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so, at level 6 a spirit summoner gain a hex from the spirit he has or general shaman's hex. the dark tapestry spirit has the Alien Summons hex. would it work on the Summoner's eidolon?

giving it the advanced template and making it immune to crit and sneak attacks (and precision such as the swashbuckler's deed) seem like a great thing to have.

RAW it looks like it to me. But comparing to what you can buy for an Eidolon with one feat (extra hex is a feat, so is extra evolution) I would say it is clearly not intended.

i agree that it's stronger then a feat. it should be , it's a class ability.
most class abilities ARE stronger then feats. feats like extra hex or extra revolution mean nothing if you lack the class ability to use them.
the fact is you give up other class abilities to gain this. not feats.

I believe it should, and that it's meant to. It probably locks you into an aberrant or void style eidolon though due to the "appropriate to his chosen spirit" line. You sort of waste your spirit magic benefits since the dark tapestry spells are garbage, but it's worth it for the advanced template on all your summons.

I disagree pretty strongly, but since we are not sitting at the same table I'll just wish you and your table happy gaming.

It seems to be written In a way to let it work. I think it’s ok because of the many things that the archetype gives up.

1) Losing the summon monster is huge and means that when your eidolon dies, you’re just a weak caster with little to contribute.
2) Losing Aspect means that your summoner can’t get a lot of fun and powerful evolutions. It’s unclear if you don’t get greater aspect though.
3) Losing makers call, transposition and merge means that your eidolon is going to have a harder time protecting you.

It seems like it would be less costly to dip one level into unsworn shaman and pick up the hex that way.

You’d still need 2 levels of shaman to pick a hex from a spirit. Unsworn only gives a base shaman or witch hex at level 1.

I see, I'd been reading the "minor spirit" "shaman or witch hex of your choosing" as not being restricted by spirit selection. The line "At 2nd level, she can instead select a hex from one of her wandering spirits selected for that day." I'd read as meaning you could trade the wandering spirit selection for a second hex if you chose. Your way makes much more sense, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Two levels is a bit much at that point. Still, you'd probably be better off doing without, or taking the two shaman levels once you can buy large for the eidolon and stat bumps get expensive. Having no backup once your eidolon is toast seems too pricey.

If the DM gets a bad feeling about this, there’s always the summon eidolon spell, where it should work unquestionably. You can also combine with a rod of giant summoning to stack it with the giant template.

You also add the template to any deities that opt to come through your Gate. I think the hex wording is just poorly thought out; pretty clearly works with Eidolons (which are referred to as ‘summoned’ like three times, ‘called’ once, and described as being treated in ‘all ways’ as a summoned creature).

Lelomenia wrote:
I think the hex wording is just poorly thought out

I'm pretty sure it was intentionally worded to be open to multiple sources of summoning and calling. It's the kind of future-proofing you see in a lot of the later books. It was meant to work with spells, spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities and any other form of funky summoning or calling that popped up in the future. The only good way to write that would be to have it as it already is, except maybe add an exception for eidolons if you didn't want them to work.

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