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Morale Bonus

Calm Emotions
Good Hope
Heroes' Feast
Heroism, Greater
Remove Fear
Swallow Your Fear
Blood Rage
Unbreakable Heart
Boiling Blood
Dance of a Hundred Cuts
Delusional Pride
Miserable Pity
Vengeful Outrage
Moment of Greatness
Contagious Zeal
Unshakable Zeal
Coward's Cowl
Enticing Adulation
Suppress Charms And Compulsions
Alpha Instinct
Fiendish Wrath

Competence Bonus

Gallant Inspiration
Hidden Speech
Honeyed Tongue
Timely Inspiration
Dazzling Blade
Aram Zey's Focus
Liberating Command
Aspect of the Nightingale
Fearsome Duplicate
Heightened Awareness
Heightened Reflexes
Probe History
Grand Destiny
Penumbral Disguise
True Appraisal
Cloak Of Shadows
Intensify Psyche

Derklord wrote:
Minigiant wrote:
Is there any way of compiling a list quickly of all Bard spells that give Morale and Competence Bonuses?

There sure is!

1. Open this handy spreadsheet
2. Click File -> make a copy
3. Click the top left corner (left of the A column, above the 1 row) and then click the Filter symbol (should be 2nd symbol from the right)
4. Filter for Bard spells (Column AF) and then filter the description column (R) for conditions -> text contains "morale bonus" or "competence bonus".

Thank you for the sheet. I am struggling to apply the second filter. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Does having Proficiency with a Martial weapon through the Heirloom Weapon Trait allow a Bard to get Weapon Focus with said weapon from Martial Performance?

D20 wrote:
Martial Performance (Ex): The bard chooses one weapon belonging to a fighter weapon group that is associated with a Perform skill he has selected with versatile performance (see below). He gains proficiency with this weapon. If the bard is already proficient with this weapon or later becomes proficient with it, he gains Weapon Focus with that weapon as a bonus feat instead. In addition, the bard’s effective fighter level is equal to 1/2 his bard level for the purpose of qualifying for feats that specifically select weapons from those Perform skills’ associated fighter weapon groups. The types of Perform skills and their associated fighter weapon groups are: Act (close, double), Comedy (flails, thrown), Dance (monk, spears), Keyboard Instruments (hammers, siege engines), Oratory (heavy blades, light blades), Percussion (close, hammers), Sing (close, natural), String (axes, bows), and Wind (monk, thrown).

I am investigating the feasibility of running a Bard with the Imperious Bloodline via the Eldritch Heritage feat line and after a different question here on the Paizo forums; I am looking for some clarity regarding the 'Heroic Legends' bloodline power.

AoN wrote:
Heroic Legends (Su): At 15th level, you may inspire greatness or inspire heroics as a bard of your sorcerer level by sacrificing a spell slot as a swift or move action. The effect lasts a number of rounds equal to the sacrificed spell's level; this duration is doubled for human recipients.

Can a Bard or any spellcasting class for that matter, sacrifice any one of their spells to activate this ability?

Or does it have to be a Sorcerer spell and therefore this ability is redundant with Greater Eldritch Heritage?

AwesomenessDog wrote:
You also don't meet the requirements as you don't have the actual Bardic Performance class feature, just a way to duplicate 2 specific effects.

If you take the Eldritch Heritage on a Bard you do

A Bard with Imperious Greater Eldritch Heritage gets the Heroic Legends ability

D20 wrote:
Heroic Legends (Su): At 15th level, you may inspire greatness or inspire heroics as a bard of your sorcerer level by sacrificing a spell slot as a swift or move action. The effect lasts a number of rounds equal to the sacrificed spell’s level; this duration is doubled for human recipients.

If the Bard also takes the Lingering Performance feat, does Heroic Legends get 2 extra rounds?

How does Versatile Performance work with bonuses to the social skills?

An Orating Bard with the Imperious Bloodline Student of Humanity (Eldritch Heritage) gains a Charisma bonus to Diplomacy.

When using their Perform: Oratory skill in place of Diplomacy, does that Charisma bonus get added to the Perform?

Is there any way of compiling a list quickly of all Bard spells that give Morale and Competence Bonuses?

I am looking into the feasibility of a Bard built around Imperious Eldritch Heritage and the Heroic Echo ability.

