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looking at the Kobold Yapper example he's yapping song has a listed save dc of 16. which seem odd as the ability is not mentioned to have a save.

for me it always seemed like the idea was to replace 'inspire courage' as it is the counter effect of it:
it effect attack, damage and save VS fear but has penalty instead of bonus, to enemies instead of allies and it increase at he same levels 1st,5th and every 6 levels after.

as in the Yapper can't inspire the courage of his allies but can instead make his enemies angry.

this was specifically ruled out in this FAQ :
"...However, there is a category of abilities that deserve a special note: Abilities like Arcane Strike that specifically enhance a character’s weapon or weapons themselves never apply to special abilities (with the exception of special abilities like the warlock’s mystic bolts that specifically call out that Arcane Strike applies)."

then it goes on to talk how even ray attacks that can use weapon feats (like weapon focus) still doesn't count as a weapon for effects calling out weapons like arcane strike. (so not only acid splash even normal rays wont get arcane strike)

heaving other cast for you should not be on this list. as the leader of leaders can get summoned hoard and all can cast.

just like to add that true strike is a great spell for any magus. not only does it negate concealment the +20 to hit can effect the attack you use in the same round with combat casting AND help with concentration since you can take penalty to hit for a bonus on the concentration roll.

protection from X block it, not hearing or understanding (oracle tongues curse for 1) mess it up .a bard can use counter song against it but mostly just do something else for a round. summon a monster or something...

so... how about an easier way to get and regrow the skin?

1: get one metal clad creature (medium size for the last spell).- might want one of each of the many kinds. getting Adamantine or silver or Mithril might be very much worth it beside gold.


3: cast decompose corpse on it - rut the flesh leave the bones intact. the metal skin will not rot but should fall off nicely with no flesh to hold it in place (think of a bone in armor)

4: take the metal skin to the hoard

5: cast restore corpse (hence the medium size limit).
- '..The corpse looks as it did when the creature died...'

go back to steps #3-5 and repeat.


-for 2x 1st level spells per cycle this is golden.

so, this might be me getting the spell wrong, but why are you not just casting it on the greatsword itself?

that way you take one hand off. the other hand still hold the sword(can't attack though until re-gripping) -hence you are wielding the metamagic rod as well, and the free hand can do the gestures. no gauntlet needed.

(i mean it's called "Spellsword")

Coidzor wrote:

I just remembered another option, similar to making intelligent constructs that can take Master Craftsman. Because it is also making a servitor and then having it take Master Craftsman.

Blast Shadows are undead that can be created using Create Undead by a level 14+ spellcaster. There is no limit on the number of them that can be controlled, the duration that they can be controlled, or the HD that can be controlled. Their only limitation is time, wealth (in onyx), and bodies capable of fine manipulation that have been killed with spells that deal Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire damage.

Depending upon version, they either have 8 HD or 10 HD. Both of those are sufficient to be able to retrain to gain the Master Craftsman, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, and Cooperative Crafting feats. The 10 HD version could even take something like Gunsmithing as their 5th feat and churn out valuable goods quite quickly when not engaged in magic item crafting.

Definitely one of the more finicky forms of undead to make, since one would typically have to actively kill creatures to do it instead of being able to recycle ones that have already died, but it doesn't require a humanoid body, so animals and other creatures with the necessary capacity to manipulate objects could also be used.

Granted, a contract to execute condemned prisoners and dispose of their bodies could create a source of suitable bodies and no one really cares about bandit problems suddenly vanishing overnight. So there would be ways and means.

So, yeah, that's 400-500 gp for the Blast Shadow itself, another 400-500 per feat to retrain (so 400 * 4 or 500 * 5), another 400-500 per skill rank to retrain (5 of them required for Master Craftsman) and then the cost of the body itself.

So either 4000 gp for the 8 HD version or 5500 gp for the 10 HD version...

Blast shadows while loyal to their creator - are not controlled by him.

gm is perfectly fine with NPCing them into murdering lot who don't attack you but might be against being your factory workers. or demanding payment.

quicken (or normal) true strike = +20 to hit.
even if you use it as normal spell and not quicken. attack then cast with combat spell then next round use the bonus to hit with the spell strike. hitting the mark every 2nd round is better then missing every round.
if you can invest in spell storing weapon. it cast the spell you use on it with all the bonus stuff you add to it (like intensify) a nice vampiric touch or Scorching Ray can do a lot for the first attack that hit.

