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Balthesar wrote:
I'm a bit confused about how the seedborne corruption should work on npcs. My group is travelling with a cohort and Kaklatath, and they are about to camp in the city. So if these two fail the will and fort save, are they waking up seeded and trying to attack the group? I dont see any rules about how quick the progression is.

Just take a look at the stat block seeded creatures on page 91. Seedborn consumption has a onset of one month.

But remember that the PC´s are carrier of this disease as well - they are just imune to it. So the cohort and kaklathat might be infectet the moment, they first get in contact with the pc`s

The stat block of Xamen dor states that there is a 1% chance per year to be targeted by his nightmare dream ability if you know the name of the god and are understanding his nature.

If you are affected by this ability you must do a safe or you are affected with seedborn consumption with no onset. This is stated on page 86/87

Ekaj wrote:
On the idol of Bokrug, I'm hoping my players just focus on stealing the idol and GTFOing. Knowing them they won't, but would this just be a disarm check? Reading the rules it seems that you have to use a weapon to disarm, and the item disarmed is just dropped. But if a party member were to just try and take the idol out of the priest's hands, I'd rule they don't get the -4 from not using a weapon, and the idol wouldn't drop. Does that make sense?

This encounter is quite a "problem" when you are using the sanity system in the "Horror Adventures". Even if your players won´t die during the quest, the near sight of Bokrug will drive all your PC´s insane, even if they pass their Will save.

The whole party insane will bring your game to a drastic hold. I solved this by giving each of the players a jorney into their subconscience. After creaping them out in several ways the snapped back into reality "just" manifesting a madness.

Characters: Dexter (Human Inquisitor 6)
Uzak (Ork Paladin 6

Adventure: Dreams of the yellow king, Mystical Forest

After fumbling his attack, Dexter lost his balance and nearly could catch a branch which prevented him from falling down. The lurker in light whis constantly jabbed him with its sneak attack finaly got him below zero HP. Dexter crashed onto the floor and lost his life.

Uzak bravely hold his ground, not willing to accept that he was over his head. After springing the leaf trap, he barely passed his safe, sending poor Nestor Bindlay to a nasty death, before beeing obliterated by 4 sneak attacking lurkers

Doppleman wrote:

I really want to tell them no, but why?

What's the in game reason for that?
What if they hide the stuff and latter use plane shift to retrieve it?
I might just end up making up a random reason why they can't get the items, but I would like a logical reason from the game.

For the bag of holding. The one your character got in the dreamlands is not the same bag of holding they posess in the reality. For that they cannot draw items out of it they put there while in the dreamlands.

The second one could be quite a problem. There is absolutly no reason they cannot go to the dreamlands in their physical form to retreave the items.

But going there as a real person is a risky call since you are mortal once more and you don´t simply wake up when you perish. If you die there it is final!

If they really hide the treasure there, it still could get looted by scavengers lurking arround, since passing of time in the dreamlands and the material plane is differend.

If your players are invested in this option, you might just give them 1 or 2 of the cool stuff as a reward while the "mighty" stuff is already taken.

This could be a fun side-adventure.

Doppleman wrote:


so my group is trying to bring back items from the dreamlands.
They asked me "What if we put the items in the bag of holding, which is another plane? Could we bring them back from the bag of holding in the material plane?"

We ended the session and I said I'll think about it. What do you guys think?
It makes sense, but I'm pretty sure the gold per level for them will be completely unbalanced after that.

I´m with Davor Firetusk on that. The items they will get in the dreamquests are much to powerfull and surely will break your game.

You should also foreshadow his fear abilitys of the tattermann to alow the casters to prepare some countermesures. in my game the godess of the she-elf cleric liftet her panic so that she could safe her companions.

using horror adventures improved our gaming experience so much. i strongly advice you use the sanity system as well.

Have you considered the Devilbound-Template? In my opinion the forces of hell could have some motivation to track down Lowlth to stop him from what he´s doing.

In my game the exausted Players stumbled into Melissen and instantly fled to hide in town. The vigilante of the group stayed hidden at iris hill and overheard a order by Melissen to gather the kurus at the third stelae.

