Sage improved familiar for knowledge skills?


Which of the improved familiars has the highest intelligence and maybe even some knowledge class skills?

Group is kinda light on knowledge skills and I was thinking about getting an improved familiar anyway.

If you are using the sage archetype you already get a set int score and all knowledges as class skills.

Faery Dragon has the highest base intelligence at 16. Several other options have 15.

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Paracletus has some interesting abilities.

It is made better depending on your gas ruling on racial hit die. The two schools first is that are there are hit die and racial HD. They are two entirely separated entities. The second is that racial HD are a subtype of hit die. If your gm rules the second Extension of All is amazing and works well with sage familiar.

I don't know if there has been an errata that has clarified the issue.

There's a handful which get two knowledge skills as class skills (nosoi, paracletus & silvanshee among them), none with more that I saw. For some reason the ones with high Int don't overlap with those.

There are a bunch with relevant SLAs/Su abilities too like the nosoi's speak with dead, a cyphergull's constant arcane sight or the commune or truespeech which several get.

Several improved familiars have the dragon type, which makes all knowledges class skills.

Sage archetype already makes all knowledge skills class skills, so that part doesn't really matter.

Huh. I totally missed that sage archetype makes all knowledge skills into class skills. That's perfect!

Now, anyone know a way to make my future Faery Dragon aquatic?

You can add evolutions via evolved familiar x2. Just pick the gills and swim evolutions. While this doesn't give your familiar the aquatic subtype it does give it a swim speed and allows it to breathe underwater.

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You may also want to examine the Figment archetype, as it is compatible with the Sage archetype (but not with improved familiars, unfortunately). The Figment archetype gets evolution points that can be spent on such things as a +8 bonus to any single skill or a +2 bonus to intelligence. Add in the Figment's Fluidity feat, and you would have a truly flexible scholar for a familiar.

Or there's other improved families with relatively high intelligence. One of them might be aquatic. Your probably looking at 13-15, though I'm not sure without going through the whole list again.

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Tidepool Dragon with the sage archetype seems a good option here. I assume it casts as a sorcerer, and has the same doesn’t-need-UMD advantage as faerie dragon. (But it’s aquatic)

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