Artificing Druid Viability?


Recently I discovered the Mask of Giants, and a character idea has been nagging in the back of my mind ever since. So, I was wondering about two things. First off, what feats, archetypes, multi classes, domains etc. would people recommend for a Druid that focuses on:
1) Improving the wild shape class feature
2) Enchants wondrous items to improve personal skill in wild shape (either more shape options like the mask of giants or passive bonuses like beast totem pendant)
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, but I also had a second question, after finding the Mask of giants I did some research to find other items which expanded the wild shape options, but couldn’t find any. Does anybody know of other items which do this (I like the idea of a majora’s mask style loadout of shape shifting types) or any other good wild shape magical items.

A one level dip in monk is well established as being useful - not essential - to wild shaping druids. If you get more into multiclassing then the shaping focus feat is useful, you can get very high DPR that way. Gamebreakingly high.

The amulet of mighty fists is the standard buff item for a wild shaper. I'm not aware of other items unusually good for them.

For feats natural spell is standard, others that may be useful include planar wild shape, energised wild shape and mutated shape. Also note feral combat training for shenanigans.

I am a particular fan of the Planar Wildshape, merely because you get that tasty smite good/evil ability based on the type of you apply.

Thanks for the feat advice! Though I’m still curious about how to improve the characters magic crafting abilities. I’ve found the feat shaping focus which would allow me to put at least four levels in a second class without sacrificing any Wild Shape. I looked into the forge master cleric as a multi class, but it seems to be built for armor and weapons, I’m more interested in wondrous items. Are their any 1 to 6 level class dips that I could take to boost this? Also is Mask of Giants really the only magic item which expands shaping lists?

There's a scarab breastplate which lets you use vermin form I/II via wild shape, but it costs the Earth and uses a different crafting feat from the mask if you're making it yourself.

Making magic items is easier if you don't multiclass. Seriously. Get a friend to help if you can't cast a spell prerequisite and can't handle the +5 to DC for not having that prereq.

Many full BAB classes could help you use wildshape - unchained monk, barbarian/bloodrager, weapon master fighter, avenger vigilante could all be useful dips. The only prestige class which really helps that I can think of is a D&D 3.5 one, master of many forms.

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