Psychic Spells for a Magus


The question sounds a little strange but bear with me

Are there any good psychic spells that a Magus would love to have on their spell list?

I am just looking at the Spiritualist Phantom Blade Archetype and wondering what does it really get over a Blackblade Magus

Well several things. It's wisdom based casting, so you get the good perception and will saves from that. Phantom weapons can be anything you want. Also you have access to a different spell list. This is probably a downgrade, but the spiritualist list does have healing spells which is something that magi lack. Also you can cast in heavy armor from level 1 so your AC can be high right from the start

There's a guide specific to the phantom blade floating around. I don't agreed with everything in it but it does have some good thoughts in it.

Also if you are looking at phantom blade consider taking vmc magus. Because you have spell combat you can be excellent use of magus arcana that usually only work for a magus proper.

I’d say the spell list was more of a side grade

The Spiritualist is less blast but it still has good offensive options for touch spells (striken heart and vampiric touch for example).

But also gets better utility with things like breath of life and heal and so fourth.

The main issue for me is that combat casting is very difficult with psychic casters and whilst phantom blade do get an answer for it, said answer doesn’t really become useful till level 12.

You get ethiric focus at level 4. From then on you are pretty much good to go, though you do give up your swift actions.

For a single character that can cover a lot of bases I really like the phantom blade. You get the action economy of a magus with healing spells and you have spontaneous casting which I personally like. Though to be fair spontaneous casting doesn't pair as well with spell combat because you can't really use metamagic with it very well.

Spiritualists can Spell Strike with Harm. That's probably a high-end damage dealer that Magi would love.

Spiritualists get a bunch of healing spells; cure ___ wounds may be only occasionally useful, but placebo effect looks very useful to be carrying around.

There's also the automatically silent casting which can be very handy if you're sneaking around.

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