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Mysterious Stranger wrote:

Diego Rossi has a good point that you don’t need to retrieve the scroll case to take out the scroll. You don’t have to retrieve your pouch off your belt before taking something out of it, so why would a scroll case be any different? The only downside of doing this is that it may expose the scroll case to being taken. A scroll case stored on a belt would be subject to being stolen. Storing it in a backpack makes it extremely difficult for a pick pocket to swipe the scroll case.

Instead of storing the scrolls in your belt pick up a bandolier or two. Each one allows you to store up to 8 small items. If you have two bandoliers, that is 16 scrolls or other items.

you technically don't even need 16 scrolls as one scroll can have as many spells scribed on it as you care to spend. it just mean the scroll is longer.


@Name Violation - i offered it way back at the start of this thread.
no1 listen\read..

(at level 1)
" so you say you wish to become this so called 'Super Saiyon'? what does that look like?
"i start to glow"
-"gotcha" (light on clothes)
"and there is a rush of air from the ground upward surrounding me"
"yes yes, can do" ( breeze)
"...and my hair turns yellow"
"easy peasy" (Prestidigitation on hair).
"ok all done, your a 'super Saiyon' now!"

well unlimited is not really there. he need to spend a spell when he grant said wish, unless you talk about cantrips, but for that you got minor wishcraft treat and any race adopted (via trait) by a genie-kin who has unlimited racial spells per day (lightbringer elf for example) can wish grant unlimited cantrips a day not only to theirs but also to himself (As he is humanoid as well)

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get shield focus and then shield brace and you can use a pole-arm with an axe head that need two hands along with the shield. this should get you a bigger axe then any one handed you might find.

a fighter can have it done in 1st level. anyone else might take around 3 levels or more (depend on build)

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No archtypes or special races needed.
I always considered the skald's "spell kenning" ability to be something akin to blue magic.

Spell Kenning:
Spell Kenning (Su): At 5th level, a skald is learned in the magic of other spellcasters, and can use his own magic to duplicate those classes’ spells. Once per day, a skald can cast any spell on the bard, cleric, or sorcerer/wizard spell list as if it were one of his skald spells known, expending a skald spell slot of the same spell level to cast the desired spell. Casting a spell with spell kenning always has a minimum casting time of 1 full round, regardless of the casting time of the spell.

At 11th level, a skald can use this ability twice per day. At 17th level, he can use this ability three times per day.

As long as you take the necessary bonus\penalty for sizes nothing prevent a smaller creature grabbing hold (and later even pinning) a larger one.
remember starting a grapple is not the Romen Greko wrestling pins. it's mostly just grabbing hold of the creature.

on that matter opposing str checks which are not maneuvers also do not have size limits.

Just last night in our game the party's pesky npc follower, a Pooka (tiny, str score 10) won an arm wrestling contest against a Brass Golem (Huge, str score 32).
she did roll a nat 20 but as a check i ruled it's not an auto success. the golem rolled too low so in the end she won.

Golem was ordered to test any who challenge it. the party tank already won, but the Pooka just couldn't stay still and challenged it as well. every1 was shocked when she won. the challenger needed to approach the Golem and state "behold my might", there will be no living with her after this...

look up the alchemical lists as well. for example these should prove extra usful when air is limited - Air crystals.

also make extra sure you have some magical way to put out fire. a level 1 (or above) pyromaniac cleric with the fire domain can make an 8 hour casting of ceremony which would grant 2 creatures (plus 1 per level if augmented) the following terrifying ability:
Fire Calling. Nonmagical fires the subject makes cannot be extinguished by nonmagical means, though spells and other magical effects function as normal..."

in a certain evil adventure path, my group which started in prison, used this to cover up their escape by setting the whole place into a blazing inferno that couldn't be put down until magical aid came. (we took out the casters first)

it help if you link or paste the relevant info when you ask a question.
for reference, elemental ascetic.

i would say it does meet the requirement of having flurry for blows. it say "he can make a flurry of blows as the monk class feature" which is different then saying stuff like what the magus have in spell combat "This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but.."

it say that he can he make the flurry, then it alter it a bit, but for all things, beside what is altered, he has the ability to flurry as the monk class ability.
it's not saying something like it 'resemble' or 'work like' etc, which would mean it's like but doesn't count as.

willuwontu wrote:
Mysterious Stranger wrote:

An antimagic field suppresses any spell or magical effect used within, brought into, or cast into the area, but does not dispel it. Time spent within an antimagic field counts against the suppressed spell's duration.

