Looking for a CR 3-4 undead that works with vermin


I already have ideas, but nothing perfect, yet. It's an orphan child that died of starvation in the sewers beneath an orphanage - I'm planning on using the young template. The attic whisperer is a pretty good possibility, but won't need the template, and is a bit powerful - it's for first levels.

I don't want it too scary - it should be more sad.

Wights are CR 3-ish, and they can be created by other wights. So you could have a human child wight and some low level vermin wights.

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A variant skeletal champion, the vermin feasted on the flesh, or one of the unkillable zombies that has a swarm that took up residence for the same reason?

There was a Dungeons and Dragons monster called the Sons of Kyuss that sound like exactly what you are asking for.

The attic whisperer is the best choice for what you seem to be going for. Can always tone it down if need be. Or better yet, give the players some kind of edge against it. Maybe a lost toy works as a sort of talisman to keep it at bay/weaken it/banish it, that sort of thing.

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You can make your own monster basing on existing creature. For example:

- take an attic whisperer
- remove Aura of Sobs, Steal Voice and Steal Breath abilities
- give it abilities Vermin Empathy (like the one that mites have) and Infestation (similar to the one deathwebs have, possibly without the poison, and does not return if destroyed)
- give it a couple of giant centipedes as friends to play with
- describe it as a poor undead girl friendly with vermin to the point that vermin protect her

Some interesting thoughts there. Toning down the attic whisperer may be the way to go...
I want the encounter to come off as a child that's not so intentionally evil, but simply driven by hunger.
Centipedes are definitely the vermin of choice, but I may throw in a couple of others for variety.

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