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I don't understand this AP. I admit I made a bad character for Strange Aeons. I am not having fun playing him and he is to vanilla and marshal and even more so when you compare him to the characters the other players in the party have. We are level 7 and I asked the GM if I could please change my character and I was told no, because the AP does not allow or account for character changes or character deaths. Why would Paizo put put out such a bad AP like this? I just want to have fun and play something I will enjoy. I just want to change my class, so at the core I will still be the same character that started the game.

your gm is reading the AP to literally, it is better for the story if the characters that end it are the same ones who began it, but it is not required. your GM could allow you to use the retraining rules from ultimate campaign, just handwave a rebuild, or take advantage of the (Spoiler) at the end of book 3 to give you a lore friendly respect.

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Yeah, with the greatest respect to your GM there are ways make this work e.g. what Nathan says above, or even introducing a new character. As a GM I groan a little bit when my players want to change characters, but I want them to have fun so would always work with them regardless of the set-up of the campaign to make sure they can enjoy the game.

Honestly, the AP doesn't prevent you from changing characters, but it just works better if you keep the same core group. I know as a GM sometimes you build things around certain characters and then when their players suddenly get bored with them and want to change it tosses your plans out the window. Maybe that's what's going on here.

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There are some opportunities to introduce new characters into the mix that will more or less work with the story, but one good option would be near the end of book 3 there is a logical and cool RP way to justify a complete rebuild.

Paizo has absolutly no controll over the decissions your GM is making on this. Like several people already mentioned: It is true that there this ap works best with the core group from the start. But there is always a chance to change a char or introduce another char. I can´t tell what whent wrong. Maybe you got wrong expetations when you created your char, but that should not keep you from having fun. I myself had a player who had some changes on his char on the first 3 sessions. When the whole reality is changing in the asylum, why cant the player Charakters? I guess you should talk with your gm again about this. Maybe he is just afraid that the storry does not play out interesting for you if you take another char. Either you come to an agreement or you need to find another GM. No need in playing a game you don´t enjoy.

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User issue, not a system issue. No gaming is better than bad gaming.

Talk to your GM. Express your concern. Beg for a rebuild. I've allowed players to do it before and it's usually harmless. I'd rather people had fun.

Paizo wrote an excellent adventure. Just because you built a poor character or have a bad GM doesn't make that their fault. Up your game. Read the character guide ahead of time so you don't walk in with your dork hanging out next time.

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If your GM says you cannot die, then you are immortal and cannot die. Play like you cannot die and see how fast your GM changes their mind.

arkham wrote:
If your GM says you cannot die, then you are immortal and cannot die. Play like you cannot die and see how fast your GM changes their mind.

How many necklaces of fireballs can you get your grubby paws on? ;)

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