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Where do we download the sheets?

I don't understand this AP. I admit I made a bad character for Strange Aeons. I am not having fun playing him and he is to vanilla and marshal and even more so when you compare him to the characters the other players in the party have. We are level 7 and I asked the GM if I could please change my character and I was told no, because the AP does not allow or account for character changes or character deaths. Why would Paizo put put out such a bad AP like this? I just want to have fun and play something I will enjoy. I just want to change my class, so at the core I will still be the same character that started the game.

Hard to read, its a good Idea gone so wrong, whose idea was it to use dark blue ink on a black background. If you roleplay in dim light, are color blind or have low vision you might want to rethink buying these. I got mine at my local game store so at least the money is helping a local family. I hope when Paizo remakes this item they do better.


I vote for Daarit Kwelu



- Grippli


- Catfolk

The Fox and Pig are both small familiars so the size of the dog as small is already a fine size and pigs are smarter then dogs.

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Can an Investigator use wands, it seems this last line saying they can was left out of the Alchemy write up.