Can a spell span multiple spellbooks?

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Say I have a standard 100-page spellbook and add 33 3rd level spells. This takes up 99 pages, so I have 1 page left. Can I start writing a spell on that page and have it spill over into another spellbook, or can I only use that page for a cantrip or 1st level spell?

(Inspired by a separate hypothetical question on Reddit)

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The rules are mum on this topic. Why might it matter?

Packing problems resulting from an AP-inspired hypothetical question about copying every spell into a series of spellbooks

Well, since spellbooks don't take a fixed form and could be individual unbound sheets of paper, I don't see why not.

Though if you are using a Spell Preparation Ritual I'd say it doesn't count since the complete spell isn't in that book. No trying to cheese your way into including more spells in a book with a preparation ritual than if you weren't trying to cheese the rules.

In terms of the literal phrasing of the rules, they use "spellbook" in its singular (rather than plural) for in the rules for adding spells to spellbooks. From a realistic perspective I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work; if the spell already spans multiple pages anyways, what does it matter if they aren't strictly bound in the same tome so long as you have them at your disposal? As a practical matter there's no reason you'd want to do it, so it's purely hypothetical and that would definitely explain why the rules don't bother to address the possibility.

If there was some silly reason a player at my table wanted to do this, I'd let them.

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I can imagine a powerful spell being divided between several spellbooks, so that only if you possess all of them you can learn it. Finding a spellbok with only a part of a spell may be a plot hook.

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I agree, it's a very good idea for a hook, I can see a paranoid wizard spreading his more powerful spells around so that, even if one were to fall in enemy hands, the magic can't be used against him

But the idea is a bit impracticable. If you want to use the spell yourself, that means you keep all of those books in a single collection anyways.

For a plot purpose it would be better for the players to find a spellbook with X number of pages torn from it. The first or last page is left in the book along with notes on what the spell does so they are motivated to find out what happen to the remaining pages.

Sure, why not? Spellbooks aren't even magical. You could use a Colossal piece of butcher paper or a set of index cards if you were crazy enough.

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