Melissen knows that she is under attack and is not sure how many forces are at ralley against her. So she decided to sacrifice the kurus to fully charge the staleas. (My players poisened the horsemeat forcing diarrea on all of the kurus, disabling them as guards)

They players went back to Mrs. Wentz and told her about that.

They decided to launch an attack on Iris hill with all the remaining forces, Cecilia Wentz can gather to occupie the guardians of the estate

Meanwhile the pc shall try to stop Melissen.

I decided to give this last opportunity to the players. If they fail, Trushmoore will be sucked into the void of carosa.

My next session is today. I´ll tell you about it´s outcome later

neonWitch wrote:

I thought the Hooded Harbinger was too cool to not use, so when the party was asking around to find the dockmaster and get more information on Miacknian, I had some things happen.

When they entered the bar, I put on a playlist of guitar-y folk music and said it was being played by a half-elf on a little stage in the bottom, drinking section. Third in the music queue, I placed "The Pallid Mask" by The Petals and had it play on repeat afterwords. In the middle of talking to the bleachling gnome, a player stopped mid sentence and said "Did the singer just say 'Carcosa'?"

Okay, i guess i need tho check out this song now. Thanks for sharing

Midnight Anarch wrote:

Consider it another way -- if the PCs remain in the ritual form for 8 hours of material world time, should we consider them as having restfully slept and do things like HP and spells recover for them? I'd argue no, which also signals that a cognizant travel to the Dreamlands/Dimension of Dreams via the ritual (or similar means) is not the same as actual sleep.

I guess you can argue this way and i tend to agree. But i guess since there is not much other stuff going on during the journey, this should not create a big issue. At least in my game we gave it not much thougt and assumed the characters had a "regular" rest after ending the dream quests.

Midnight Anarch wrote:

1) That a ritual-traveling PC can be shunted off to a nightmare dreamscape due to a Nightmare spell and even trapped there longer via the Night Terrors ability from which they...

This sparked a fantastic idea in how to deal with a missing player in a session to give him a solo adventure afterwards.

I agree with your concerns about this beeing quite to powerfull to use this on regular basis. Maybe you can allow the characters to create some kind of spell resistence. This could be equal to the score the ritual spellcraft check exeds the DC.

Because the dreamlands are a weird space you could argue that you are asleep after the ritual but cause you are not actually resting you do not gain the effects of a rest.

Quite interested about other thoughts though.

YogoZuno wrote:

Lucifer might be a little disappointed at

** spoiler omitted **

What about

The vampires in the last book of the AP?

There could be another epic campain following this one. If you would like to have your PC´s equipment instead feel free to change things arround. It´s your game after all :-)

My players entered the soul and had an epic fight with the warden.

After defeating him they had a glance of the forbidden tomes and had a chuckle about some of them.

Beside "The revelations of Asmodeus" they found a "Players Handbook" and a booked called "The room"

First: In my game the Material plane bodys of the pc where helpless while their minds where located in the dreamlands. Winter kept watch over them while they where "away"

Second: Sure. The dreamland exkursion ritual is not the only way how someone can enter the dreamland. You are able to travel in person to this realm. The tricky question is: How does a Nightmare spell affects a dream-version of a character.

Third: No oppinion on that

Fourth: It depends. The Dreamlands are only a part of the realm of dreams. Interesting thought nevertheless.

Fifth: I guess she would be able to mark a character, allowing her to track this char in the waking world.

Note that my answers may not reflekt the rules written. It´s just my understanding of things and how i would role with it

Awesome work. Thanks for sharing

You sir are awsome. Pls take my upvote!

In my opinion it would be totally legit to mess arround with the class levels of the twins.

After all the characters might either be tricked in the past or they where exactly knowing what lowls was trying to do. In other words: The characters might have been bad guys, too.

With this in mind you can argue that a person with a differend mindset or moral code could easily follow another path of "education"

Name: Brüllwiesel
Race/Class/Level: Battlerager 8/ Cleric 3
Location: Mysterium Third level
Catalyst: Smashed by a tentacle

The Details

Always beeing full of himself and to this event always able to kill an enemy before the enemy was able to kill him. Brüllwiesel underestimated the damage and the HP of the proto-Shoggoth-Synclitium. After taking damage from all tentacles for two rounds, he went down like a sack. Luckily the other half elf cleric throw a "breath of life" at him.

