How do Bags work with Bulk?

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Has it been clarified anywhere whether or not the use of backpacks, satchels and belt pouches adds any extra bulk usage? For example, does a Dwarf Cleric with 14 str, and thus 7 bulk before encumbrance, gain 4 bulk to a total of 11 bulk before encumbrance with the use of a backpack? And further more 12 max to 16 max?

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From what I'm seeing, they don't add carrying capacity. A backpack just allows you to drop 4 bulk off of your back as an action.

I hope they change it, because as it is, Backpacks aren't very useful.

If you are really strict in your reading of carrying and using items (page 174), looks like you need a container like a backpack just to carry items without them taking up your hands.

They definitely do not, however, increase how much stuff you can carry (with, or without, being encumbered).

They mentioned this in a stream...three weeks back?

Backpacks don't add to bulk, they just wrap around it. They want to see about reworking them in some way because they know about hiking backpacks and how you can carry a ton of s~@# that way.

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I am OK with basic containers (backpacks, belt pouches, sacks) just compartmentalizing bulk. But I want to see non-magical containers that manage bulk and/or add a bit of additional bulk capacity (masterwork backpacks, bandoliers) sooner rather than later.

Sadly they're currently only there as a way to keep 'realism"
so you have a place tocarry the 3-4 bulk random items around you.

I do think masterwork should give extra bulk.

or mundane bandoliers make drawing specific items/amounts as free actions.

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