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depend on the level.
lower levels a summon is always good as it attacks your enemies even if you do not tell it to.
in higher levels the shadow gambit feat can make a real nasty surprise when combined with the 6th level permanent illusions (programed and permanent), and i't versatile too so it can deal p\b\s damage and focus on to hit or save to avoid to tailor it to the target. best part? it's already casted before hand so it doesn't betray the user when activated (my favorite were flocks of big nasty birds, hanging about until they attack)

it can be used with lower level illusions as well, but then you might have to keep concentrating on them to keep their duration. and you can't really have more then one ready.

beside that since were talking rogues and such. you might want to look into traps and the cunning trigger rogue talent.

a funny way to deal untraced attacks is a calamity caller warpriest class ability. bonus points if he look crazy and mumbles 'the end is near!' (although then it's kinda obvious who the one doing the calling might be)

the swashbuckler gain the "Opportune Parry and Riposte " deed.
not the duelist's "Riposte" class ablility

should you also take levels in said prestige class (gain at 5th level) then you might be able to take this feat.

well..even if the mount spell has some fault to prevent swapped creatures to attack or what ever. you can use the summon accuser spell instead. it's less duration (10 min/ level) but still very long duration with high enough level and extended rod this can last many hours easy.
and that spell has no limitation about what the summoned creature can do.

with their greater teleport and invisibility at will they can be kept hidden until you need to change them to something more combat oriented.

ErichAD wrote:

Unfortunately the spell "alter summon monster" uses the term "swap" to describe the creature replacement, and that's a term without specific in game mechanical description. My reading is that the only things shared between the new form and the old form are those specifically mentioned in the spell.

"The new creature has the same conditions and amount of damage as the target creature, and remains affected by all curses, diseases, poisons, and penalties that affected the target, but no other spells or effects carry over."
I don't believe a lack of combat training falls into any of those categories. However, 2 hour per level combat summons are beyond the potency of most other spells, so it seems reasonable to rule that your mount would only be changed cosmetically.

One could argue that your summon should do anything a mount would do, and that your summon would have a bunch of free tricks to learn based on their intellect. And that, therefore, your mount could reasonably be combat trained and serve as a combat mount.

But really, we're looking at a poorly thought out spell that needs a DM to look at it and make a judgement call.

i'd call being able to serve as mount only and not being able to attack a big penalty -so yea, that stay right there.

yea. clawhand shield is better and cheaper. +2 heavy shield (both are named items so both can't be upgraded without gm approval). but clawhand, beside the higher ac is actually helpful if grappled. and like the above doesn't have ac penalty or arcane miss chance. AND it make the somatic hand gestures so you don't need the other hand to be free.

also it's NOT an annoying so called 'intelligent' item that argue with you..

take a nagaji (or human with racial heritage) and go with the spit venom feat tree (all 5). get to spit blinding+acidic+bleeding+entangling+area of effect a few times per day (with all 5 feats its 5+ 1/3 levels)
-and with the aoe you can't miss since they start their round in the cloud effect area, so they get the acid and entangle with no save. and need to save vs blind\bleed effects.

and if the full round action to spit is too much look into venomblade fighter who make it a lot faster.

the rod let you use the metamagic feat 3/day without having said feat or using higher slot. lets have a closer look at some of the words.

"When you cast an echoing spell, it does not disappear entirely from memory, and you can cast it one additional time during that day. No effect that allows you to reprepare or recast a spell can affect the echoed spell... "

the way i read this is once you use the feat on the spell you get it back only once. and nothing can let you redo this on the same spell.
remember usually what would happen is one uses a spell slot 3 levels higher when he cast an echoed spell. that specific spell slot can cast it again, but nothing can regain it until you rest and regain it normally(which btw SHOULD be written otherwise you never get your spell back.EVER...)

to be honest i didn't know there was a limit on spells on a scroll. was told it to be 10 by my gm. might be his rule though.

id say if not UNmonk -which is totally powerful. high ac,bab,saves, evasion and d10 hp (some1 up there said d8) AND you get mage armor on all that?