Dasrak wrote:

Bloodline arcanas modify the effect of spells. There is no need for an (Ex), (Su), or (Sp) designation; the effect manifests as part of the spell and is treated as if it were just part of the spell's normal effect. It's a passive benefit, no different than Spell Focus or Spell Penetration, or even more complex ones like Dimensional Agility or Sacred Summons that change how a spell works in subtle ways.

Cloistered Upbringing would not work as the healing is from a spell and not a supernatural ability. On the other hand, the Fast Healer feat would work since the healing is coming from a spell which does qualify as magical healing.

not all bloodline arcana modify spells. but i agree that most that do are probably doing it as part of the spell casting.

however the ability doesn't modify the spell itself (nor it's caster level or dc etc) it happen along side it.. the added effect comes only from the arcana. as such what kind of ability it is matter.
that is why i referred to the other effects, as you can see some are said to work like metamagic (like 'lightning rod'), or increase save dc like spell focus (like 'divine demand')and still they are named under supernatural effects.

as for fast healer. 3 feats are too much to spend for a minor increase to healing when the healing itself is repeatable

well it part of the spell in the sense that it can't work if the spell fail.
but it is defiantly a separate effect. it doesn't have to target the spell target or people who are in it's area of effect (it's range is line of sight which can be well beyond the original spell's reach) and if it was part of the spell it would have to say something along the line of using the spell for cl,dc or save (in case some1 doesn't want to get healed - like the superstitious rage ability etc).

beside other things that work like this seem to be (su) as well. even those who use the spell dc and stuff such as:
Part the Veil (Su),
Divine Demand (Su),
Lightning Rod (Su),
Travel as One (Su),
Enduring Ritual (Su).
and more

the ability doesn't say what kind of effect it is, but it seem to me that it should be a su effect.
it is added to spells so ex is not really in order, and it's a free action so sp or spells are also not fitting,also as it happen while a spell is cast i doubt it is a second spell casting being done at the same time.

should the Cloistered Upbringing traint work on it?

i think the absorb blood ability change that on purpose:

Absorb Blood (Su) A Sayona adjacent to a bleeding creature automatically accelerates the bleeding, dealing 1 point of Con damage to that creature once per round on its turn and absorbing the blood through its skin.

while they should have talked about the bleed once the Sayona is away from the target. as long as it's close the bleeding is as they stated 'accelerated' into a con damage.
as bleed is only done on the bleeding creature turn and the absorb blood change whatever bleed damage into 1 con damage (while the Sayona is adjasnat) they might have skipped what bleed the Sayona might do. still should write it down in case it moves away. i would keep it at 1 point minimum. getting con drain nd con damage with paralyze and other debuffs on this creature is worse enough for the characters./

well it is kinda needed since the monk can use almost any part of his body to attack with. one might be amazed at a a repositioning hip attack...

yea. my bad. i got confused with stuff like disarm\distracting. that give +2 to disarm \ feint and thought trip did the same for trip.

age them?
if it was good for Darkstorm it's good enough for me (although the man was a Dufus. he did have some style)

your missing a point. he can just use his ride by attack. that let him move double the mount speed instead of one movement speed of distance and not provoke from the pick-man.

what you need to consider is OTHER enemies aoo.
the ride by make the target of your charge unable to get any aoo. it say nothing about anyone else.
the challenge ability doesn't say the ac bonus is only against the targeted foe.
so to make it simple

with only challenge ability :
you move up to mount speed, before and after attacking. it count as charge (+2 to attack -2 to ac. lance shtick etc. must move 10 ft before attacking etc etc etc). and you provoke from anyone as normal moment, but gain bonus to ac.

with only ride by you get:
move up to double your mount speed, rest as above with one more difference in that the target of your attack doesn't get to take aoo for your movement.

both ability and feat:
(i would say decide before hand which you use). if you use ride by then use the above. if use the challenge then as above but gain extra ac for having the feat.
so ether move up to double, not provoking from main target but no bonus ac vs other people you move and provoke from. or move up to movement, provoke from every1 who threaten area you leave but get combined bonus ac for heaving both feat and ability. (so 3 + 1/4 levels)

there is a feat for thrown weapons that make them return to user after resolving the attack (as long as no1 caught them with the catch arrow feat). might need fighter levels or the martial focus feat to qualify.

1: a trip maneuver can replace ANY melee attack (normal.not touch) you have. be it unarmed,natural or manufactured weapon.
if you do not have the right feats you might provoke aoo while doing so and or be tripped yourself if you fail.(or drop your weapon, i don't recall what happen if you fail). btw same goes for the disarm maneuver.

