Ancestries & Class - Half Dwarf? Dwarf-Gnome?

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With the more spelled out acknowledgement of different gender norms and sexual orientations in this edition:

(You can use roleplaying to challenge not only the norms of Pathfinder’s fictional world, but also real-life societal norms. Your character might challenge binary gender notions, explore cultural identity, have a disability, have any sexual orientation, or any combination of these suggestions.)

Have you considered expanding the Ancestry options?
Why is it that half-orcs and half- elves are the only Half options to exist (not half-dwarf or half-gnome) and why is that one half MUST always be human?

What about the half Troglodyte. XD

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I am sure that expansions to half-ancestries will be one of the first 3rd party supplements next year, if not homebrew options within the next few hours or even minutes.

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You might want to read this blog. Don't miss that second-to-last paragraph!

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