Is there an "evil twin" template

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Does it even need a template or could you just take the base character's stats and change their alignment to evil (I figure the law/chaos part of their alignment remains the same.)

Yeah just make them evil, no changes required.

If the creature you're changing is a Paladin you might want to take a look at the Antipaladin, but mostly this is going to be just a flavour reskin.

Mirror of Opposition.

The Trompe l'Oeil comes to mind.

Twinned summoner could work too

Do it like Dark Link from Legend of Zelda and give him Shadow Template or Shadow-traced Creature

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The first thing that came to mind is the Alter Ego Template.

The template is used to create a copy of the initial creature, but making it a construct with copied classlevels, higher dex and a distance dependacy with the original.

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