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Perhaps not for the playtest itself, but for 2nd edition, can we get reference sidebars like they appeared in Numenera? These were thin slivers on each page that just gave page references for rules that get referred to elsewhere. They were never comprehensive, but told you where to look up key terms or new concepts that were explained elsewhere, such as directing people to a specific weapon entry when an ability specifies a weapon quality and provides an example. Sometimes, they provided an elevator pitch of a concept, such as an explanation that equipment is an important part of character creation and where to find the equipment chapter.

As a player and GM, this sort of information is incredibly helpful and sped up play substantially by ending the mystery of "where is that reference to unconscious targets always being willing?" or similar.

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YES! This, so much this!

If you are going to make me look in 3 or 4 places for the comprehensive rules on how to do something, then tell me where those rules are. In some cases, the current CRB doesn't even tell me there are further rules to look for on something. This is why people often think Incorporeal creatures can take precision damage, because its a different entry in a different part of the book (different book?) that tells me they are immune to precision damage.

Bumping this. Layout and graphic design are grossly lacking in tabletop RPGs, and Paizo has the budget to really experiment and hire folks who can make the book increasingly functional.

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Much room for improvement and stylistic changes. I know that the Pathfinder line probably wanted to stay consistent in how they presented information - this is a great change to change the status quo.


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