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J. A. wrote:
If he feels a sense of responsibility to the islanders, and is actively trying to help them, I'd say he's definitely lost his evil groove.

Well then, Guess it would be the Guardian Template with his shenanigan's causing problems

Reksew_Trebla wrote:
Is Veldrin evil, or is the Dread Lord Template just to keep him there? If it is the latter, you could give him the Divine Guardian Template instead, which won’t force him to be evil.

Maybe. I was thinking of having him be Lawful Neutral trying to get his evil spark back, but ultimately his evil streak is mostly him inadvertently creating problems as he creates places and events to both amuse and help the people he feels he has become in charge of.

Both seem rather ideal for the concept, and I must thank you for showing me this. I honestly don't remember this template but it works for a more 'good' veldrin

So been plotting an island game around an old character of mine from deviantart account. Veldrin Faer, Near-sighted Lecherous Elf. While he is a creationist wizard he also is a fair hand at Transmutation & Illusion

The scenario I am creating is an island village/small town that after 100 years with him being there and helping out, has flourished [Although they also believe they have a curse on the island, as the population is predominately female] Sailors enjoy the comforts of the island, and thanks to the local religion (a slightly skewed version of Calistria) helps the population, in it's own way.

I have an adventure for the first Session of what the island inhabitants believe is an old and cursed temple.

basically to make his Inn & Tavern a success on the island Veldrin has been creating 'Attractions' for adventurer's, because they have the most coin generally and I could use a bit of help to flesh the island out for adventure enough to get the group to level 4-5 before they head off into the world.

Since Veldrin is level 12, I don't want them to confront him and fight, He is doing this to help the islanders and himself in a hedonist sense.

Wondering if anyone can give me a few more ideas to fill out. Veldrin would certainly view the island as his own little training camp for adventurer's but keep the local population in the dark about it.

Debating adding the Dread Lord Template to him as a means of making him trapped to the island.

So 12th level Conjurer, that dabbles in Illusion and Transmutation, what are some of your ideas for traps and encounters?

Locals view Veldrin as the Elders-Elder of the island and treat him with respect as without him the best spellcaster on the island only has access to level two spells. Both of the chief's daughters view Veldrin as 'Grand-father' One being in charge of the shrine of the gods and the other is 'sheriff'

Never got to play as Veldrin, but he is my favorite NPC to throw at parties :-)

Greetings and Salutations fellow Scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells, I now call this meeting of Villain's Anonymous to order. I see some new faces, so allow me to introduce myself and explain our chapter house for new members.

I am Veldrin Faer, "cave-elf" Creationist Wizard and current owner of the island paradise you find yourself within. Where last we had our first chapter house the island was predominated by males of the human species, Do not drink the local waters here for longer than a month will be all I advise for those seeking to stay for an extended period.

Now, as some of you know, the Villain's Anonymous group was put together to thwart groups that wouldn't let ... people of our persuasions join them, and it allows to brainstorm ideas for assisting each other with nefarious plans and share cunning. I am myself am not just a member, but much of my success on the island from several years of plans have come about from fellow villain's such as yourself.

The island inhabitants believe their high number of women and low number of male births is from an evil spirit in the temple that me and my adventuring .... chums.. re-fitted with traps both mechanical and magical, with a healthy dose of Undead. Heroes have come to try and cleanse it, but they don't seem to make it very long, and now income has increased greatly, the islanders seem to all depend on me, and my island has a great many beauties...shame humans are so short lived.

But anyway I digress, You've come here to introduce yourselves and seek new ideas, as well as allies, as I'm sure, friends might be stretching it in some cases, but if that is what you seek.

So how can this humble wizard be of service to you, and I call this Meeting of Villain's Anonymous to order.

{Really liked this last time, but didn't want to necro a thread, so instead started a whole new round of fun. Evil PFS Style humor}

Mcarvin wrote:
Post your favorite or the coolest elf name you've used or can think of!