He still got a near death experience out of this, including a firm vision of the palid mast, ripping out his soul before he was jenked back in his body as the spell took effekt. He got the shadowbound coruption as a parting gift.

In my game i clearly stated it as a spellbook. But because the spells in it where to high for the players to cast, they stored it away for later.

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Revan wrote:

The problem is that the unique hook of the PCs' amnesia means you really want the original crop of PCs to survive at least until the fourth book.

Thats the point cause i mentioned this one. @Midnight Anarch: You are absolutely right that these encounters and encounters in later books are designed to be tough and frightening. But it will slow you game down, killing characters where there is actually no way you can bring them back. You will have to introduce new characters and these players will miss out the big revelations in book 3 about their characters past.

I did not want to imply that these encounters are too difficult and you should leave them out. I just wanted to point out that a GM should be prepared to intervene if players are too bold or to careless in their approach.

But after all it comes down to the playstyle your group´s preferring. I and my group are fixated on the plot. Other may prefere a simulation where a character dies when the dice aren´t in the favour of the player.

Both are legit playstiles. Just wantet to point that out for the OP.

Got a litte fun on our last session for myself by mixing up my two groups.

The vigilante of my second group found himself in a kind of dream or vision, joining my first group.

Cause of the wizards delusion, he was the only one who could see and interact with the vigilante.

The dreaming character was allowed to experience parts of the mysterium (his group is still in Thrushmoore, preparing for a raid on iris hill.
He was not allowed to take notes on this. If he can remember some details later he can. My intention was that his memories will feel like a real dream.

Because the second group is playing 1 time a month at it´s best, it will take at least 18 Month till the second group will catch up to book 4. He will remember the place but most likely not much details about it.

My players had a lot of fun with this and i most likly will play this thing the other way arround.

Yeah, i got my issus about spoilers and people skipping parts of the adventure entirely, but i guess i can manage that, too.

Davor Firetusk wrote:
They fought for the Soulstone, though they definitely had some fun moments trying to figure out if she was their mother. It is definitely possible for the Briarstone Witch to have manipulated events to lead to their birth. I think the trick is how to get some of that reveal in, or at least hint at it before the final encounter. Maybe I can drop some hints in the Necronomicon the party Wizard has been studying that thing like crazy...

What about nightmares) The night hag could haunt their dreams. The delusion madness could work in your favour as well.

Johnnyfive84 wrote:

I'm also tweaking the Okeno section but i a different direction. I saw someone had used a colour out of space and decided to give it a go.

There are 88 creatures in Blossoming Thorn, and a total of 778 Charisma available. The Colour's Aura of Lassitude prevents prey from leaving and only Biting Lash has a decent Will save. Assuming some occasional great rolls cause a sentient creature to wise up and flee, there's plenty of food for the colour to grow 5-7 HD. 6 HD makes it a CR 14 encounter, on par with the Keeper.

Interesting. I guess i might steal this idea for my own game :-)

Zandalus Sees! wrote:


Probably too late of a response to be useful, but I've got this fight coming up too. I'm planning on the nightmare clones to not just be their old memories, but their entire previous personalities trying to "take back" their bodies. The personalities are all the sort of people that the current PC's would hate, and all have a reason to chase Lowls. (for example, the rigidly LG monk is an arrogant thug who wants revenge, the self-centered oracle is a Hasturite fanatic who wants to take Lowls' place, etc.)

Anyone who dies in the fight winds up with multiple personality disorder as the two minds battle it out in the psyche. Once they've dealt with the madness, the memories will be fully integrated. I'm going give my players freedom as to how the two sets of memories wind up merging, though I assume they'll lean towards keeping the personality of the character they've been playing for the last few months.

This is quite matching with the idea i came up with. I also decided that the reflektions are not quite good at teamplay either.

Sadly the dice decided to roll a lot of crits in favour of my players which made the fight a little to easy in the end. The fact that i forgot about their damage reduction made it even more easy. Shame on me about this.

