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Full Name

Jim Milligan




Freelance Game Designer 5 / Writer 4 / Illustrator 3 / Old School Nerd 6 (Prestige Class)






39 + 6

Special Abilities

Loophole (Ex), Create PDF (Ex), Make Games People Like (Su), Common Sense (SLA)


Lawful Doomed


Asphalta, Goddess of Parking


Somewhere in mid-western Oregon


English (Literate), Japanese (Speak), French (Literate)


I write books that people like to read

Homepage URL


Strength 11
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 15
Charisma 13

About jemstone

Jemstone is known to have a DR of 3 against Internet Snark, but it is theorized that this can rise to as high as 5 contingent on circumstances and terrain.

Jemstone has been a fan of Doctor Who and The Prisoner since before it was socially acceptable to be fans of the same.

Jemstone understood the ending of The Invisibles, making him one of only four people in the world to do so.

Jemstone is generally polite and respectful.

Jemstone does not often speak of himself in the third person, but makes exceptions now and again.

Jemstone figured out the "Gotcha" backstory to R. Talsorian's Cybergeneration RPG by careful examination of clues laid out in other, sometimes completely unrelated, products. This caused no end of amusement and consternation among the writers of that line.

Jemstone has been published as an artist in Sabledrake Enterprises "Naughty and Dice" sourcebook.

Jemstone is also the responsible party for "The River Of Land," a plane of the Abyss commissioned for the (now defunct) Planescape.com site. If you search the Internet Wayback Machines, you may be able to find it, still. From this sprang such bashers as Rhiina Surkai, Salafin Styxwings, and many others.

Jemstone is sometimes amused when persons not in the know find data on the previously mentioned River Of Land, and accuse him of "stealing official Planescape material," considering that he created it whole cloth in the spring of 1998.

Jemstone's views on Traditional Supervillain Tropes and Cliches were the major inspiration and source material for the villain "Lord Milligan" in the webcomic "Casey and Andy."

Jemstone is credited in RTG's Cybergeneration 2.0 (along with his "Crew") due to providing over 100 pages of playtest, rules revision, and errata notes prior to the game's publication.

Jemstone has written several items for the Mekton Zeta roleplaying game. Some of them have even seen publication in limited form.

Jemstone is the helpful soul who translated several of the R. Talsorian print books (Fuzion Core Rules, Mekton Z, Castle Falkenstein, etc.) to PDF form for e-publication.

Jemstone also playtested and provided input on several early iterations of the Fuzion system, earning him a reputation for being "crazy in a good way."

Despite rumors to the contrary, Jemstone is not, in fact, a Flesh Golem With A Heart Of Gold.