Veldrin Faer, 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons book of the Drow. Translates too "Dangerous Magic"

:3 name's been with me for a long time

Just wondering if anyone else out there ever tried the random character creation through music idea?

The idea being that everyone takes a turn in front of the GM and play a song set to Random with all music) to try and build a character based off the song played?

I did this about 5-6 years ago when I lived in Ketchikan.

Let's see If I remember properly the list of the five players went something like this.

1- Sexbomb (by Tom Jones)
-inspired a Male Bard (That was played by a Lady, easily the funnest character)
2- Snoopy Christmas (By royal guardsmen)
- Some how this inspired a Ranger
3- Doctor Who Opening (Electric Group, yeah this one surprised a lot of us)
- Wizard of Conjuration that was bad at Evocation
4- Far from the end of the World (By Masterplan)
- They came up with a Grizzled Paladin, was pretty Dramatic.
5- Daughters Of Darkness (By Halestorm)
- Half Drow Oracle that spoke in undercommon when stressed and some how kept us alive (Tongues Curse & Life)

So again, anyone else try this? was wondering what results that their group or they themselves had :)

It seems fate in all her cruelty has me traveling once again. From my island soon to be paradise (and after I got the old evil temple refitted, trapped and ready for suc-um heroic adventurers) I hadn't thought much of it at the time when I'd first met my adventuring 'companions' even when they created a pact to call on one another in case anything would happen.

Well it seems something had happened to that moronic holy paladin of what's her name (you know the one with the long sword) as it turns out I'm having to travel quite the distance, some place called 'Taldor'.

Teleport will be helpful on the return to the island paradise I'd set up after my business I need deal with up there is over.

That business you ask?

Apparently that buffoon wrote in his letter that I was to be some sort relative of his own seed, worse it caught some sort of plague (the Paladin which I could of sworn they where immune....) and needs me to take care of it, I swear humans just invent social issues to inflict them on there betters. At least it's human, shouldn't take too long to raise the little human, but I've been tasked with raising them to be a knight or something.

Have any of you had this indignity?

Sadly while I know of Taldor I have no desire to kill myself in a bungled teleport attempt so I am traveling from Sargava to there as we did in the past. (Although I did buy a wagon and horse for the trip as well)

So during my trip I will be doing some sight seeing, any good places other recommend for the trip? I imagine I will use this time to set up as others have told me a falsely good reputation with fixing country side areas with magical creations....and maybe add a bit of magical mischief to the country side as well.

Well, could be quite amusing. Third picture reminds me of home in it's own way, wouldn't surprise me if the young lady threw her brother off the balcony. They are human after all, I expect a little delay in there .... ability to cause events to transpire for power.

Yes indeed young Eutropia, you would do Drow proud in charge of such a kingdom I imagine.....perhaps with a bit of Drow assistance.

{heh. Drow point of views can be interesting, shame my wife already said no to playing Veldrin in this AP}

My goodness, sounds to me like those Tiger Tear's fellows might indeed be an evil group as well, or at least follow the list and as Pizza Lord has stated. That list as I understand it is.

Mysterious. Check.
Poison Knowledge. Check.
Martial Ability. Check.

Sounds like the makings of assassins to me my lady of jade. I can also recommend foods that while not poisonous themselves, when mixed together create the toxin within the body after eating. They merely have to eat a little of everything.

I have used it on occasion, back in the Darklands ruled by my kind. It tends to make life safer if one's enemies can be dealt with. However as proven by my sister, while very effective at bypassing magical defenses against detecting poison, it is not effective if a target misses a part of the recipe that creates the poison in there system. But if the component's are placed in every food that they enjoy...well then so long as they eat a whole meal, then they poison themselves.

Note: In a game using the ingredient list we where able to create a three part meal that would act as poison. Each additional severing made of the food increased the DC by 2

Greetings fellow wizard! While I do not share your creative spark with Necromancy...dead bodies give me the willies... Local laws that govern over magic are fairly limited. I don't believe you'll find many hard fact laws, instead human communities tend to be rather overly emotional in responses to things they do not comprehend. (Which is rather similar to my surface cousins reacting to I suppose)

As a Creation focused wizard I've been a big hit with local population of the island I am on. Creating a proper pier, fixing them with stone buildings over night in some cases. Feeding the poor with magic. Perhaps using your undead creations to protect the town you are near might work, if they have a bandit problem. Otherwise I do not see them being very welcoming of the dead moving and able to attack them.