It was still an enjoyable fight and my players had a blast while the battlerager rolled 3 crits in a row, melting down his counterpart.

Doppleman wrote:


I have a quick question about the star stelae and the yellow sign.
What kind of yellow sign is required to use the star stelae? "

In my game the unholy symbol of the yellow sign would work on this.

When my players used Detect Magic on the stelae and passed a Knowledge Arcana roll, i told them that it is a device which can be operated by using some kind of key. This key would also have some information how to operate this magic devices. Because they found a picture of this stelaes among Zandalus posessions, they figured out that this key must be somehow related to strange people in yellow robes. When they got hold of a cultist, they figured out that his holy symbol and the stalaes had similar auras.

In my second group, my paladin player missed a session and i decided to get him a solo round. He ran in a cultist ambush which went sour for the cultist. One of those guys escaped through a wall, leaving behind this strange marking the players encountered in the city before. At this point he knew what the stelaes could do and that the cultists where able to use their power.

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As mentioned in another threat, i had some issues as the amount of madnesses slowed down my game to a point where some characters started to misstrust each other and decided to pause their exploration until they got a chance to heal their afflictions

So my advice: Be a little creative in ways to lift these madnesses from time to time. Healing them magically take some serious time in which storry progression nearly comes to a dead end (especially when it comes to greater madnesses)

Feel free to come up with a solution to replenish your players sanity points more often.

One of my houserules switch a greater madness to the dormant condition when the character is at least on half on his sanity points.

Risi is a pain in the ass, as it is the revenant. Both encounters can easily kill of one character. The lack of resurrection spells in that town make this even worth.

Risi is chaotic evil. In my second group she was a lover of one of my players. So she decided not to kill the party and instead was trying to get a personal benefit by helping them. Cause she was not ready to openly work against Melissen.

For the revenant. I hintet my group that this creature could not stand his own reflection. So they came up with the idea to use a shield as an mirrow. Remember that some good old "protection from evil" will prevent the revenant to touch his victim. My group managed to do some kind of aggro ping pong.

The style of your players or how they like to play their characters is not bound to their backstorys at all.

The memory loss can also be handled as a kind of "reset to default".

For an example. In book two "The Trushmoore terror" there is an event with an revenant which was killed by one of the party members. The characters where not (all) nice guys in their past and probably did some nasty things. There is also the possibility that they even had another "class" back then. Because there are some rly nasty enemys it´s not even garanteed that everyone is still on his "starting charakter" at that point the memorys will return to them

The important prep, in my opinion, is that your player are okay with their lack of backstorry in the first place and that they trust you to handle this correctly.

Remember that at point X, your players can either come up with a backstorry for themself, or you can provide it to them.

While your players are exploring the mysteries in this AP they get some good hints, what they could have done in their past. This can help them to build a fantastic backstorry or change their existing one when the time has come

Send your gm to the forums. I instantly got some really nice ideas how the Eidolon might be affected.

Else i agree with "Reverse"

Just roll with it, i guess your gm will find a way to keep the mysterie alive :-)

Interesting Thought.

My first but was that the briarstone witch is no hag, but she could defenitly be in cohort with her. Maybe the ambassador hag from their dreamquest has a connection to their mother. How did they got the Soulstone? If the stone was stolen, the ambassador might be out for revenge. And another maybe could be that your changelings caught the attention of their mother during that event.

She could have struck a deal with mother Ariadna to get hold of her offspring again.

This might be a very great and wonderfull roleplay experience. The ultimate showdown with your creator.

My first group got in with a Command spell from the cleric on the soulsliver which fumbled hard at her will safe.

The second group convinced the druid to warp the wood of the front gate.

Both groups then dispatched the guards very quickly and brutal

Totally agree with the black bard.

I was asking myself the same question. What if this encounter is too difficult and my players will loose this fight.

Maybe here´s another idea for you. During the fight you could describe the sensation that the memories they regained are fading again when the nightmarish reflections are causing damage to the dream bodys of theirs.

You could "punish" a player by taking parts of their memories away. I just got the idea of a solo game for this character inside his mind to unlock the missing parts of these memories again.