The section about suppressing any effect brought into or cast into the area would prevent something from being teleported into the area.

It would stop teleportation circles, for sure, but

The effects of instantaneous conjurations are not affected by an antimagic field
Thus things like Teleport would function.

i think that part mostly talk about stuff brought over magically that are not magical themselves (so they are also not effected by sr) like acid splash. so some1 who uses acid splash and aim into an anti-magic zone would have the spell effect work (as the acid is created outside the zone and is then hurled there.)

as a warpriest who can wear heavy armor your ac can be very high (i usually go with forge priest if i use a 2 handed weapon for the shield spell as well as the increased bonus on sacred weapon\armor i made) but in battles where you seem to be hit to easily you can fervor in ironskin which has a better ac output then barkskin for most levels but shorter duration.

with magically crafted full plate armor, shield spell and ironskin my forge priest was seldom if any hurt seriously.

oh for some reason we thought it was:
"Effect 5-ft (per cl ).-radius circle that teleports those who activate it"

so we imagined anyone trying to simply walk out as some1 going up a down moving escalator always setting his foot back to where he started.

turn out it was:
"Effect 5-ft.-radius circle that teleports those who activate it" so 5 ft step should also work

unless a 3 loop trap is used as above with later 2 ending in a trapped walled 5 ft circle.

But that would amount to the same thing as just having one trap send the target to a walled circle with no more traps at all...

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First let me say thanks for the responds so far.

A friend of mine mentioned that it seem like nothing really prevent the person trapped from bending his knees and jumping out of the circle when it is his turn (as long as he can clear the distance from the middle of the trap). And that it should just be a 50/50 chance out of which trap he end of leaping. Walking out probably won't work as taking the first step would still sent the target to the middle of the next trap.
But since the trigger is stepping on the trap jumping or flying out would.

So in case of jumpers it seem 3 traps are needed. 1 to send the target into a loop of two traps with no room to jump out of.

so simple question really.

the spell Teleportation Circle offer no save (it does allow sr check) and state it teleport "any creature who stands on it to a designated spot". also it can be made permanent with a permanency spell.

My question is, what happen if some1 make 2 permanent TC each with the destination marked as the ground inside the other. will this trap someone indefinitely or will he be able to get out?

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there is also alchemist Cupcake's secret way to turn led into gold. be warned some might frown upon this method.

or in case you only throw one bomb, since talking is free action even out of turn, you ready an action to throw once the skelly is outa the way and he take even two move action to drop down and stand up.
or he can even attack (melee or ranged), drop as free and stand (and provoke) as move.
it's easier if there is room to move behind you. he can even move through your space, going from in front of you to behind to in front. as an ally he can pass through your space, all in one move action of 20 feet move. (hack, if there is no enemy with 'step up' he can do this as a withdraw action and not even provoke)

it still amount to the same, an intelligent enemy who witness this (or learn of it) could just ready to shoot when you do and the path is clear. and since he ready in response to you - he get to shoot first...

my point was that even if the explosive missile could be used with the bomb's subsite of a gun chemist, that substitute is the infused bullet 'Alchemical Ordnance' ability.
so it can't stack with itself.
(but he could, for example, infuse an arrow to act like his 'Alchemical Ordnance').

you have a normal alchemist bomb, let's call it 'explosive formula A'

then you got 'explosive missile' discovery which let a normal alchemist use formula A on ammunition. bullets included.

you now have a gun chemist who learn 'Alchemical Ordnance' aka 'formula B' which let him use something that is considered formula A for discoveries and it infuse something very similar to formula A into bullets.

when said gun chemist uses 'explosive missile' he uses formula B for it -as he never had formula A. that still won't let him use 2x formula B on the same bullet.
not anymore then he can use formula B on a bullet when loading it (with the normal use of 'Alchemical Ordnance'), remove said bullet and put it back in while infusing it again with formula B (again using 'Alchemical Ordnance'). it won't stack.
and if it would, then he has no real need to spend a discovery in the 1st place, does he?
since the bullet remain infused for several rounds at higher levels he can infuse >remove >infuse and at the end shoot a big (level-1)x(bomb) bullet even without the discovery.

same goes for conductive ability. if it works, it would try to add formula B to a bullet which is already infused with formula B. it's like trying to add a smite evil on an enemy already under your smite evil ability.

