How many hps would a mud hut have?

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How much hardness and how many hps would a 20' radius mud hut (from the "Lair of the Lizard King", Kingmaker, Rivers Run Red) have? Would Stone Call be able to damage it?

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Without knowing the adventure details I'd probably put construction Mud at hardness 0 and 3 hp/inch(for a 5' section). Those numbers come from Ice, and I feel it is a similar material as you can carve both and they are somewhat structural. If it was more clay-like, ie poorly baked brick, I might tack on some hardness.
The walls are probably at least 6 inches thick, and being an object it at least takes half damage from stonecall. So the spell would need to do 36 damage to break through... not 2d6.

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There's a few types of "mud hut" in history, so I'm not sure what to recommend.
[1 foot thick Rammed Earth Wall Hardness hardness 8 HP 84]If it's a rammed earth type hut, where the walls were made by hammering clay into a mold for the wall, then it would probably be close enough to stone with half the hit points. You aren't going to take it down with one hit, but it erodes pretty easily.

[4 inch thick mud brick wall, hardness 8 HP 28] If it's made using mud brick, I'd go with a half hp stone as well, but the walls are going to be thinner.

[1 foot thick mud dauber hut wall hardness 2 HP 60]There's also a precursor to the straw-bale construction technique that involves building a wooden frame, stacking your bales against it, mudding the bales, and baking it from the inside. I can't remember the name of this technique and my books on the topic are packed. For this, I'd use leather to cut through a wall, or wood to break the structure.

The composite and rough nature of these materials makes them weak to environmental effects, but I wouldn't expect stone call to do much to them. If you could make them wet, or disrupt their foundation, you could do some serious damage to them in no time.

Whoever put ice at 0 hardness has clearly never had to deice their windshield or tried to "defrost" a freezer the hard way.

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How much damage do you think you actually deal with an ice scrapper anyway?
d2? At least for myself, I don't work out regularly, so my Str is probably 8, so 1d2-1 ie 1 nonlethal half the time and objects are immune to nonlethal?

Based on a brief stint in the peace corps, Hardness 2 3 hp per inch of thickness, 6 inches thick. MUCH weaker than wood. I'm assuming sun dried bricks mixed with straw.

You can punch through sun hardened clay (its not fun but you CAN...), I wouldn't want to try that with a log cabin.

Agreed, blaphers, ice should definitely have hardness. Falling on ice can break bones.

A fully hardened 'mud hut' is about the same as brick or soft stone.

Alchemical Cement has a hardness of 2 and 5 hp per inch when partially cured. Full curing makes it hard as stone.
Foaming Powder when affected by Mud to Rock has a hardness of 2 and 5 hp per inch.
In Eberron, under Table 2–5: Wall Materials, Packed Earth has hardness of 2 and 10 hp per foot.

I would say a hardness of 2 is likely. I expect mud will be harder to deal with than packed earth, but maybe not as bad as the other items. I would say 30 hp per foot. [That is half the hp of the first two, and tree times packed earth.]


to op. assuming the mud hut is a dwelling and not a creature (cough-gazebo-cough) stone call would never damage is as stone call only deal damage to creatures.
on a side note it's a very funny spell. as it would also technically by raw deal damage to flying creatures in the cylinder (im guessing they fall on them?)

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