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Continuing my obsession with the brawler class and it's archetypes;


-Snake Bite Striker-
Snake Feint (Ex): At 3rd level, a snakebite striker who uses a standard action to move can combine that move with a feint. If she is able to feint as a move action (such as from having the Improved Feint feat), she can combine a move action to move with her feint. At 11th level, once per round she can declare her square and one adjacent square as the origin of her attacks until her next turn (allowing her to use one or both squares to determine whether she or allies are flanking an opponent). At 15th level, she counts an additional adjacent square for this purpose. This ability replaces maneuver training gained at 3rd and 7th levels.

Okay so the first part is kinda okay. You can move and Feint but I don't understand the second part when you have something like Improved Feint. Unless it means you can Feint then move?

But it's the level 11 ability that concerns me. There doesn't seem to be an action to do it, you just can. So does this mean you can do this without Feinting? Also, what happens if you move, does the flanking space still stay there?

L3 ability: if you spend a standard action to feint you also get a move as part of the same standard action. Your actual move action is still free. If you can feint as a move action, you get a move as part of the same move action. You still have your standard action in this case.

L11: no feint required, no, and it seems to suggest no action is required. It doesn't say what happens if you move; I'd think it stops working if the square is no longer adjacent but there's room for other interpretations.

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