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while i would have little problem with a level 16 doing that much damage while porting around. the spell say:

"Choose one corner of your starting square"
-your starting square is only the first one and even if you return to it, it's that one corner only.

while you can, say order them to move and come back while you ready an action to throw when they don't interfere with your line of shot etc. any intelligent enemy who see this can also do the same and ready to shoot back at you once the skeleton moves out of the way.

about ducking since it has to be at most half your height the skeleton would need to fall prone most likely since ducking wouldn't even bring him to the right height (if it's medium and you are small)

i'd say it doesn't stack, even by raw. follow me slowly on this one.

1: the "Alchemical Ordnance" is the so called bombs of the GUN chemist for any discoveries etc.

2: the ability above state that using it is infusing the X (= bomb) into the ammo before shooting and it stay infused for Y rounds. if anyone asked if you can pull the infused ammo out and then reload it and infuse it again with the same ability. the answer of course would be that it wouldn't stack even if he can infuse it again.

3: the "Explosive Missile" infuse used here is infusing the bullet with the power of his bomb aka the power of alchemical ordnance and as such the ammo is infused with the same ability that is in #1 and as per #2 should not stack.

you basically get another way to infuse the bullet (and into other weapons then a gun's ammo) not get to double infuse the same ability into the same ammo round.
for the same reason you shouldn't be able to stack a bomb with conductive.

note, it helps if you link all the items you ask about so for reference:

gun chemist.

if you want to house-rule transforming the wall into javelins i'd edit it to limit and only make one javelin per full minute of unused duration left. (while still limiting it to one per caster level in case the duration is increased per extend spell etc).
so if transforming it after 15 rounds you'd get (caster level-2) javelins and such.

while RAW it seem the javelin base damage is untyped, the fact they listed the bonus damage as +1 cold +1 holy water (to those who take damage from holy water, see the spell). it's wired to have 1d6 untyped and then 1 cold added to it, not to mention with a normal to hit and not touch attack.

It seem more likely that the javelins while made out of ice are meant to replicate normal javelin (it also has the same base damage of 1d6) so it wouldn't be too far fetched to house-rule them as 1d6 piercing +1 cold +1 holy water.
(and it would fit requiring a normal to hit. most untyped damage have ether no attack roll or touch attack like vampiric touch while most spells with a normal to hit use B\P\S as damage type such as stone discus etc)

pretty sure it works like adding sneak attack to multi attack spell. the FAQ here say that:

"Sneak Attack: Can I add sneak attack damage to simultaneous attacks from a spell?
No. For example, scorching ray fires simultaneous rays at one or more targets, and the extra damage is only added once to one ray, chosen by the caster when the spell is cast.
Spell-based attacks which are not simultaneous, such as multiple attacks per round by a 8th-level druid using flame blade, may apply sneak attack damage to each attack so long as each attack qualifies for sneak attack (the target is denied its Dex bonus or the caster is flanking the target)."

this spell is the same as in the 1st example "..You must succeed on attack rolls (one per javelin) to hit the target with the javelin.." they all shoot at the same time.

btw if it WAS ok with multiple simultaneous attacks you wouldn't need to go that far. just a paladin with a ring of telekinesis and 9 greatswords would do up to 9x(2d6+smite) (ring is cl 9).
to be fair the last one is still a very good way to deal a ranged 18d6+smite for a standard action...

you are missing the part where the price of the item represent it's costly crafting material and it's power level.
the same spell is used for +2 belt, +4 belt and +6 belt. how come?

it's because the base of the item's powers is not from the spells used crafting, rather from the crafting materials.

the material for the +2 belt can be assumed to be less potent then that of the +4 and the +6. while the +6 might include some rare material that enhance the potent of the spell way beyond the spell power (and that is why it cost so much).

you can craft a +2 belt with a mere 2,000 worth of material while a +6 would cost you 18,000 gp. (crafting costs, not buying costs)

also remember that when crafting one can ignore spells used to craft items (as long as it's not a spell casting item etc) by increasing the dc by 5 per skipped spell. this shows that the costly material is what really matter when crafting (and that cost can't be ignored no matter how high you will set the dc) the spell is more a way to focus the power of the material. if the item's powers came directly from the spell -ignoring it should not be an option.

you should try and think of it backwards. with the right material one can craft an item but without spells to help 'focus' the power of the costly materials while crafting the dc is higher. the spell is not what give the item it's power, it simply what make it easier to craft. (like training wheels on bicycle. if one is well trained he can do without but they help those who are not so good)

the following list is only when i run a balanced game. I also run games which run on the premise that the character are meant to be broken, in which case many of the following do not apply.