I know that Inspire Courage gives Competence and that that has no interaction with Heroic Echo, but there might be other Competence bonuses that I can utilise

I have this image of a Half-Orc Thundercaller (Bard)

But I have no idea how to build it. Does anyone out there have any experience with this archetype?

Can a Thundercaller at level 13th level, call 3 Thundercalls in a round? One as a swift action, and 2 as move actions?

With Virtuouso Performance active, and doing a Inspire Courage, can a Thundercaller maintain Inspire and then do the actions mentioned above (Paying double the cost)?

VoodistMonk wrote:

I like the build, but have to ask... why VotW Bard?

You have sank all your feats into getting this owl companion, so it is obviously essential to the idea driving this character. Given how you have put priority into getting the companion at the expense of feats supporting the Bard class, why not be a class with access to such a companion from the start?

It seems you could just VMC Bard if you want Inspire Courage that badly. Half your feats for VMC is probably still cheaper than all your feats for a companion on a VotW Bard.

I also wanted Flame Blade on a Charisma based character

So I realised that the key to Nature Magic is coinciding it with the Bards Spell Known advancement.

Minigiant wrote:


1 - Resist Energy (Ranger)
4 - Flame Blade
7 - Carry Companion
10 - Barkskin
13 - Stoneskin
16 - Sirocco

I also thought maybe at level 11 instead of Discordant Voice picking up Monstrous Companion and getting the Magical Beast Giant Owl

I am trying to come up with a fun Gnome Voice of the Wild Bard for a new homebrew game.
I am focusing on using a Flame Blade, Riding an Owl, and Whistling as my performance. It was rolled stats


Race: Gnome
Class: Bard
Archetype: Voice of the Wild

Stats – Rolled
Str: 18-2: 16
Dex: 15
Cons: 13+2: 15
Int: 14
Wis: 13
Cha: 14+2: 16

4, 8,12,16 - STR


Beast Bond (Social)
Reactionary (Combat)


Level 1 - Bard - Level - Nature's Soul
Level 3 - Bard - Level - Mounted Combat
Level 5 - Bard - Level - Animal Ally
Level 7 - Bard - Level - Ride By Attack
Level 9 - Bard - Level - Flame Blade Dervish Combat
Level 11 - Bard - Level - Discordant Voice
Level 13 - Bard - Level - Trick Riding
Level 15 - Bard - Level - Mounted Skirmisher


1 - Resist Energy (Ranger)
4 - Flame Blade
7 -
10 -
13 - Stoneskin?
16 -

VoodistMonk wrote:

Flame Blade Dervish adds Charisma to damage [for the Flame Blade spell].

I did not know that feat even existed. I thought you were talking about Dervish Dancing the Flame Blade.

VoodistMonk wrote:

My VotW Bard was only after Flame Blade. Lol.

Took Noble Scion of War to put Initiative on Charisma, Desna's Shooting Star, had Flame Blade Dervish by 5, and was on track to have Dimensional Savant at 17.

I didn't think Dervish Dance worked with Flame Blade, and why Desna Fighting Technique when that applies to Starknives?

Name Violation wrote:

what are you doing that requires both gravity bow AND lead blades on a regular enough basis to need to know both, as opposed to using UMD and a wand/scroll?

I am just compiling a list of potentially beneficial spells to grab. Spells that can be built around.

Aspect of the Falcon is another one but you can get an item for that

Unfortunately, you can only get one spell at 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, and 16th levels.


- Lead Blades
- Gravity Bow
- Resist Energy (Ranger)


- Flame Blade
- Barkskin




- Air Walk, Communal
- Wall of Fire
- Wall of Thorns

The Voice of the Wild Bard archetype can be considered a suboptimal build choice. Giving up Versatile Performance is a big deal.

To make it worth its while it needs to maximise its spells known more than ever, particularly with access to Ranger and Druid spells.

My question today is, what spells?

In a vacuum, What do you think is the best Unchained Eidolon Subtype (e.g Aberation) for a Soulbound Summoner?

When taking into consideration the archetype rule:

D20 wrote:
At 7th level, the eidolon can select evolutions even if it does not meet the subtype requirements for that evolution.

So how can a Rogue-like character that sets the enemy on fire be made from these 4 archetypes?

Name Violation wrote:

Vivisectionist gives up bombs. Not sure you'll get much use boosting fire with feats

It is all about fighting with a Torch and setting things on fire in melee

Name Violation wrote:
Internal alchemist doesn't seem to stack with blazing torch bearer.