I agree with you guys. Madnesses are fun to play but can stall your game in a way that it could become dull and no more fun.

So i decided to to moderate this more by reducing their sanity damage from time to time as a kind of roleplaying reward or just to ensure that they can go on with the adventure after exploring the aspekts of their madness. As some of you sad: The lesser madnesses are no big deal. But when a greater madness strikes and you got players who like to play this out proper, my game came to a stop.

For example i decided that the incense of open thoughts will link their minds in a way that the characters are able to "see" their mental damage so that the cleric of the group could heal this stain more effecively.

The first time her goddess took controll, whiping out all the stains.

Later on winter or some other NPC´s might help with magical healing if it´s not available for your group by themself.

Corruptions are a lot of fun, too. Our Rogue was infected with vampirism when she met lady Splinterbone, agreeing to join her for a dance and a "kiss".

Planing to get another character infected with another corruption, soon.

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TheFlyingPhoton wrote:

The only player that had a problem with the final results was one of the middle-of-the-road-backstory guys. His character had the personality of a certain Disney character, so we would make jokes that part of his personal background was the plot of that Disney movie. I never realized he actually wanted that as part of his backstory, so when I wrote them out, I did not include a plot summary of a Disney movie in the letter I gave him. He whined about it, so I declared that it was part of his backstory, it just wasn't written on the paper, but completely fit with everything else I put in there (both in terms of room for the events to happen and fitting thematically with the other events I had written). He still gave me crap over it for months.

Wow, seems like a player to have fun with - i hate those kinds of poeple and probably would have dropped him for that. After all you are the GM and said it right at the beginning you might change it so it fits with the plot.

For my first group:

They got their memory back and here is a generall overview of their backstory´s where i used a mix of my stuff with their individual thoughts.

Danda is elderly gnomish bard which was part of an artistic group. Her children where killed during a coup on Lowls life some years ago during a privat show for some high ranked politicians. The poeple behind this coup where never been caught. Lowls promised her revenge, if she agreed to spy for him. She agreed

Wes is a young mage who worked for a secret society before he met Lowls. One day he was tasked to kill an elven politician and her family. Since he killed the she-elf and her husband. Killing the child in his sleep was to much for him. He ran away. Later he got caught by his former associates and was brought to the moon-prision in the dreamlands as pushinement. There he was bought from Wairalay and later on sold to Lowlth.

Cinty, an half elf cleric, failed her village as she was a young child. She met a young drow boy who ran away from home. Providing him with a map of her village, she doomed her clan. The boy was caught by his parents, they got the map and killed everyone at the village. Cinty was exiled for her crimes. Her uncle was a high ranking officer of an elvish secret service. He offered her retribution if she could spy on Lowlth and bring back some vital information about his plans and strange behavior in the last years. To get close to the count, she became his mistress.

Brüllwiesel got cast out by his clan when his bloodrager powers manifested themself. Later on he was caught by slavers and was destined to get killed by wolfs in an arena for amusemet. But he refuses his fate, killing the beasts with his bare hands. Afterwards he was given to Lowlth as a gift by his old buisness partner biting lash.

Agnes, a young human female got caught breaking into Iris hill. Her father got very sick and needed medicine. Cause her family was not very rich, she tried to steal the money needed. So she made a deal with the devil. From this day on, she "fetched" stuff for the count whenever he needed something he could not buy with money and Lowlth payed for the medicine, her father needed.

All lived in Iris hill for some time and all got introduced to risi back in the day.

For my second group i´ll post by the time they get their memories back

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Okay, here is another one for you guys:

My second group just managed to clear fort hailcourse with some wits and a little bit of winters healing magic.

They went to check on their prisoner (they took the femal druid captive and chained her in the abandoned bookstore) when i hit them with two cliffhanger.

First they found the druid dead in her own blood. Her throut was cut and jokersmile was carved in her face. Her killer carved a heard on her bare chest, within the letters "R+L". The players immidiatly figured out that R was for Risi and L was for Loyd (a player Char)

Like i told before, Risi is not going to kill the PC´s cause she is seeking revenge on Melissen.