2: when using a monk weapon while flurrying the monk can use : the weapon to attack, his unarmed strike or a combination of the two. deciding before rolling each attack he is allowed to. (and as mentioned in #1 can replace any one such attack or more with a trip maneuver).

note that:

-monks (but not unchained monks)are not automatically proficient with all monk weapons. only the weapons listed in their class section. (unchained monks are,as specifically mentioned in their class info)

-weapon with the 'trip' special ability (such as the monk weapon 'double chained kama') give a bonus of +2 to the attack roll when using them to preform a trip maneuver. (also to perform reposition or drag maneuvers. this was later errata in)

for more info check the 'FAQ box' in the special weapon features section here

so these boots make the wearer consider any plane he is at his native plane.
does it mean that an Eidolon who wear them can't be banished or dismissed with dismissal spells\effects?

sorry, here are the links:
first you need favored prestige class feat.
then you need prestigious spellcaster the later can be taken multiple times one for each missing spellcaster level.

taking both feats would net you at level 15+:
+1 caster level (and spells slots etc).
+10 hp\skill ranks as per favored class bonus (can be mixed but can't take racial favored class bonus)
and +4 to a skill that is class skill to the prestige class, as long as you have 10 ranks in it (+2 if less. stack with skill focus but not other feats)

also note. taking a closer look it seams the first feat is pfs legal ,the 2nd isn't...

there was an old AD&D moudle 'Island of Castanamir ' that had an interesting 'maze' mechanic. all rooms had 4 portals (north,south,east,west) and taking a portal moved you to a different room in a specific pattern. until the players learn how the pattern work moving between rooms was very hectic.

also the way to leave the first floor was hidden in a nasty way so players could end up wasting days or months in it looking for the exit..

is the feat that let you add caster level to prestige class not PFS legal?

as you can prepare lower level spells with higher level spell slots. this question is not hard to fix.
you want lower level extract? make them as 4th level spells

some pointers:

get a ring of ki mastery to decrease all ki uses by 1 (minimum of 1). it used to cost 10,000 gp but seem like it was errata down to 5,000!
if you are not good aligned see if you can pick ki leech qigong ability as well. these two will make sure you are never lacking ki.

if going for jabbing style (which i totally would) i would advice picking the 'Elbow Smash' style strike instead one of the others as this is effectively an extra attack at -5 if you hit so a lot more damage (nonlethal but still great. also see enforcer below)

i would change the whole Dimensional tree -which i believe was to get the enemy flat footed with savant, and as pointed out ain't working. you need flat footed not flanked. (ur mixing them i think from sneak attack that work on ether flat footed OR flanked. medusa's wrath doesn't work with flanked).
instead i would work on your intimidate skill (maybe add items that buff it if able). go for the
weapon focus(unarmed strike)
>dazzling display
>shatter defenses - now shaken enemies are flat footed so medusa can pop up
+ enforcer (for that elbow smash non-lethal).
taking the scaled fist archtype will not only help with intimidate (as they use cha instead of wis) but also give you access to shatter defenses feat at level 10\14\18 bonus feat without the need for it's per-requists. so you only need enforcer beside it to pull this off.

attck wise you go with closing in with flying kick+stuning fist to increase chances of making target open for medusa) if not already in melee range, then elbow smash +the extra attack, if that one hit intimidate and get 2 medusa strike attacks.

can also invest in other things to make enemy fearful

when in melee range just 2 elbow smash.
when hasted at level 20 with 2 elbow smash and medusa and ki point for extra attacks asumming all hit would like like so. (can add stuning to elbow smash for extra chance of getting medusa's wrath)
bab :+20 (elbow)/ +15 (elbow,non lethal +intimidate)/+20 (medusa)/+20 (medusa)/+20 (elbow,1st extra flurry)/+15 (elbow,non lethal)/+20 (2nd extra flurry)/+20 (haste extra)/+20 (ki extra)/+15/+10/+5 = total of 12 attacks for jabbing master to work with!

2nd hit add 2d6 from jabbing master and every hit after adding +4d6 from jabbing master.

also remember , if elbow smash miss the nonlethal attack, or if u need to use other style attacks, you can always deal nonlethal damage with ur unarmed strike without any penalty so you can proc enforcer with .

did you...just necro-ed a thread from over 5 years ago to ask about a familiar taking monk levels?!?