Cannot see why they wouldn't

Hello everyone

This build is something that I once saw online and wrote down some notes on, but in hindsight not enough. It was stated to be a better Rogue, and uses the Alchemist class, and stacks 4! archetypes.

It sounds like a fun character when these feats were suggested.

  • Racial Heritage: Goblin
  • Fire Hand
  • Roll With It
  • Burn! Burn! Burn!

Setting things on fire and being flanked/riding atop a large Dire Bat.

I have some questions on how do you think it is best to optimize these build.

1. I think a Strength-based build, but would Dex be worthwhile?
2. What other feats should I pick up?
3. Any other thoughts or opinions?

MrCharisma wrote:
That probably makes some of them a bit less useful =P

Following on with that train of thought, a Razmirian Priest is arguably then a lot more beneficial in a game that starts at level 9 where they can say 'they have healing covered', a game starting at level 1 would struggle to get that far without a healer

MrCharisma wrote:

I wasn't giving a list of all cleric spells not on the Sorcerer's list, I was giving a list of all cleric spells that the Sorcerer couldn't emulate and would be worth casting.

Just a reminder, a Razmiran Priest can only emulate a Divine Caster starting at level 9, so by that point some spells will no longer be relevant

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Kurald Galain wrote:
Minigiant wrote:
This is what first made me start looking at/considering the Razmiran Priest, the desire for an Arcane Healer. I played a Wizard version once and had a lot of fun, so started to look at other options.
That's a nice combo; and funny because lore-wise I wouldn't expect followers of Razmir to be overly concerned with healing others. A witch, or bard, or samsaran wizard could also do that.

Yes I played a Samasaran Pact Wizard with the Healing Patron

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Arkham Joker wrote:

Here's a Sorceror question for you experts...

A Celestial/Empyreal Sorceror wants to buy an arcane scroll - being that they are WIS based, how does this work?!

They buy an Arcane Scroll. They are still arcane casters and still use the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list. Their UMD will be lower, but it works just the same.

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IluzryMage wrote:

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QNlMsNANJtFLIAAVUUzZS1UKz6eb2dkMbTGYDil Mw_M/edit#heading=h.fc65bivujegw - Shadow Spell Guide

And the item would be your scrolls yeah, hopefully carried in like a spellbook or binder or something.

I cannot get the link to work unfortunately

MrCharisma wrote:

Well the Heal spell is another obvious choice.

It's not quite arcane, but someone made a list of all the healing and condition removal options available to the Occultist that was better than I thought. Though that might have been you, Minigiant, which would obviously make this a less useful suggestion =P

This might be the Thread you are referring too (But I was looking at just general healing spells rather than a specific classes spells

As the title goes "What is the level of immunity to mind affects in this AP?"

I would like to play a psychic focused on enchantments and mind effects but if everything is going to be immune I will reconsider my character options

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Mark Hoover 330 wrote:
Kurald Galain wrote:
The issue with Razmiran Priest is that in theory it's great that you can draw spells from so many lists, but in practice almost all the best spells are already on the sorcerer list. What would really help this thread is examples of cleric spells that are actually better than one-level-higher sorcerer spells.

OMG yes, this! The single biggest diff between Arcane full caster lists and Divine is healing and restorative spells, along with some of the undead creation/controls.

This is what first made me start looking at/considering the Razmiran Priest, the desire for an Arcane Healer. I played a Wizard version once and had a lot of fun, so started to look at other options.

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IluzryMage wrote:

As the person who wrote the shadow spell guide and the sorc guide

I would love a link to the Shadow guide (I already have the Sorcerer one)

IluzryMage wrote:

The False Priest Sorc is imo the strongest caster in the game if built correctly, because it can potentially access the wizard, cleric, druid, and shaman lists all at once, and ALWAYS has them prepared so long as you have the item

Which item would that be? I assume you mean the right Scroll rather than an item to swap your spells

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I have always been told that in a vacuum and a theoretical world, that Wizards and their fellow peer fully prepared casters are Tier 1, and Sorcerers and their compatriot full spontaneous casters are Tier 1.5.

I have also seen that there are ways to bring Sorcerers etc up to be on this esoteric level.

How do you do that?

What follows is my thoughts and ramblings and ultimately I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Race: Half-Elf
I think this is the best choice for 2 reasons. The first being Elf Blood which lets you grab the Human Sorcerer FCB for more spells known, and the second is PARAGON SURGE.