i didn't see it here. maybe i missed it, but the druid is a nice 2nd option . animal friend and wild shape (with Natural Spell - cast druid & wizard spells while assuming a harmless bird form) can be very powerful as well.

for alchemist id say Grenadier (getting precise bombs at 2nd level sign me on!) it was so basic that it was posted twice in the books. since it first showed up as a monster race archtype in the monster codex (i believe it was meant to be hobgoblin only at first). untill now both d20pfsrd and the archive of nethys keep 2 pages of this archtype. one for the monster codex one for the pfs field guide.

if im not mistaken, a scroll can have up to 10 spells scribed in it when created.
my summoner keep 2 spring loaded scroll case with his top 20 most needed spells on him (mage armor, rejuvenate eidlolon. summon eidolon, glitter-dust etc).
i find them very useful.

i agree that it's stronger then a feat. it should be , it's a class ability.
most class abilities ARE stronger then feats. feats like extra hex or extra revolution mean nothing if you lack the class ability to use them.
the fact is you give up other class abilities to gain this. not feats.

well this actually mention that you need it to specifically say it stack to work and go on to give the assassin's sneak attack stacking dice for example.

so yea. if it doesn't say it stack - you know how to do xd6 from one class and yd6 from an other doesn't mean they each add to each other. it might be the same kind of knowledge... (stick him with the sharp end)

so, at level 6 a spirit summoner gain a hex from the spirit he has or general shaman's hex. the dark tapestry spirit has the Alien Summons hex. would it work on the Summoner's eidolon?

giving it the advanced template and making it immune to crit and sneak attacks (and precision such as the swashbuckler's deed) seem like a great thing to have.

there is a feat. need to be kobold though (or take racial heritage (kobold)

one usaly need a feat and a race to use a slurk as a mount.
but a gm can weave away all that.

about #2 sorry let me link it.
vestments of war.
item should work with the anti-paladin's touch of corruption as per:
"This ability is modified by any feat, spell, or effect that specifically works with the lay on hands paladin class feature. For example, the Extra Lay On Hands feat grants an antipaladin 2 additional uses of the touch of corruption class feature. "
but i don't think 2 levels of anti-paladin would work since you never get the channel energy ability and that is what you need to use to charge up the scyth

just wanted to drop this bomb at the thread here and run off, have fun...

the spider collection
i had this for a game i run when the party spent time in a drow under-town.
a drow who is famous for his vast interest in spiders send the party to collect unharmed special specimen for him. (this can be used to send them into places to find other things laying in wait for them.) also even on other qeusts they would need to keep an eye open for other spiders they come across, in case they want to bring them as well.

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39. Pc's employer\quest-giver intend to betray them from the start and\or frame them as well.

Loren Pechtel wrote:


To craft it you're going to need wish as a 1/day option, or else take the penalty for not having the spell.

well not really.

you can take a break while crafting, you just can't start crafting anything else while doing so. so basically even them pit fiends with 1/month wish can just continue crafting once a month for 1 day's worth of crafting.
(the marid\shaitan etc who can only give mortals wishes would probably have it harder of course)

as for trying to link the wishes together such as noted above:

blahpers wrote:
"I wish that I was stronger . . . starting right after I cast wish tomorrow morning."

it won't work as the spells must be CAST one after the other, not start working one after the other. all you'll get from this is 2X +1 inherent bonus that won't stack with itself.

a better way would be crafting a spell trigger\completion wish items and using 5 of them one after the other.

Mathias Theis wrote:
Compared to Gold, they are being hurt, while taking gold with approval does not deal direct body-damage. Taking Damage on purpose might be acceptable for the target, but might a good deity (or in case of this character a good pantheon) would see it this way? I am thinking about this might go a step too far.

as i said the whole martyr thing (which have a repeating a lot. mostly in good religion connections, you don't see that many evil martyrs) is about taking damage. if he agree to be a martyr for the cause why would it matter that you are the one holding the knife?

