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What ways are there for increasing fly speeds? Other than just the Strong Wings spell.

All I know of is Graceful Flier and Greater Longstrider

I see, thanks.

You can get quite creative with charging speeds from a higher ground while flying if you use the Reverse Gravity spell, basically allowing you to perform a flying charge UPWARDS instead of downwards.

All movement speed increases stack upon each other, so if you can figure out a way to use the feats that LeMoineNoir listed, as well as Strong Wings, in addition with Reverse Gravity, you could have some pretty incredible flying speed omnidirectionally.

Obviously, Reverse Gravity is quite high level, and not available to Cavaliers, but if you can teamwork with your fellow Druid/Sorc/Wizard, you could make that happen :)

Hope this helps.

Haste works too.

avr wrote:
Haste works too.

Absolutely. Haste doubles your movement speed.

If you allow 3pp and want to go completely all in on this, my favorite was using Ponyfinder to make a Pegasus, maxing all the fly feats from that, bumping base move speed. Without spells I could break 100' flight speed with a single move action. Going time thief 3pp class gave me extra move actions, and vital strike with an earthbreaker got me decent hit and run damage at the speed of nope.

Of course, if you add those spells from Ryze and avr, it gets even worse. No doubt you can really invest and break 200/action if you want to get nasty with it.

All of this eats massive parts of the build though, and if you're willing to accept pseudo-fly you can go aerokineticist and use their basic fly ability (two talents to be pretty normal fly mechanics) and ride the blast with extreme range and airs reach (4 talents but they're all good stuff). With that you can easily break 100 mph basically half flying half teleporting with minimal investment. It doesn't stack with all those fun spells though, so it's a step sideways and a minor thematic loss (though flying at full speed you look like a bolt of lightning, or mostly invisible as a ball of turbulence so that can be quite thematic itself).

Thanks for all the info, guys. I'll see if I have Haste in my spell list.

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