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So for any gms out there in reign of winter. How did your players managed in pale tower isnt it hard for a Group of 3 levels without long rest

I have 100k gold for Building it planning to get craft wondrous items for increasing the amount of item that i could get.

Party consists of
A wildshape spammer druid
Melee feinter mesmerist
Dex Based melee inquisitor of Abadar
Debuff Based envy variant channeling zon kuthon cleric

I was thinking about a 1 Crossblooded sorcerer 10 wizard and focusing fireballs. But i havent built a character that is high level from the scratch by myself. Any help is really appreciated.

im thinking about battlefield control (it can be achieved via summons or walls) and buff/debuffing.

My friends invited me to a kingmaker game. they are level 13 and about to start the fifth book. Their party includes

a 13 level druid
a 13 level dex based half orc inquisitor
and a 13 level mesmerist

so i get the idea to build a pact wizard from haunted heroes book. but i havent played a pathfinder character above 4th. So i dont know where to begin.

Eldritch scoundrel changed his character into a oath of vengeance paladin of kurgess tho our cleric has really good rolls with dex she can take disable Device for party which is good. Thanks for advices. I guess i wont tweak the creatures they will be facing

Im starting a campaign of RoW soon my party consist of
An eldritch scoundrel
A cleric of sarenrae
A witch
And a fighter (viking)

Half of them are inexperienced players and ive read the first and the Last book only for now. I think that first book is really harsh for low level characters. What are your Experiences on gming RoW. Should i tweak the creatures that they will be facing or is it at okay level of difficulty? And any other advices for gming RoW?

actually we havent started yet. and i start to feel not that much distant from druid or shaman. what would be best for a summoner/debuffer?

I'll go profession(cook) and put some points into profession(sailor). and for channel foci, i didnt understand how can i use that. for example when i buy "iron eye" and use channel energy, on next round will i get a sacred or profane bonus to my intimidate check on next round?

so im about to finish my character

Male Human Cleric 1(herald caller) (middle aged)
CN medium humanoid
Init +2 Senses: perception +9
Lang: Common
AC:16, 12 touch, 14 flat (+4 armor, +2 dex)
HP: 9
Saves: 3fort, 2reflex, 6will
Abilities: 10, 14, 12, 10, 15 (18 racial), 14
Feats: Combat Casting, Spell Focus (necromancy)
Traits: Seeker, Focused Mind
Domain: Ocean

Mysterious Stranger wrote:

One thing to keep in mind is that your tactics early on will be a lot different than once you get a few levels. Starting out most characters don’t have they type of equipment they will normally use. They are quite frail so need to play carefully for the first few levels. Once they get around 3rd level they have better equipment and HP so can start to change their tactics. At first level your best bet is to use Cause Fear and your Icicle domain power. Cause Fear gives the target the frightened condition and last for up to 4 rounds. Doom would also be a good first level spell. Both of these are necromancy spells so the DC of the save is going to be important.

Weapon finesse would be a good 3rd level feat. By then you have access to 2nd level spells and will have enough HP that a single lucky shot is probably not going to take you out. You summons now last 3 rounds instead of 1, and your damage from touch spells is now more significant. At 5th level this build really starts to shine. You now have access to things like bestow curse and blindness. Most of these spells allow a save as well as requiring you to touch the target. At this point weapon finesse is a lot more important, but you still also need to boost the DC of the save or it does not matter.

For this reason it is better to take spell focus at 1st level and delay weapon finesse. You will get more bang for the buck with Spell focus early on. Around 7th level you need to start worrying about spell resistance. At that point you may want to consider spell penetration.

When you get some cash and have your other important magic items invest in a belt of DEX. Fast learning is not worth burning a feat on. Don’t dump everything to get two really high stats it is not worth it. Stick with the 14 DEX and spread some of the points around in other things. Don’t make your character into a one trick pony. If your INT is at least 12 and you put your favored class bonus into skills you will have 7 points per level. This should be enough...

So with this debuffs i should bring my party in an advantageous position.

