Book 1 ONLY of a player-chosen AP, run over Facebook


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Hi, soliciting for players, but the parameters might be pretty rough, I dunno.

I will be running Book 1 of a Paizo Adventure Path, with absolutely no commitment to Books 2-6. The AP will be chosen by player poll after I have selected players from this thread. If you do not like the AP chosen, then you may of course step out and vacate your spot for someone else. Not every AP will be on offer, but off-hand I think at least Kingmaker, Jade Regent, Crimson Throne, Skull & Shackles and maybe Serpent's Skull will be options. Maybe others too.

The adventure will be run on FACEBOOK, not the forums, not on Roll20.

I also have some pretty harsh house rules, click on my profile and read the long version of them. Short version: start with really low ability scores, hit dice according to D&D, only female characters (but players may be of any gender), no core races except humans.

If there's any interest after all of this, make a post and tell me something about yourself. Feel free to also discuss which APs you'd enjoy playing and what type of characters you'd enjoy playing (within the limits set in the house rules).

May I ask what Facebook offers over the several other way of doing this?

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Feel free to start a thread for that if you want to discuss the pros and cons of using Facebook. I don't want to clutter up this recruitment thread so I'm not getting into it here.

Also, I made a final list of the AP Book 1s that I'm willing to run.

"Edge of Anarchy", Book 1 of Curse of the Crimson Throne
"Stolen Land", Book 1 of Kingmaker
"Souls for Smuggler's Shiv", Book 1 of Serpent's Skull
"The Haunting of Harrowstone", Book 1 of Carrion Crown
"The Brinewall Legacy", Book 1 of Jade Regent
"The Wormwood Mutiny", Book 1 of Skull & Shackles
"The Worldwound Incursion", Book 1 of Wrath of the Righteous
"The Hellfire Compact", Book 1 of Hell's Vengeance
"In Search of Sanity", Book 1 of Strange Aeons
"The Lost Outpost", Book 1 of Ruins of Azlant
"Crownfall", Book 1 of War for the Crown

Dotting. Never have run on facebook, but why not?

sounds interesting. never did a game over facebook before... how will that work?

I like the idea of how leveling will work.

With running it on Facebook, will it be Facebook messenger in one/multiple groups?

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I was thinking we'd set up a group that could contain photo albums of images we'd need long term, like city maps, NPCs and so on. And most of the day-to-day posting would be either over Messenger. So the more urgent type of stuff would be on Messenger, and the Group would exist for support material.

the good thing about on facebook, is that I have access at work. since Paizo is blocked at work as a gaming site

Does Facebook offer a dice roller? I didn’ tthink It did.

I don't think it does, unless there's a plug-in or something.

As far as myself, I'm new to the Pathfinder RPG (I've played the ACG), so I'm up for trying out a different kinds off character creation rules. Along those same lines, I have no experience with any of the APs, so I have no strong feelings towards any of them in the RPG sense (I've played RotRL and S&S in the ACG).

As for my character, I'm thinking a Barbarian built around charisma to "convince" people to do things her way.

dotting. Interesting.

Huh. I’ve found a Volcano Mystery for Oracles. A Mwangi Volcano Oracle is intriguing.

I wont commit to a character until I am sure what the AP would be.

anyway, about me...
been around these boards for quite a while.
I've GM's a few PbP games. and played in several.

Had some ups and downs but over all a good experience.

been doin' the D&D thing since the original red box set. played my first long term campaign back in 1981 with 1e.

tried most editions except 4e

depending of the AP I usually play martial types. but I do enjoy most classes.

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Good point about the dice roller. Will have to think about how to resolve that.

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