far and well there is simple no option for me to change the faction. In my case i can only see the icon for Grand Lodge and nothing more in that area if i go to My Account -> Organized Play -> click Edit for Core PFS character -> only icon from Grand Lodge in my case nothing else in that area.

Would be a shame to not be able to change the faction like you are allowed to do so until you reached level 2, should my local lodge ever play Core PFS or i do play Core PFS online.

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Seeing the discussion is set up and to my surprise six players and the fact i did not get a message, it's time to congratulate the concepts which were picked and move on?

Congratulations to everyone who offered a concept picked for this campaign!

May the dicebot be kind to you and that all of you players and gamemaster have the endurance to play the whole campaign.

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Reminds me i should rewatch Babylon 5 witht the DVDs i have here.

CGI was not that great even back then, but the character development and thw whole setting and that everyone had a light and a dark side...


So best of luck and we wait.

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Eschatologist was too depressing for me, personally.

So the dwarves in this setting fulfill those stereoptypes for you?
Careful what you imply there, please.

Clearly every creator is a child of the culture and well zeitgeist of the moments before and during creation of a setting and adventures in that setting.

So let's not jump to conclusions early on.

Other themes in the player's guide were simply more to the taste of potential players, that's all we can say at this point.
I created two Aliases for the two potential characters and have found avatars and i realized we still need more avatars on this board!

I have not defined the age for either submission so Medeia Selene Vance will fall into the category of being an adult with no impact of the ageing rules.
Talis Lomond could maybe be middle age with an impact on the stats? But then i would have to rethink the way i spent my points.

So should the age of the character fall into adult area but not already middle age because of higher mental ability scores which are for casters and social character especially powerful?
Handwave and no adjustment of ability scores and age is flavour?

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Well for Piloting i can say with a high rank in Piloting and most likely the highest Dexterity in the group you would be the either the best Pilot or the best Gunner for Space Combat.

Because Gunnery check is calculated like this:

Gunnery Check = 1d20 + the gunner’s BAB or the gunner’s ranks in the Piloting skill + the gunner’s Dexterity modifier + bonuses from computer systems + bonuses from the captain and science officers + range penalty.

So a campaign with a focus on Space Combat does need a good pilot and a good gunner! And keep in mind you can switch your roles at the beginning of Space Combat round.

Having seen fellow Operatives and planning to take that exploit too i can assure you that the exploit Uncanny Mobility can be a life saver!

Jack of All Trades is game mechanically very useful if your group as a whole does not cover all the skills especially those trained only skills.
If you play that character a lot in Starfinder Society you might end up with a group not covering all the necessary skills so Jack of all Trades is a nice backup to be at least able to roll at all for that skill with 1 (one) character on a full table! Because all the other players playing a PC have no rank in that trained only skill!

In a private group with friends you can coordinate who takes which skills and there might be no need at all to be able to roll for a trained only skill with the Jack of All Trades exploit.

On the other hand if Jack of All Trades fits the character for who he/she/they is then go for it!
In the end it's all about being happy to play and develop that character and have a great time.

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So i hope i did not go too far and my story for my Technologist of a curious capable thief getting cought red handed and being recognized as a potential asset fits with the setting.

Not enough time to really change anything right now, because then the archetype would not fit anymore.

So far i have a lot of question how my ideas to create my character can be done with alternate rules for feats, skills and an unfamiliar setting for me.
I am having a learning curve for first time difference how feats works so drastically and skills on top too.

Talis Lomond - Yerasol Veteran
Female Human Cavalier (Archetype Constable) that archetype replaces the mount from a Cavalier so i don't have to worry about a horse in this setting.
She is a Yerasol Veteran and i want to build her that she can take the presige class The Monument of War, because i really like the flavour of that presitige class.

Ability scores

  • Strength 16
  • Dexterity 14
  • Constitution 10
  • Intelligence 12
  • Wisdom 8
  • Charisma 16

Role: Melee combat most of the time, leader tactical (guessing you can say that with all the teamwork feats i plan to throw around), Diplomacy and voice of reason to take prisoners as first option if combat is the option left In that order how it will manifest we will see

My questions:
My first question for level 1 is i will get Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat but with the Elephant in the Room rules i am not sure what to do.