I must admit I had never thought any so powerful as those from the Jade Kingdoms would ever grace my presence, and these Giovanni and Grand Negus seem to have excellent advice as well.

Thus far my day has gone with weaving magic's to make the island community a great deal better, and the apple recipes I have will certainly be useful. But the island itself will need more than an evil temple I fear to draw in locals.

I had an idea for my tavern as part of an arcane school, of illusions. Nothing horrid, no conjuring's [except by myself of course in creational magic] or evocations. I might not be a master of the Illusionary Arts but my spellbook for now has several ample spells that might make my tavern a school. My workers can be students learning to use magic to clean and tidy, perhaps even disguise themselves. I understand pleasures of the flesh do seem limited, but perhaps not so much with small bits of magic learning, then to create network more, useful students. I had heard of others creating these Arcane Societies usually from such 'innocent' locations and people. As time is something I have a great deal of, perhaps I might use some of it to make my own Kingdom. Maybe not as grand as the kingdom of Jade, but perhaps one that might gain future allies with such grand future rulers?

Have to admit, I am at least far more long term thinking than my old house members. Far too Chaotic for my liking.

I do like the imagery of a Paladin being attacked by the locals and adventurers alike. I think indeed I will strive for that with a few well placed 'drinks for all'

Also set up a local curse to the far waters from here, it'll take a few years but it should see the local population mostly being born with females, another reason to invite outsiders I think in 20 to 30 years as there numbers in males lower in birthrate.

If I'm going to live somewhere, it might as well have a bit more scenery for me I think, as well as a few problems to try and assist in fixing in a few years.

As for the half-breed, if he's of my people it's surprising he has lived, I'm not even sure what grand star of good fortune helps me run into people whom have not heard of my kind. But so much the better to survive for me. If he has crossed you and must die, worry not, my kind don't seem to have kinship with our own, even a half of one. If I can assist feel free to ask.

Writers Note: Veldrin has been a character I've used many a years in my gaming time as a two-bit scary wanna-be villain [that often got roped into heading off into adventures by others, often heroes]. He has real potential and as my group has run into him a time or two. It seem's to be nearing a time to have them run into him again. Surprisingly, no one tends to notice when he says his prohibited school is Conjuration, when the Creation Focused School, is Conjuration. He's not good at Evocations or Necromancy XD dead things....ick.... still he has a few spells here and there.

Indagare wrote:
Why not just conjure up something the creature has a food allergy to or drown it in the drink?

Well if you know the creature in question, certainly I suppose one could. But seems like a much better idea to just to create a trap and use the conjured food for the trap.

Step one- Create Coconut
Step two- Teleport Object ( I believe there is a lesser spell of teleport but for objects only)
step three- Watch object try and hit target, hopefully they are not very agile or have slow reflexes.

Personally I tend to like shrinking boulders putting them into a bag, tie to summoned flying animal and as the animal flies over targets, end spell that shrunk the boulders.

Took a few days but I have managed to start new construction on the temple. The Kobold added some nice arrow traps in the corridors, the warpriest helped create some summoning traps that are triggered by Chaotic individuals, they should refresh daily. The main room that was being used to summon the storm has been shut off with new doors having been added and locked up. I've set up a main summoning trap with Detect Good as the trigger after we 'locked' the room away.

Later today I intend to go back and animate the dead temple people as a mixture of zombies and skeletons, after I place a few minor magical items around the place. Need to see if any of my old contacts might be able to get me some divine scrolls to help enhance the building before I animate and release. Maybe a scroll of Desecrate.