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talk to your gm.
do the dark side of the force betrayal.
have your minions start trouble for the party -you mentioned some allies of the party? good targets there - kidnap\kill\frame them via your minions. have the party chase the clues of who did the deed and why etc. to lead them to the chosen battlefield. all the while being part of the team. (your minions doesn't actually have to know you. they might only know the cloaked figure who is behind the men she sent. so they can't tell on you). this would allow you to split the party by having to rescue two different allies at once (so you and one party member go to one and the rest to the other etc).
go for the non lethal options mentioned above.
once you have them all subded offer them to join you as your minions. if refused send them off (with\without gear depaed how crual you want to be)
then hand over your pc to the gm (or be co-gm) until they take your character down or fail as any other sub-quest they faced so far.

id say depending on consent. if he explain and get their approval it shouldn't be. many spells let people share their hp. some martyr classes are built on such abilities. like cash it's bad if you take it without consent ,but if agreed to why would it be any different?

about the whole vital strike mess. better think of it like so.
vital strike uses the 'attack action' (which is not the same as an 'attack'). that is a standard action worth of an action (same as casting most spells).
since you normally have only one standard action in a turn and even if you have more you can not combine two at once. say you can't combine a spell cast with a standard action to attack. cleave and 'mixing a bomb and throwing it' are each one standard action by themselves so unless you have some kind of ability that let you mash up 2 different standard action into one action each must be used separately.

the bit about how the extra damage is not multiplied by vital strike. it only mean that if you somehow CAN use your bomb damage along with a normal attack (say some arch type class ability to add the bomb to your arrows and such. many exist) it still won't multiply the extra damage of the higher levels of alchemist.

a spellcaster can already have a 'semi' mana potion by making ..potions (yes it is limited to spells cast at himself etc but not that much of a leap from here). so basicly i would have 4 things set to make it work.

1 normal mana potions can only be made up to level 3 ,beyond that level you might need ether a feat (say like ' craft greater mana potions' or make them part wondrous items and need both wondrous and potion crafting feats) or a steeper curve of the cost. speaking of...

2 the cost should be a lot more then normal potions (after all if he just needed a mage armor spell he should have just used a mage armor potion, he's trying to regain his true strike spell here), but less then a pearl of power of same level. i would go with 1/4th or 1/2 the cost of a pearl of power with the same level (depend how much you want to make this available or rare).

3 this should be obvious but do not allow them to stack levels up (so no 2 X 1st level potion to regain a 2nd level spell). same for metamagic. you need to regain a metamagic or cast a metamagic spell you need a matching level potion.

say you want to cast an extended mage armor spell without using a 2nd level spell slot?
-drink a 2nd level mana potion and you can decide instead of regaining your 2nd level spell to cast the next 2nd level spell (like extended mage armor) without loosing spell\spell slots.

4 also speaking of spell levels. you need to actually be able to cast 2nd level spells to use this for a 2nd level spell. it's not negating the need to cast higher level spells. just the cost. (so 1st level caster cant' chug a 2nd level mana potion to cast extended mage armor .he need to be able to cast 2nd level spells before he can use this for that.)

as for actual use:
drinking a potion of mana X give the drinker an ability that last 1 min (or if generous 1 min per potion grade) to once ether cast a spell without expanding a spell slot\expand memorized spell or regain a spell slot\memorized spell used previously of a level that match the potion grade. the action is the same action used to cast the spell(if casting a spell) or a standard action (for spells\slots regain). instead on can cast a spell he know adding on metamagic feats he knows without increasing the casting time or loosing the spell\spell slot. the total spell level used must match or be lower then the potion grade. you can only be under the effect of one mana potion at a time. (basically once chuged you get a timer to use the ability once. and can't hold up more then one charge at a time).

higher level potions should be able to be used for effect available from lower levels. so drinking a 3rd grade potion would let you shore up to a 3rd level spell.

about #1 remember that unlike 3.5, in pathfinder when you channel energy you need to decide if you wish to heal or damage. even negative energy won't heal undead if it was channeled to damage the living. this show that not every negative energy would heal undead. so as mentioned above by Aldrakan, unless specifically called out to do so, undead won't heal even when they face negative energy (they just won't be damaged like living things would.).