How to handle Orders for Samurai/Cavalier in this setting?
I picked the Order of the Blue Rose and here on Archives of Nethys is everything i know so far of that Order or however we will end up calling that organization. How do we handle that? Because that Order sounds perfect.

So since nonlethal damage and how you "apply" it works different in this campaign.

Flat of the Blade (Ex): At 2nd level, the cavalier of the order of the blue rose gains the ability to moderate his attacks in order to take an enemy alive. He no longer takes a –4 penalty when attacking with a lethal weapon to deal nonlethal damage. When dealing nonlethal damage, the cavalier receives a +2 bonus on damage rolls. When the cavalier makes use of this ability, he must attempt to subdue his target without killing it; dealing lethal damage after using this ability, or allowing his allies to kill the target, is considered a violation of his edicts.

She can crit while doing that? Thoughts?

Teamwork feats should hopefully fit in smoothly with the system for feats we use here. Because using and temporary giving teamworkfeats is one of the core mechanics for a Cavalier.

1. How long have you been on the force? (FYI the RNC is 30 years old. You start off at the bottom of the seniority list, so if you are a veteran, why haven't you advanced?)
Nearly two years.

2. What prompted the RNC to recruit you, or, if you applied, why did they accept your application?

She applied and told them she needed a purpose and to do some real action and not only training and a desk job would drive her more and more nuts over time.
Before she could confess the officer told her with a wink those drunken fellas had it coming.
There are some perks for being a Heroine of War and well you are being watched apparently.

3. Why did you accept/apply? (Note: Candidates submit to extensive magical mind reading before they are accepted. The RNC has never been infiltrated by a spy, so no double agents allowed. Your loyalty to Risur is beyond reproach.)

Being shown around as one of the heroes and being a docent for various places teaching tactics, martial arts and stuff like that, but also a speaker and being hired to attend at a few wedding ceremonies took a toll.
All those wanna-be heroes of war spending their time on training for battle without a real battle, all those rich ones hiring a speaker and a Heroine of War to show off for whatever reason it only kept her busy in front of crowds but could not reach her.
All in all she was formed in war and had seen too many lives lost, had pressed her hands on wounds to prevent bleeding out only to hear last breaths.
Sitting at a desk with a bottle just in hands reach or a watch dog of the gouvernment keeping the bottles away, while she continues to smile and keep in shape just enough to continue to give the vibe of a veteran. Nope, there must be a way out of there.

So she went out drinking one night and a few fellas having drunken enough liquid courage to talk their minds started talking really bad about the Kingdom, the King and she snapped and beat them all unconscious. One of them had a gun but was no match for her, becaus why should she be scared of a single pistol when she just could grab him across that table?

She felt real again and all that adrenaline cleared her mind being in a real fight again, way better then emptying several bottles of beer she tried that night.

4. Brief character sketch. (You can even just describe your character in terms of other fictional characters, or just in terms of your ability score descriptions.)
Nobody can ignore her impressive build full of muscles.
Her fellow members of the Royal Homeland Constabulary constantly see her being absent minded and never getting paperwork done on time.
A natural leader and that cute smile wins nearly everyone over!

That example for low Wisdom was short and perfect for what i had in mind.^^
Sure she is a Heroine and did fill out the role of an officer although being none, her superior was being an idiot again and she pulled him just a moment too late into cover although she saw how a shot was lined up. It was on purpose! She new it would kill him.

The moment she deliberately did nothing and just pretended to help that officer and basically killing him haunts her especially until today. How could she act so coldly and calculated? "If he dies, we all will not loose our lives for a suicide mission."

She naturally gave orders and made them retreat although the now dead officer was all about moving forward and it went into a rearguard battle, but they all made it out alive and she and her men and women blow up teeny tiny outpost from the enemy and made it to safety with a stolen boat afer destroying all the other vessels. Nothing build for high seas only good for hopping from island to island or being in constant view of the shoreline at the furthest, all in all an unimportant vessel.

Nobody wanted to hear how she killed her officer by not pulling him back to cover and making all of them retreat and not capturing that tiny piece of land. She lead the majority to survive and destroyed a tiny outpost and stole an unimportant vessel.
Swimming was not an option and destroying all the other vessel to not be followed was only logical.