So far feeding the poor with my powers of Major Creation and cooking skills has made me quite popular among the villagers when they have poor fishing days. Which in turn seems to get me an unlimited supply of apples from the village gatherer's. Construction has also started on a proper harbor and housing at the docks also lead by myself with magic. Which is starting to help with visiting ships.

Getting ready to set up a light house as well. My long lifespan is certainly going to be quite helpful to me I believe in the long run for this plan.

Ah that's true, I'll have to check my spell book but I do believe that could be very well be of use.

I don't suppose anyone has ever made this spell into a paired item so that the wearer's aura can be shifted on a more permanent basis, or at least so long as they're worn. Could be useful for future patsies er partners.

Ah thank you, yes this does indeed sound like the best way to move forward for me. The Kobold is not surprisingly good at making traps and secret passages (and has done so quite a bit I suspect while it 'helped' rebuild the town's wealthier homes), and the easiest to get to go along with the plan. The annoying thing has often said I'm it's 'good luck charm'.

The warpriest might take the most to convince, never sat through one of it's sermon's long enough awake to really figure out how to talk with it without getting them some what annoyed.

The Half-elf would likely be useful in arming the place with summoning traps or evocations. She has spoken up for me quite a bit surprisingly, she was raised among humans and hasn't met 'another elf ever' but more importantly she appears to be one of those people that have a divine connection given to them. She calls herself an 'oracle of waves'. Don't really know much about them, but I have seen her cast things I have greater difficulty with.

Investing back in this small island town, would help keep any dangerous adventurer's off my back as well. Last thing I'd need is a Paladin showing up and trying to kill me as I served up the Ale to them. Any advice on how to deal with such individuals? I was debating making items of Infernal healing so that the users would radiate an aura of evil while they are worn.

Hoping this would confuse would-be heroic Paladins from using their 'detect evil' ability and trusting it all the time.

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Welcome fellow Miscreants, Hench persons and dare I say other villain's. It would appear my grand scheme to go out and make my mark in the world has not gone exactly as planned. First I got separated from my scouting party. I was primarily there to make sure they had some magical back-up, however being as I am a specialized wizard of Creation and prohibited against Conjuration & Evocation I doubt it would have been much, but I digress.

Shortly after my wandering aimlessly I was accosted by an annoying blue Kobold from some place called "kelepish"? Not sure I understood it too well at the time. Worse it was affiliated with a Warpriest some weird sword swinging lady of overzealousness whom forcefully told me I would repent of evil or be killed, Wisely I just chose to nod my head and smile. Lastly
a woman of half-elven nature that seemed to think I was some kind of 'Cave-elf'

Now here I am, I have gained a great deal of power over my time with the group, with a tavern to show for my troubles on an island in the middle of no where. Although, they are building a statue of us after saving them from ancient cult of storm worshiping idiots, Lizardfolk and cannibalistic halflings.

Now here I am telling you my story for a little support from fellow Villain's. Any advice? So far the only thing of worth it seems is the islanders seem to have no idea that I am anything other than a strangely dark skinned elf. I have been thinking of altering the population as it seems to have an overly large amount of males compared to females and wonder if any of you might have tried something similar, or should I start small and ease myself back into trying to be evil.... It just seems so hard these days, well thanks for listening, just good to have support groups these days. Of course I am also here to hear your woes of villainous failings and will offer what support I can to you as well.

[This is what happens when I guess I can't sleep and decide I had to much fun earlier with another poster XD, welcome to villain's anonymous where the idea is general conversation for helping people playing redeeming evil characters that still think they're evil.]

Perhaps a Magic Aura spell to hide the Necromantic aura from spell casters if you feel you need the extra security. But otherwise the Polymorph any object and Extended Greater Possession would be the best way to try living among those of the living and tasting foods once again. Perhaps later on you might invest those spells into an item that allows you to perform them as needed so that you won't need use your own reserves of magical power.

Well as a Drow that has come to enjoy the surface world. Illusions come in handy. Sadly not spending money will likely hamper your ability, unless you do as I did. I opened a tavern & magic shop then started selling a few items I created over the years.

