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With 1st edition coming to an end, are there any plans to release the a "final" set of official FAQs?

Supposedly, everyone on the design team is focusing solely on the next edition right now. So when PF2 finishes launch, there’s a possibility the developers could go back and do some PF1 FAQs.

Probably not. It's time to make your own errata for your table.

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*Bump* Anyone from Paizo able to reply?

I know PF2 is announced, but I don’t know if it’s already off to the publisher. As long as they are developing PF2, they aren’t going to have time for FAQ. And keep in mind that’s a wide pipeline. It’s not just the core book, but also a huge chunk of content to go with it, like a bestiary and the adventure path and other books I won’t bother to remember.

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Any "final" set of FAQs wouldn't be final in somebody's eyes.


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Melkiador wrote:
I know PF2 is announced, but I don’t know if it’s already off to the publisher.

I'm guessing you mean printer.... usually for GenCon releases, the printer day is the first week in May. Although, as they are releasing something like 8 printed items at Gencon, I'm sure some are getting sent earlier than that.

Yeah, I meant the printer. I'm pretty sure publisher can have the same meaning, but it may not be the usual terminology. And wow, 8 products.... That's even more than I thought. And I'm guessing no one is even going to entertain the idea of answering a PF1 FAQ until there is none of that to work on.

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