Without showing it often enough she keeps up a poker face and is trapped in that violent past on her inside and on the other hand is not capable of living a peaceful life.
So there is a deeper meaning behind loosing her wisdom!

Edit to add: Sorry about only using she and her but i decided on a name for her right now not during i wrote all this textwall.

Medeia Selene Vance - Technologist
For sure i will take a feat to give her profiency in martial weapons at first level other then that i can flesh her out later.

Female Human Alchemist (Archetype Vaultbreaker)

Ability scores

  • Strength 8
  • Dexterity 18
  • Constitution 10
  • Intelligence 16
  • Wisdom 10
  • Charisma 10

Role: Disabling traps and i guess kind of ranged combat (not that much range) and skills

1. How long have you been on the force? (FYI the RNC is 30 years old. You start off at the bottom of the seniority list, so if you are a veteran, why haven't you advanced?)
A year and a half.

2. What prompted the RNC to recruit you, or, if you applied, why did they accept your application?

Medeia broke into a place she did not know it was a place for storing potential dangerous technological stuff confiscated by RNC.
She took some of the interesting stuff and when she was done with her research she brought it back to where she 'found' it.

After returning home she walked in found a man investigating her blueprints she collected or made herself over the years and a grim looking woman suddenly behind her.
"We don't want to arrest you but we have a few questions and potentially a job to offer. Although if we don't like your answers we rethink the part of arresting you for stealing from RNC."
After a stressful interrogation and learning Medaia had brought it back and had reengineered the functions and the weak parts of that device she 'burrowed' Medeia was recruited.

3. Why did you accept/apply? (Note: Candidates submit to extensive magical mind reading before they are accepted. The RNC has never been infiltrated by a spy, so no double agents allowed. Your loyalty to Risur is beyond reproach.)

Medeia's other choice would have been something like home detention and being used to find out what certain potentially dangerous devices could do and loosing her freedom or plain simpe prison or worse.
Having a job and being allowed to work on and with wonderful technology and continue to 'hunt' for shiny stuff although now she can't keep it beats the alternatives doesn't it? ;)

4. Brief character sketch. (You can even just describe your character in terms of other fictional characters, or just in terms of your ability score descriptions.)

She always needs help to carry her stuff around and does not seem to have developed any muscles at all during training. Don't ask her to lift something heavy for sure!
She moves with the grace of a cat, has a great balance and reacts fast.
She is a pretty fast learner.

I was lurking and had the slides for this game still open on my browser and on closing i saw there is a character listed on slide 2 named Thalitha. I know for sure i removed myself and i also see the avatar i picked is there as a token on slide 3.

I know i added myself as Thalitha Delmore and used the lines for Player_4 not PLAYER_1!
Someone is missing on slide 2 and i was readded by mistake. Just to let you know and i better close the google slides on my eng now.

Have a lot of fun and good luck with your rolls!

Ah summertime for you then.

Glad it was just a glitch which hopefully does not get worse or repeats itself.

May i apply with two ideas i am equally happy about?

I feel like in a group getting together for a campaing and i can in this case switch between two concepts of characters and are happy either way.

Otherwise i have to flip a coin or go the route of what has not been offered so far. As i am torn between Yerasol Veteran and Technologist.

Hope they are doing okay.

Interested as well.

I think it will be a human and a Yerasol Veteran.

I have a Fighter(Archetype Tactian for more skillpoints and flavour) or maybe a Cavalier on my mind.

The Monument of War prestige class in the player's guide cought my attention and i want to be become one!

Will be back with more details soon.

Oh, that's a whole new world. Then i will hunt that thread donw so that i don't confuse the two running campaigns and post something random into the wrong campaign.


Right now i have no option to hide it. GM has to remove me from active players list or make the whole campaign inactive.

Why you on Earth do you think that telepathic bond is constantly reading each others thoughts?
It's just that at any moment you can decide to talk to the others whenever you like.

You only reveal the informations you want to reveal!

Do not put literal meaning into the name, please.

I accidently signed up for a Starfinder Society Scenario i already played and since i have no clue if i am able to replay or if i want to replay that scenario i let the GM in a message and the others know in a post that i want to be removed from that campaign can this be done for a play by post game if you have already dotted into Gameplay thread for that Campaign and are listed with a character and as a player?

