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the bonus applied to the Spell Perfection talent doubles the values of all other feats like Spell Focus or/and Greater Spell Focus or this bonus its applied to only one feat?

all of them.

Grand Lodge

Elemental focus, greater elemental focus, spell focus, and greater spell focus add up to a total of +8 to the DC of that one spell.

Have fun serving those fireballs!

Varisian tattoo and spell specialization bonuses to CL are also doubled.

Spell pen and greater spell pen double too

thank you all!

Here is an interesting question. If I use Additional Traits to get Magical Lineage is that bonus doubled?

No, because that's not a bonus. Nor a feat, really. You're using a feat to get one (similar to how you might grab Extra Rogue Talent), but the bonus itself is not coming from a feat.

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