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I played my first session of P2 the other night, so I am new to it. What has happened to the Players Guide? Someone mentioned it was going to be online from now on? Will it have targeted updates, as before?

Final question: WHERE IS IT?

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Here you go, it is on the new(ish) Organized Play Foundation page.



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The guide is: http://www.organizedplayfoundation.org/encyclopedia/pfs2guide/

They are updating/clarifying content; they are working on other ease of use upgrades as well.

It would probably help if the Organized Play Tab on this site was updated with that link. I imagine it being frustrating being all shiny and happy with the new hotness and wanting to engage with PFS so you come to this site. You see Organized Play and you hover over if you're at a desktop like I currently am, or you click it if your on a tablet like i recently was. And lo and behold a dropdown menu appears with the first item being Pathfinder Society. So you click it and there's all sorts of info about Season Ten and first edition. Nowhere is there a mention of the new online guide. I wonder how many potential new PFS members have given up in frustration?

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I was excited about getting back into PFS with the new rules until I realized the guide was not even at Paizo anymore. I'll pass on the live digital guide. Instead I can just focus on a home campaign.

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Githzilla wrote:
I was excited about getting back into PFS with the new rules until I realized the guide was not even at Paizo anymore.

www.organizedplayfoundation.org *IS* Paizo.

They needed to set up a non-profit wing to handle volunteerism, since for-profit businesses in Washington State are required to pay their volunteers minimum wage.

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The content of the Guide is still being written/approved by the Paizo OP development team led by Linda Zeyes-Palmer and Tonya Woldridge. PFS/SFS is still Paizo's campaign and they control the content. As Nefreet indicated, the OPF is simply the part of the campaign that involves the management and coordination of the volunteers. OPF leadership has direct access to the OPF website which means it can be updated much more quickly than it can by Paizo staff who's primary focus is on the product pages and retail side of the website. That being said, it is still a good idea to add a link to the OPF Guide page on Paizo.com since that is where a lot of users are going looking for it.

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Githzilla --

Don't give up on us! We want you back. The guide's move is a good thing. It allows us to update it faster, and have everything be accurate without us all having to keep lists of individual dev classifications on the forums. I hope you come back and try it out.

PF2 is fun, and there's a lot of good energy with the new campaign.


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From Spain,
I have a doubt, more or less we know what happened to the first edition pathfinders and we know that there can be no portability. Some of us, myself included, have a special affection for our first pathfinder character, which we have reached up to level 15, some player has asked me, if possible, to make the same character again, but with a background that forces you to lose everything, for example, a major injury, amnesia, any excuse that loses everything obtained and starts clean as a newly created PC.

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My PFS2 character is a remake of my first D&D character from 1994.

Sky's the limit!

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My main. Redwolf Field, is a Elf Wizard from D&D second edition in 1997, but, how i use in Pathfinder society 1, the question is, giving up obtain in first edition and more how lore,use in second edition, build how a new character.

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My first PF2 character is attempting to do a remake of a character from AD&D, back in the days of the first Unearthed Arcana in the 1980s.


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FWIW, I'm generally deliberately creating 2nd edition PCs based on classes that I have little or no experience playing in D&D/PF1e. PF2e is very much not an incremental, evolutionary development of D&D/PF1e, and I've found that I'm often disappointed comparing PF2e classes with what came before. Using PF2E classes where I'm not familiar with what they were like in D&D/PF1e avoids this problem.

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