I am so sorry, i confused this scenario for a replayable one!

I do have to move away from this table because i am not allowed to play because technially 3 is enoug to play and i am not needed to make this a playable table.

Soo sorry, i confused "Four for the First" and "The First Mandate". Both have First in the title and only one of them is replayable.

So you have to remove me from the table and i remove myself from the slide and so on.

Edit to add: I just saw someone signed up on the Outpost spreadsheet so i assume all will end well and you will be at least four players.

Doppelpost because it's too late to edit.

Faction is of course Wayfinders!

And for future reference i do have a problem if you use two times S for Second Seekers, because as a German the first thing on my mind is something very bad. I want roleplaying to be my comfortable area in my life.

Will update the profile for Thalithat Delmore step by step to be able to play her here on the forum. Last time i played her was on Roll20.

I just signed up and have to do the work of bringing up all my chronicle sheets up to date and then i will announce my character.
Sorry that i can't let you know the character level right now.

As i read start will be the 16th February right? Will come back today or tomorrow.


Sorry i did mean like has Paizo another official source for this boon?

Great to have a link to the PDF and making it possible to get that boon for all the players who don't have it right now or have lost it for example.
Today and in the future we will get new players and players already settled in could not have this little boon.

So has Paizo hidden another source for this boon on their site?


The link for the Welcome Boon directs to a dropbox with a deleted content page... :(

Anywhere else the official source for that boon?

Bonus feats for Soldier need to be combat feats that's correct. But you still get the regualar feats for every uneven level.

How happy you would be with a class so few skills is up to you. Personally i like to have as many skills as possible but that's my preference as a player.

In the end many people just take one or two levels of Soldier most commonly the Blitz Fighting Style for more initiative and more land speed and to be profient in nearly all kinds of weapons and armour and shields.

Other Fighting Style with a great addition for your concept at first level is also possible.
With the theme for you campaign i would take a dip into Soldier for Ambusher for example. That Style requires to have Stealth as a class skill before you can pick it!
Street Rat does give you Stealth as a class skill. My Soldier for Society is a Street Rat. ;)

But you would really need a great initiative or being good as a group at creating a perfect ambush situation and you taking the first shot or throw or hit with a reach weapon.

Someone pointed out that for the Exocortex option i would have the problem that my move action i would need to get up close and personal is needed for a better attack bonus.

So it seems the Experimental Weapon Prototype is the better option.

Can you help me out to with the stats?

STR 16
DEX 10
CON 13
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 8 for the Gladiator themed Mechanic with the feat Laugh at Danger or Positive Conduit.

STR 16
DEX 11
CON 12
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 8 for the Theme Guard with the Cook Grenade feat.

  • Should i really go that low for my key ability?
  • Should i wait for the feats i really want until level 3 and take the Heavy Armor Proficiency at 1st level?

This character will start playing at level 2 so already being more sturdy with more Stamina.

Ah you really just forgotten the stats.

Both options look fine to me.

If you favour survival you can take the second option for your stats and invest in the Personal Upgrade which you can found on page 212 in the Core Rulebook to improve your Charisma to 18 and still have the +3 modifier for AC and shooting enemies!

Have you spent all 10 points for the ability scores?

Because Charisma only 11 for an Envoy is really low.

How did you create those stats above?

Str 10 (spent 0 points)
Dex 14 (spent 2 points and 2 for Half-Ork?)
Con 11 (spent 1 point)
Int 10 (spent 0 points)
Wis 10 (spent 0 points)
Cha 11 (spent 0 points and 1 from theme Dragonblood i assume)

That means 7 more points are left.

Or does the 4 for the Intimidate skill mean you work with a Charisma of 18 and the remaining 7 points did indead go to Charisma?

With enough Credits you can buy a personal upgrade augmentation to boost one ability score by 2 so you could get a Charisma of 20 at level 2 if you can aquire an item one level above your level or at level 3 because the lowest item level for a personal upgrade is item level 3.

Obvious stuff you missed? For your cybernetic augmenation in your throat keep in mind it's a +2 circumstance bonus to Intimidate checks always track the kind of bonus you are using!