Ring of Infernal healing are very useful to sell to the local populace, it makes the paladin's look bad when they attack people wearing them just because of an 'aura' that they can't exactly describe to other people with clarity beyond. "I can see they are evil" heh. good times that.

Which in turn leads to second guessing.

But generally if you help the local population it tends to work remarkably in one's favor. All I did was help fortify a town against a dangerous storm and they started building a statue of me...and I suppose the Kobold that dragged me here.

I have started on my path to master the Culinary Arts. Rift Drake is delicious when prepared into stew or into Apple Steaks. Granted I have found everything tastes good with Apples and might be a little bias.

As for your body issue. Why not prepare a permanent magic Jar with your soul container and take control of the chicken turned half-elf? If you do as I did an create a business, take control temporarily of an employee create a new Polymorphed body from another animal and continue on. I know of a female Lich that runs a magic shop that does something similar with alchemical goods mostly. So far no one has noticed her, but to be fair she also makes herself out to be a klutz and more than a little ditzy to keep such ideas from peoples heads.

Personally I'm having a blast running this adventure, so already working on expanding the adventure.

so prepare to see alot more of this mysterious fella, I might be too old for adventuring much anymore but I think I might have found a few adventurers to help the world a great deal better.

you mean people that arn't lazy or lecherous?

s-shut up god of the desert >,<

Drat...I think she understands the common tongue O_o

Hmmm not so sure about the elven girl being yours...their some life left in these old mechant bones of mine....Granted..I am a tainted one...grrr

I'm certain I could have some interesting fun with a Dwarf and a lost elven lady. hehe

Utarah can almost hear veldrin's smile under his hood as he puts the bag down slowly. However Gloin detects no evil coming from this 'merchant' as he begins to take out five potion bottles. "These are potions of cure light, I think..." at least he stopped horridly slurring his words as he also takes out a wine flask. "A drink to give anyone you have a tough time negotiating with. as for what I want..." he looks at the each group member in turn carefully as if the 'drunken' man was trying to remember something about them, but coming to stop on Gloin.

"There is a hammer that is in the treasure trove of the Gnolls. If you find it, make sure it finds it's way home. Besides if their was a Sentry would it not have attacked while you where busy with the Hyena distraction?" He then picks up his empty pack and begins walking away before adding in elven.

Translated Elf<Careful in these Deserts my cousin, not all of us are as friendly as me. Come to Zakhara if you ever need a meal, The Drunken Dryad has some wonderful apple's for the elf far from home.> and with that he faded into the deserts darkness.

Sorry about that got called into work when another failed to show up for their shift and then worked my shift

Utarah- Your sense motive check reveals that the man in the robes seems to be a superb actor. His drunkenness is likely an act, However it seems to be to put one at ease as he keeps his appearance well hidden within his robes and he also further keeps his appearance away from looking at Sunset.

Veldrin: He stumbles a bit "Well to sell supplies ... but it seem's my supplies where mey partner..." he points towards the Gnoll entrance. "coursh...I'm in no shape to go there after hym...drank a byt much for couraaage.." he plops his backpack down and starts taking out several potions. "But, if your going down there...I gots some healing potions I can loan you..."

He seems to hiccup and looks towards the group. "myh..i'm Veldrin...faer.." he takes an awkward bow towards the group. "I'm aaaa merchant...I ...wait......" He puts a Drunken arm around Utarah with surprising agility. The smell of booze radiates off him thickly almost like he'd not just drunk the alcohol but practically bathed in it. A brief snore emanates from his hood before he suddenly speaks again "Sooo... What was I saying?"

He waves a bit as Utarah ask's if people are all right "yesh...I'm fine....berut...I didn't see any dogs..." the figure turns around clumsily as if trying to see if he might have one behind him. Only to stumble and stagger towards the group nearly falling over.

((Just double checked, everyone is now level 2 with the 1300 experience points. ))

The entrance that the Hyenas where near seems to be unsurprisingly unlit.

