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Here is my hack of the official Paizo sheet. Its form fillable and has auto-calc built in. Also, also has been done to de-clutter the sheet.

There is a button to reset the sheet. There is also a toggle to allow you to set untrained skills to +0 (default), to +1/2 level or to +level. Neither of these are visible when you print.

All TEML default to untrained (tiny grey circle). This tiny circle is not present when you print the sheet.

Due to the inability to edit posts on this board, I will just keep updating the sheet on Google Drive. The link below will always connect you with the newest version of this sheet. I will post to these thread when/if I make a major update.


The tab order is all screwy. I will address that soon.

Tab order is now 100% fixed.

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Thank you for the work, this is excellent.

The font/size you use for ability score modifiers seem a little large. They're also positioned high, which means the top of the number tends to be clipped by the box they're in.

Not really a big deal, though it just looks a little off.

Hmm, odd, isn't clipped for me. But I will take a look at it.

Try it now, let me know if its any better. Zero clipping on my end.

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For skills: do you have to click the little button for proficiency for them to calculate?

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Alot of the calculations also need you to either put in a value for the Ability Score or select an ability score from a drop down (like with strikes or class dc, etc).

This is so when you hit reset, you can print this out as a blank sheet and just write on it since there are no values present.

I noticed that Armor & Weapon Proficiencies is missing the "s" on the end. Just a quick FYI.

Woops, fixed

I just updated it so you can click on the portrait box and add a pic. If you don't have Acrobat Pro, the picture needs to be in PDF form. If you do have Acrobat Pro, you can just load an image file.

Changed it so all TEMLs are untrained by default but the sheet is still blank on reset.

Fixed a major issue that was causing level to be added to untrained checks when it shouldnt be.

Dunno how it happened, but the Fort saves got messed up. Its been fixed.

Also, I will be posting a new version of the sheet soon with larger feat boxes and a better inventory area. It willadd another page but thats needed I think.

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Alright, I made a major update to the sheet.

I have made some significant changes to the feat and inventory page. It has been split into two. Now there is more space to describe feats and the inventory has auto-calc of bulk.

Newer Sheet This is the version that will be updated moving forward.

Older Version This older version will no longer be updated.

Major update. Brand new spellbook. Fixed up fonts. Added MAP calculation to strikes.

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I love the clarity of your redesign.

Sadly form-filling PDFs isn't supported in Ubuntu's default PDF reader (Evince). That said I generally prefer filling in sheets by hand anyway.


I'm not entirely sure about your revision of the later pages yet though. For gear, it seems to be important to note which gear is carried deep in a pack vs. which gear is in a bandolier for quick access for example.

One idea I've seen is to create a textbox/table per container, so that you can track the bulk per container. That gets handy if you do the "combat starts, drop pack to stop being encumbered" routine.


I'm conflicted about the fourth page. Splitting biographical data into the front and fourth page is a bit jarring, although obviously space is at a premium on the front page. I would note though that ethnicity/nationality can have game mechanical impact on uncommon options such as ethnic weaponry.

Almost everything else on the fourth page seems like "soft" information. Important but not necessarily stuff you want to put in a predetermined-size box on a character sheet, but more in a campaign notebook.


With regard to page 5-9, I don't think the design is entirely future-proof. You have a box for page references (which is GREAT!), but not for book sources, which is going to become problematic in time.

The spells and powers pages I think are bit inflexible towards:
- You might have both spontaneous and prepared casting, due to multiclassing. Likewise, you might have spells from several traditions.
- If you get spells from a different source, like cantrips from an ancestry, those have their own proficiency and sometimes ability modifier.
- The prep checkboxes make me unsure how those are supposed to be used. If a prepared caster prepares the same spell three times, how is he supposed to use a yes/no checkbox? Write the spell in three statblocks? Isn't this going to get smudgey really fast?

Further comments on those spell boxes:
- Maybe there should be room to write down the origin of a spell, like "got this from domain". Although that could go in the description.
- Maybe room to write down the actions for the spell, not just the types of components?


Overall I really like your sheet, it's got the highest clarity of all the designs I've seen and strikes a good balance between not presuming too much about your build vs. not wasting too much space having a box for every eventuality.

I cant respond to every point but...
- This is a form fillable pdf but nothing is stopping you from printing a blank
- Book sources can be placed in current page ref boxes. I write "CRB XYZ" in current boxes. The font auto sizes.
- You can simulate containers with the stash drop downs if necessary. You may not see this functionality due to your inability to use form fillable pdfs.
- Ethnicity is fine where it is for the most part (which is where it was in the official sheet). Please remember this is a hack of the official sheet and "decluttering" stuff is a major goal. If you really want something there that isnt, just use the notes section (which is why I added it).
- If you dont like the "campaign notebook" section, just dont use it. I put it there because (a) it was in the official one and (b) I found it valuable.
- Prep checkboxes: A prep caster would list the spell numerous times most likely (perhaps describing it only once in detail).
- The multiple sources of spells (and multiclassing issues which are similar) is an issue with the Paizo design of the sheet. Please direct your issues with the core design of those aspects of the sheet to them. Remember, this is effectively a hack of thier sheet.

I am glad you found the sheet valuable. I would suggest you direct your core design suggestions to Paizo. Once they put out a redesigned sheet, I may put out a hack of that in the future.

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Yeah, I recognize there's only so much you can/will do. It's a very good fix already, much more usable than the official one. I might redesign one of the back pages for myself at some point but I really like the cleanup of the front page.

This! Thank you for this!

The Wheldrake link goes to a page where the file has been removed?

I would LOVE a form fillable classic-style sheet in PDF.

My skills in this area mean I cannot do it myself unfortunately.

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Mythraine wrote:

The Wheldrake link goes to a page where the file has been removed?

I would LOVE a form fillable classic-style sheet in PDF.

My skills in this area mean I cannot do it myself unfortunately.

I just checked and the link above works for me.

However, the sheet is not as "classic-style" (2 pages printed front and back on a single piece of paper) as you may be thinking, it is still 10 pages long because it's for PF2e... (you could leave off the spells pages if you are not a caster)

Still, I love Data Lore's sheets and I use one for my own character!

Note: You could also use his older version a bit of the way down the page, I just checked it too and that link also still works, and it's just 4 pages long (it leaves off most of the spell slots)

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