1. guns, because if i wanted them we'd be playing Shadowrun instead.

2. occult classes, because no matter how you want to call them they are broken
-my wizard can cast in full armor he just need to keep his cool.
even if this was a compromise it's not balanced. normal wizard in armor need to roll for fail every time he cast, not only when something scary shows by.

3. mythic, because it make the game a whole deferent setting (much like guns) and it's waaaaay to easy to abuse. my mythic character in another game was banned once it hit 3rd tier (tip-it's easy to break the game if you pick the mythic weapon option..).

4. blood money and numerical feat shenanigans. nothing is free.

5. i enforce the rules as they are set, not as the player wish them to be.

for example:
leadership help one attract npc followers & cohorts, as such they are NON-player character and the players has very little say in how they are built nor are they automatically dominated by them.
-the player can look to attract a paladin or wizard or even a character who is good in crafting, but he has little say in how they set their feats\traits\stats and class levels. the paladin that shows up might be multiclass or not.
the player can always refuse and look for another, but the more demanding are his hiring restrictions the longer (if ever) it takes for a suitable npc to show up for the job. (you want an archer you get to pick from a list of tens if not more applications, you want a Drow dragon rider who can cast invisibility and has rich parents? you might have to wait a while for one to show up)

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
If you use an unarmed attack to deliver the spell you have to use two weapon fighting to use the short sword. This also provokes an attack of opportunity for using an unarmed attack, unless you have the feat improved unarmed combat.

no you don't. you only need to use the two weapon fighting rules if you take an EXTRA attack with an off hand (weapon or unarmed attack charged with spell etc). if you have more then one attack via haste or high bab etc (anything other then using two weapon fighting rules & similar abilities for that additional attack) you can make any attack using any form of attack you can normally use with an attack action.

it's in the FAQ that Drecklord linked above, you should bother reading other people's posts before confusing people like that.

As Dreklord said, sneak attack dice are not, by raw, one of the things that are called out not to stack.
even if one say the class ability might not stack (depend on the text, some do) so you might not have X+Y dice for requirements, when attacking each would still procc when the sneak attack would have them take effect. you would do the +x sneak attack dice and the +y sneak attack dice.

seem to me you have two cantrips working on this pen. Arcane Mark for permanent writing (altered somewhat via the 2nd spell to allow words other then the limited mark it normally allow for) and Prestidigitation for the coloring and sizing (*see 'EDIT') of the writing.
A one cantrip item that only do one specific thing the cantrip can do are set around 500 gp (such as this and that) these are items that do not cast spells rather use their effect somewhat limited. (the item doesn't allow any use of the cantrip rather a pre-determined use) it's following the pricing of 1,000 gp X caster level X spell level (where level 0 is considered as 1/2). as your item use 2 cantrips but again limited i wouldn't call in the X2 price on the 2nd spell, but others might.

so i would price it at 1,000 gp (for 2 cantrip's use at 500 gp each combined) others might ask for the price to be around 1,500 gp (for a 2nd spell added at X2 the price).

i will only add that for this price i would add the benefit of arcane mark to be applied here, so while the writing seem to use 'ink' it's not, thus it's not suspectable to stuff that happen with normal ink such as solvent that erase inks (or smudges that come up with ink). i will also add that if the writer so choses (turn a diel?) the writing can be invisible as per arcane mark.
and the best part - using the feather end of the quill the user can erase any part of what he wrote (using this part from arcane mark "The mark cannot be dispelled, but it can be removed by the caster or by an erase spell")

EDIT : i missed the part of 'nibs' being the reason to the altering the width of the writing, the pen i imagined should have like a ring around the area one grab it (a diel) that can be turned to change the width of the writing and another diel to turn it visible\invisible. (imagine the gold ring on this pen being a diel to be turned to do the stuff i mentioned)

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Na, see? you got it all backwards, Minor Wish and Wish (and Miracle) are just more powerful versions of Prestidigitation. they are the Dire and Kaiju templates of this cantrip.

every standard wizard knows Prestidigitation, given enough time, research and power and the spell can be upgraded into it's more powerful versions.
it's like in Pokémon -the standard pre-evolved 'mon is the base. the upgrades are just evolutions of it...