Second they found a former group member running from the revenant. I needed to get rid of this char, because the player moved town and told me he will be unable to join my table in the future. As the players reached her former companion (she was held captive because her loyality to the group was in question) the undead had chocked her to death, vanishing in oblivion. To my players shock the dead body was not of her former companion. It was the dead body of a doppelganger.

I agree with the other guys here. Why bother playing a horror based campain, if you pick yourself the feats that will render these mechanics useless?

Horror is nothing a dice can bring you. In heroic systems like pathfinder and D&D mortality is not that big issue with magic, resurrection and intervention of gods on a regular basis.

You need to be willing to let the horror sink in. If you are all like "Oh look, that tentacle thing there - let´s go kill it" then you rather want to play a straight forward heroic campain with lots of glorious battles instead of a horror game.

I told my players not to bother with their backstory. But as The black bard said i don´t wanted to take that entierly out of their hands. So i gave them a choice. Either they could provide me with some raw structure which was not so detailed or if the got no clue i could overtake the whole process.

Now they got their memories back and they where all very satified with it. I also gave my players the opportunity to fill in their own backstorry, provieded by me. If i get something i´ll pour it into the game as it is proceeding.

Thrawn82 wrote:
Tasfarel wrote:
Maybe Winter could ask directly about Dr. Losandro. She might suggest that she could be hiding in her office. Since Zandalus was her her special patient, Losandro could also be a valuable asset dealing with him and his crazed followers. One of the nurses could mention the archive where the players could find more information about Zandalus, since Dr. Losandro is known for taking notes on the patients and their treatments.

Crisis averted. The players dispelled the Devlin haunt/monster, then having solved the old lady haunt last session backtracked through the now cleared blood hallway and searched the archives (they are utterly convinced Red Destiny is cursed) and spent a lot of time mulling over the files for Zanadalus, themselve,s and the other ones i cribbed from further up this thread. They were a big hit. They then proceeded Losandro's office the back way, the rest of the session was trying to figure out what to do about this strange woman who appears to be belching fog. They eventually decided to spend a use of the incense of open mind to try to communicate with her since she wasn't able/willing to communicate otherwise. After a lot more inter-party discussion and arguing, they decided to put her out of her misery and we ended the session there.

They were still talking it over this morning on the group chat, so i think i'll mark that down as a success.

For my taste the encounter in Losandros office and with the attic whisperer was one of the most memorabel for me and my players. Glad this worked out for you. Using the incense was a lot of fun, too (as i mentioned, my second group got this idea)

Keep posting updates pls. I like to know how your adventure is proceeding :-)

Maybe Winter could ask directly about Dr. Losandro. She might suggest that she could be hiding in her office. Since Zandalus was her her special patient, Losandro could also be a valuable asset dealing with him and his crazed followers. One of the nurses could mention the archive where the players could find more information about Zandalus, since Dr. Losandro is known for taking notes on the patients and their treatments.

Last sunday, my group went for muns laboratory and the place of skin.

After they defeated the hellwasp swarms, i started to play some instrumentual lullaby-songs (the album is called Lullaby´s for newborn) and told them that they hear exactly this but very faint. This was a very intense and creepy situation when they found out about the brain apperatus. I strongly suggest you use some background musik like this. I kept it running while they where talking to Number 61 which freaked out my players even more.

After reading about the puzzle which will grant you access to the soul, i decided that it would be more fun to actually use a puzzle box instead of just calling for disable device rolls.

My players like handouts and gadgets they can actually hold an manipulate at the table.

The staircase in DOTYK was a blast and everytime they would start the ritual the tension of the player holding this thing in his hand while his character spoke the words of the ritual the tension of this player went over 9000.

So here´s my question. Anyone got the same idea and or can recomment an online store for puzzleboxes?

The tatterman was a very hard fight for both of my groups, especially after his fear aura send half of the party running. I don´t see the need to enhance the zandalus fight.

SilentInfinity wrote:

My team is into Module 2 now. Thank you all for your continuing ideas and feedback for Strange Aeons. The assistance / guidance from the Order of the Amber Die has been tremendous. I highly encourage you check them out and support their great activities. Visit their patreon here.

You can see my Dwarvenforge set up for Thrushmoor here!

