Anyone know of some good Mines of Moria style terrain?

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so I'm looking for some elevated stone stairs and catwalks for a dungeon I am building and i'd really like to get some 3d terrain to give it that extra feel of danger that they might fall as the player's minis move about on the narrow platforms.

for those who don't know what I'm talking about click Here.

Any info or links to store pages or terrain building tutorials for similar terrain would be greatly appreciated :)

When you say 3D terrain, do you mean something you can print from a 3D printer?

Something along these lines, perhaps?

Fat Dragon on DrivethruRPG looks pretty good.

Not that I've ever tried their 3D models. (I have some of their 2D stuff).

I mean 3D as in 3 dimensional, I have absolutely zero access to or knowledge of 3D printers.

On youtube, check out The DM's Craft, Black Magic Craft and Wyloch's Armory. That can get you started. DM Scotty at The DM's Craft specializes in inexpensive, easy and accessible terrain. There is a lot that can be done with just cardboard, a box cutter and glue. Take a look, join the Craft Side. We have cookies!

I always save the clear dice boxes whenever I buy dice, and I use them for stuff like this. Flying enemies, Towers, bridges, whatever. I also have several sets of little tokens from 1-20 that I use to designate how high something is; these tokens are basically like flat coins with numbers on them. For instance, if there's a flying dragon and they're at 230ft off the ground, I place a dice box out on the map, and I put a 20 token (200ft) and a 3 token (30ft), and then place the dragon mini on top. The cool thing about dice boxes is that they're STACKABLE :) So once you have about 30 of them, there's not much you can't create :) And this works well for simulating aerial combat once everyone and their brother has fly spells, flying carpets, and brooms of flying ;)

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