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I've got an Unchained Monk I'm finishing off, and I just recently found out about this Wanderer Archetype for the Monk. Can it be applied to an Unchained Monk?

I'm asking because at 7th level, the archetype replaces Wholeness of Body with Wanderer's Wisdom, and at 13th it replaces Diamond Soul with Free Step.

Unchained monk is different from other Unchained class (with exception of maybe Antipaladin) in that it cant use archetypes from the Chained class.

However as always, you could ask your GM and see if he allows it.

A wanderer replaces 5 different abilities which the unchained monk doesn't get automatically or at the same levels as a standard monk - slow fall etc. are optional ki powers instead. Converting wanderer to work with unchained monk isn't impossible or unreasonable but it isn't something you can just pull straight out of the book to use either.

as mentioned GM have to approve using this archtype with the unchained monk. usually by replacing the nearest ki power with said traded abilities.

also the rules state that any ki power that the archtype replace with something else can never be taken (even on later levels).
So for example if it trade wholeness of body and the gm rule that at level 6 or 8 you get the replacement ability instead of a ki power. later on you can not take wholeness of body with a free ki power.

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