Please Help me convince my DM to let me make a bomb


Okay so maybe I am asking for this at the wrong forum but please help,

Just for some context, we are playing a Homebrew Campaign of a setting based on the mobile game Granblue Fantasy, we are all playing Homebrew chars and I am playing the Witcher class as indicated here: eAMc/edit?usp=sharing

Long story short we found out that there are crystals in the world that store and pulsate magical energy, so I asked our DM if he would allow me that if I come into posession of said crystal, to make a missile (One of our players is a Prodigy Engineer by Lore who nuked all his feats and stats into Lore Engineering and Craft) by basically combining 30 of the Witcher bombs, who we agreed work as unstable liquid inside of glass vials, and then using the crystal to make sure the liquid does not go inert... He at first agreed, but when I gathered all the necessary components, (Basically I hired a bunch of miners to get me Charcoal and Sulfur for Gunpowder, found a Chemist to make me Saltpeter to finalize it) and found the said Crystal, he kinda backed down and said I cant make it unless I explain by Pathfinder rules, how I make it, cause despite me knowing how it works IRL, it wont work in Pathfinder unless I explain it by rules.... Which is an issue for me.

Could someone maybe offer an advise or was the idea boomed to fail from the start ? Cause honestly both the Engineer and I are kinda dissapointed cause we spent a lot of time and gold into it... He even made a custom cannon capable of launching said missile...

shoulda been an alchemist

Sovereign Court

Is the GM just asking for a reasonable analog from an existing rules source?
Bomb from Ultimate Combat (which is normally an acceptable rules source), though its sort of a siege weapon (though can be used without).
More personal sized: Pellet Grenade/Fuse Grenade
More high-tech: Aasen Mortar from an adventure path.
Or Rocket Launcher/Grenade from the Technology Guide.

Barrel of gunpowder. If there are guns, there must be barrels of gunpowder. Make a trail of gunpowder and light it from outside the current structure.

Assuming they still need help convincing their GM two years later, I would compare this to the Alchemical Sapper Alchemist abilities.

Although I think there is a separate Alchemist archetype that allows one to combine multiple Bombs into one blast...

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