the lore needle explicitly state how it is implanted and how long it takes:
"Implanting a lore needle takes 10 minutes and requires a successful DC 15 Heal check. A user can insert the needle into her own head with a successful DC 25 Heal check."

if you use it on some1 else who is helpless or willing it takes 10 minutes and a dc 15 heal check (which has dire results if you fail, so one can't take 20 on this check).
if you try it on yourself the dc goes up to 25 but it still take 10 minutes. (as it should be harder to pierce your own brain safely compared to some1 else's.)

do notice, all this is just about implanting the needle to make it useable. using it is something else that is done as part of a knowledge check. this check might take different amounts of time depending on the nature of the check. (there are knowledge checks to identify creatures which are rather fast and sometimes automatic, and knowledge checks to learn something using a library which might take hours. etc)

"A creature with an implanted lore needle can, up to three times per day when attempting a Knowledge check, apply to that check its bonus on any other single Knowledge skill in which it is trained."

rewards for standing out doing something cool?

here is one, it also includes the base for the next daring stunt!

assuming the unchained summoner CAN take that archtype (a lot of people out right think only changed archtypes brought here are available for him), the text you yourself brought say:
" whichever is worse for the synthesist".

this mean that if unchained summoner can take the synth archtype then.
if the effects can only effect one of his races and:
- are bad for him (debuffs etc) he can be targeted
- if they are good for him (buffs etc) then he is not an allowed target.
and he can only apply for feats that are open for both his original race and the eidolon he take's form of.

as it stand, that specific feat is open for any demon or half demon without a synth archtype. having the synth archtype hold him back not give him an edge and can only be applied for by demon or half demon unchained summoners who have a demon eidolon synth suit. a demon with a bunny suit (and any other non demon suit) is out of the specs, the same as any non demon\half demon with a demon suit.

sound like he doesn't really think things through.

let me just point out that the permanent 2 negative levels he gain each time he reincarnate is a hefty price by itself even if he dies only once per week. to remove it he would need ether 2 restoration spells (cost 1,000 gp each) or greater restoration (same linked page, cost 5,000 gp). kill him a couple of times and he would have ether unresolved negative levels or lower wealth then the rest of the party. (they shouldn't be burdened with the cost of helping him out of his own suicidal tendencies!).

next is the fact that a smart enemy who is up to this shtick can ether kill him in ways that make reincarnation impossible ("A creature that has been turned into an undead creature or killed by a death effect can’t be returned to life by this spell."). just take him prisoner (before he gain wild shape at level 6 it should be easy at least, after they might need to keep him unconscious) and even if they lack the ability to use death effect or turn him into an undead they can just take him into a place where there is nowhere to hide in 1 mile radius. kill him. find out where he respawned and kill him again.

all in all. while this archtype make it harder to keep the player down. if he is abusing it, it would not be too hard to deal with him.

the most direct way would be to take skill focus (knowledge arcane), eldritch heritage (phoenix) and at level 11 get improved eldritch heritage (phoenix).

this is only my own bit, but i'd house rule it as anything not especially called out to no be in the hand make it not free for spell combat.
compare it to the slashing grace FAQ.
the feat ask for the hand to be unoccupied, and the FAQ make a correlation between the feat requirement to have an unoccupied hand and other things among other spell combat.

so for me, a Swordmaster’s flair or something strapped to the forearm like a buckler or Tekko-kagi etc(which work and take the same place as a buckler) are ok, but anything else in the hand make it not free (unless specifically call out that it's ok).

the free hand is a rule mechanic to limit the stuff a magus can do. the same as arcane spell failure (which divine casters do not have). it's there as a balancing facture and should be used unless otherwise noted.

you want an off hand weapon that free up the hand? go for armor spikes (better damage then spiked gauntlet and is not in the hand)

i had the same problem in 3.5 and getting spell focus (conjuration) which was\is a requirement for augment summoning. back then there were few if any spells in that school which allowed a save. it was such a feat tax that i waved the requirement off as a GM.

in pathfinder the school still mostly has no save or harmless save spells. very few conjuration spells with a save.
most are not in the core book, so if we play core only i again wave it from the requirement of augment summoning.

If you want to put an emphasis on his bone-hand you can make him a Jistkan artificer magus. and just have his golem hand be a bone golem type. this would let you use a whole arsenal of abilities with said hand, enough to build legends and rumors on.

he can wield a gun in his other hand, brining both gunpowder and augmounted bone-hand into battle.