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not a going by the rules.
but as i always was against the idea of a 0 level spell defeating a 2nd level spell purpose. in my games i rule that detect magic doesn't in fact work against invisibility on the following ground.

-im using the old school detect magic theme were when casting it you see the magical aura visibly as a glowing color (maybe themed per magic school.
point is invisible mask ALL the visible parts of the target. say the target normally emit a golden shine. being invisible would hide that, same goes for any other thing that it shines with. including normally invisible magic auras. the magic aura that detect magic would show is in fact hidden\blocked\background mirrored in front (pick however you like to think invisibility work).
and yes the magic that hides auras would also hide its own aura. i mean whoever made the 2nd level spell should know how a 0 level spells work by that point and work around it.

some kobold themed items and feats:

stun vial

feats to be used with debuffs(like the vial):
for rogues
for casters

pit traps that end in small space would force the one trapped to also squeeze for extra debuff.
twisting tunnels would make it hard for any archer to attack outside of melee reach.
use darkness as much as possible there is close to no reason to have any light source in a kobold den.and anyone bringing in light could be spotted a long distance away (and also ranged from outside their sight. remember if they are in a lighted area even creatures from 200 ft away in darkness can see them clearly).
use 'pets' - i like slimes and vermin to engage the party while the kobold stay hidden and snipe.

also i find that when looting the group is not as impotent to an intelligent enemy (what would they do with medium sized gear anyway. ether are small kobold or large trolls), sundering the party's gear can be really bad news to them. does the archer have a spare bow? high ac for cleric doesn't help against sundering his holy symbol (to prevent focus required spells from being cast or any channels) or his armor (which then lower his ac as well). some slimes are useful in that regard as well..

for a charging build i would recommend getting the rhino charge feat. let you charge each turn if you use your movement to get a way (might provoke aoo depend on reach and build etc).
just charge in. next turn move away and ready to charge once you say -'have at thee!' golden, really.
also work very well for pouncing chargers, not just lancers. (although they can also just full attack if they want to, mostly used for them tigers who get special attack on a charge)

yes, but it cost more.

a wand base price (which again, is half for crafting) is (750 gp)X(caster level)X(spell level).

so a wand of a level 1 spell with caster level 1 would cost 750 to buy and 375 to craft.
the same wand and spell with a caster level 10 would cost 7,500 to buy and 3,750 to craft.

same formula goes for higher level of spells.

you might need to add 5 to the dc of the crafting if you try and make a wand that you do not have the caster level of making.

remember that the friend must be with you on each day you craft and expand the spell for crafting the wand (i think for each day of crafting, but not sure)

2. it even explain that all sight beyond 5 ft is obscured -which is then set in numbers of the 50% miss chance at 10+ feat away.

as he has dragon bloodline. im assuming the natural attacks he talk about from the blood rager is the claws he get when he rage.

as for con drain:

well it depends.
rise dead mention that level 1 creatures brought back to life loose con and if they have no more con they can't be brought back.

now here is a small tidbit about how in 3.5 dead creatures were considered objects but in pathfinder this has not been ruled ether way(yes or no). if a dead creature is still a creature (albeit not alive one), then it is still subject to some spells. restoration is one of them (target is creature. and unlike some other spells this is not said to be only 'live' creature. just creature.)
so if the gm rule that dead creatures are still in effect creatures then you can still use restoration on them to restore their con back to above 0 and then rise them from the dead.

bonus of same type (except specific like dodge) do not stack.
spell effects from same spells (two hastes from2 different casters) don't stack.
same effect from different spell should stack unless stated it doesn't (hence all the haste like spells keep mentioning if they stack with haste itself or not. same for keen)

here you got a very lucky fellow (wind keep blowing arrows away from him, he keep bending to pick up coins when an attack is set for his head) being targeted by a very unlucky mob (wind keep shifting his hair in his eyes, he keep on slipping on puddles of water when charging).

i for one would make him roll twice for his unlucky attack and before rolling each one roll that unlucky roll twice(for his lucky enemy ability) and keep the lowest of that roll as the one to compare for the top two unlucky rolls (lowest of 4 rolls).
50% chance the wind will be a problem for him. 50% chance the guy will bend to pick a coin just in the right moment. that is 25% that his attack won't face wind and bending problems

hmm. i think i got that mixed from the overrun maneuver where the target can just let you go pass allowing you to succeed automatically.