Thus far they've saved Hasok from a crowd, managed to mostly fix things up with the Innkeeper, had an awkward encounter with an old friend they're meeting later that night (Saturday's session!) and went to check into the smuggler's caves where a witch was seen! That woman and her fungal wolves sure poisoned the party!

Loving every moment of it!

I just got an EVILgasm

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Thrawn82 wrote:

I don;t really see how they can have even a basic understanding of whats going on without Losondro's diary. There no reasonable way for the cultists to have that information, and I don't really want Zandalus or The Tatterman to have to start monologueing.

Doppleman: Sounds like a great session(s)! One of my players is a bloodrager and she completely brute forced the fungus door puzzle. Shes also been responsible for killing every ghoul and all but one cultist on sight before they can even get a word out.

Maybe this is the time you need to hit them hard in the head. If your players keep ignoring hints and directions you throw at them they need to suffer the consequences.

You also need to talk to you people which type of game they like to play. If they like confrotation first and the storry is not so important, maybe this AP is not the right choice for them. If the will keep charging in, guns blazing, they won´t come far. They will get their asses kicked very very hard. Maybe you should let this happen, leaving them a last minute chance to escape. After that they might get more carefull in their approach.

This AP has a fantastic plot - it would be a shame when your player would miss it.

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I´ve run this twice, too. Both of my groups decided to go to fetch the shadow lamp to dispel the deeper darkness. As soon as the darkness faded, the attic whisperer crumbled to dust. As mentioned before, my players got more taste for the creepy mood than for combat. This heartbreaking moment of realisation will be more memorable for them instead of another monster killed on the way along.

Thrawn82 wrote:

Ran the first session of this wil my group, using the syrinscape soundboard. cut the lights for the dream sequence.

It went fantastic, but i have 6 players in my group, I am a bit concerned that just maxing HP may not be a sufficient adjustment to compensate for the extra players. We are also using the sanity rules, and i am a bit concerned that there is very little in the way of curing sanity damage and ending up with a bunch of characters completely debilitated by madnesses before we reach the end of this book. Overall a very positive start.

As long as the game keeps running smoothly don´t be afraid to hit them with that sanity damage and those madnesses. This is a great roleplaying opportunity for your players. If the amount of madnesses is slowing your game done, there are a few tricks you can pull of.

In my game my players used the insense they found to link minds and looking at each others minds carefully. I decided to grand them some sanity healing after they roleplayed this out quite nice.

Sanity can be a pain in the ass - especially on a certain dream quest in "Dream of the yellow king" later on.

My players went insane after this quest, leaving me with the delicate decision how "to safe the day". I created a post about this topic in the "Dream of the yellow kind-Tread"

Paizo has absolutly no controll over the decissions your GM is making on this. Like several people already mentioned: It is true that there this ap works best with the core group from the start. But there is always a chance to change a char or introduce another char. I can´t tell what whent wrong. Maybe you got wrong expetations when you created your char, but that should not keep you from having fun. I myself had a player who had some changes on his char on the first 3 sessions. When the whole reality is changing in the asylum, why cant the player Charakters? I guess you should talk with your gm again about this. Maybe he is just afraid that the storry does not play out interesting for you if you take another char. Either you come to an agreement or you need to find another GM. No need in playing a game you don´t enjoy.

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I have run this baby with 2 groups. The first time i played it by the book which was a little bit dull. The players startet to get a little frustrated and i had to speed things up. For the second group i decided that it is not necessary to kill all your players. As it was clear they could not defeat the tatermann, our paladin charged him and they both disapered in the mist, leaving the rest of the party with cries of pain and horror just before they woke up

Is there a reason the "Dreams of the yellow king" thread ist closed?

The PC are not affected by their taint and your question has no effect on the adventure Path at hand. But for generell purpopse: In my game a paladins immunity to disease would not apply to this special disease. In my opinion the power of a godlike creature should override this ability. Any other thoughts?

Some of the fights are really tough, even for a party of four. I agree with the comments by the black bard. Try not to blast out the full potential of your creatures. I you find your players on divine dices, defeating the threats without a husk, you can let go of this leash.

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