By RAW 2 levels of souldrinker, especially if you got summons, mean free crafting and lots of soul pool points. this build seem to lack crafting feats, but nothing say you can't be suppling other's crafting with the soul pool points.

just zap your familiar or summons and you have enough soul points for at least 1,000 crafting a day.
You have 2/day Enervation and
"Create Item: A souldrinker can expend points from her soul pool to provide energy for the creation of magic items. Each point expended provides 500 gp worth of raw materials for the item."
zapping your familiar once\twice a day before crafting will go away by the next day. and by RAW also trigger from summons. (or even 1 cp worth of house centipede)

pre-nerfed souldrinker who had the energy drain touch was crazier.
He could have gone a long way with summoning a dire tiger (14 hd, 7th level spell) and draining it to gain enough points to regain the spell to resummon it. and since the ability then said "The souldrinker gains 5 temporary hit points for each negative level she bestows on an opponent" one could have stacked a great amount of temp hp before battle

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this remind me of a time i had my players find ancient "notes" with pictures and writing on.
it took them a while to figure out that they were money bills.

to add up what Azothath said, beside the "pay a spell to get one round" cost there is also a chance that the spell would just fail when trying to use it on potions, netting one without the spell or the alcoholic drink.
" The caster must succeed at a caster level check in order to affect magic liquids and poisons (DC = 10 + item level for magic liquids, DC equal to the poison’s save DC for a poison); otherwise, the spell fails."

oh i know.
i tried to explain the reasoning behind the faq Derklord brought in his 1st post. and the rules of maneuvers in general.
it's here to support your posts, not to question them.

what you need to remember is that combat maneuvers are stated to be "attacks" (in the combat chapter, under combat maneuvers).
you can't crit in them (a nat 20 is auto success instead.). and some of the bonus is calculated differently (such as size bonus) but anything else that has not been called out as being changed from normal attacks is kept the same.
-a bonus for cover effect both normal attacks and maneuvers the same way, and casting true strike before will grant +20 for ether one.

as such any maneuver that can be used with a weapon (not all can be, see grappling etc) can enjoy any of that weapon bonus, special weapon ability, feat and abilities that are assisting in making that attack (again for the attack. flaming weapon won't add to a disarm, but a +3 weapon would grant that bonus to disarming attempts with it).

anyone who is eligible to make an aoo on the target.

i don't see the problem, maybe it's my bad english, but they use alter when the section changed still has the same base and replace when they remove it completely and change it to something else.

for example if a fighter archtype take out 'weapon training' and give 'sheep herding', +1 for handle animal(sheep) with increase bonus at later levels, it is replaced. if it say it is still weapon training but you now must use a bowtie as the weapon it is altering.

If you look at what they wrote it say:

"This alters requirements."


"This alters THE requirements."

now since what is getting changed is the "requirement" section as long as it is still "requirements" were talking about, anything that change what they are is merely altering it, for example it must still abide all the rules governing prestige class requirements.
to replace it they need to remove the mechanic of 'requirements' completely and use something else.
like say:

The GM GF, an arcane archer archtype.
"welcome bonus": to get into this archtype there is no requirement instead get a free bow when you apply.
this REPLACE "requirements" in arcane archer.

since unarmed strike is also a light finessable weapon loosing your weapon you used weapon finesse with still allow to use an unarmed attack to disarm the enemy with finesse.

good catch. they might meant darkvision 10 and an increase to Darkvision if you have one already.

other traits that give low-light ether just give it (but not with +1 against fear). like here

ok lets try and get things in order.
(btw it helps if all the info you link is from the same site as the two have different way to handle some rules and names. so here is the archive of nethys's page on Divine Paragon. which might be the same anyway but..)

so for a start lets see the normal progression of some1 taking an Obedience feat (there are multiple feats that work close to the same way all named with 'Obedience') the earliest to take them unless granted via class is 3rd level as they all need 3 ranks in some skill and it grant the starting advantage (but not 'boon') when taken. then at character levels 12, 16 and 20 you gain boons #1,2 and 3.

as for a character who start as a cleric with the archtype of divine paragon and want to switch for Deadeye Devotee as soon as possible. since it has a requirement of +6 bab a cleric won't be able to fulfill that until level 8. so a full course would be 8 levels of divine paragon, then at character level 9 he goes into Deadeye Devotee for up to 10 levels (or how many he takes) then assuming 10 levels of the prestige class at character level 19 and 20 he goes back to divine paragon.