as for #2 there is a magical item that give +2d6 to channel energy damage that mean 2 more rounds per use. there is also magical item that allow 2 more channel per day (or was it 1 more for clerics and 2 more touch for paladins\the like. not sure)

for #2 id go with a no. reason is the feat say :
"If you have a weapon that is augmented by your Arcane Strike feat, when you damage a creature with an attack made with that weapon...(then apply feat effect),"
and while you do deal damage to the other targets, and even damage of the same kind of your weapons, you never did attack them. you attacked some1 else and the gloves effect dealt them damage. the main target got damaged by an attack augmented by arcane strike. the others got damaged by an effect from the gloves (augmented by arcane strike and the gloves)they were never directly attack (an attack by most need an attack roll)

if gm allow them . be a Wyrwood - constructs don't age.

Kayerloth wrote:

The best way to block Teleportation subschool magic is to prevent any access to the Astral Plane, next best are things like Dimensional Lock. Claxon's demiplane idea also works well ... means they need a side quest most likely to steal an existing Attuned Rod from one of the Smugglers. This is all effected by how your group envisions the planar cosmology (or at least how you envision it).

the reason i opted for teleport trap is that it block teleportation. it ether send the teleporting party into a trap (if they fail the save) or just outright prevent the teleportation (if they save). ether way ward from teleportation.

you can allays cast a lower level spell with a higher level spell slot (it's in the magic section of the rules, but the dc won't go higher unless you use heighten spell feat).

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Venom-Blade for the nagaji.
once he can spit entanglement venom he can pretty much control the battlefield. (specially once it's aoe).

i know the spit venom tree is open to any nagaji, but the class let him eventually use it many times per round and as swifter actions beside the original feat use.

also. it stacks with the Gloom-Blade to form the ever so versatile 'Voom-Blade' a guy who walks empty handed into the battlefield and can take on almost anything he face.

it's one weapon.
do notice it's advanced weapon (as in more modern times\society). so if you do not allow advanced weapon in your games he can only dream about it.

he's medium? he can use some gear ether in human or dragon form.
give him an adamantium two handed weapon (id go for greatsword, it has more calculating menace theme then greataxe) and let his first attack be to try and sunder the big melee's weapon.
nothing say '@#$% you' more then taking out the main tank damage ability with the first hit.. also when he change to dragon form, let him keep on attacking with the greatsword if he can, beside flying and braething on them.

the creature information has it all:
"Fascination lasts as long as the scarecrow remains within 300 feet of the fascinated creature. The approach or animation of the scarecrow does not count as an obvious threat to the victim of this particular fascination effect (although the scarecrow’s attack does count as an obvious threat and ends the fascination immediately). "

no set duration, as long as he's near and the target failed the first save it's fascinated.
do notice that being fascinated can be broken by other means beside duration (such as threats, as mentioned).

but yea. if no1 attack it the target might stay and starve to death. (the Greek mythology have 'Narcissus' dying from staring too long into his own reflection)

@ Derklord
the first is a rule, the 2nd ('the blinded rules apply') is an assumption (probably right ,but still not raw). you being in a cloud that prevent location by sight doesn't mean the target you attack is blind.

one difference is he can see the arrows you shoot at him once they get into the edge of the mist (20% miss area and of course if they exit the mist). a blind man can't .
so a blind man would loose his dex to ac, your mist facing foe won't.
he has problems attacking you doesn't mean he also automatically have problems defending himself.

'make love not war' ?

some1 pointed out to me that the mist thingy is great for 50% miss chance but that nowhere was it said that you are invisible (you only get the same amount of concealment as invisible.) so...being 10 feet in mist\smoke etc doesn't actually make your target loose their dex to ac. it only give what it say - a 50% miss chance...

enough space in containers to hold your gear.
take a look at a fully geared level 1-3 character. how many have sacks and backpacks. out of them how many have more gear that should be in the bags that can't fit in?
i mean before you get a high level bag of holding (end even then some people still carry more then there is space in the bag - which should make it pop).

bbangerter wrote:


you are invisible/stealthed, you are flanking etc. There is no limit to the number of attacks per round that can get SA so long as one of the conditions are met.

attacking usually break invisibility (not greater) and stealth so in these cases unless other factors included only the 1st attack is made against an enemy with no dex to ac and is SA rest are done normally.

