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With that ruling, how would you handle a Mythic character with a dragon Cohort and the Mythic Tier 8 version of that spell?

I would probably vote for spontaneous combustion.

Our group tends to look to the rules first, which is why I am looking for a specific rules quote. If none exist, we will probably go with a "what makes sense" ruling.

I have been unable to find a clear rule on this.

Do monsters suffer ageing penalties, and if some do and others don't; which types age?

I am mostly asking because my current character is about to have some fun with Sands of Time.

I am playing a Drow cleric of Calistria, who is going into the Mythic now, and my plan is for her to take Divine Source. So when that happens, she is going to become something akin to a powerful Herald of Calistria, who manages her Domains of Night and Chaos.

So thank you for the responses. They fall pretty much in line with what I have planned for my character. It would suck if the plan was completely outside of the Canon lore.

I have a simple question with a hopefully simple answer. Though if the answer turns out to be complex, that is okay too ;)

How would a mythic character able to grant spells to clerics fit into the cosmology of Golarion? Would they be consided deities, or perhaps demi gods? Or is there a different already established category they would fit into?


FAQ wrote:
However, you can have one of each and they do work together (for example, enlarge person increasing your actual size to Large and a bashing shield increasing your shield’s effective size by two steps, for a total of 2d6 damage

This confuses the hell out of me then.

Actually, rereading the Path Ability again it only specifies that you have to be the target in order to Spell Turn the domain spells, not to ignore harmful effects.

It is still not likely to affect Spells like dispell Magic because they technically do not affect the character, but how about something like Deeper Darkness?

Thank you. I tend to agree, especially regarding Mage's Disjunction, unfortunately. That one would be nice to be immune to.

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My group is delving into Mythic for the first time, and I have to plan my progression, so I ran into a question.

If I take Domain Immunity, and have the Magic Domain, will I become immune to the effects of Dispel Magic and Mage's Disjunction?

I think it is important to note that the Miracle granted at level 10 of the class is a Supernatural ability. This makes it, in my opinion quite a bit more powerful than either a spell or spell-like version.

The level 5 ability gives Domain spells as Spell like abilities.

Spell like abilities do not have material components.

the Luck Domain grants Miracle.

Of course, there is a third party feat that allows you to hold a charge when casting a spell. But if your DM allows that feat, that is their headache.

You could definitely discharge a spell in a spell storing weapon, but you can do that regardless of Spell Strike.

You can make as many attacks as there are creatures in the area of effect. I can not see a way to use it with Spell strike, because casting Bladed Dash discharges any held spell.