as the divine paragon get his boons at an accelerated rate of cleric level 5,11 and 14. this character would get the starting ability when he gets the Obedience (i think it's at 1st level) then at level 5 as a cleric he would get the 1st boon, since he would never have more then 10 cleric levels (unless he takes less levels of the Deadeye Devotee) he would then follow the normal progression of the feat so at character level 16 he would get the 2nd boon (cleric 8\Deadeye Devotee 8) and at character level 20 he would get the 3rd boon (cleric 10\Deadeye Devotee10).

as Diego stated since the path's choosing is only listed before he gets any of the boons, it seems he must pick one path and take only boons from that path.
i would just add that the feat Diverse Obedience would allow you to pick other path's boons for 2nd and 3rd boons (since you get them for the character's hd and not the archtype) and 2 levels earlier!. So at character level 14 for 2nd boon (8 cleric\6 Deadeye Devotee) and 18 for 3rd boon (8 cleric\10 Deadeye Devotee). That along with the archtype's own ability to pick the path at the start would let you get any boon of the 3 paths you like for each. ('Once you make the selection, it is permanent, but you can choose from a different category each time you gain a new boon as you increase your Hit Dice.').

I hope this helps.

na i just included it in the spell as it's part of it (if it's a touch spell. see 'also' below).
if i'd had written it as claw+claw+bite+spell some1 might have misunderstood that there is one more extra claw when using a touch spell.

also not every spell used in this full attack MUST to be touch spells. it depend on the spell used. he can use it for other stuff. since the spell can be cast before, during and maybe between attacks, he can end with dimension door or invisibility -such as a Suprise round attack of pouncing and ending with getting out or invisible. or even bladed dash (/greater). a form with grab+rake can do a LOT of damage to a LOT of creatures with this combo (though i think he'll need beast shape III for rake..).

just make sure you also have a way to cast spells in dire lion form.

also as the ability say you only get claw attack of the off hand that didn't cast the spell ( "For example, a magus could select this arcana twice, choosing claw attacks and bite attacks. This would allow him to use a full-round action to make all of his claw attacks with his free hand and all of his bite attacks in addition to casting a spell") so no claw+claw+bite+spell. it's claw+bite+spell.

i'd had funky items in my game, maybe some of them might work for you.

A working LOAD-stone (the cursed loadstone is a bugged one that keep looping hance the movement 'LAG') that allow the user a one time use of Akashic form (basically making a 'save file of his character ;).
- this should be one of the higher priced items you want your players to drool over but not have too early in the game. (you might also allow the players to 'fix' a cursed loadstone and get a 1 use working one out of it)

you can couple it with a 'scroll of editing' which when used on a loadstone that has a save set would allow to edit some of the info in it. the information saved appear in the scroll which then can be changed somewhat. (change your size to large maybe? or other stuff?). again only for high end(game) costumers.

you mentioned timeline hopping so you might want to add a:
'Timekeeper' - a magical notebook that need to be attuned to a person before he hop the timelines. it will then keep track of any alteration made to himself in the timeline and notify him of them. (helps to avoid killing your own father when going back in time. or at least pointing it out so some1 else can go back and stop you from making yourself unborn).

an add-on item to this is a "Note to Self". a magical note one can write which is then magickly delivered anywhere and anytime but only to himself. (this is mostly for you to use as plot-hook or deus ex machina to save the players or help them. they can pay for and buy the item after they learn they needed it. "Note to Self: don't trust the talking mushroom!")

btw one of the Delux top priced items you can offer is a "Temporal Guidance System" which, as advertised, help guide some1 who timehop in achieving the time change he is after. (think all them foresight movie scenes where they get instructions like 'go here. buy balloons. drop coins etc' and somehow everything they do help achieve what they were trying to do).

for metagaming items you might also want to take a look at the items Paizo published here.

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just wanted to add this super-secret hidden class which is an almost unknown divine archtype to the arcane archer!!
-Seriously i have no idea how to reach this page from the normal tabs. I can only find it when i use the search. it's not in the classes tabs nor the prestige class tab. they didn't even put it in the Erastil tab which list feats\classes\traits etc that are specific to his followers. Desna have her prestige class listed. the archive is seemingly hiding this class on purpose!

now you can have everything arcane archer has but with a divine caster as base!

You must worship Erastil so limited alignment allowed

But Erastil have many-many goodies for archers\divine archers like this feat

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