note that unless you have special abilities or items you can not make a sneak attack beyond the range of 30 ft.
(or if the target has concealment, like being in a bit dark area, but as a tiefling with dark-vision you won't care for it...)

edit :ninja'd

does he know she's a succubi?
they CAN change their shapes.
not only that you'd need some knowledge check to know she's one or that she can drain energy. the fact a player can gloss over the gm's monster manual books doesn't make it character's knowledge.
make the roll and you might get to consider that as obviously harmful. then again.. a she doesn't HAVE to drain energy so why wouldn't you believe her? because she can damage you with a hug ? -so can a monk\brawler .don't see suggestions to hug them as obviously harmful.

if he wanted to craft that much he should have got master craft feat and the craft wondrius\arm & armor feat. not go into a different class and retrain that. 2 feats are easier to retrain.

the words in that rule state it very clear:
"Unarmed Attacks
Striking for damage with punches, kicks, and head butts is much like attacking with a melee weapon, except for the following:"

in other words beside provoking an aoo it's just like a melee weapon = can be used with weapon finesse.

yea. a Skald can do all kinds of crazy #$% with granting rage powers.

my favorite was summoning a bunch of small fluffy bunnies (or anything else easily killed) and giving all my alies (aka bunnies) the

Linnorm Death Curse, Tor' rage power.:
The character channels the power of a tor linnorm. The character’s melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of fire damage. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed by an attack or spell, the attacker suffers the curse of boiling blood (Will negates). A character must be at least 8th level to select this rage power. Curse of Boiling Blood: save Will DC 10 + 1/2 character’s level + character’s Charisma bonus; effect target gains vulnerability to fire and is permanently staggered from the pain of its boiling blood (this is a pain effect).

ever seen great big monsters RUN AWAY from a dozen bunnies? hilarious!

normally you are not proficient with improvised weapons even if you have catch of guard or throw anything.
that is why Improvisational Focus feat was made.

also you might want to look at these feats:
shikigami style and its following feats.
and as for improvised chairs...

and of course this lovely trait.


you left out one major spell.
the place is warded with teleport trap + permanency (at minimum it can ward an area of 13X40 ft cubes so 15X15 room would fit with it's surroundings).
and every lock-box owner have a token that allow him to bypass this ,so getting one might be a side-quest. (or one per burglar pc)

the trap will teleport those who failed the will to a proper place where they can be interrogated and disposed off (or enslaved to work for 'repaying' the cost)

i had players who abused summoning and calling being called\summoned themselves.

a wild mage (back in 3.5) who had a wild surge when teleporting ended up cloning himself (for a time). instead of disappearing from here and popping there, he got the last part but messed the first.

when using a wish spell saying stuff like 'and' or sectioning off parts (like saying "me,him and her' or 'all 3 of us') require a wish for each. (since you wish for you to get this effect and you wish for him to get this effect and you wish for her... etc. same goes for wishing stuff like 'power,wisdom and immortality').
actually depending on the wish granter i might add more '&' that can be granted in one wish. (to show the power balance of different wish granters. as from the old Aladin story where the Jin in the ring was less powerful then the one in the lamp)

i'll start off with the fact retraining is an optional rule. as a gm you can use it or not, your also allowed to say, you can't retrain without a trainer who MUST be approached and convinced to train you in game (with RP). so until you actually play your character, find and meet the right trainer (who must have the ability you want to retrain into) you can not use retraining.

beside all this...
crafting items take time and money.
retraining take more time and money.

retraining cost can be adjusted to +/- 50% by gm desecration. also retraining without a trainer can be done, if gm allow, but take X2 time.

all in all, you can give him a time limit before the game start, if he isn't finished crafting all his gear and retraining all his levels by then, he''l start with what he managed to get. this would be fair since it would also let you give the other characters time to get things done to.

btw from the sound of it i wouldn't be surprised if some of the gear he crafted was 'costumed' gear (aka true strike\mage armor 2k cost ring etc).
make sure to only let him craft items in that are already in the game (gm can disallow any costumed made item)

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