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Just wondering if anyone else out there ever tried the random character creation through music idea?

The idea being that everyone takes a turn in front of the GM and play a song set to Random with all music) to try and build a character based off the song played?

I did this about 5-6 years ago when I lived in Ketchikan.

Let's see If I remember properly the list of the five players went something like this.

1- Sexbomb (by Tom Jones)
-inspired a Male Bard (That was played by a Lady, easily the funnest character)
2- Snoopy Christmas (By royal guardsmen)
- Some how this inspired a Ranger
3- Doctor Who Opening (Electric Group, yeah this one surprised a lot of us)
- Wizard of Conjuration that was bad at Evocation
4- Far from the end of the World (By Masterplan)
- They came up with a Grizzled Paladin, was pretty Dramatic.
5- Daughters Of Darkness (By Halestorm)
- Half Drow Oracle that spoke in undercommon when stressed and some how kept us alive (Tongues Curse & Life)

So again, anyone else try this? was wondering what results that their group or they themselves had :)

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This might have better luck under Pathfinder RPG General Discussion. Moved.

Never done it, but it does remind me of some webfiction I read a bit of once.

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