Paragon Surge
A combination of Shapechanger Bloodline, Emergency Attunement , and Expanded Arcana should give the Sorcerer access to EVERY Arcane Spell as needed

False Priest
Being able to use Divine items without expending them gives you even MORE spells

Shadow Spells
A high risk high reward strategy but, boosting their DC boosts the DC of the spells they are imitating, and gives you even more spells on demand.

Bloodline: Arcane
Archetype: False Priest

1 - Skill Focus (Disguise) *Free Feat Tax
1 - Spell Focus (Illusion)
3 - Eldritch Heritage (Shapechanger) *Feat Tax
5 - Solid Shadows
7 - Emergency Attunement
9 - Improved Eldritch Heritage (Shapechanger)
11 - *Metamagic*
13 - Quicken Magic
15 - Spell Perfection

It is all just theorycrafting, would love to hear what you think

Is there a spell that achieves the equivalent effect of a Mass Chains of Light?

Does the Wizard/Sorcerer spell list have an equivalent to Debilitating Pain?

What I mean by that is a spell that locks down multiple enemies at once

I am looking for mass lockdown spells that I caan hyper focus on and build around

These alternative capstones are cool. I will be taking the Grand Eidolon feature for 4 more evo points at level 20 (And swap to 6 claws and a bite = 4 EVO points)

Predominantly as a mental exercise, I try to come up with one solid character concept for every AP. For one reason or another I struggled to find a character I would be interested in playing for the Serpent's Skull AP. That was until I had a brain wave and my new obsession with the Construct Caller Summoner began.

It is not a great archetype but flavor is why I picked, and now the challenge of optimizing it. The extra evolution points from Half-Elf FCB and Construct Caller have to go a long way to make up for the Inevitable Eidolon Base type pitfalls, and the Extra Evolution feat is needed too.

I wanted to focus on CON to keep the Eidolon standing for as long as possible, so I took Kindred Raised to avoid an unnecessary Skill Focus and get more stats.

Brigh is another flavor choice to summon Clockwork monsters


Race: Half-Elf (Kindred-Raised)
Class: Unchained Summoner
Archetype: Construct Caller
Deity: Brigh

Stats – 25 Points
Str: 10
Dex: 14
Cons: 16+2: 18
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 16+2: 18

4, 8,12,16,20 - CON


Mangli Scholar (Campaign: X)
Reactionary (Combat)


Level 1 - Summoner - Level - Toughness
Level 3 - Summoner - Level - Spell Focus (Conjuration)
Level 5 - Summoner - Level - Augment Summoning
Level 7 - Summoner - Level - Extra Evolution
Level 9 - Summoner - Level - Improved Initiative
Level 11 - Summoner - Level -
Level 13 - Summoner - Level - Deific Obedience (Brigh)
Level 15 - Summoner - Level -
Level 17 - Summoner - Level -Extra Evolution


I made a spreadsheet to try help organize and plan said Eidolon but here are a few pinnacle levels and its evolutions and feats.

Level 8 - 11 EVO POINTS
Evolutions: Large, Limbs [Legs], Limbs [arms], Limbs [arms], Slam, Slam, Slam, Magical Attacks
Feats: Toughness, Power Attack, Improved Natural Attack

Level 11 - 15 EVO POINTS
Evolutions: Fast Healing, Large, Limbs [Legs], Limbs [arms], Limbs [arms], Slam, Slam, Slam, Magical Attacks
Feats: Toughness, Power Attack, Improved Natural Attack, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative

Level 18 - 24 EVO POINTS
Evolutions: Huge, Fast Healing, Limbs [Legs], Limbs [arms], Limbs [arms], Limbs [arms], Slam, Slam, Slam, Slam, Magical Attacks
Feats: Toughness, Power Attack, Improved Natural Attack, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Lunge, Weapon Focus (Slam)


I know Slam attacks are not optimal but Inevitable Eidolons don't get access to any other Primary Natural attack, and despite that, I think Slams are better than Manufactured weapons predominantly because of the Summoners spell list

I would love to hear your thoughts because despite Summoners regular being touted as overpowered, there are not a lot of build examples online

What are the real world references and inspiration for the dungeons/temples/ruins in this AP?

I can see signs of Khmer and Mayan, anything else?