To intimidate a group you would still need a full action for that Envoy Expertise Talent, but for single targets with that feat Improved Demoralise you can use a move action to try your intimidate check and your intimidate check for single target can use the insight bonus from the 1d6 expertise on top!

Must have for every Technomancer if you ask me would be Magic Missile and if you want to survive nearly everything Life Bubble.
Token Spell to clean up anything on your clothes...

As for espionage spells... Mental Silence maybe?

You can also buy a computer and the module called Spell Chip to be able to cast certain spells from your computer which you dont' need that often to have them on your spells known list but often enough.
For special cases you can buy a spell gem. Because Spell Chips to quote a part of the rules for Spell Chips, they can be found on page 215 in the Core Rulebook, can be reloaded with the same spell.
And you would need to buy multiple Miniaturization upgrades for that computer so your computer can be a watch for example. Otherwise the bulk and size for that computer is high.

Spell chips cost 110% of a spell gem (page 224) with the same spells. When a spell is expended from a spell chip, the chip itself is not destroyed, and the spells can be reloaded into the spell chip for 90% of the normal price of a new spell chip.

Ideas for useful spells would be spells for Invisibilty or to see invisible things, to have different types of movement flying for example or Dispel Magic...

You should talk to the Mystic in your campaign some spells are also on the list for Mystics for Level 0 and Level 1 spells more likely then higher levels of spells.

The Street Rat Theme could also work great for a Spy. The knowledge from Street Rat seems very good for your campaign. You would be the ear to the ground especially in shady parts of the towns and spaceships.

Looking at the class skills both Biohacker and Technomancer have Sleight of Hand for hiding something to smuggle it through a checkpoint for example.

The idea of a Vanguard being a spy is nice.
Personally i like the Inversion Aspect for a Vanguard, looks very helpful for a group. Because moving enemies out of the way with reposition does potentially provoke an attack of opportunity or clears the way for your allies.
Bull Rush requires the right terrain but can be taken as a feat in addition to the free feat from the Vanguard Aspect.

The options you listed for your race both look perfect to be a spy!

For fly speed you can always buy an upgrade for your amour... I like the Astrazoan more because it's only a standard action to be someone else. I picturing a really quick change with a Astrazoan and a more difficult time to have a full minute as a Spathinae

For equipment a Spathinae would need the help of a character trained in Egineering or ranks in Engineering to adjust the armour or can't use the cool shapechanging ability!

In the end, take the race being more awesome in your eyes. They are similiar and both really cool aliens i would love to play.

This character is meant for Starfinder Society and i don't have access to Near Space, Starship Operations Manual or any Adventure Path! All other Society legal sources should be available.

I picture a Mechanic using a Welder or a Seismic Pick as main weapon and in general using advanced melee weapons in combat instead of ranged weapons.
Not necessary that focused on combat but investing enough points into the key ability to get 18 Intelligence like i normally would do, is not that important for me right now.
I am torn between Exocortex for the heavy armour and picking up a cheap longarm for ranged just in case or Experimental Weapon Prototype to make my melee weapon really nasty.
At least a pistol for my melee focused combat style to have a ranged option is worth the credits and a variety of grenades. You never know in Society Scenarios!

I reduced the list of themes to Guard or Gladiator.

I want to keep the weapon familarity from Dwarves so that i can use advanced melee weapons for sure with my mechanic.

Alternate Ability Adjustments are not fun because -2 to Strength although standard Dwarves will let me have a -1 modifier for Charisma.
I don't feel comfortable with a negative modifier for an abitlity but i am willing to leave my comfort zone.

I was thinking like STR 16 DEX 10 CON 13 INT 14 WIS 12 CHA 8 for the Gladiator themed Mechanic with the feat Laugh at Danger or Positive Conduit.
Or for the Theme Guard the following stats STR 16 DEX 11 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 12 CHA 8 with the feat Cook Grenade.

Should i really go that low for my key ability? I don't want a drone for this character because he or she will be in the face of the enemy with the tool/weapon.

Mechanic with Powered Armour looks also nice but to keep track of the batteries and not being able to really improve the movement of Powered Armour (only very late on a high level) made me rule that option out. And Powered Armour comes at level 5 and before that i can use heavy armour without reduced movement speed by the armour as a Dwarf.