as well as the fact that if they don't resist and are considered helpless\immobile etc (big 'if' question there) then in the maneuvers section it state it is auto success:
" If your target is immobilized, unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated, your maneuver automatically succeeds " i think it's logical to allow yourself to be immobile if you chose to.

in the shadowrun setting game (Set in futuristic earth + magic) there is a new form of entertainment 'sim' that replaces tv and movies. it allow a user to experience the whole 5 senses of whoever record the 'film' (and if not regulated to keep the senses output in check can also be highly addictive. - chip addicts).

i can see some sort of high class geisha or playboy selling "a night in my 'perfect' body" to rich unattractive\shy\old etc clients.(high fines set to anyone who abuse the body. bodyguards ARE set for the night to make sure).

can also be used as a 3rd party to help negotiate a conflict. hiring out their personal to make the meeting when two sides can't even be set around the same table. (again bodyguards\fines etc).

underwater\flight experience for the morbidly hydrophobic\afraid of heights.

more and more..

maximized empowered symbol of healing that had permanency cast on it can be used daily by an entire army to heal around 46 hp per person. cost 10,500 gp but last as long as it's not dispelled . mount on a fast mount or tie to flying companion (as airplane's banners) for easy use.

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GM might limit how many people can be stacked helplessly in the same space before they start sliding over to other square. i rather use rules that don't need to be argued with.

willuwontu wrote:

A wand of infernal healing (should) only be 750gp, and restores 500 hp in total. This results in a cost of 1.5gp per hp.

By contrast, a regular wand of CLW costs 750gp, and heals 275 hp on average, or 450 hp at most if all dice are rolled maximum. This in a cost of 2.72gp per hp on average or 1.66gp per hp at maximum.

A wand of infernal healing is the cheapest way to restore HP.

I'm unsure what this amped stick you are talking about is, or what the diamond is for. Please explain those.

oh ye of little math.

with a different spell, a LOT of movement (and a drill Sergent - it need a LOT of cooperation, but can be done) i calculated a level 2 spell to heal 129 hp spread around 63 people per casting (50 charges would be 6450 total healed with full charged wand that cost 4500 gp so roughly 8 sp per hp or 0.8 gp).

and if you buy an extended wand of said spell (3rd level wand so 11,500 gp cost. but it has higher caster level) it would heal up to 1,130 hp spread around 203 people per charge (so 56,500 hp for all 50 charges. less then 0.2 gp per hp healed).

here goes:
using the path of glory spell the caster set up 4 x 5-ft squares in diagonal. btw all the area to be used in the spell casting and around it should be filled with people, beside one square off to the corner of the diagonal line. each round during the spell duration the caster extend the line by 4 more diagonal squares.
during the drill after the caster finished casting each person to be healed (caster included) delay until his turn in the drill order.
first to act is the caster who end his turn in a healing square (HS for short) then the one on the opposite side of the empty space (or someone who move into his space) bull-rush him into it(clearing his own space, bullrush is an auto success if the target doesn't oppose). by order, after each end his turn and heal 1 hp (saying 'done' out of turn order is allowed) they each ether move into someone else area and bull rush the guy in the HS to the new empty space, clearing up space along the diagonal line for the peopole down the line.

first round would be like so :
C = clear spot . the caster is shoved into one after casting and healing.
w = wounded person space.
X = HS. also includes a wounded person in it).

at 1st round


2nd round:
2 = the new 4 squares added. all, beside the one with the last HS from last round, have new wounded people in and around them to heal.
n = new people added to heal


with the extended wand it last for 10 rounds adding 20 people per round after the first (1st round has 23 people in it).

so 23 are healed for 10 hp, 20 for 9, 20 for 8....20 for 1 in the last round.
23*10+20*9+20*8...+20*1 =230+900 = 1130 hp for one charge.

i did the math in a sloppy fast way. others might well improve this method. this uses one medium or small person per square, if you can get more (like ratfolk swarming etc) this would heal a LOT more people (or ratfolks at least).

for a TON of healing (if anyone want to do the math go on a head. im not bothering with this one) i suggest a symbol of healing though this one can't heal the same people over and over in a 24 hour period. unlike the path of glory.