I put together this google sheet to try help calculate the Inevitable Eidolon through the levels.

With Huge and Fast Healing, and taking the Extra Evolution feat, I can get 5 slam attacks and be done with it.

I would love perfect flying but I think that is too much of a stretch

I feel as if I am butting my head up against a brick wall. I am trying to build an Eidolon-Focused Unchained Summoner Construct Caller with the extra evolution points granted from the Half-Elf FCB and maybe a Extra Evolution feat or two if need be

The Eidolon has a lot of restrictions (No Claws, for example), but I have what I consider a fantastic image and aesthetic that works for the archetype and subtype and am desperate to make it work.

How would you build a Construct Caller Inevitable Eidolon?

Derklord wrote:

Unless you care for a specific flavor, the slam evolution is total crap and you should never take it. It had some use in the original Summoner because there RAW you could make take it with the limbs (legs) evolution, but that was more of a loophole, and unchained fixed it.

I agree but as an Inevitable Eidolon I am limited to it unfortunately

Derklord wrote:

"The eidolon can deliver a devastating slam attack." 'a' is singular, therefore the evolution grants one (1) slam attack.

The part in bold has nothing to do with how many attacks you can make, only with how often you can select the evolution.

Can I select 2 Slam Evolutions for every 1 Limb (Arms) evolution or 1 Slam evolution per Limb (Arms) evolution?

The Unchained Eidolon Slam Evolution says this:

D20 wrote:
Slam (Ex): The eidolon can deliver a devastating slam attack. This attack is a primary attack. The slam deals 1d8 points of damage (2d6 if Large, 2d8 if Huge). The eidolon must have the limbs (arms) evolution to take this evolution. Alternatively, the eidolon can replace the claws from its base form with this slam attack (this still costs 1 evolution point). This evolution can be selected more than once, up to the number of the eidolon’s limbs (arms) evolutions.

And either due to stupidity, or tiredness, but more likely both I cannot seem to fathom out what the bit in bold means

Does it mean either

A) 1 Pair of Arms can make 1 Slam attack


B) 1 Pair of Arms can make 2 Slam Attacks?

Phoebus Alexandros wrote:
I always recommend Deific Obedience (or Celestial, etc.) for any Paladin—doubly so for a Virtuous Bravo, who loses out on spellcasting and mercies.

Makes sense, it is sound advice. I am staying away from deities with this build currently though.


Level 1 - Human - Bonus - Weapon Focus (Rapier)
Level 1 - Paladin - Level - Fencing Grace
Level 3 - Paladin - Level - Additional Traits: Reckless (Acrobatics) & Seeker (Perception)
Level 5 - Paladin - Level - Combat Reflexes
Level 7 - Paladin - Level - Lunge
Level 9 - Paladin - Level - Improved Critical
Level 11 - Paladin - Level - Critical Focus
Level 13 - Paladin - Level - Steadfast Personality

I am trying to come up with a Virtuos Bravo (Paladin) build for a Council of Thieves Game, and I need your help. I have multiclassed into Virtuous Bravo before from a Gunslinger because the Grit/Panache stack, but I have never played it nor the Swashbuckler as a melee class, and am in need of your help


Race: Human
Class: Virtuous Bravo

Stats – 25 Points
Dex: 18

4, 8,12,16,20 - DEX


Westcrown Firebrand (Campaign: X)
Unscathed (Magic)


Level 1 - Human - Bonus - Weapon Focus (Rapier)
Level 1 - Paladin - Level - Fencing Grace
Level 3 - Paladin - Level - Piranha Strike
Level 5 - Paladin - Level - Combat Reflexes
Level 7 - Paladin - Level -
Level 9 - Paladin - Level - Improved Critical
Level 11 - Paladin - Level -
Level 13 - Paladin - Level -
Level 15 - Paladin - Level -


There is not a lot to go around but I have a few spaces for feats available. At level 7, should I go for something like Extra Panache? or maybe Additional Traits to get Perception and Acrobatics as Class Skills? Any other ideas? What about post level 9, anything to work towards?

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
Looking at the inquisitor's spell list there are not a whole lot of offensive spells on it.