Unknown parties stealth check 1d20 - 10 ⇒ (1) - 10 = -9 ((yes it is a negative 10 almost like something wants to be noticed))

For those that make the perception roll see what appears to be a lone figure stumbling around in the darkness and singing fairly off key as well.

I will extend this to seven players since we seem to have such an active group that wants to play

So the players are
Utarah Sareesh
Irathi Scornblood

Sorry Star lyght, but I was not accepting Ninja or Strix for this game. Although, I do have a player that would have tried to play
just that at the table even with the rules stated before game play.

Now off to try and start the campaign before I have to run off to work.

Utarah and Viluki have solid characters presented.

Utarah- Awesome Bard build, looking forward to seeing the character in play.

Viluki- Nice wizard build and the history will work well I believe for the concept I have for the game. Should be a few good parts in the first adventure ripe for the character. Although I do believe you have 1 more stat point available to turn a 10 to an 11

So thats 2 of 5 slots completely filled with character sheets.

Anthony Krast wrote:

Are Samurai and Ninja banned "cuz dey asian lol"? Because you can call it something else and make that not a problem.

Would they still be banned if they were "That other fighter guy" and "rogue 2.0"?

Actually they where removed from the list do to issues within the party so I try and plot and plan around those classes being removed.

We have a player that doesn't like Ronin, and hates having a Lord because all the 'cool stuff' is with the warrior. He equally cannot play a Ninja because he can't understand the concept of being responsible with a Clan.

Augustus4 wrote:
Can I change my racial traits for ones from Advanced Race Guide?

Yes you may change out traits

Alex Mack- The first city the group will encounter after the oasis is Zakhara. Their are indeed Dwarven craftsmen there.

Ashern- That's an awesome character concept, never would have pictured an Irit Bard myself.

Fabian Benavente wrote:


Very interested but I just wanted a little bit more info on the setting to come up with a specific character.

I used to play Dark Sun and loved it but I think the DS setting (blasted desert with scarce resources) is mostly a game about survival whereas the Al-Quadim setting was desert as well but 'richer' (for lack of a better word).

So can you please elaborate on the theme of the adventure/campaign?


Fabian- There are good materials and resources that I enjoyed in Dark Sun as well. Monsters and such for conversion in some cases, and I have the Dragon Magazines that had done some conversions as well. However mostly I will be using the Desert Campaign setting with Al-qudim.

The story is basically a group of local adventurers (and in some cases not so local adventurers) that get caught up in the revenge plans of group against the Caliph and his kingdom. Which of course starts small with the group dealing with problems of the Local Sheik of the area's major Oasis

scranford- I love the kobold build. Looks awesome :-)

Arduino- I like the concept of the lazy sorcerer. XD seem's he's now along way from his father's forest now that he's in a Desert.

Augustus4 wrote:
I'd be interested in playing an Ifrit fighter, if you'll have me.

Sounds like a plan for a character

Stiehl9s wrote:
is this a one shot or does have it have lasting potential?

I'm planning on lasting potential as I want to extend this adventure into a long campaign

Ashern- The setting is a desert style campaign, the first adventure deals with a dungeon crawl style.

The wind howls over the desert sands, bringing good fortune to some and foul to others, many not always deserving of it. Whom are you to change the sands of fate? An adventurer, those whom travel for fame, wealth or even just the thrill of adventure!

I've been working on an adventure for my group's where I live and need a few brave play testers to try out this adventure one to see if I have all the bugs worked out of it.

Characters start at level 1, Humans, Dwarves, Kobolds, Half-Orc, Orcs, Suli, Ifrit, Oread, sylphs and Undine

Classes not allowed (easier than listing what is)
Samurai, Ninja, Gunslingers
[nothing against the classes, just have them on the group no play and figured it wouldn't really work without the same limits]

Looking for 4-5 players
Character Points: 25 for stats
Starting wealth is 300GP (unless you take the trait wealthy family)

The campaign is based on the Al-qadim and Dark Sun games I use to play so Bone weapons are purchasable for those that want them.