Cevah wrote:

My issue with the ring is that it required a hand to wield, and thus I could not two-hand a weapon.


if your two handing a weapon go for shield brace feat. let you use pole-arm or spear group weapons with Shields. i like using Nodachi with a heavy shield. (my warpriest uses the clawhand from above with it so he can cast ,fight with 2 handed weapon and have shield on)

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grab a clawhand shield. it's +2 heavy shield (+4 shield bonus total). no problem for arcane casters. no acp. and it make the somatic hand gestures for casting so don't need a free hand to cast.
bonus it hits things that grapple you.

force shield ring cost 8,500 gp and take up your ring slot. clawhand cost less (8,158) and while taking up the hand, leave it open for casting and such. and higher ac all together (+4 vs +2)

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while "never split the party" is a great and informative song(look it up). it is also a metagaming song.
all the reasons in it are how the party had troubles fighting things or what not (rogue stealing stuff behind their back) because of D&D troop issues (game balance mean the party face dangers set to their party power level. so half party has less chance to succeed)

-but all in all metagaming should not dictate how and when a paladin falls in RP.

the players can lift how many eyebrows they like (and i as one WOULD do the same). the characters were not abandoned.

i was taking it to the extreme. just pointing out that since they did survive maybe they were not is such a great danger they needed the big strong paladin to save them.(heck for as much as we know the rest might be 7 feet tall barbarians who hate to share..)

also (@Reksew_Trebla ) in the babysitter example up there. he was abandoning the babysitter not the kids ;)

he didn't leave and go home. he went to face other dangers that might harm some1 less competent.

as i said if he came back and find his entire party turn to bits..yea. that might count as abandoning. if he comes back and the cleric is healing the wizard while the rogue is hiding stuff in his backpack. it was fair game

so..picnic time and the flies are swarming. he can't go for a potty break?

nor can he leave the babysitter he hired since the kids are clinging to her (grapple?)

there is danger everywhere in the world. heard of doppelgangers? now he can't EVER leave the party alone with each other!

i'll go with the old fashion way. if they die fighting the enemy he left behind he abandoned them. if they live it was not a danger they couldn't face .he isn't their baby-sitter ether, they are grown men(and women) and it is a war (large scale combat was mentioned).

in fact any paladin in a war who have two low level npc on ether side of him would fall if this was true.

abandoning is going away from combat. not into it. you can't protect them all. you can't save them all. but turning your back and leaving them fighting while you chose not to fight at all is abandoning. going to fight the big bad boss. or his more competent 2nd in command since that is the best tactical way to divide your strength in battle - is not.
don't be lawful stupid...

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you are using the OLD juju oracle reference (from 2010). it was edited(in 2013).
in the OLD one if you look up the spell list given to the oracle youll see this line:
'Bonus Spells: speak with animals (2nd), hideous laughter (4th), fear (6th), charm monster (8th), create undead (as a 5th-level spell; juju zombies only; see right) (10th), magic jar (12th), creeping doom (14th), trap the soul (16th), shapechange (18th).'

that is how they were going to let them bring up the juju zombies (which by the way, back then could have ANY alignment not only evil).

the new errata to this class took out the whole juju zombie easy access compliantly. (as well as the flavor text suggesting creating them '...including the actual feared juju zombie...').d
now they need the normalcreate undead spell for it. and as such also don't get any control over them.

this is where the whole weight of coins come in(what was it 20 coins per pound?)

..sure they can try and steal your belt pouch. now what is their str mod and how many coins can they move with in light load? just run after the one who suddenly drag behind. (remember small mean 3/4 of caring capacity as well.young age has str penalty)

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your mixing up tactical dividing of troops and abandoning them.
when you run away from the enemy leaving your friends behind that is abandoning.
when you split up to cover more area to not let them pass you and kill the low level mooks on your side it's useful implement of forces in battle. otherwise the whole army of paladins would go one after the other in a straight line each trying to be the one in front...and anyone not in the lead falls from grace!

when i wanted to make my 'swift blade' samurai (using dex to hit and damage with a katana) i ended up fleshing a swashbuckler into it. worked very well.

on that note. a Kata master monk (one level to get to use monk & unarmed weapons for swashbuckler stuff) then going into whirling dervish swashbuckler would let you use dex for damage, have monk's wis ac and use cha for panache. flurry with unarmed or monk weapons using dex to hit and damage. and by level 8 (monk 1/ swashbuckler 7) you get the 'Whirlwind Dance' deed that let you move and full attack (with all attacks using highest bab and add flurry to boot).
signature deed once your at level 12+ will make this not even cost a panache point (i'll also take one for hte blinding deed for full attacking + movement that can blind your targets).

also you'll be adding all swashbuckler levels to damage via Precise Strike deed

for katana you might need something to be able to count it as a monk weapon (or just go for temple sword)

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