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I think this is the class I am most excited about. I really like this theme and cannot wait to try it out.

The thing that excites me the flexibility I see in fighters. I know of people who would not play them because they were "boring". There is little chance of them being boring in Pathfinder 2.

However, If your only going to be getting one shot per round (or less)anyway (current gun rules) then having a 17-20/x4 crit becomes less of an issue.

I LOVE the Witch! The one I am currently playing is level 7:

Str: 8, Dex:16, Con:14, Int:23, Wis:7, Cha: 9
Feats: Extra Hex, Imp. Initiative, Toughness, Spell Focus (Necromancy), Imp. Familiar
Hexes: Fortune, Misfortune, Cackle, Evil Eye, Slumber

He is so fun to play! I do mostly buffing/debuffing but have the flexibility to be whatever the party needs....except for being competent in social situations (he is so awkward).

Extra Hex is a feat I would always take. Always. Your hexes are your strength...the more of them you have the more powerful you are.

What a wonderful Deal!!!

I would like to have The Genius Guide to Races of Hoof and Horn!