Piccolo wrote:

First off, a Cleric of Besmara can take Weapon Finesse with a rapier. Weapon Focus. And this enchantment eventually: http://www.aonprd.com/MagicWeaponsDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Agile

Second, it is a VERY bad idea to take a cleric with such a spectacularly low Charisma. Did you read the channeling rules? Did you know that your channel affects EVERYONE in a 30 foot radius, not just a single PC?

Third, if you are going to dump Charisma, then just take a Dwarf for your race.

ill go middle aged and settle with same modifiers but +2 charisma. i think this would be enough. 5 uses of channel energy can provide for party.

how about combat casting and weapon finesse for touch spells. i could try to push dex to 16 dropping str and cha/ or int in our case. this way i can guarantee my touch attacks to hit. as long as i dont roll 5-6 on first levels. or if i can push my int to 13 i can take able learner feat.

but if we think with party this party needs a divine caster so a cleric would be the best choice.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:

The great thing about the cleric is that you are not tied to one combat strategy. By changing your spell selection you can almost completely change how the character functions in combat. If you memorize touch spells for the day you are now a bad touch cleric. The next day you memorize summoning spells and you are now a summoning cleric. You can also mix and match the strategies by memorizing a mix of spells.

The only real constraints on a how a cleric functions in combat are his stats and feats. For example a cleric with low physical stats is going to have a hard time becoming a battle cleric. Lack of certain feats or abilities will make it difficult to assume certain roles. But other than that most clerics can assume just about any role.

In your case a Herald Caller would work well. From what I can see Call Heralds does not replace Spontaneous Casting so you would be able to convert any spell into either a summon monster or an inflict wound spell. Since the archetype gives you the feats to boost your summons as you level up you don’t even need to worry about that. Take the archetype and build your character as a bad touch cleric. Don’t memorize any inflict or summon spells as you can convert any of your spells as needed. Memorize your debuff and utility spells. Now each spell slot can do one of 3 things. Even if the herald caller loses the ability to spontaneously cast inflict spells there is no reason he cannot memorize them.

You will be giving up one of your domains and medium armor and using shields. On the bright side you gain two extra skill points per level. The loss of medium armor is probably not all that important. Considering your character is a low STR character and in a pirate campaign that may actually be a good thing. Swimming is a STR based skill that is not a class skill for clerics, and it takes the ACP.

I'll build exactly as you say, sound of reason by mysterious stranger enlightened me hehe.

Male Human Cleric(herald caller 1
CN medium humanoid
Init +4 Senses: perception +9
Lang: Common
AC:17, 12 touch, 15 flat (+4 armor, +1 shield +2 dex)
HP: 10
Saves: 3fort, 2reflex, 6will
Abilities: 10, 14, 12, 10, 16 (18 racial), 13
Feats: ?,?
Traits: (perception class skill), Reactionary

what about this stat distribution and what feats should i choose?

Firebug wrote:

What about a dual cursed oracle of Besmara? You get some of the misfortune effect in forcing rerolls on everybody (including your party fyi), and you get a good chunk of the cleric that you were looking for.

Of course, if your GM rolls dice behind a screen it doesn't work very well.

Gm rolls behind a screen. And i really dont fancy oracle that much.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
So I hesitate to suggest this, because Shaman is the most difficult class in Pathfinder, but have you considered a deep shaman for Skull and Shackles? I figure an Undine Deep Shaman with Steam Caster can abuse the heck out of crashing waves, and a blue-ringed octopus with the pilferer archetype would be a delightfully sneaky familiar (plus, who doesn't want an amphibious octopus on a pirate ship?)

i wish our gm lets me play undine with steam caster, but he doesnt let us any race but cores. if he lets me i can go deep shaman. undine is great for seafaring campaigns i guess.

So How about Herald Caller and summoning Cleric instead of bad touch? i'd rather playing bad touch, thanks to piccolo i figured out that i'll need much more SP's than a usual cleric.

avr wrote:

I don't think I said a cleric would be better, necessarily. It is simpler to make work. I did understand that a bad touch cleric will be on the front lines, and that using a spell most rounds on attacks leaves less for healing.

If you were a follower of Irori or some other deity with unarmed strike as their favored weapon you'd be fine to get Wis to attack with touch spells. Besmara though only has guided hand work with a rapier. You need to switch deities or totally redo your stats and feats. Also I'd have taken Wis 18/Con 14 to make earlier levels easier but YMMV.

