Advice for a goblin defender


I'm going to be starting a game and am debating how to make a goblin, protector of the weak, former slave. Basic thoughts are Miner background and junk tinker and debating fighter or champion. I'd be open to other things but want to be and to defend others and make my own (junk) stuff.

They both kinda build themselves, there's a ton of specialized defense feats.

Champion gives protective stuff faster because of the reactions and if you wish you can get a domain (family I think) to improve it even further.

What are the advantages of each? Are there other classes that makes sense?

Fighter is more offensive, having better weapon proficiency but their protect an ally only comes at lvl 6.

Champion is more defensive, having better armor proficiency and their protect an ally is online at lvl 1 and they have a healing focus spell.

The other options are usually casters.

Cleric with the protection domain could works as defenders and they have sanctuary and forbidden ward that are in the theme too.

Abjuration Wizard Focus spells and use of spells like walls and Resilient Sphere.

Bard Inspire Defense and spells like sanctuary, Resilient Sphere and forbidden ward.

Regarding shields, fighters get more fancy options with them, but champions get good ones too, and Divine Ally (Shield) is really strong.

Fluffwise a Liberator Champion would be a great fit for a Former slave.

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