Would love to hear more input before i will build this character and use my boon to start that character at level 2!
I will use the free item level 1 option for weapon for Experimental Weapon Prototype Mechanic and spend my credits on other stuff like armour and grenades and toys for example tool kits.^^

Well if you only have the core rulebook and are playing Society you can legally only the options from the sources you own.

So only having the core rulebook and already playing a soldier with a lot of toys why not Solar Armor?


When i doubt i would also follow the guide.

You have post.

I will explore my ideas and post with my alias once i have a prototype of character. Hardest part is done i have a name.

Thank you very much!


I figured this section of the board would be the best place to ask the above question.

So i figured how to create an alias, but how can i create 'the crunch' for that alias?

Would be nice to put in everthing i need for a play by post on this board like i did for my first and so far only play by post on this board for Starfinder Society.

If this part is the wrong section feel free to point me where i should ask about that.

So you plan to let us level up a few times?
Because the Instructor Archetyp you allowed only alters a class starting at level 9!

If i know the level range you plan to let us experience i can pick if i want an archetype and if yes which one. So far starting at level 6 and using the Instructor Archetype i have to wait three(3) whole levels before i really can apply my choice i made for my character. Before level 9 there is nothing from Instructor, literally.

I need that input before i can settle for an idea.

I have like roughly five potential characters fighting to be written down...

Edit to add my rough ideas before the deadline:

All of them vanilla human. ;)

  • Biohacker Wisdom based with Medic Archetype - a Doctor on an adventure
  • Mediator Archetype and most likely Envoy with the goal to understand Babel as lifegoal!
  • Operative Assasin because something is going on and there is a place for stealthy murderer for the 'greater good'
  • Soldier veteran of some kind being an Instructor
  • Mechanic dreaming of building something to explore everything including what's out there besides the gates or rebuild a gate?

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Edit: I deleteted my first post which was only this:

Oh i chuckled when i read that first, but it sure slows you down and opens that can of worms for a group discussion how to handle this.

And to not doppelpost i merged my two posts.

Nefreet wrote:

Speculating here, but I imagine it's not legal for Society because it's a bonkers good feat, not because of the typo.

Choose a race with a bonus to Profession (like a Lashunta or Working Relations Gnome), expend two feats (several races can do this at Level 1 as well), find an Insight bonus from somewhere, spend 20cr for a blanket +4 to Profession checks and you've covered three skills with 1/3 the skill ranks.

You need to pick Shirren or get an option to pick the cultural fascination racial trait! I am not aware of anything that let's you pick the cultural fascination racial trait if you are not Shirren.

It sure sounds like a race specific feat only open for Shirren, so far.

Nefreet wrote:

The other Professions list two skills. Electrician lists one skill and one skill task.

I think it's a typo.

Looking at the myriad pairings of skills, Computers+Engineering is suspiciously absent.

I think replacing "Disable Device" with Computers makes the most sense.

I agree and reading this thread again i made not clear that there is always two different skills you can replace with your Profession skill.

But still it looks suspiciously like a legacy copy and paste typo, because the base for Starfinder is Pathfinder First Edition.

But you can already use Engineering skill for Disabling something mundan.

So you don't get any benefit from taking that feat twice, which is true for all the other professions.

I just want to remind you what about a race being large and trying to wear a large or smaller powered armour?
Someone is asking this question already

So limiting powered armour only up to large is not a good idea, as it was mentioned early in this thread, because we have so many races being large.

In general we need a few clarifications about size or character in powered armour and in a Mech and on top of that which armour inside a Mech.

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So in Character Operations Manual on page 25 i saw the name for a skill i very well know from my Pathfinder First Edition games.

Profession Mastery has a very long list because for all different professions.
Under Intelligence-Based Profession Skills: you can find electrician(Disable Device, Engineering)

I am sure we can all agree, that each group can create a houserule in that case.
And yes that feat is not legal for Starfinder Society.


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So the token human will be even more rare in this huge family of agents?


Or is it only in my area that a human character is a rare thing?

Since i am thinking about this even when i only read the bits of lore once and followed this thread, i should say Hello!

I admit it's overwhelming and i will not read everything you linked in detail.

So i will come back in a few days and if i still think i have the time and will find joy in playing here i will have a character or at least a rough idea.

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