BTW you start with an average of 140, max 240 gp. Even chain mail is 150 gp in PF.

Yeah i've mistaken that guided hand helps me on touch attacks too. Thanks for reminding that.I really appreciate the help :)

I really think that gm will let us start with 300 or 250 gp. so monetary issues wont be a huge problem.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:

Your stats could use some adjustment. With a 10 STR encumbrance is going to be a problem. Just your armor and weapons are going to put you almost to a heavy load. Throw in almost any kind of equipment and you will be at a heavy load. Drop down the WIS to 16 before adjustment and put it into STR. That will also give you a slight boost to climb and swim, as well as giving you the ability to carry some equipment.

As far as feats you are spending two feats to get WIS to hit. As cleric you already have a medium BAB and that should be enough to hit touch AC with. Raising your STR will give you a +1 bonus to hit in melee. Your ranged attacks are already getting a bonus from DEX. Many of the best touch spells on the cleric spell list are from the school of necromancy. Spell focus necromancy would be a better use of the feat. And if you are going to be casting in combat then you probably want combat casting.

so how about pushing dex a little bit higher and getting weapon finesse feat? maybe dropping wisdom to 16 without racial adjustments. i dont think that GM will care about encumbrance though. Thanks for Spell focus advice I'll %100 will get this.

But on the other hand,Playing an evil witch and cooking people is just great. I really cant decide. i guess i have to make up my mind first though ^^

but if i go cleric i'll push dex to 16 and get weapon finesse with spell focus necromancy feats.

if i go witch ill certainly get cook people hex at next levels.

avr wrote:

Three characters on the front line can occasionally be a problem in cramped dungeons. I suspect there aren't a lot of those in a pirate campaign, but the possibility exists. On the other hand outside hexes your witch would be doing likely the same job as the arcanist. You can get some useful synergies with two battlefield control spellcasters but it takes a bit of thought on how to cooperate effectively.

Also note you've equipped the cleric with rather more gear than you'll get at first level, breastplates are expensive.

i mistyped about cloak of resistance, though i was thinking about the chainmail, not breastplate which gives +6 ac, and not +2 shield im planning to use a buckler instead of heavy shield.

So as i have understood a cleric would be better. but i would like to point out that im not planning to use healing spells as much frequent as other clerics.

So what about feats that im planning to take as cleric? Are they okay or stat distribution. i think i need high wisdom in order to get good DC's on my save or suck spells, debuffs and daily spell preparation limit.

Also im all ears for any other suggestions, because im a new player to this setting.

Hi guys, this is my first post, though im a new player to pathfinder i played 3.5e a lot. So ill join an AP called skull and shackles, our party consists of
an Arcanist
a bloodrager
a fighter(viking)
and me.

im in between creating a cleric of besmara and witch. im pretty sure i want to play a mainly debuffer alongside with some spells for battlefield control and damage.

if i create a cleric he will be human and ill go for wisdom mostly getting Channel smite/Guided Hand for being a bad touch cleric.

if i go witch ill mainly focus misfortune, will get extra hexes and ability focuses while focusing intelligence.

Male Human Cleric 1
CN medium humanoid
Init +4 Senses: perception +9
Lang: Common
AC:19, 12 touch, 17 flat (+6 armor, +2 shield)
HP: 10
Saves: 3fort, 2reflex, 6will (+2 cloak applied to all saves)
Abilities: 10, 14, 12, 10, 17 (19 racial), 10
Feats: Channel Smite, Guided hands
Traits: (perception class skill), Reactionary

if i go witch he will be

Male Human Witch 1
CN medium humanoid
Init:+12 senses: perception +6
Lang: common, aquan, orcish, elvish, abyssal
Ac:13 12 touch 11 flat (+1 haramaki)
Saves: 1fort, 2reflex, 3will
abilities 10,14,12,17 (19 racial),12, 8
Feats: Extra Hex(misfortune), [ability focus(evil eye or misfortune) or improved initiative]
Traits: (perception class skill), Reactionary

which will help party most in terms of mainly debuffing and secondarily battlefield control and Damage