This is where I am stuck with it at the moment. The ones I am coming across are a majority of which Enchantment spells

First Draft


Race: TBD
Class: Sanctified Slayer + Ravener Hunter

Stats – 25 Points
Wis: 18

4, 8,12,16,20 - WIS


____________ (Campaign: X)
Curator of Magical Secrets (EXEMPLAR)


Level 1 - Inquisitor - Level - Spell Focus
Level 3 - Inquisitor - Level - Greater Spell Focus
Level 5 - Inquisitor - Level - Metamagic
Level 7 - Inquisitor - Level - Heighten Magic
Level 9 - Inquisitor - Level - Spell Bane
Level 11 - Inquisitor - Level - Quicken Magic
Level 13 - Inquisitor - Level - Spell Penetration
Level 15 - Inquisitor - Level - Spell Perfection


Level 1 - Temporal Celerity
Level 8 - Time Hop


Level 3 - Demon Hunter
Level 6 - Shielded Caster
Level 9 - Allied Spellcaster
Level 12 -
Level 15 - Spell Chain
Level 18 -


Level 8 - Rogue Talent - Combat Trick: Improved Initiative
Level 16 -
Level 17 -
Level 20 -

Phoebus Alexandros wrote:
I don’t think any of the mysteries the Ravener Hunter gives access to provide a direct bonus to spell DCs. So it becomes a case of what you feel would best reinforce the style of play you envision for your Inquisitor. Personally, I think both Time and Wind offer really good advantages for a Slayer-oriented Inquisitor. Speed and Slow Time, as well as Time Hop and Time Sight, offer great versatility in and out of combat, for example. Vortex Spells adds punch to your attacking spells on a critical with no save afforded, while Wind Sight lends itself very well to reconnoitering a target.

I was looking at those two mysteries too.

Time for - Temporal Celerity & Time Hop

Wind for - Vortex Spells* & Wings of Air

Both options in a way reduce my need for certain feats, freeing them up for more magic focused ones.

*Need to better plan my spell options if I go this route

Phoebus Alexandros wrote:
As far as your question goes, is the Ravener Hunter archetype meant to reinforce spellcasting ability, or are you interested in it for thematic purposes? I ask because it opens up fourteen different mysteries… each of which provides rather different abilities and is keyed to different deities.

I am looking at seeing if there is a good mystery to reinforce spellcasting and that is better than the alternative an Inquisition/Domain

Phoebus Alexandros wrote:
It could just be me, but “the DCs of [sanctified slayer] class abilities against that opponent increase by 1” extending to the Inquisitor spell DCs feels like rather liberal reading—considering that the Slayer has no spellcasting feature of his own.

There is a lot out there on this. This is a good place to start reading.

I have been thinking about the possibility of building/potentially playing a casting-focused Inquisitor.

By taking Sanctified Slayer, Studied Target increases my DC to acceptable levels, and Spell Bane can add another 2 on top of the other usual Spell Focus, Metamagic Feats, and Spell Perfection.

My question though is, should I stack the Ravenor Hunter Archetype on top? If so, what Oracle Mystery?

I have circled back around to figure out the Phantom Steed Eldritch Archer (For a Legacy of Fire game)


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Eldritch Archer

Stats – 25 Points
Str: 12
Dex: 16+2
Cons: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 10
Cha: 8

4, 8,12,16,20 - DEX


____________ (Campaign: X)
Arcane Temper (MAGIC)


Level 1 - Magus - Level - Point-Black Shot
Level 1 - Magus - Half-Elf - Skill Focus: Ride
Level 3 - Magus - Level - Precise Shot
Level 5 - Magus - Level - Rapid Shot
Level 5 - Magus - Bonus - Deadly Aim
Level 7 - Magus - Level - Mounted Combat
Level 9 - Magus - Level - Mounted Archery
Level 11 - Magus - Level - Extra Arcana: Spell Blending (Sense Vitals & Resist Energy)
Level 11 - Magus - Bonus - Manyshot
Level 13 - Magus - Level - Improved Mounted Archery


Level 3 - Familiar
Level 6 - Empowered Magic
Level 6 - Prescient Attack
Level 9 - Reach Spellstrike
Level 12 - Hasted Assault
Level 12 - Distant Spellstrike
Level 15 - Quickened Magic
Level 18 -
Level 18 -


As an archer I am always useful in combat, and a steed just makes me better. As a Magus I offer the party some arcane flexibility.

My main thought is my spell blending. I like the Sense Vitals pick in combo with Prescient Attack, but I am not sure about the 2nd pick. Resist Energy is decent, but could I pick something better?

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